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advantages of ball milling china mining equipment co ltd

the advantages and disadvantages of powder grinding technique of ball mill - hongxing mining machinery

the advantages and disadvantages of powder grinding technique of ball mill - hongxing mining machinery

The powder grinding technology of ball mill includes powder grinding craft and powder grinding equipment. The former is dominant and the latter is fundamental because the equipment needs to be driven by the craft and the craft is realized through the use of the equipment.

Ball mill plays a decisive role in the cement production process since the quality of the ball mill not only influences the quality of the cement, but directly relates to the economic benefits of the cement plant. Even in a modern cement plant, ball mill remains one of the mechanical machines ranking only second to rotary kiln which is partly because that the powder grinding work is an important production link in the cement production, the other aspect is because that ball mill has many features that can adapt to the modern cement production.

In some ore dressing plants, the crushing granularity is coarse and the processing ability of ball mill is low, thus influencing the system production capacity of the whole ore beneficiation plant. At the same time, the automatic degree of the system equipment is low and the power of the whole power grid is not high, so that energy conservancy and consumption reduction are even imperative.

mineral processing equipment,advantages and disadvantages of ball mills,ball mills at best price in india | prominer (shanghai) mining technology co.,ltd

mineral processing equipment,advantages and disadvantages of ball mills,ball mills at best price in india | prominer (shanghai) mining technology co.,ltd

Because the method used to grind the fine material in the beneficiation equipment was an early mine mill, and later developed into a ball mill. Nowadays, there is a finer with a larger output, and the speed of replacement is very fast. Some people in the industry say that the ball mill will soon be replaced by the fine crusher, just like it replaced the ore mill. We believe that at least, in the next ten years, the ball mill will not disappear, and the fine crusher will not be the only one. , Then lets analyze the advantages and disadvantages of using a ball mill:

1.The output of ball mill is much larger than that of mineral mill. Although it is smaller than fine crusher, it is a moderate product. A production line group requires suitable machines. The current production efficiency ball mill is fully capable, and the fast work of the fine crusher causes other supporting machines to fail to keep up. So this is also an important reason for its failure to enter the market in large quantities. the reason.

2.The ball mill is a slow machine with low power consumption. After more than ten years of development, the technology has become quite mature. This is an important point. Many manufacturers use this equipment, rest assured.

3.The ball mill has been developed for so many years, and there are fixed maintenance points in many places. If the machine has a problem, it can be solved quickly. But the fine crusher is much worse. There is a small problem, and not many people know it, which causes the maintenance delay.

1.The machine is cumbersome. Think about a machine with a diameter of more than ten meters. It is two or three meters in diameter. It takes a lot of effort to move the house. The fine crusher belongs to the crusher equipment. A small trailer can solve it. For some Manufacturers who do not have fixed production will mostly choose the latter.

3.The requirements for factory buildings are relatively high. Generally, ball mills cannot be used on the land, because the foundation is not up to standard, and the machine will sink into the ground during production.

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