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briquetting machine for pellets

gemco - pellet mill | oil press | biomass briquette machine

gemco - pellet mill | oil press | biomass briquette machine

Pelletizing Technology : It is the process of compressing or molding wood wastes, agricultural biomass, or animal compound feed into the shape of pellets. Wood pellets are normally used as fuel and pellets made from agricultural residues as animal feed.

Briquetting Technology : Briquettes are longer and more sizable (75~90mm in diameter) than pellets. A briquette press generates much higher pressure and temperature than a pellet mill. The briquetting process forms a natural glue and most often no additives are needed.

At GEMCO, we believe that the manufacturing and development of the industry-leading products and the improvement of equipment quality are always a top priority. Every year, 6~8% of GEMCO'S sales revenue is re-invested into R&D, so that to expand equipment capacity and increase the technology level. For over 20 years we have accumulated sufficient experience and knowledge in the manufacturing of pelletizing and briquetting machines, we've also build our own biomass densification laboratory.

GEMCO Energy provide a full package of services, including solving all your doubts on making pellets or briquettes, helping you reduce any worries before buying, planning total solutions for any of your special requirement, and 7/24 email and phone support. Either maintenance and repair issue or wearing parts replacement could be solved!

briquette press for sale in usa & canada - elf systems

briquette press for sale in usa & canada - elf systems

They feature a compact design, modern intuitive control system, reliable hydraulic press, which enables maximum compaction of material. For continuous operation, they are completed by an oil cooler as standard. Automatic regulation of the quality of briquettes and the dispensing auger allows for variable feed material input sizes. The minimum system incorporates a level sensor control to automatically start and stop of the machine, and so maximize the efficiency of the system.

The briquettes have a shape of a cylinder of diameter 65 mm, length 30 to 50 mm, heating value of 15 to 18 MJ/kg. They can be combusted in all types of stoves, boilers and incinerators for combustion of solid fuels. Their high heating value is better used in gasifying boilers. The volume of waste is decreased eight times by briquetting, and consequently waste transport and storage is cheaper.

what is the difference between briquettes and pellets? - c.f. nielsen

what is the difference between briquettes and pellets? - c.f. nielsen

Consumer wood briquettes are the ideal products for replacing traditional firewood. Since the end of the 90s, the demand for consumer wood briquettes used for home heating systems, fireplaces and wood burning stoves have increased. Driven by the global focus on renewable energy, this demand is still growing. Compared to alternatives, briquettes are both convenient, profitable and sustainable.

With our briquetting machines, your waste will be turned into valuable renewable energy. In collaboration with our sister company RUF Briquetting System, we offer a wide range of customized solutions and a full line of consumer briquetting machines varying from low to very high capacities.

At C.F. Nielsen, we have specialized in mechanical briquetting. We offer high capacity lines ranging from 4-500 kg/hour and upwards, corresponding to wood waste of approximately 1.000 tonnes per year and more.

Amechanical briquetting pressis built like an eccentric press. A constantly rotating eccentric connected to a press piston presses the raw material through a tapered die where the briquette is formed. The tapered die is connected to an extension die that keep the shape of the briquette. Large flywheels secure a very quiet and balanced operation. On a mechanical press the required counter pressure will only be adjusted by mounting a die with a different tapering angel and the length and type of the extension die. C.F. Nielsen has developed a large variety of dies for various types of wood and other biomass in order to cope with customer requirements to the quality and shape of the briquettes.

The most normal diameters for briquettes are75 mm and 90 mm diameter.A briquetting press generates considerably higher pressure than a pellet mill and a higher temperature is generated by the 270 strokes of the piston combined with the friction through the tapered die. The process forms a natural glue and most often no additives are needed. Mechanical briquetting presses are made from capacities of 150 kg/h and upwards to 3.000 kg/h.

