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chrome ore mining processing plant mining crushing

chrome ore, chrome recovery, chrome mineral, chrome mining process - xinhai

chrome ore, chrome recovery, chrome mineral, chrome mining process - xinhai

[Introduction]: Chrome ore deposits are mined by both underground and surface techniques. Most chrome ore must be processed by the chrome ore processing plants. the mainly chrome ore beneficiation method is gravity separation. So the mainly used chrome ore concentrating equipments are ore washbox (sometimes it is called jigger), concentrating table, spiral classifiers, etc.

[Application]: The choice of chrome mineral processing technology is closely related with the physical and chemical properties of chrome ores. Because chrome ores are with weak magnetic, high magnetic separation matures gradually in chrome purfication with the technology development. And the magnetic separation has few pollution to the environment. Therefore, chrome magnetic separation gets promoted and applied in mineral processing plants.

For chrome processing technology, there are gravity separation, flotation, magnetic separation and other methods. Xinhai will determine the final processign technology according to the ore characteristic analysis report and mineral processing experiment report.

The common gravity separation flows is that: through crushing and grinding, the reasonable fineness of chrome ores are cleaned and classified by the spiral classifier with the help of the different specific gravity of the solid particles and the different precipitation speeds in the liquid.

chromite beneficiation process

chromite beneficiation process

Experience indicates that chrome ores are concentrated to best advantage by gravity methods. Since recoveries are generally very poor in the fine sizes, the gravity flowsheet must be designed to remove the chrome as soon as liberated by crushing and grinding. For example, if the chrome is not entirely freed until the ore is minus 16 mesh, it is obvious that the plus 16 mesh particles should be removed after stage crushing and grinding to prevent further reduction of the chrome and consequent loss in the fine sizes.

The crushing section for this 250 ton per day chrome mill consists of a coarse ore grizzly, a coarse ore bin with pan feeder to a 18 reduction crusher and a crusher discharge conveyor to a crushed ore bin. On this particular ore, we find that there is no chrome liberated in sizes larger than .

The 36x 8 Adjustable Stroke Ore Feeder is used to accurately control feed of crushed ore to the grinding section. Before it is fed to the 4x 8 Peripheral Discharge Rod Mill, the minus chrome ore is removed from the grinding circuit by means of a 4x 12 Dillon Vibrating Screen. This minus product is then ready for concentration in the Mineral Jigs.

The Vibrating Screen oversize is ground in the Steel Head Rod Mill. A rod mill with the peripheral discharge feature is preferred for this application because the rapid-pass design produces a minimum of the undesirable fines. The discharge from the rod mill returns to the Dillon Vibrating Screen by means of a Belt Bucket Elevator, so that a closed circuit grinding arrangement is obtained.

The minus undersize from the Vibrating Screen is divided to feed two identical, parallel jigging circuits, each consisting of l6x 24 Duplex Mineral Jig used for roughing and a I6x 24 Duplex Mineral Jig used as a scavenger. Automatic Density Discharge Control Valves on the hutches of the scavenger Mineral Jig provide a controlled, continuous, high-density feed to a l6x 24 Duplex Mineral Jig used for final cleaning.

A final, cleaned concentrate is produced by the two cleaner Mineral Jigs and also a middling product which is re-circulated back to the scavenger jigs. This procedure is preferable to the immediate regrinding of the middlings as it avoids the further reduction of relatively pure chrome particles which are bound to be present.

The tailing from the scavenger Mineral Jig is directed to a 30x 13 Simplex Cross-Flow Classifier which discards a waste product as a final tailing at minus 65 mesh and the sand product is returned to the rod mill for further grinding. A SRL Sand Pump is used to pump the Mineral Jig Tailings to the Cross-Flow Classifier.

This flowsheet is very effective due to the ability to remove the high grade chrome with very littlegrinding on each pass through the mill. In this way, grinding takes place with a large number of small reductions followed byimmediate removal of the liberated chrome into a high grade concentrate.

In the concentration of certain chrome ores, high grade chrome particles are sometimes liberated at sizes larger than , For the concentration of these large size chrome particles, the Improved Harz Type Jig is indicated.

