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charcoal briquettes dealers in egypt

charcoal briquette machine by zhengzhou azeus charcoal briquette machinery. supplier from china. product id 525504

charcoal briquette machine by zhengzhou azeus charcoal briquette machinery. supplier from china. product id 525504

We supply 5 types of charcoal briquette machines Aus-zbj-i ordinary briquette machine Aus-zbj-ii energy saving briquette machine Aus-zbj-iii ordinary large briquette machine Aus-zbj-iv ordinary extra-strength briquette Aus-zbj-v extra-strength briquette machine

We are an ISO 9001: 2008 company- manufacturers and exporters of Charcoal & Coal fines briquetting plants. We manufacture completely integrated and automated briquetting plants which are built to run 24/6. These are roller press charcoal briquetting machines designed to give square, pillow and oval shape briquettes, However the shape and size of the briquettes can be customized. We offer two models in charcoal briquetting machine 900 Kg/Hr production 1500 Kg/Hr production

Product Introduction Wood briquette machine is the main production equipment charcoal molding equipment, mainly wood chips, sawdust, rice husk, peanut shells, plant stalks and other carbonaceous wood materials, without any binder, after high temperature, high pressure process ,Extruded into asolid rod with acentral hole. Rod machine with automatic thermostat device, at aset temperature performance and stability, and has areasonable structure, small size, small footprint, labor-saving, energy saving and easy operation and maintenance advantages. The solid bar produced by the machine is more flammable and has higher heat (more than 20% higher than that of common wood) after carbonization. It has small pollution when burned and is easy to store and transport in large proportion. It can make full use of crops and forest waste, Waste as treasure. Raw material The source of raw materials is rich, almost any biomass material can be briquetted. Working principle Using the intrinsic attributes of the wood material, by spiral extruding under high temperature and pressure, wood element in wood material becomes plastic and makes the fine fiber combine, and at last stick solid plank fuel is formed. Main parts 1. Forming of tube, special casting steel, inner barrel boron treatment,continuously use for more than 5months. 2. Heating ring: the material is stainless steel; on the molding tube for heating, so that the raw materials in the shape of conducive to shrinkage, easy to shape. 3. Propeller,advanced design,high speed of producing rod ,high density,high resistance to wear,one welding time can work continuously for more than 30 hours. Advantage 1. Increase the pitch to increase the amount of feed, asubstantial increase in output. 2. With electric heating temperature control system to ensure the formation of stable discharge, improve work efficiency. 3. Optimization of the structure of the tube, reducing the friction between the mechanical and raw materials, an increase of the density of the stick. 4. Product bar shape and size of the selective, to meet different customer requirements.

Feeding Size: 5-10mm Capacity: 0.3-5t/h Raw Material: charcoal leftover, charcoal powder, charcoal residue, small piece of charcoal Application: BBQ Charcoal, BBQ Grill, Roast Barbecue. Charcoal dust briquette machine is mainly used to briquette charcoal leftover, small pieces of charcoal, charcoal waste, etc. and make them be fully used to increase its economic value. The final briquette shape and size both can be customized from 25-60mm with oval, pillow and square shape as well as other favorite shapes in market according to special requirement. In addition, the raw material range is very widely, like coal powder, fertilizer, salt, iron powder, and gypsum, chrome, copper, etc.

Product Description : Best Charcoal Briquettes from Indonesia Price of product ( USD price or FOB price) : "Coconut Briquettes Premium/ Grade A $1300/ton (FOB) Include inner plastic and box Coconut Briquettes BBQ $1100/ton (FOB) Include inner plastic and box Key Specifications/Special Features : 1. Moisture :

We offer good quality Coconut Charcoal which is made from the process of Carbonization. Shell charcoal is used widely as domestic and industrial fuel. First of all, it is completely eco-friendly product, which is made from sustainable natural resources. In many developing countries (such as Indonesia, India, Malaysia) Charcoal is the primary cooking fuel for urban and rural household and restaurants. The demand of restaurant charcoal has increased rapidly, and we are able to supply best quality. Because of burning power it is ideal for BBQ Grill, Traditional baking and Cooking etc. Type of charcoal : - Coconut Shell Charcoal - Premium Shisha Briquettes - BBQ (Barbeque) Briquettes Shape : Cube, hexagonal, and cylindrical. Size : Width 2 cm, 4cm, and 5 cm. Length 5cm, 10 cm, 20 cm, or customized

Main constituent : Coconut shell charcoal Size : 50mm dia x 40mm high Shape : Pillow Density : 0.8 - 1.1g/cm3 Moisture : 5 - 8% max Fixed carbone : 70% min Burning Time : 4+ hours

weber hardwood charcoal briquettes | gourmet egypt

weber hardwood charcoal briquettes | gourmet egypt

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