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cde sand washer

combo sand washing and water recycling plant - cde

combo sand washing and water recycling plant - cde

Our sand washing technology has been proven over 25 years and thousands of global installations to help our customers maximise the quality and value of their washed sand products for a variety of applications in the construction, mining and industrial sands sectors

Your patented Combo system is custom built for your specific project - ensuring efficient control of silt cut points and delivering washed sand products that meet your required specification every time.

Integrated wing conveyors controlled by a hydraulic cylinder give you unrivalled control of your sand specifications. This unique technology allows you to make concrete and plaster sand at the same time.

Our unique sludge management technology accelerates the drying time of your tailings for a smaller tailings footprint and allows for recycled water to be returned to the Combo washing plant much more quickly than other systems.

There are no compromises with the Combo mobile washing plant - so you will get the same walkway specification as you would expect on a static processing plant. This ensures your people have quick, easy and safe access for essential plant maintenance.

Combo is equipped with an on board control panel housed in a double door stainless steel enclosure to ensure suitability for outdoor application in even the most harsh environments. Touch screen Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is standard.

materials wet processing equipment - cde

materials wet processing equipment - cde

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sand & gravel washing plants from cde global

sand & gravel washing plants from cde global

Whether you require an individual piece of equipment as an upgrade to your existing sand & gravel processing activities or are investing in a turnkey washing plant incorporating several processing phases, we will work with you to design and deliver a customized processing plant which will add maximum value for your business.

Based on the specific requirements of your project we will develop an intelligent and honest appraisal of your needs coupled with details of how we believe our equipment can help address the operational issues you are currently facing. Some of the issues we are addressing on a daily basis for our customers include:

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sand washing plants | sand washing machine for sale - pilot crushtec

sand washing plants | sand washing machine for sale - pilot crushtec

Pilot Crushtec International (Pty) Ltd supplies a full range of cost-effective, heavy-duty, fit-for-purpose, sand washing solutions. Our sand washing solutions are ideal for washing and dewatering sand for use in concrete, building, and plaster sand for construction and rendering uses. Pilot Crushtec Internationals skid mounted, semi-mobile sand washing plants screen, wash and dewater millions of tonnes of sand annually. Our skid mounted, semi-mobile sand washing plants have throughput capacities of up to 200 tonnes per hour. With the large demand for processed materials locally and internationally, and to meet the requirement of building contractors, we offer a complete range of skid mounted, semi-mobile sand washing plants.

Our skid mounted, semi-mobile sand washing plants comprise of standard, heavy-duty machines supplied to you complete and ready to run. All our machines in this range are mounted on skid-frames, do not require concrete foundations and are designed for rapid installation and easy integration with the rest of our product range. Pilot Crushtec International supplies standard modules which are reconfigurable and scalable and therefore allow our customers to start small and change or grow their processing plant as demand increases. A complete sand washing and dewatering plant can typically be set up and operating, at full capacity, within days of arrival on site. These tried and tested machines are designed to handle the harshest conditions and dirtiest sand.

Pilot Crushtec International (Pty) Ltd is South Africas leading supplier of mobile and semi-mobile crushing, screening, recycling, sand washing, stockpiling, compacting and material handling solutions. Our product range includes jaw crushers, cone crushers, vertical shaft impact (VSI) crushers, impact crushers, screens and conveyors.

used sand screw for sale. hongfa equipment & more | machinio

used sand screw for sale. hongfa equipment & more | machinio

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cde washing plant operating at south australian silica sand operation - international mining

cde washing plant operating at south australian silica sand operation - international mining

The privately owned Tooperangsilica sand minehas announced the completion of a silica sand washing plant at a new site near Adelaide, South Australia. The plant has been supplied by CDE and is producing glass sands for use by Owens-Illinois (O-I) at its glass bottle manufacturing plant in Adelaide. The new turnkey plant includes a range of equipment from the CDE product portfolio including the M2500 with integrated Counter Flow Classification Unit (CFCU), EvoWash fines recovery system, fine sand screens, attrition cells and spirals. The plant configuration also includes an AquaCycle thickener which reduces the volume of fresh water required to feed the washing plant by more than 90%.