In the flowsheet described here, there is a minimum amount of valuable chrome in the classifier overflow and accordingly this product is sent to waste. However, conditions may justify the installation of slime concentrating tables and Tilting Concentrators.

donskoy ore mining and processing plant - kazchrome

donskoy ore mining and processing plant - kazchrome

Donskoy Mining and Processing Plant (DGOK) was founded in1938, atthe city ofKhromtau. Volume ofits confirmed reserves isthe second largest globally. Interms ofquality, chrome ore from DGOK has noequivalent inthe world.

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how to process chrome ore with mining equipment? - jxsc machine

how to process chrome ore with mining equipment? - jxsc machine

Chromite is an oxide mineral of chromium and iron. It has high carbon ferrochrome, medium carbon ferrochrome, low carbon ferrochrome, micro carbon ferrochrome, metal chromium, and silicon chromium alloy. Its quite hard, black and semi metallic.

Chromite is the main source of metal chromium and can also be used for refractory materials at high temperature. Chromite is generally lumped or granular. It has a normal spinel structure. Chromite Cr2O3 content of 67.91%, is the main source of industrial chromium, also can produce high-temperature refractory, with weak magnetism. Large chromite deposits are mainly found in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Russia and Cuba.

South Africas Chromite inventories rank first, and chrome ore reserves are as high as 72%. However, the amount of chrome ore exported to China from Zimbabwe and Kazakhstan, which has fairly high reserves, is not large. Turkey, with a reserve of only 0.9%, has become the second largest importer of chromite in China. Of course, such as Finland and India, although the export volume is small, but its own ferrochrome smelting technology is also high, ferrochrome quality is better.

Metal chromium is mainly used to smelt special alloys with cobalt, nickel and tungsten. These special and special alloys are indispensable materials for the production of guns, missiles, rockets and ships in the aviation, aerospace, automobile, shipbuilding, and national defense industries.

In chemical industry, chromite is mainly used to produce sodium dichromate, and then other chromium compounds, used in pigments, textile, electroplating, leather and other industries, as well as catalysts and catalyst agents.

In the nature, the chrome ore areexisting in sand or alluvial raw material, this kindtin ore called sandchrome oreor alluvialchrome ore, the raw materialmay be with stone, sand, gravel, soil, sticky clay, some times with other magnetic iron, ilmenite, hematite and other minerals. Thesand/alluvial chrome ore mine site is possible near river, onland , onmountain, or in the bushes,ect. The chrome ore concentrate is visible by eye, usually size can beseveral mm or below 1 mm.

The other typechrome ore is hard rockmaterial,thechrome oreis existing in hard rock, such as normal stone, quartz vein above the land.The rockchrome ore is mostly like to be with iron together.

The ore dressing technology of chrome ore mainly has Gravity separation process, the chrome ore mining equipment are jig separator, shaking table, spiral classifier, centrifugal concentrator and spiral chute, and sometimes the concentrate will be selected by weak magnetic separator or high intensity magnetic separator to further improve the grade of chromium concentrate and the ratio of chromium iron. Besides, some mines will also use flotation and flocculation flotation methods. But the most popular and common used mining method is by gravity and magentic separation for the chrome ore mining equipment.

The selection of chrome ore mining equipment is closely related to the physical and chemical properties of chromium ore. Because chromite is weakly magnetic, with the continuous improvement of high intensity magnetic separation technology, the technology of purifying chromium ore with high intensity magnetic separation has been very mature. Moreover, because the magnetic separation process has no pollution to the environment, the chrome ore magnetic separation technology has been popularized and applied in the major mineral processing plants.

JXSC mine machinery Company in China has more than 30 years professional experience at chrome ore processingplant, designfullset chrome ore process flowchart , provide complete setchromeoremining equipment, cansend engineer to mine site forminingequipment installation and commissioning guidance. Have already built many chrome ore processing plant in Africa countries. Include:South Africa, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Albania, India, Philippines, kazakhstan,Russia,China,ect.

Chromeore Feeding:can be vibration feeding machine, feeding hopper, belt feeder, wheel loader or excavator feed directly. Usually will make grizzly bar on vibration feeder or hopper to remove big waste stones firstly. Depends on process capacity to choosesuitable chrome ore mining equipment.

