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briquette making machine out of toys

wood briquetting machines - ruf briquetting systems

wood briquetting machines - ruf briquetting systems

People all over the U.S. are seeking out clean, efficient wood briquettes they can use for home heating and outdoor recreation because wood briquettes burn longer, hotter, and more consistently than cordwood, and produce significantly less smoke, sulfur, and ash. Wood briquettes are sold in many home improvement and hardware stores, wood stove dealers, and at farm and outdoor supply retailers. Our experts can advise you on how and where to re-sell wood briquettes.

RUF offers several wood briquetting models. Well use your materials to prove out a solution and determine the machine suitable for your byproducts, your operations, and your budget. By being fully supported at every step, you can feel confident youll reap all the benefits of wood briquetting.

how to make briquettes from wood chips, shavings or sawdust

how to make briquettes from wood chips, shavings or sawdust

The by-products from wood processing factories like wood chips, wood shavings or sawdust are very good sources for making fuel briquettes. Therefore, many furniture factories and woodworking factories buy biomass briquette machine to deal with these wood residues and at the same time make extra profits. But, in fact many people are not clear how to make wood briquettes from wood chippings, wood shavings and wood sawdusts.

With the mission of "advocating green energy and creating green life", GEMCO is committed to the development and research of biomass energy machinery. We strive to help human beings to produce environmentally friendly and renewable green energy for human beings and advocate people to take the road of green life by providing wood pellet manufacturing equipment, wood briquette machine, and other biomass machines. The following GEMCO machinery will elaborate on the production process from wood raw materials to wood briquettes, and analyze the benefits that investment in wood briquettes production can bring to you. If you have any questions in this process, please do not hesitate to contact us.(Latest Project: Biomass Briquetting & Pelletizing Plant in Thailand >>)

Wood briquette manufacturing process and briquette making machinesare the two most important factors when making briquettes from wood chips, shavings and sawdust. In fact, the whole process can be divided into the following steps:

This process is to crush the oversized wood chips and wood shavings into much smaller sawdust (The sawdust itself does not need crushing). Usually, the sawdust will contain much moisture, which is not suitable for briquetting directly. Under such circumstances, the sawdust needs to be dried by the dryer. The dryer can decrease its moisture to 8%-16%. Since the dryer is often used in large biomass briquetting plants, for small briquette production line, air drying is enough: just spread out the sawdust onto the clean and smooth ground.

This step is often done by an elevator that can feed the sawdust into the hopper evenly. If you want to save money, feeding the sawdust by man is also OK, but the man must be cautious about the feeding speed in case no blockage is caused to the wood briquette machine, and the briquettes can get out uniformly and without break.

There are 2 types of hot sale wood briquette machines: one is mechanical stamping briquette press that can make both thin pellets and thick briquettes (only the mould is different and changeable). The other is screw briquette machine which is often used to make high quality charcoal briquettes or BBQ briquettes from sawdust. (Read more: How to Make Charcoal Briquettes?)

Nowadays, there are plenty of wood residues produced every day in many places, so it is definitely profitable to make briquettes from wood chips, shavings, sawdust, etc due to the great market demands of wood briquettes around the world. According to users report, wood briquettes has many outstanding features over traditional fuelwood:

In many countries, wood briquettes has great demand in schools, feeding centres and prisons. So, setting up wood briquette production line would be a great business projects (Related Project: Biomass Briquetting Plant in Russia >>). In addition, a complete wood briquetting plant also brings huge social benefits:

If you are planning to start briquttes making business, choosing Reliable Briquette Machine Suppliers can help you yield twice the result with half the effort. GEMCO is an experts in wood briqutte making, we can provide you with high quality wood briquette maker, and complete services, including equipment installation and commissioning. If you are interested in, please contact us directly for equipment price and estimated project cost!

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