The design feed rate to the plant is 100 t/h and this produces 50 t/h of glass sand with an additional 30 t/h of concrete sand. The plant accepts -120 mm feed to the M2500 hopper and this material is then transferred to the integrated ProGrade double deck rinsing screen. The top deck removes the 40-120 mm material to a stockpile while the bottom deck sends the 7-40 mm material to another stockpile. The 0-7 mm material collects in the ProGrade sump and is then pumped to a five deck fines screen. At this point the silica sand is screened at 0.43 mm and the 0.43 mm to 7 mm material is sent to a separate EvoWash sand washing plant to allow for the production of concrete sand. Meanwhile, the 0-0.43 mm material is sent to an EvoWash fines recovery plant where following delivery to the EvoWash sump the material is then pumped to the integrated hydrocyclone which removes the -63m material. The cyclone overflow containing the waste material is then sent to the AquaCycle thickener.

The underflow from the cyclone is delivered to the EvoWash dewatering screen before being transferred to the attrition cells. The function of the attrition cells is to assist with the removal of iron oxide and other deleterious materials from the silica sand. The iron oxide is adhered to the silica particles and must be scrubbed from the surface of the particles to allow removal later in the process. Refractory heavy minerals and iron oxide particles are then separated from the silica sand through the introduction of spiral classifiers. As these particles have a higher specific gravity than the silica sand particles, the spirals are able to perform the required separation. The rejects from the spirals a sand product containing the liberated heavy mineral and iron oxide is delivered to the EvoWash sand washing plant sump and is destined for the concrete sand product. The silica sand slurry is delivered to the sand sump on the M2500 where it is then pumped to the integrated counter flow classification unit (CFCU).

The CFCU unit is used to remove the <106 m particles from the sand as required by the specification. The CFCU is an upward flow classifying unit which operates on the principle that an upward flow of water will cause the lighter particles to rise and the heavier particles to sink. This facilitates the removal of any remaining fines while the silica sand slurry is then delivered to a dewatering screen. The dewatered silica sand is transferred via an integrated stockpile conveyor.The fine material removed in the CFCU was sent to the concrete sand Evowash for recovery into the concrete product.

From an initial iron oxide (Fe2O3) content in the feed of 0.3% the glass sand is required to achieve 0.25% Fe2O3 in line with O-Is sand specification for coloured glass. The final product has less than 0.1% iron oxide. The Fe2O3 content in the final silica sand product is reduced to 0.1% ensuring that it meets the specification required by O-I at their Adelaide plant. We are achieving the 0.1% figure consistently which is as important as achieving the reduction in the iron content explains Chris McKeown, CDE Project Manager. Both the dewatered silica sand and concrete sands are subsequently stockpiled using 26 m radial conveyors which ensure a stockpile capacity of 5,000 t. From an initial silica content of 93% for the excavated material the final product achieves +99% silica. Waste water from the plant is processed by the AquaCycle thickener which recovers 90% of the water for re-circulation around the washing plant. The plant requires 400 m3 per hour of water for its operation and the introduction of the AquaCycle ensures that the top up water supply is only 40 m3/h. The sludge from the AquaCycle thickener is pumped to on-site settling ponds.

The glass sands produced by Tooperang will be used at O-Is Adelaide plant in West Croydon which produces mainly wine bottles to supply Australias renowned wine industry. O-Is Adelaide plant is one of four Australian O-I facilities. Across its four production plants O-I employs around 900 people and produces almost 860,000 packed tonnes of glass products or around 3.4 billion containers each year. Following successful completion of the project CDE have obtained Preferred Supplier Satus with O-I to support future sand processing requirements. O-I Procurement Director, David Abela said The achievement of a consistent sand specification at Tooperang Quarry in accordance with our requirements, proves CDEs silica sand processing capabilities. CDE also delivered the project in a very professional manner through its Project Management system and it is for this reason that we will continue to work with CDE to investigate glass sand supply opportunities in other parts of Australia.

all-in-one washing plant advances case for manufactured sand - quarry

all-in-one washing plant advances case for manufactured sand - quarry

As manufactured sand grows on the Australian quarrying industry, so does demand for a plant specifically tailored to this application. Damian Christie spoke to Daniel Webber about how modular equipment is providing wet processing options for the driest of quarries.

The use of natural sand in construction materials applications around the world is becoming increasingly restricted. Obtaining approvals for sand quarries in Australia is becoming increasingly more difficult, due to bureaucratic concerns about the impact of extraction and processing on the environment.

There is also a scarceness of sand reserves in some parts of Australia, most especially around the Sydney Basin, making sand products more expensive if they are transported from hundreds of kilometres away.