Chrome ore Washing:the chrome ore washing machineis for washing clean the clay and mud in raw material, most popular used are chromeore washing trommel scrubber and chromeore washing trommel screen. Chrome ore trommel scrubber washeris for washing chromeore raw material that with many sticky clay,chromite ore washingtrommel screen is for wash chromite ore raw material that without much sticky clay.Depends on raw material conditionsto choosesuitable chrome ore washing equipment.

Chromeore Sieving:after washing, then sieve out some bigger waste stones ,the under screen slurry will go to next separation machine. This sieving process can use trommel screen or vibration screen orchrome ore high frequency vibration screenwhich is wided used chrome ore mining equipment

Chromeore Primary Gravity Separation: itis for primary chromeore concentration process, jig separatoror spiral chute separator arebest choiceof chrome ore gravity mining equipment.The concentrate ore discharged from them will send to2ndstageconcentration machine.

2ndStage Concentrationprocess:the concentrate ore from chromeore jig machine or spiral chute spearator will go to chromeore shaking table concentration machine for final concentration, can get high grade chromeore concentrate. Shaking table is a good concentration effect mining equipment for chrome ore processing plant.

Chromiteore Upgrading:if need much higher chromeore grade, can use high intensity magnetic separator toupgrade it. The chrome ore mangetic separator is also important chrome ore mining equipment for final upgrading.

crushers can be rough rock chrome ore jaw crusher, rock chrome ore fine jaw crusher, rock chrome cone crusher, rock chrome hammer crusher, roller crusher rock, depends on the rockchrome ore feeding size and process capacity to use which kind crusher.

Grinding:after crush the stone to smaller size, need to grind to power by chrome ore ball mill grinding machine or wet pan mill or other rock grinding machine, so the chrome concentrate can released out from stone. Then go to chrome ore separation machine and concentration machine.( chrome ore shaking table, chrome ore spiral chute, chrome ore jig separator,ect)

crushing equipment application in chrome ore mining plant

crushing equipment application in chrome ore mining plant

In the metallurgical industry, chromite is mainly used to produce chromium iron alloy and metal chrome. Chrome ore and ferrochrome are used as additive material of steel to produce a variety of special steel with high strength, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high temperature resistant, resistant to oxidation, such as stainless steel, acid steel, heat-resistant steel, bearing steel, spring steel, tool steel, etc.

In the metallurgical industry, chromite is mainly used to produce chromium iron alloy and metal chrome. Chromium metal is mainly used for smelting special alloy with the element such as cobalt, nickel, tungsten and so on. These special steel and special alloys are indispensable materials in aviation, aerospace, automobile, shipbuilding, and defense industry production of guns, missiles, and rocket and ship industries. On refractory, chromite is used to make chrome brick, magnetite chrome brick, and other special refractories. Chromite in the chemical industry is mainly used to produce sodium dichromate, and making other chromium compounds, which can be used in paint, textile, electroplating and leather industries, also production of catalysts and catalytic agent etc. Chromite is the shortage mineral in China, with fewer reserves and lower production and imports are more than 80% in the yearly consumption.

Since chrome ore can be made so many alloys and special materials, chrome ore mining plant has developed well in some areas that have rich chrome ore resources. In chrome ore mining plant, many mining machines are at demands, such as grinding machines, impact crusher machines, cone crusher machines, jaw crusher machines as well as some ancillary equipment.

Crusher equipment has many different types and all the types of crushers have different working principles, such as jaw crusher, impact crusher and cone crusher. Take the jaw crusher as an example, when jaw crusher is at work, activities slab has periodic reciprocating motion towards fixed jaw plate and it sometimes closes, sometimes leaves. When to close, the material is squeezed between the two plates, splitting, impacted and been broken. When to leave, materials that have been broken are discharged under gravity force from discharging mouth.

In the crushing plant, huge rocks need to be broken for several times into the required size. For this, crushing equipment has been divided into three stages in the crushing plant, such as jaw crusher for the first stage, impact crusher and cone crusher for the second or third stages according to the different hardness of materials. In the process of the huge stone broken into small stones, the first stage of crusher is usually the "primary" crusher. Jaw crusher has the longest history and also is the strongest crusher. For feeding into jaw crusher, material from the top enters into the crushing chamber that contains jaw teeth and jaw teeth with great force send material to the room wall, and these materials will be broken into smaller stones. Supporting jaw teeth movement is an eccentric shaft and the eccentric shaft is through the fuselage structure. Eccentric motion is usually produced by the flywheel that be fixed on both sides of the eccentric shaft. Bearings must withstand the huge impact loading, high temperature and abrasion sewage. Although the work environment is very harsh, jaw crusher still need to work very reliable. It is the key to guarantee the production efficiency.