Briquette processing is more efficient than pelleting because the biomass does not necessarily have to be preprocessed or uniformly ground up through a hammer mill, which results in less preparation. Another advantage of briquetting is that production can be decentralized. Briquetting waste byproducts and reusing them onsite for energy rather than transporting them to another location or to a landfill can save logistical and disposal costs. Briquetting generally use less kwH per ton produced. From an investment point of view, the capex and opex costs are less for briquettes than for pellets. With respect to logistical costs pellets are more advantageous when shipping on a vessel as the bulk density is higher than briquettes, however, when shipping on a truck briquettes have the same advantage as the bulk density is sufficient to reach the maximum tonnage on a truckload.

The advantages of biomass briquetting are not limited to being used in modern industrial plants or solid fuel boilers. In developing countries, the use of briquettes is increasing to replace firewood and charcoal and by using many field or process residues deforestation and CO2 is reduced.

C.F. Nielsenis recognized as the world leading manufacturer of mechanical briquetting presses and the company continues to develop solutions to make a briquetting press the best alternative for densification of biomass. In the following we have summarized the most important advantages comparing briquettes with pellets:

benefits of briquettes & pellets over other fuels

benefits of briquettes & pellets over other fuels

BRIQUETTES a small brick made of compressed Sawdust, Leaves, Forest Waste, Sugarcane waste, Bamboo Waste, Paper Waste, Wood Shavings, MDF, Pine etc. Briquettes produce very high BTUs over 8100 per pound, because theyre made from kiln-dried wasteby-product and produce almost no ash.

Concentrated: Since briquettes are created from compressing combustible materials, they are denser, harder and more compact. Thus, they have high specific density (1200kg/ m3) and bulk density (800kg/m3) compared to 60 to 180 kg/m3 of loose bio mass. Thus, they offer a more concentrated form of energy than Firewood or Charcoal.

Along with the compactness of the briquettes is the increase in heating value (High Calorific Value: around 4000-4600) Briquettes can relatively produce more intense heat than other fuel. They have a higher practical thermal value and much lower ash content (2-10% compare to 20-40% in coal). In fact, they are 40% more efficient, as well as hotter and longer lasting than Firewood. This greater efficiency can be attributed to their low moisture and density.

This is a unique property of briquettes. Using them creates no smoke, soot or carbon deposits. Depending on the base material, they produce no or little FlyAsh. Further, briquettes do not emit gases or any toxic chemicals like sulphur etc.

Compacting biomass waste into briquettes reduces the volume by 10 times, making it much easier to store and transport than loose biomass waste. Considering their shape, size, and density, briquettes are excellent for long distance transport. Likewise, loading and unloading cost are much less and are done easier.

The major advantage of using biomass briquetting plant is tax exemption, eco-friendly and have high burning efficiency than coal. Coal spread smoke when it burns but briquettes are completely eco-friendly and does not make pollution when it burns so it is also known as white coal.

home - briquetting technology

home - briquetting technology

Briquetting Technology Series BriqTech & PellTech was founded for manufacturing and supplying of complete devices for the production of briquettes/pellet from agriculture residual and wood. Recycling wood waste and vegetable residues is the mission and the most important target of our company.

Main office address:Czech Republic, Prague, Mattioliho 3274/1Phone: +420.703.690.240Sales office address:Romania, Bucharest, Bulgarus 67 st.Phone: +40.799.111.799Manufacturing adress:Ukraine, Berdychiv, Shelushkova 116 st.Phone: +380.674.337.049E-mail: [email protected]

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best briquette machine & plant designed for biomass briquetting

best briquette machine & plant designed for biomass briquetting

This punching briquetting machine (mechanical stamping briquetting plant) matches with the 45kw main motor connected with inertia wheel. The main motor drives the connecting rod doing reciprocating motion in stamping type. The speedy attack makes the temperature of raw material increases rapidly, fiber becomes soft, volume compresses and density is higher. Compared to other briquetting machine, advantages of wood briquetting plant are significant, such as advanced design, stable structure, high adaptability and efficiency, low cost.

