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cement mixer cocktail

cement shot ingredients: how to make a cement mixer drink - thrillist

cement shot ingredients: how to make a cement mixer drink - thrillist

This collegiate shooter gets its name from the chemical reaction that occurs when an acidic juice comes into contact with Irish cream: The cream curdles and the separation resembles wet cement. Its not the most Instagram-worthy of drinks, but it certainly gets the party started. A word of caution: The longer the shot sits, the thicker and heavier the curds get. Do not linger over this shot. Propel it straight down your gullet.

cement mixer shot recipe

cement mixer shot recipe

As polarizing as a shot can possibly get, the Cement Mixer apparently is genuinely enjoyed by some drinkers, while many others stumble upon the recipe while googling how to make your friend throw up. It has been named among the most disgusting drinks ever in several roundups of such (like this one, where its ranked right between the Infected Whitehead and the Prairie Oyster).

In a nutshell, its a mixture of Irish cream liqueur and lime juice that curdles in your mouth. And heres the thing: It doesnt taste that awful. Its the curdled texture thats the problemmmm, chunky liquid.

If youre drinking this yourself, whether ironically or not, a bit of wisdom: The longer it sitsin the glass or in your mouththe more it curdles. This is a shot best taken and swallowed immediately.

what is cement mixer shot? | cement science

what is cement mixer shot? | cement science

When I type cement in the powerful Google search box, Google automatically gives an alternative search phrase cement mixer shot, which means cement mixer shot is a very popular searchable phrase on the Internet.

As showed by About.com, an interesting chemical reaction takes place in a shot glass when a Cement Mixer is made. As the shot sits, the Baileys and lime juice slowly mix together creating a thick slurry best compared to cottage cheese.

Actually, cement mixer is a cocktail that has seen increasing popularity among older college students, in an effort to prevent or discourage underage drinking, by serving or offering it to a student who may be lying about his or her age, as when not prepared the right way, the curdling of the milk in the drink can cause an upset stomach, diarrhea, nausea, and/or vomiting.

An important trick when drinking a Cement Mixer is timing: dont wait too long otherwise the mix will become too thick. Beyond this, cement mixer is not a good tasting mix, consider it more of a gag shot when playing this trick on someone.

10 best portable cement mixer reviews & buying guide [2021]

10 best portable cement mixer reviews & buying guide [2021]

The market is full up of variety of concrete mixer with different features. The best portable cement mixer can be identified by its uses, drum capacity, power consumption, safety features and many other things.

Its powerful motor generates an approximate of 1720 rpm which will satisfy you with a great mixing experience of the concrete. Along with this, it comes with a heavy gauge steel frame and the Polyethylenedrum drum material makes it durable.

Also, it has telescoping handles and a locking system pin to make the job done more comfortably. The wheels roll so nicely and smoothly. Besides, the mixer is easy to assemble which makes the mixing quite easier.

It is made up of superior steel quality which will provide you the best durability in this range. Its motor generates an optimum required power which will give you a good stability with the desired speed of rotations.

This electric mixer comes up with a safety lock and a switch which make it easier to control on the work. The mixer is easy to move on any road condition as it comes with 2 rubber wheels. The machine is great for stucco, concrete, and mortar and also ideal for inoculating seeds and mixing feeds. On top of that, it comes with 23 rpm that improves running time.

Here is another powerful electric cement mixer for you which is 5 cubic mixer in its model. It has a strong powerful motor generating 2.3 AMP With generate RPM of 1680 of the speed. This range of our PM is very useful in mixing a good quality of concrete.

As this is a portable cement mixer, it comes with adjustable handle and drive gearbox with wheels that make it easier to move. Along with these, the capacity of the mixer is so good and it easily mixes and pours within a couple of minute. The ixer is easy to clean as well, you just need to rinse it with hose and it is ready.

This go plus electric concrete mixer has a long durability because of its still structured quality this go plus electric can get mixer has a long day and ability because of its still structured material used material.

It is very efficient in Power consumption So that you will need to worry less about its energy expenditures. The machine will assure you a great performance with its thick welding blade. The heavy duty motor gives the best operation of it and the safety lock will provide you the full control over the mixer. Along with concrete mixing, you can also mix fertilizer, seeds, among other materials. It will give you the best mixing experience.

Its wider mouth to drag all the mixture allows it very simple to drag the material easily and comfortably. No one needs to worry about the proper steps to drag all the mixing materials. Apart from this it has superior build steel quality structure which makes it the best durable cement mixer.

Its rubber Materials provides it the best movement to transport the machine from one place to the other place effortlessly. It comes with the powerful motor that gives the best operation and the large drum design makes it more capable of giving the best result of mixing when you need to apply large scale. As it is compact in size, it is easy to move. The durable construction will never let you down.

This pro series gas cement mixer is covered by a protective layer on the both sides of the machine for a safer side. It is very versatile in its feature that it can be used in various and different projects available on the construction site.