All these crusher mining machines are produced by shanghai SBM, a professional manufacturer and supplier of mining equipment in the world. Every product from shanghai SBM is tested by authoritative department on the international market. The quality of them is guaranteed and they have got their reputation in the world. Since the company set up, its business has extended to more than 170 countries. Their main products are crusher and grinding machines as well as some beneficiation machines. Experts in shanghai SBM company can design the best reasonable processing plant for all kinds of rocks and other minerals to help the clients get the maximum profits.

the chrome ore clients are discussing about the chrome ore processing technique with technician - knowledge - xi'an desen mining machinery equipment co.,ltd

the chrome ore clients are discussing about the chrome ore processing technique with technician - knowledge - xi'an desen mining machinery equipment co.,ltd

In this discussion, the clients know the complete line and details in chrome ore processing, and also know our capability on chrome ore processing technique. The clients stay five days for knowing the complete from technique to factory capability.

Besides, in this plant, the equipments of it are commonly used in chrome ore processing, jaw crusher, ball mill, spiral classifier, spiral chutes, and shaking table, etc, which is also based on the crushing-grinding-roughing-concentrating flow.

chrome crushing processing plant

chrome crushing processing plant

Chromite processing operation is to change the raw materials to achieve its economic value. There are various types of equipment involves in the Chromite ore beneficiation process, such as crushing plant, grinding mill, sand washing machine, vibrating screen and feeder, filtering machine, gravity separator, magnetic separator, flotation separator, thickener, dryer, belt conveyor etc.

Zenith is world leading supplier of crushing solution and crushing equipment. We serve all industries involved in crushing and screening, including aggregates production, quarrying, mining, minerals processing, construction, civil engineering and recycling. Zenith developed complete range of crushing plant for chrome processing including:

The mobile chrome crusher machines shows excellent perfomrance in chrome processing operations. It is built in robust and compact structure, and fully flexible and mobile on working site. It can be equipped with jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, vibrating screen and belt conveyor. The capacity ranges from 80tph to 1500tph. If you are interested, please contact us for more information.

chrome mining process

chrome mining process

Process: First use hopper and vibration screen feeding stone chrome to preliminarycrusher, then to fine crusher, Then use belt to a hopper, underside the hopper have a feeder, feeder 0-20mm size to ball mill, ball mill working together with spiral classifier, then get 0-1mm size to shaking table, shaking table also have two stage, one for preliminary, one for fine. Then can recovery chrome

Process: First use hopper and vibration screen feeding stone chrome to preliminary crusher, then to fine crusher, Then use belt to a hopper, underside the hopper have a feeder, feeder 0-20mm size to ball mill, ball mill working together with spiral classifier, then get 0-1mm size to shaking table, shaking table also have two stage, one for preliminary, one for fine. Then can recovery chrome

This line is for our Albania customer, The capacity is for 10 tons per hour, Feeding size is for 300mm, the feeding size is big, so need two stage jaw crusher, use two stage jaw crusher can get 0-20mm size. Spiral classifier is for classifier ball mill output material, 0-1mm size to shaking table, and +1mm to ball mill grinding again. Shaking table also have two stage, so this line have add hydraulic box to feeding material to shaking table, hydraulic box also can separator different size, the different size to different shaking table desk, course deck, fine sand deck, slime deck, use different deck to get the highest recovery rate.

Our engineer have go this customer site for install and debug. It have use one month to finish all of machine install and debug, to confirm all machine can use then leave. Not only install and debug, Our factory also accept sample test, it can send sample to our factory for test, also our engineer can go your mine site to inspect and take sample for test. We can design the flow chat for customer, and draw layout. Supply customer visit factory invitation letter. We will try our best to service customer require.

