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0 3 mm fine sand washing equipment

sand dewatering recycling machine henan victory machinery co., ltd

sand dewatering recycling machine henan victory machinery co., ltd

The dehydration recovery integrated machine, also known as the sixth generation fine sand recovery machine, has added the function of material recovery on the basis of the original dehydration screen, and achieved the effect of one machine with multiple uses. It is a new fine sand recovery device integrating material dehydration and recovery, and also a new environmental protection sand washing equipment.

Function introduction The dehydrated fine sand recovery machine is generally used in the wet sand production line, which is directly installed at the back of the sand washing machine. The dehydration screen on the equipment dehydrates the finished materials of the sand washing machine step by step. The recovery system on the equipment recycles the waste discharged from the sand washing machine, fully solving the disadvantages of the sand washing machine (such as: the finished products have a large water content, a large amount of mud, a lot of dust, and it is difficult to clean impurities). Greatly improved the quality of finished products. Working principle The dehydrated fine sand recovery machine is divided into two operation areas. 1. Dewatering operation area: it is composed of vibrating motor and dewatering screen; the finished sand of the sand washing machine directly enters the dewatering screen for secondary cleaning, classification and dewatering. 2. Recovery operation area: it is composed of vacuum high-pressure pump, motor, high-pressure separator, return water tank and cleaning box; the waste water (also called mud and sand water mixture) discharged from the sand washing machine enters the cleaning box and is delivered to the separator via vacuum high-pressure pump to separate the sediment and collect the fine sand. The fine sand enters the dehydration screen through the sand settling nozzle for dehydration, and other impurities pass through the overflow port of the separator and enter the return. Drain the water tank. Product advantage 1. The dehydrated fine sand recovery machine has two functions of dehydration and recovery. One machine is multi-purpose and easy to operate, saving investment cost and floor area. 2. The sand washing is cleaner, and the secondary sand washing and dewatering function is added for the finished sand of the sand washing machine, which is a higher feature of the dehydrated fine sand recovery machine. 3. The fine sand recovery rate is high, achieving 80% 90% of the fine sand recovery effect, bringing more than 15% of the direct economic benefits to customers, not only saving energy and environmental protection, but also considerable profits, with both environmental and economic benefits. 4. Improve the quality and output of the finished sand, and fully solve the problems of the sand washing machine (such as: large water content of the finished product, large amount of mud, more dust, difficult to clean impurities, etc.). Structural components 1. Polyurethane screen The inner self-cleaning performance, no plugging, high screening efficiency and long service life of the polyurethane elastic screen are due to the use of steel wire rope as the skeleton material, plus the polyurethane itself has a very high elastic modulus, high strength absorption impact, high wear resistance, so it has a very high tensile strength, and its bearing capacity is more than 2.5 times that of the rubber screen. Its service life is 8-10 times longer than ordinary metal screen, 3 times longer than stainless steel screen surface, 3.9 times longer than natural rubber screen surface, and it is the screen surface material with better wear resistance in the world. 2. Sediment separator The separation principle of the separator is centrifugal sedimentation. When the slurry to be separated enters the separator at a given pressure, it is forced to rotate. Due to the different centrifugal force, centripetal buoyancy and fluid drag force, the coarse solid particles in the slurry move to the wall of the vessel against the hydraulic resistance, and move downward in a spiral direction along the vessel wall under the combined action of their own gravity. The fine and small particles and most of the water do rotary motion with the slurry due to the small centrifugal force. 3. Vacuum high pressure pump The new type of vacuum high pressure pump is adopted, which can reduce the pressure of power, seal and prevent the slurry from leaking. The vacuum high-pressure pump is a wear-resistant energy-saving vacuum high-pressure pump. Adopting the international advanced design theory and the principle of small loss, the shape of the flow passage parts and the flow state of the slurry have reached the ideal state. 4. Composite spring Rubber spring spiral composite spring has the characteristics of non-linear and structural damping of rubber spring, and the characteristics of large deformation and bearing capacity of metal spring. Its stability and bearing capacity are due to rubber spring.

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