Water management especially in sand applications, at a time of heavy drought is extremely expensive for quarrying operations. Not only are slime ponds costly to maintain (and frowned upon by some regulatory bodies) but there is the extra expense of rehabilitation once the site is depleted.

In the NSW southern tablelands region, Boral Peppertree Quarry has been developing manufactured sand from crushed stone as value add, especially as there is still a strong demand for sand in the Sydney market. In Victoria, Alex Fraser Group, a subsidiary of Hanson Construction Materials, has made significant investments for more than a decade in recycled aggregates technology, developing manufactured sand fines from both recycled concrete and road base materials, and more recently recycled glass. The end products have been successfully employed in road base and concrete applications.

Cement Concrete & Aggregates Australia (CCAA) has also previously published a research paper on the national test methods and specifications of manufactured sand, based on input provided by a working party of representatives from Boral, Hanson, Holcim and Barro, and the CCAA. (1)

Daniel Webber, CDEs regional manager for Australasia, told Quarry this report was an example of the great work competitive stakeholders do when they pool resources. He said the report helped to debunk myths about manufactured sand and concrete products.

The CCAA report also clarified the dual challenges of sand washing plants in developing manufactured sands from crushed rock. Washing is trying to do two things: reduce the fines content to specified levels, and then eliminate the clays and silts that come into the sand fraction, Webber explained.

The clays and silts reduce the strength of the concrete and too much fine rock increases water absorption, so there is a trade-off for concrete manufacturers when they do their batching, with cement/water ratios.

Its a two-fold problem, and its a case of working with concrete manufacturers to get the blending targets right. What we find is that some of the manufactured sands available on the market are simply unwashed crusher fines, which produce uneven results and can significantly reduce the quality of applications such as concrete sands.

With cyclone-based washing, crusher fines are turned into high value manufactured sands, proven to be superior in quality to washed natural sands, hitting the specification target in one go and reducing manufacturers overall operational costs.

CDE has also undertaken its own exhaustive research into manufactured sand for its various divisions, eg Primo (sand and aggregates), Reco (construction and demolition waste recycling), Solv (industrial sands) and Meta (mining) (2). The companys focus has been on maximising sand and aggregate resources to create high value materials for a variety of applications, encouraging the circular economy model.

CDE has taken the lead to prove that manufactured sand can be and is as reliable as natural sand products, Webber said. Some hard rock resources lend themselves more readily to manufactured sand applications than others; its about creating an understanding of the complexity of the process and bringing efficient solutions to operators.

Notably, each M-Sand has different qualities depending on the original crushed rock it was created from. For example, M-Sand produced from granite rock helps concrete structures to withstand extreme environmental conditions and prevents corrosion of reinforcement steel. Size and shape also play an important role in the workability of concrete.

With more sand surface area, there is an increased need for cement and water to bond the sand with coarse aggregates. Using CDE M-Sand with less surface area means the concrete can be equally as workable using less water, and consequently less cement. As cement is the most expensive ingredient of concrete mix, representing around 50 to 60 per cent of the cost at less than 20 per cent of the volume, this further emphasises why the consistency of clean, in-specification CDE M-Sands is so important to achieve high strength concrete.

Webber continued: The adoption rate of CDE M-Sands technology is growing at a fast pace across the world. For instance, in India, we sell one Combo plant for use by manufactured sand operators every week.

Manufactured sand complements quarrying businesses. These companies produce aggregates for their greater markets, and by doing so they produce dust, so why not upgrade that dust into a higher end, sellable product? We know of the pressures on different markets to find innovative alternatives to natural reserves, as weve seen with the depletion of natural resources around Sydney and Melbourne.

When we started, Webber said, hard rock quarry operators generally had been running quarries for decades and were very good at crushing and screening. However, the sites werent set up for washing. Often, they didnt have electrical power supplies nor a sophisticated water circuit on site.

To address the needs of customers in Australia and indeed around the world who required efficient alternatives to the depletion of natural resources to ensure the sustainability of their businesses, CDEs award-winning Research & Development team developed the Combo all-in-one plant.

The Combo features patented technology that combines feeding, sizing, sand washing, stockpiling and waste water management on one compact chassis; it allows to run the full feed to the final product process at one touch of a button, with up to two in-spec final materials being produced simultaneously, ready for market straight from the belts.

Each Combo modular plant is bespoke to the clients needs, with a range of options that allows for tonnage flexibility to suit all sizes of operations and anticipates future needs from 70 to 500 tonnes per hour.