Their strong motors generate a powerful rotation which mixes the mixture of the material very smoothly and fastly. The mixer is great for small to medium projects and it is ideal to mix concrete, mud, mortar, plaster, stucco, and so on. On top of that, it comes with a protective cover for engine which ensures its durability and best performance.

This model is very energy efficient that it consumes only 110-120 V Of power and thus it saves much of your energy expenditure on the machine. It is very much reliable and worth of the money that it provides the best features in this price range.

Apart from this, as version, the bills are providing the best transport movements very smoothly and effortlessly. It comes with the single phase motor which you can apply in any location when you will need and it will provide the best performance. The large drum design makes it more reliable when you will need the large scale application. This is probably the most durable cement mixer in the market.

This cement mixer comes with the most powerful engine with dual purpose to mix cement, stucco, mortar, seeds, fertilizer and other materials which is necessary to do home projects. Also it can do versatile jobs like inoculating seeds and mixing feeds also. The machine comes with a switch and safety lock that gives you the control to run the machine.

The mixer is easy to move around and the large wheels make the job easier. Along with these, it has an industrial steel frame that ensures the stability and durability of the machine. It gives a quick result of mixing anything. Assembling the mixer is quiet easy.

This steel reinforced electric mixer will be a great option for any home project. It comes with a powder finish and the polypropylene drum gives a commercial look and experience of mixing. The cast iron ring gear ensures the durability of the product.

Along with these, it comes with 3.5 cu. ft. drum capacity and 1.77 cu. ft. mixing capacity which is enough to provide a quick service for small to medium scale applications. The powerful engine and 1720 rpm speed is a great running time for small to medium projects.

The poly drum is easy to clean. The adjustable handle with front wheels provides the mobility of the mixer. The most interesting thing is the mixer is a more budget friendly mixer comparatively than others. So it can be a great choice for smaller jobs.

If you want a cement mixer with versatile features, this can be your best pick. It is great for home projects and construction use and also great to mix concrete, plaster, drywall mud, stucco, mortar, and more. You can also use it to mix cattle feed or treat seeds before planting.

Apart from these, it has a great capacity of 180 pounds that makes it suitable for small to medium projects. It comes with a powerful 5 horsepower engine which is ideal to use on any kind of project. On top of that, the wheelbarrow creating wheels make it convenient to move anywhere easily. It is also ideal to use in any movable project.

Motor capacity is important for handheld mixer products. A well [powered and good capacity motor can provide a quick service. If you need small quantity for small amount of time, you can go with less capacity motor.

On the other hand, large quantities for commercial purpose will definitely need higher capacity model. For industrial projects, 8000 watts is needed and for general and versatile purpose, 1300 watt will be suitable.

Mixing capacity means the maximum amount the machine can mix without overheating the motor. For small to medium projects, 30kg capacity is enough, but for industrial purpose, you have to choose 90 kg capacity models.

Motor power is another important factor for deciding the capability of cement mixer. The machine comes with powerful motor ensures the well mixing of all ingredients of concretes. The motor power rating unit is given Hp or RPM.

Buying a mixer is not a small investment, so choose the product which will ensure you the maximum durability with a great service. Die-cast aluminum body will be durable and made for heavy use. The stainless steel frame also a heavy-duty construction.

It should be noted that every cement mixer should be Busy in cleaning and operating. It should provide a smooth movement while transporting the machine from one place to another place. The portability, durability and performance must be the best as per its price range.

cement mixer shot: the most unappetizing cocktail youll ever try | stillunfold

cement mixer shot: the most unappetizing cocktail youll ever try | stillunfold

There may be some cocktail shots that you enjoy and just hopelessly dote on. And there may be some that could be leaving a bad taste in your mouth. Cement mixer shot falls among the latter. One of the most popular and nauseating shots out there, its been called one of the most vile cocktail shooters ever by Fox News.

Not as delicious as Boba, the Cement Mixer shot is more of a gag shot and isnt meant to be enjoyed. Pretty good in taste, the disgusting texture & the health consequences of the shot are the real trouble.

The lime juice being acidic causes curdling of cream-based Baileys. The curdled mixture doesnt taste sour and it quickly gains viscosity and sticks to the your teeth reminding you of cement. And if you want a sweeter taste, take one shot of lemonade and one of Bailey's.

As you take it down the mouth, a fascinating chemical reaction occurs. When the shot settles, the acid of lime juice and the fat of Irish cream begin mixing up gradually. And in few seconds, a thick and chunky slurry is formed that gets thicker and thicker with time especially when stirred. To see the magic, take a straw and start stirring. The texture you get looks much like cottage cheese or (obviously) uncured cement.

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cement mixer recipe

cement mixer recipe

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cement mixer shot drink recipes

cement mixer shot drink recipes

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cement mixer recipe ingredients - how to make a cement mixer shot drink

cement mixer recipe ingredients - how to make a cement mixer shot drink

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