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concrete paver machine

concrete paving | technology | wirtgen

concrete paving | technology | wirtgen

For extremely hard-wearing highways or runways and the production of monolithic concrete profiles, we offer sophisticated processes that make construction easier for you. Leverage our wide range of machines for maximum precision in concrete paving.

In offset applications, a concrete mixer transfers the concrete to the receiving hopper. The material is transported into the slipform via a swivel-mounted conveyor belt or a swivel-mounted auger conveyor. Depending on the machine model, the conveyor belt is available in various lengths and in a folding version. Different versions of the auger conveyor are also available. Whether conveyor belt or auger all of the settings such as conveyor speed, inclination angle, or position can be adjusted at the touch of a button. An additional transverse auger conveyor offers many benefits. For example, the concrete mixer can travel in front of the slipform paver and not need to be off to the side, thereby eliminating the need to close another lane. Despite the fact that a larger quantity of concrete is required as a buffer, the transverse auger conveyor is still an ideal solution like in tight bends where the concrete mixer is unable to permanently supply the machine with concrete, for example.

Concrete feeding system offering various adjustment options. Flexible arrangement of the offset mould on the left or right side, close to or far to one side of the machine frame. Most diverse offset moulds for poured-inplace profi les available for a wide of applications.

In inset application, the concrete is either deposited right in front of the slipform paver or is fed in front of the machine from the side via a belt conveyor or side feeder. In the next step, the concrete is distributed evenly across the full paving width by a spreading auger or spreading plow. Built-in electrical or hydraulic vibrators ensure homogeneous compaction of the concrete. The inset mold forms the concrete surface to the specified thickness and width while the slipform paver travels forward. In addition, a dowel bar inserter can be added which inserts the dowel bars into the concrete as specified parallel to the pavers direction of travel. Central tie bars or side tie bars can be inserted perpendicular to the road surface. The oscillating beam scrapes the surface across the roadway. The grinding movement produces a small concrete roll in front of the beam which enhances the high quality of the concrete surface. Afterwards, a super smoother can smooth the concrete surface.

Compact dimensions and minimum modification requirements ensure ease of loading and cost-effective transport. Depending on the pavers configuration, the dowel bar inserter or oscillating beam, super smoother and concrete spreading equipment can remain mounted on the machine during transport.

The machine can be equipped with a hydraulic or electric vibrator drive to comply with site requirements. It comes with 24 hydraulic connectors in standard design (optionally 30 or 36) but can optionally be fitted with 26 or 34 electric connectors.

The SP 124 / SP 124 L features state-of-the-art, high-performance engine technology (max. 272 kW / 365 HP / 370 PS) complying with exhaust emission standards EU Stage IIIa / US Tier 3. The SP 124i / SP 124 Li features state-of-the-art, high-performance engine technology (max. 321 kW / 430 HP / 436 PS) complying with exhaust emission standards EU Stage V / US Tier 4f.

High level of operator comfort on the operators platform Standardized operating concept in line with the new SP model ranges Ergonomically designed controls for intuitive operation State-of-the-art, clearly structured control panel Separate control consoles for longitudinal texturing features, transverse texturing features, service and diagnostic features, as well as telescoping feature All adjustment features offer electrohydraulic control Automatic adjustment of all components for central crown applications

High-precision traction drive featuring proportional control Two different speed ranges Wheel-mounted or track-mounted design High precision and manoeuvrability High-precision height adjustment featuring proportional control Scanning via stringline or of reference surfaces via slab tracer Optional scanning of the concrete surface via ultrasonic sensor when using 3D control Turning on the spot at the mere push of a button

Practical film unwinder Mounting rail for burlap or artificial turf Effective lateral broom-cleaning unit Optimized transverse broom finish and spraying feature New selection feature for longitudinal or transverse broom finish New selection feature for longitudinal or transverse spraying New diagonal broom finish and spraying feature New meander spraying feature Minor modification effort required to change operating mode Spray heads with three spray nozzles each for reliable spraying in longitudinal direction

Engine models complying with EC Stage IIIa / US Tier 3 emission standards or the stringent EC Stage IV / US Tier 4f emission standards Fuel-efficient ECO mode and temperature-controlled fan speed (EC Stage IV / US Tier 4f only) Engine optionally fitted with diesel particulate filter (EC Stage IV / US Tier 4f only) Numerous automated features Lightweight working platform of high-quality aluminium Hot-water heating system for easy cleaning of the spraying system Quick maintenance Separate supports Compact transport dimensions Minimum modification requirements

The WPS 62(i) placer speader is normally used in combination with a slipform paver and a texture curing machine. While trucks and semitrailers successively dump concrete into the conveyor belt units large receiving hopper, the conveyor belt guides the conveyed material to the center of the road. The WPS 62(i) placer speader uses a spreading auger to spread the laid concrete and paves it uncompacted with a narrower width and greater thickness than the following slipform paver. Finally, the paver paves the pre-poured concrete in the required width and thickness together with the pre-laid reinforcement. To complete the process, the texture curing machine produces a defined surface structure and sprays evaporation protection onto the fresh concrete road surface.

