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becker mining equipment

american made mining equipment manufacturer | becker mining smc

american made mining equipment manufacturer | becker mining smc

When you are seeking out a supplier for your electrical components in mining environments, it is essential that you are working with companies that have the expertise and the ability to meet tight deadlines and deliver high-quality products. A large degree of mining equipment thats made worldwide is produced in regions around the world. If you are going to be purchasing your mining equipment from regions overseas, youre always going to be waiting for a slower delivery standard and you might be risking the quality of your products. Many international manufacturers will use lower quality components, they may not be well established and they may not have the experience in the mining industry that you would get from a local US supplier.

If youre seeking an American-made equipment manufacturer and with a specialty in mining Becker SMC is definitely an excellent choice thats focused on quality and delivering the best products to the US market. The company was established in the year 1971 and has been continually producing the finest technology in the mining industry since.

This American-made mining equipment manufacturer is able to produce longwall electrical controls, explosionproof motor starters, mining electrical components, safeguards, and more. The growth of this company has led to its expansion into seven major facilities in the greater Huntington area. With the manufacturing capabilities of these locations, youll be able to get any item thats required for your mining based business and a series of components that can meet your every requirement in the mining industry. Rather than being stuck trying to coordinate your business operations with a company thats working overseas, you will be able to enjoy a faster response in a local market, assurance of a good quality of materials, skilled labor, and more.

With American-made equipment, you have the advantage of products that are designed for use with our electrical grid and with products that are produced for the American market. Our teams can provide assistance with the production of a wide range of mining equipment for your needs.

Having the ease of coordination in a company that has the esteemed nature of being a quality mining equipment manufacturer can be a massive boom to your business. If you would like to learn more about working with Becker, contact us today to speak to our engineering team. We want to understand the nature of your requirements offer you great communication for your business and the best in products for your future.

electrical equipment | becker smc

electrical equipment | becker smc

Selection of your power systems provider is one of the most important aspects of any successful business. A proven track record of quality and reliability coupled with industry commitment is a must for any perspective supplier.

Becker/SMC has successfully provided thousands of power systems to the industry and has invested heavily through innovation of design. We recognize that up-front engineering decisions, along with continuous monitoring and predictive analysis from day 1 ensures greater system reliability.

Surface mining is achieved by utilizing the some of the largest mobile land machines ever built, called dragline excavators. The common operation is to remove overburden above coal seams. The heavy equipment weighs around 13,000 tons and consists of a large bucket which suspends from a boom with wire ropes. The bucket is maneuvered by an operator which controls the hoist rope, powered by large diesel or electric motors.

Becker Mining Americas High Voltage Junction Box is intended for use to splice up to 35kV cable. It is particularly useful in surface and underground mining for the repair of damaged cable and cable length extension.

Equipment is custom built to the most challenging of specifications, tailored specially to customers needs and requirements. In addition to new equipment, Becker Mining America understands that funding for capital equipment may have barriers due to the ever changing economy. In this case, we are able to offer customers the option of rebuilding and/or modifying their existing equipment at substantial cost savings, without sacrificing functionality, safety, and integrity to their operations.

A capacitor bank is a group of several identical capacitors interconnected in parallel or in series with one another. These groups of capacitors are typically used to correct or counteract undesirable characteristics, such as power factor lag or phase shifts inherent in alternating current (AC) electrical power supplies. Capacitor banks may also be used in direct current (DC) power supplies to increase stored energy and improve the ripple current capacity of the power supply.

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