Compared to the Europe briquette making machines, GC-MBP briquette machine has strengthened the pressure of briquetting. The speedy attack makes the temperature of raw material increases rapidly, fiber becomes soft, volume compresses and density is higher.

According to the differences of shape, size, moisture and composition of raw material, density of final briquettes is different. Therefore, quality of raw material is the core element to improve the briquette production efficiency.

This GC-MBP-1000 briquetting machine is mainly used for crushing and briquetting the raw materials, such as crop stalks, grain shell, peanut seedlings, cotton bar, sawdust, saw dust, branch, bark, bamboo power, furfural residue, wood scraps, forest residues and house refuse. Screw Briquette Press for Sale>>

The output fuel briquette is a kind of renewable biological energy source, which can be used for generating electricity, heating and also used as life fuel. To some extent, it may instead of mass of fossil energy.

The main function of feeding machine, also known as belt conveyer with packing augers, is to deliver the dry and kibbling material into the depiler machine. The Separator machine pass the material from feeding machine to two flow boxes by driving lever and packing auger equably. Through the two flow boxes on left and right side, the material accesses into the briquette making machine. In order to delivering the material equably, the longer packing auger delivers the material to the central feeding port connecting with two separate deliver ports, and through the two separate deliver ports, the material is feeding into the main machine by two packing auger.

As the core equipment, the main machine must be forced feed lubrication by CBN310 giant gear pump with 1.5kw motor drive to ensure all moving components are in normal lubrication condition. Please start the oil pump motor before main machine. Because of the locking function of oil pump motor, the main machine can not start without starting oil pump motor.After starting oil pump motor, the main machine can be started. Then check oil pressure indicator firstly to make sure oil pressure is in normal. If it has not reached to the normal oil pressure, 5-10kg/cm (0.5-1mpa), please check flow divider on inlet oil line and bearing.When main machine runs without abnormal vibration and noise and eccentric wheel drives the reciprocating motion of pulley in 280 times per minute, the feeding machine begins to feeding. The raw material gets into the flow box by feeding machine and Separator machine. Then gets into the pressing compartment through packing augers on left and right side of flow box.Under the extruding of the punch chip and drill drift, raw material gets softened with increased temperature and small volume. Through the moulding with throat taper, the product which has been solid and hard is expelled gradually.

The forming of briquette is affected by pressure and temperature. Briquetting machine works relying on momentum of crank block. Under the normal status, crank block extrudes the material in 280 times per minute. The pressure can reached to 300t, and the temperature can reached to 150-200. Therefore, briquetting machine can adapt the raw materials very well.

We receive enquiries in English, Espaol (Spanish), (Russian), Franais (French) and (Arabic) . Our professional team will reply to you within one business day. Please feel free to contact us!

wood briquetting machines - ruf briquetting systems

wood briquetting machines - ruf briquetting systems

People all over the U.S. are seeking out clean, efficient wood briquettes they can use for home heating and outdoor recreation because wood briquettes burn longer, hotter, and more consistently than cordwood, and produce significantly less smoke, sulfur, and ash. Wood briquettes are sold in many home improvement and hardware stores, wood stove dealers, and at farm and outdoor supply retailers. Our experts can advise you on how and where to re-sell wood briquettes.

RUF offers several wood briquetting models. Well use your materials to prove out a solution and determine the machine suitable for your byproducts, your operations, and your budget. By being fully supported at every step, you can feel confident youll reap all the benefits of wood briquetting.

about - briquette plant, briquette machine, msw briquette machine, pellet line manufacturer

about - briquette plant, briquette machine, msw briquette machine, pellet line manufacturer

As our business expanded, we build more production facilities, and now we have three manufacturing bases special for manufacturing crushing/shredding equipment, screening and drying equipment, and pellet/briquette machine. We also cooperated with brother companies when providing turnkey projects.

As the development of society, various kinds of garbage become a heavy burden on nature, however, non-renewable energy reserves are getting lower and lower, we urgently need to turn waste energy into renewable resources that can be used. And thats what our equipment is focused on.

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