Homogeneous spreading of large quantities of concrete fed in from the side Two-track placer / spreader on the basis of the tried-and-tested SP 62i slipform paver Fully modular machine design for paving widths from 12 ft to 24 ft Hydraulically telescoping machine frame Simple, standardized operating concept also found on the latest SP series models Perfect view of all important work areas Latest engine technology with fuel-efficient engine management Environmentally friendly machine operation

5 ft 3 in (1.6 m) wide conveyor belt High drive power for high conveyor speed of 9.8 ft / sec (3 m / sec) Feeding unit can be folded extremely fast (6 seconds max.) Height of feeding unit hydraulically adjustable Height and angle of discharge unit hydraulically adjustable Hydraulic version of numerous concrete feeding functions equipped standard Effective conveyor stripper for reliable cleaning and low wear

High-performance spreading auger for powerful concrete spreading Height of side plates can be adjusted by up to 20 in (500 mm) for reliable operation Robust strike-off wall with self-supporting telescoping system Height of strike-off wall easily adjustable Cleaning position for strike-off wall Height of the strike-off wall adjustable via additional remote control Intelligent cylinder features Concrete unit can easily be adapted to central crown paving

Simple conversion of strike-off wall and spreading auger when paving width changes Minimal adjustment of the concrete feeding system when changing the paving width No further auxiliary equipment (e.g. a crane) required when paving width changes Compact transport dimensions for easy transport with standard flat bed truck Quick assembly / dismantling of the concrete feeding system on the left and right side Multi coupling for simple, fast conversion or transport of concrete feeding system

During a project in Esterwegen, near Papenburg, Germany, the small paver offered a first taste of the extended range of applications it can now cover by paving a 750-meter-long and 2-meter-wide bike path along a rural road.

gomaco corporation: the worldwide leader in concrete paving technology

gomaco corporation: the worldwide leader in concrete paving technology

GOMACO Corporation manufactures curb and gutter machines, concrete slipform pavers, placer/spreaders, trimmer/placers, cylinder finishers, canal machinery and accessories ideal for any concrete construction project. GOMACO's quality management system is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

GOMACO equipment will slipform concrete streets and highways, airport runways, curb and gutter, sidewalks and recreational trails, safety barrier, bridge parapet and irrigation canals. Support equipment includes grade trimmers, concrete placers, concrete placer/spreaders and texturing and curing machines. We also offer equipment to finish flat slabs, bridges, and slopes.

A contractor in Belgium is slipforming concrete curb and gutter with their GOMACO 3300 with Topcon 3D guidance. The project is in a new residential area of Merchtem, Belgium, and they slipformed curb and gutter in varying lengths and profiles in tight jobsite conditions.

Product Line Curb & Gutter Slipform Pavers Placer/Spreaders Trimmer/Placers Texture/Cure Machines Finishers Support Equipment Airports Canals Road Building Tunnel & Rail Dams & Spillways Stringless Technology

concrete slipform pavers and paving equipment - guntert & zimmerman (g&z)

concrete slipform pavers and paving equipment - guntert & zimmerman (g&z)

Guntert & Zimmerman's productive and dependable concrete slipform paving equipment make it the most trusted and respected name in the market. Since its founding in 1942, G&Z has been known for its innovations and pioneering spirit to help make contractors as productive as possible. G&Z is constantly developing new technology and upgrading its existing product offering which includes a full range of slipform pavers, placer spreaders, material placers, mechanical dowel bar inserters (DBI), texture cure machines. Whether your machine is new or has over 10,000 hours of operation, G&Z guarantees your satisfaction and its support. G&Z is also a leader in the design and manufacturer of canal liners and lining applications as well as trapezoidal and wheel trenchers.

concrete pavers | construction equipment

concrete pavers | construction equipment

Form-riding pavers ride on metal forms that set the boundaries of the paved surface; a typical application for these machines is bridge-deck paving, and the machine typically employs rollers that move transversely over the surface to finish the concrete.

The most widely used machine for paving concrete roadways is the mainline slipform paver, which extrudes a paved surface without the use of forms. Curb-and-gutter machines are a type of slipform paver that can use variously shaped molds to place other than flat surfaces, such as curbs, roadway median barriers, and bridge parapets

The slipform process for mainline machines involves first placing fluid concrete in front of the machine, which, as it advances, uses augers to spread the concrete uniformly across the surface to be paved. A strike-off plate levels the concrete and removes excess material, and multiple, hydraulically driven vibrator tubes (and sometimes mechanical tamper bars) consolidate the concrete. Mainline slipform pavers often also have a dowel-bar inserter, a mechanism that automatically vibrates dowel bars into position to serve as load-transfer devices across pavement joints. Profiling molds (or pans) at the rear of the paver then set the finished grade and elevation of the consolidated concrete, and a finishing mechanism creates an initial texture for the surface.

Many mainline pavers automatically change paving widths without stopping the paving process, eliminating the time-consuming task of mechanically adding or deleting sections of the various paving elements.

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