Mining Equipment Manufacturers, Our Main Products: Gold Trommel, Gold Wash Plant, Dense Media Separation System, CIP, CIL, Ball Mill, Trommel Scrubber, Shaker Table, Jig Concentrator, Spiral Separator, Slurry Pump, Trommel Screen.

chromium mining | processing equipment | flow chart | cases - jxsc

chromium mining | processing equipment | flow chart | cases - jxsc

Description Chromium (Cr) is a hard, bluish metallic element. The only ore of chromium is the mineral chromite and 99 percent of the worlds chromite is found in southern Africa and Zimbabwe. Geologists estimate that there are about 11 billion tons of mineable chromite ore in the world, enough to supply the current demand for hundreds of years. It is mostly used for making stainless steel and other metal alloys.

Relation to Mining While China is the leading chromium-consuming country and the leading stainless steel producer, it is not a large producer of chromite ore. The United States, Kazakhstan, India and South Africa are the largest chromite-mining countries in the world. The mining method used for extracting chromite depends greatly on the characteristics of the deposit. These characteristics include whether it is stratiform or podiform, high grade or low grade, subsurface or near surface, or massive or disseminated. Because surface mining typically is less expensive than underground mining, it is preferred, but not always possible.

Like mining, beneficiation (processing, crushing, separating, smelting, refining, etc.) for chromite depends on the characteristics of the ore deposit and on the mining methods used. For example, an operation extracting only high-grade ore may require only hand sorting and screening. Beneficiation is necessary when chromite mineral is mixed with other minerals because of geologic conditions or when mechanized mining methods are nonselective.

Uses Chromium is alloyed (that is, mixed) with steel to make it corrosion-resistant or harder. An example is its use in the production of stainless steel, a bright, shiny steel that is strong and resistant to oxidation (rust). Stainless steel production consumes most of the chromium produced annually. Chromium is also used to make heat-resisting steel. So-called superalloys use chromium and have strategic military applications.

Chromium also has some use in the manufacture of certain chemicals. For example, chromium-bearing chemicals are used in the process of tanning leather. Chromium compounds are also used in the textiles industries to produce a yellow color.

1. Large raw chrome ore for primary crushing are fed into the jaw crusher by Plate feeder and are reduced to 8 inches or smaller. After first crushing, the material will be transferred to cone crusher by belt conveyor for secondary crushing; the crushed chrome ore stone will then transferred to vibrating screen for classifying. After classifying, the parts whose size below the mesh size will be transferred away as final products, while the other parts will return to cone crusher, thus forming a closed circuit. Size of final products can be combined and graded according to your specific requirement.

3. Screened products are transported to the jig for rough separation and to three concentrating tables for fine separation. Then, tailings are delivered into the jig in the next stage for screening for 4 times like this. All tailings int he concentrating table are sent to tailings reservoir after tailings dry stacking.

24TPH Chrome Ore Processing Plant in South Africa Material: rock type chrome ore Capacity: 24TPH Country: South Africa Feeding size: 150mm Mineral condition description: The grade of chromium concentrate in the raw ore is about 28% to 36%. Customer's requirements: The grade of chromium concentrate up to 45%. ---Read more---

1.2TPH Chromite Ore Beneficiation Process Flow Material: rock type chrome ore Capacity: 1.2TPH Country: Italy Feeding size: 50-250mm Mineral condition description: in raw ore 7-20% Cr2O3 Customer's requirements: Chromite concentrate with 35-42% of Cr2O3 ---Read more---

Mineral property: Grade of chrome concentrate in raw chromite ore is 28% 36%. Customers requirement: The grade of the processed chromium concentrate needs to be 42% 45% Feed particle size: 150mm ---Read more---

Customers requirements: 1. Chromite concentrate with 45-52% of Cr2O3 2. And wastes could be with 3-6% of Cr2O3 we (customer) will treat wastes by chemicals, get the again chromite concentrate (30-35% of Cr2O3, other SiO2) and back this chemical concentrate to magnetic separation. ---Read more---

Mining Equipment Manufacturers, Our Main Products: Gold Trommel, Gold Wash Plant, Dense Media Separation System, CIP, CIL, Ball Mill, Trommel Scrubber, Shaker Table, Jig Concentrator, Spiral Separator, Slurry Pump, Trommel Screen.

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