Webber added: The Combo is a plug-and- play system that allows for unrivalled control of silt cut points thanks to a highly efficient cyclone-based process; the system also prevents loss of sand in the overflow and loss of valuable fines to ponds. Every grain of valuable product is retained in the system.

All processing stages of the Combo plant have been conceived with low energy consumption as a must, whilst operators also benefit from exceptionally economical water consumption, with an incorporated water management unit that recycles up to 90 per cent of used water directly into the system. With all modules working as a closed circuit, materials production is seamless, efficient and in specification every time.

As valuable fines lost to ponds is a thing of the past, operators can reduce the footprint of their ponds, save on maintenance and therefore on downtime, speeding up production times and return on investment.

In Australia, the Combo is our response to maximising production on hard rock sites not being set up for washing. Again, its a small footprint because often in a hard rock quarry, you have equipment moving around regularly on a hard rock basis.

The Combo is available worldwide in five models corresponding to various capacities. Each variation of the washing and water recycling plant is equipped with cyclones (starting at 500mm diameters, with multiple and bespoke sizes on later models), dewatering screens (multiple screens on the 900 and 1500), an AquaCycle thickener (built to CDEs standard sizes) and a Poly Plant.

Webber said the Combo series is a perfect fit for the processing of manufactured sand. The feed to a manufactured sand plant is often more consistent because its coming off a crusher circuit, so youre not getting many oversized fractions or variable feed, he said.

That stability means we have a much smaller footprint and potentially there is no need for a pre-screen. The on-board process water systems the thickener and floc station are incorporated in the single chassis. A Combo can be commissioned in about five days, so its readily deployable and easily relocatable to another site. Often these hard rock quarries use contract mining operations, so again this piece of equipment suits that business model.

The compact footprint means were doing less pumping than a traditional plant, and slurry pumps are a big source of power draw, Webber said of the Combos energy efficiency features. Our thickeners are all very efficient and the Infinity screening technology is one

When producing manufactured sand, CDEs wet processing equipment achieves high recovery of water from the sand before stockpiling, so the finished product contains as little as 12 to 15 per cent moisture. The slimes are pumped away, or we can use a filter press to raise the water recovery rate to up to 95 per cent.

Not only does the Combo already comply with Australian industry standards, but it can be customised to suit a producers specifications and be set up alongside another washing plant, where applicable. The Combo is just another part of CDEs modular range, Webber said. We have already created combinations that include log washers for instance. CDE solutions can be customised

The Combo was launched at bauma, Germany, in April 2019 and is still to become a mainstay of the Australian sand processing market, but CDE is far from being new on the market. The company has enjoyed success with its EvoWash modular plant, which has more than 40 installations across Australia.

Like the Combo, the EvoWash available in four models is equipped with Infinity screening technology, cyclones arrangements which can be tailored to the customers requirements and Warman pumps. As a modular plant, it can be assembled after transportation in 12m (40) containers.

Webber said the EvoWash can also assist with the manufactured sand process in a standalone capacity if a site has tailings facilities and doesnt require a thickener. The size range that the EvoWash operates in with capacities of up to 250 tonnes per hour means it is suitable for any size of operation, he said.

He said the EvoWash could operate with non-CDE types of sand washing plant. Thats one of the first discussions we have with a client does it make business sense to complement the existing equipment or is there a business case to replace all of the equipment with an EvoWash? Thats always going to come back to a commercial discussion, and we let the client drive that.

Obviously, there are synergies when the EvoWash is installed with another CDE plant, from a process control and interface point of view. However, it can be standalone equipment in a brownfield application.

Webber said the reception from the domestic market to the EvoWash boded well for the Combo. We have an EvoWash plant now at its third home in Australia, he said. It has moved from Western Australia to the Northern Territory to Melbourne, and that tells you the value that the owner sees in the equipment. Its well built, its built to last, and its a robust piece of equipment, so were extremely proud of that.

Webber said CDEs CustomCare programme which comprises after sales and support, parts, preventative maintenance, asset care and the suite of CDE CORE smart technology tools would assist with maintaining the wear and service life of the EvoWash and the Combo, even when dealing with abrasive materials.

Angular sands or manufactured sands are more aggressive than rounded, alluvial sands but CDE offers a comprehensive, after sales service that guarantees the smooth running of the plant over its lifetime.

References & further reading 1. Cement Concrete & Aggregates Australia. Research Report: Manufactured Sand National Test Methods and Specification Values; January 2007. 2. CDE. Product and technical brochures.

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