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chrome plating equipment for sale in america

hard chrome plating equipment | plating machine

hard chrome plating equipment | plating machine

Hard chrome plating equipment used for plating a layer of thick chrome film on various kinds of base material, which its thickness normally above 20m, by mean of this, to make use of chromium character to improve plating parts hardness, wear resistance, thermostability, anti-corrosion performance.

Hard chrome plating equipment technical features: 1)Cathode current efficiency up to 50%65%, deposition speed very fast; 2)High hardness plating layer (9001200 HV), present uniform and intensive net-type fissure, the wear resistance performance is very good; 3)Plating solution disperse capacity good, plating film layer uniform, and not easy to have rough tumour phenomenon, the appearance of chrome layer bright and smooth; 4)Bonding force between chrome plating layer and base material very strong, while pre-plating treatment processes is similar with traditional electroplating technical processes, but operation simple than traditional one; 5)Allowed range of trivalent chromium content is more wide, normally, there is no need to stop production to deal with trivalent chromium; 6)There is no fluoride, no rare earth element in electro plating solution, and no low current area corrosion to plating parts.

Hard chrome plating equipment has a widely application, such as: mechanical mould, cylinder piston, measure tools, cutting and pulling tools etc.. Its another usage is to repair wear down parts and over cutting parts, to make these parts can be used repeat.

1, Examine plating parts size before plating, machining surface conditions, to calculate electro plating time according to electroplating layer thickness. 2, Control well for plating solution working condition, observe frequently, watch temperature changing, plating solution liquid level changing, operation carefully, and fill in the operation record. Add chemical solution according to testing result, correction the electroplating solution. 3, After plating to check plating layer quality, dimensions, and clean up. 4, The working site shall be cleaned and cleared, tools and devices shall be placed properly.

chrome plating equipment for sale | plating machine

chrome plating equipment for sale | plating machine

Note:The electroplating technical processes may be different from customers to customers based on different different surface requirements and environmental conditions, please select the most suitable solution based your requirement.

Wax removalHot dip degreasing CathodeElectrolytic degreasingWeak acid etchingSemi-bright nickel platingHigh sulfur nickel electroplatingBrightness nickel platingNickel sealingChrome electro plating or other;

1) Electrochemical degreasingHot water rinseCold water rinseImmersion acid activation (1ml/L HCL, 10ml/L H2SO4, room temperature,half a minute; suitable for automatic on-line stainless steel chrome plating, not suitable for copper or nickel)Water washingChrome electro plating.

Note: When chrome plating, should use of 1.5 to 2 times of normal plating current density to plate 3 to 5 minutes, then plating as normal current density, to minimize the residence time of the transition between the various processes caused.

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