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concepcion economic new ilmenite spiral classifier

spiral separator in recovering titanium concentrate - jxsc

spiral separator in recovering titanium concentrate - jxsc

By taking a review of mineral characters and process technology of ilmenite ore, it is necessary to improve the titanium concentration rate and optimizing the mineral processing plant. This is a research paper of using spiral separator to recover titanium concentrate from ilmenite ore, that would be worthy to do it if do a little help for you in the titanium mining.

The metal minerals are mainly ilmenite, secondary of white titanium, anatase, hematite, limonite and a small amount of fine magnetite. Gangue minerals are mainly plagioclase, chlorite and titanaugite. The metal sulfides are mainly of pyrite, traces of chalcopyrite, covelline, magnetic pyrite. Other components have biotite, sericite, swarthy, aragonite, calcite, quartz, apatite, spinel, garnet, titanite, etc. From Table 3, it can be seen that the grain size yield of-0.074 mm and the distribution rate of TiO2 account for more than 40 percent, and the gravity difference between of target minerals and gangue is significant, that is suitable for using spiral chute concentrator of gravity separation. What is the gravity separator machine?

Through observing the distribution of different particle size in the trial experiment, it is preliminarily determined that the grade of crude concentrate is not high. In order to select suited spiral concentrator, four models of the spiral chute with different structural parameters are used for rough separation.

There are four models of spiral separator, QL610 type, QL12AP type, QL12AK type and QL6AK type. The test results show that the QL610 type screw classifier can obtain 25.68% concentrate product with 28.81% of recovery rate, it is suited for rough separation of materials. The concentrate grade and concentrate recovery rate of QL12AP type spiral chute is 16.23% and 35.13% separately; the QL12AK type has a high concentrate recovery rate and low tailings grade. Therefore, the QL12AK spiral chute is the best for rough separation. Spiral separator for sale

2.2.1 Shake table concentration test Adding water to the concentrate ilmenite which obtains from the QL12AK spiral chute, the shake table test result of the slurry as follows. As is shown in table 5, we can obtain the crude ilmenite concentrate products with 33.01% TiO2 grade, yield 6.61%, recovery rate 35.91% through the gravity separation process of QL12AK spiral chute and 6S shaker, from the raw ores with 6.08% TiO2 grade.

2.2.2 Spiral chute concentration test The concentrate products obtained from QL12AK spiral gravity separation machine were fed into three different types of spiral gravity chutes one by one for the selection test. As can be seen from table 6, QL12AK spiral chute is used in both rough selection and selection, we obtain the concentrate titanium with 25.01% grade, yield 9.40%, recovery rate 38.66%. If set the TiO2 28% grade as the target, can be obtained Ti concentrate of grade 29.50%, yield 6.43% and recovery rate 31.20%.

According to microscope observation, there are many sulfide compounds in the shaker titanium concentrate. If the sulfide compounds are sorted out, not only the TiO2 grade of coarse titanium concentrate can be improved, but also the sulfide minerals with a higher grade of S can be recovered. The flotation agent: butyl xanthate 300 g/t, sulfuric acid 300 g/t, 2# oleic acid 60 g/t. Here are two types of raw ilmenite ore processing circuit, one is QL12AK spiral separator, 6S shake table then flotation desulfurization; another is QL12AK both of rough selection and concentrate selection, then flotation desulfurization. the former one has the concentrate titanium of TiO2 38.80%, yield 83.11%, recovery rate 97.69%, and the S for grade 40.03%, yield 16.28% and recovery rate 97.14%. the latter one has the titanium concentrate for 28.35% grade TiO2, yield 85.02%, recovery rate 96.39%, and the S for grade 32.06%, yield 14.98% and recovery rate 81.54%.

Flotation agents: trapping agent 2700 g/t, Roughing sulfuric acid 3000 g/t, concentrate sulfuric acid 800 g/t. According to the titanium processing flow of spiral chute, shaking table, floating sulfur, floating titanium, the ilmenite raw ore 100 t/h can produce the more qualified grade of high titanium ore 3.40 t/h.

It is workable that to recover high titanium ore by floating the tailings which were beneficiated by gravity separation and desulfurization by flotation. Do you have any trouble with the mineral processing? JXSC, 35 years of knowledge company that focuses on mining machine manufacturing, would like to help you to shoot the questions of mining machine determination, mineral processing plant configuration, processing flow design. The hot sell mining equipment has rock crusher, gravity separator machine, flotation machine, magnetic separator and so on.

ilmenite mineral's recovery from beach sand tailings | springerlink

ilmenite mineral's recovery from beach sand tailings | springerlink

The mineral ilmenite is the major source of rutile for industrial use and is of interest to paint and fertiliser industries. Enormous unutilised tailing dams lie on the eastern coast of the South Africa. Although covered by a simulation of the original indigenous vegetation, these tailings are still ilmenite bearing and of economic value. Tailings emanating from beach sand mineral slimes dams of the Kwazulu-Natal area (South Africa) have been processed. Screening, flotation, spiral concentration and magnetic separation methods were used either separately or successively. The present work sheds light on alternative routes for the extraction of the ilmenite, from these tailings. It moreover points out the usefulness of the Mssbauer spectroscopy in the mineral processing product monitoring. Tailings from the beach sands were used in the present study after the economic industrial minerals zirconia, ilmenite and rutile had been extracted in previous mining operations. About 61% natural ilmenite recovery was observed in the flotation concentrate of a Humphrey Spiral concentrate while a 62% recovery of hematite was found in the flotation tailings. The combination of screening, spiral concentration and magnetic separation, and flotation yielded a product with the highest ilmenite and hematite concentration being 71% and 19%, respectively. A natural ilmenite mineral, containing 87% ilmenite and 13% hematite, could be produced and extracted from the tailings of the flotation process, collected subsequently to the spiral concentration and the initial screening.

Mulaba-Bafubiandi, A.F., Mukendi-Ngalula, D. & Waanders, F.B. Ilmenite Mineral's Recovery from Beach Sand Tailings. Hyperfine Interactions 139, 485494 (2002). https://doi.org/10.1023/A:1021206324694

ilmenite beneficiation flotation ,mineral flotation systems,flotation equipment sold to south africa | prominer (shanghai) mining technology co.,ltd

ilmenite beneficiation flotation ,mineral flotation systems,flotation equipment sold to south africa | prominer (shanghai) mining technology co.,ltd

Ilmenite is brittle and dense. Due to the physical and chemical properties of the mineral surface, it is not easy to recover coarse-grained ilmenite, but fine-grained or fine-grained ilmenite has better floatability and can be recovered by flotation.

When using conventional flotation methods for beneficiation, oleic acid and its soaps are commonly used. The application technology of this collector is very mature and it is more reliable in application. However, it also has a major disadvantage, that is, the amount of material used is too large. Oxidized paraffin soap is a substance obtained by saponification of paraffin after oxidation. This collector has a wider source and is more cost-effective and can replace oleic acid and its soaps to some extent. The beneficiation efficiency of the collector is relatively poor, and the grade of the selected minerals obtained is not stable enough. Tahr oil is the acidification product of Tahr soap. Compared with oxidized paraffin wax soap, the ore grade selected by this collector is more stable. However, it needs to be emulsified to ensure its collection effect before proceeding. Compared with the above conventional collectors, the new ilmenite collector has better selectivity, generally does not need to be emulsified, and has a better separation effect for some difficult-to-separate minerals.

It can be subdivided into selective flocculation and hydrophobic flocculation. Among them, selective flocculation refers to the first coagulation of a single mineral in a mixture composed of two or more minerals, and then gradually separating them. The hydrophobic flocculation method uses the hydrophobic interaction between the hydrophobic particles suspended in water to attract each other and aggregate them, and then separate them. This method can increase the grade of the original ore from less than 10% at the beginning to 40% to 50%, and greatly increase the efficiency of recycling to reach or even exceed 50%.

Used for agglomeration flotation of ilmenite, it means to make the ilmenite hydrophobic by the collector adsorbed on the surface of the ilmenite, and then use the capillary attraction of the bridge liquid to agglomerate the ore particles, and then separate them after floating.It should be noted that in the process of beneficiation with agglomeration flotation, the strength and strength of the stirring must be ensured at all times, so that the ore particles can be more easily aggregated into agglomerates to achieve the effect of selection. When agglomerate flotation is used to recover titanium, it is recommended to use sodium oleate 3.5 kg/ton as collector and 1.5 kg/ton oxalic acid as inhibitor. After agglomeration flotation method, the grade of the concentrate can reach more than 45%, and the recovery rate can reach or exceed 75%. However, if the stirring strength is not enough, the recovery rate may drop by 4% to 5% or more. In addition, the diameter of the impeller and its position in the tank will also affect the flotation index. When the diameter of the impeller reaches about 50% of the diameter of the stirring tank and the impeller is about one meter from the bottom of the tank, the effect of agglomeration flotation will be better.

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