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concrete stone making machine

concrete block molds | global machine market

concrete block molds | global machine market

As a third generation equipment builder my family started making molds for our own machinery in 1943. Global Machine Market offers molds a wide range of USA building block machine makers such as Besser and Columbia and foreign paving stone and block machines. We use the same experience we have gained for 7 decades and make molds for any block and paving stone machine. Give us a call with your specific mold request at 913-766-1025.

A mold is required for every specific shape and size product you want to make in a block, paving stone or press machine. A conventional building block mold made for USA machine consist of two parts. An upper section caller the plungers or some call the press head and the lower section called the mold box or insert section.

The mold box is normally manufactured in two different methods depending on the type of product you are wanting to produce. When making building blocks in the USA we only manufacture and supply bolt-in replaceable designed molds and mold parts. The advantage of this design is when the internal parts wear outside the acceptable product tolerances only those individual internal parts need to be replaced in the mold.

The other method which is widely accepted in other parts of the world is called a one piece version mold which is an all welded construction where the inner wear liners and frame of mold are welded together as one unit. When one cavity wears past the acceptable product tolerance the producer has to invest in labor intensive welding repairs. This can lead to weakening the life of the mold due to welding which effects the inner hardness and cycle life of the mold. The only other option is to replace the entire mold. Both methods make an accurate and dimensionally correct concrete product if made correctly. A welded design mold is normally more affordable in the beginning purchase price compared to a bolt-in replaceable design. However in the long term a bolt together mold is almost always more cost efficient with more long term advantages. Advantages and disadvantages of each design depend on many aspects. Some of the dynamics that need to be considered would be the amount of product volume you what to produce, your budget, delivery times, type of machine you are producing products on and the height of the product be produced.

The lower section of the molds consist of an outer mold box containing several bolt-in replaceable mold wear liners. The liners determine the outer shape of the block while the inner liner shapes of the other side of the block. As many as 15 building blocks may be molded at one time.

Once the lower mold cavities are full of concrete the second upper press head or plungers section of the upper mold lowers into open cavities of the mold box. Sometimes the plungers are assisted into the cavities by hydraulic pressure and other times by just gravity depending on the type of block or paving stone machine you operate.

Once the compaction head is in the mold box the vibration of the mold is occurring at the same time and the proper height and density of block or paving stone unit is achieved. The concrete products are then demolded leaving the concrete products onto a production pallet and the pallets are taken to a curing area. The same process with the mold is repeated again for thousands of times in a typical day. With some of the high production block machines this molding process can take only 6.5 seconds.

A paving stone mold is very similar in the design and also has two main sections to the mold. Commonly in the industry they refer to the upper section as the tamper head or press head and the lower part of the mold as the insert section or mold box. Bolted onto the tamper head are replaceable tamper press plates which is what makes contact with the concrete material when lowered into the mold cavity.

The major difference is typically the bottom sections of the inner mold or what is called the mold insert were only flame cut until the early1980s. I am proud to say my company was one of the first companies to start the process of offering the technology to supply the machined insert sections as an option for large pallet machines. This allows paver producers to have an insert that any press plate could fit any cavity. More important the life cycle of the mold increased dramatically by being able to carbonize the insert and tamper shoes to a greater depth than what was previously being achieved by flame cutting technology. Although a machined mold initially more expensive as a first purchase over a short period of time it pays for insert very quickly in just longer lasting cycles along with many other benefits. The producer also gains the advantage of every cavity is exactly the same and no more had fitting molds which was a common negative to flame cutting technology.

paving block machine for sale | paving block machine - pavers making machine

paving block machine for sale | paving block machine - pavers making machine

We have many types of paving block machine for sale | pavers making machine for sale. The choice of the automating system depends on the customer considering his or her budget: manual paving block machine, Semi or Fully automatic.

A paving block machine or pavers making machine is used in pavers production line or paving block factory. Pavers are used for the road pavement, garden pavement, or in our backyard pavement. They should be very strong. The price of the machine provided by Yorkam Group depends on the automating system and the daily production capacity. The process for manufacturing paving block is fully automatic.

However, depending on the choice of the customer, we can manufacture a semi-automatic paving block machine or an automatic one. The difference between the automatic and manual system is only in the process of carrying the paving block after the production from the machine to the drying and curing surface. A paving block machine can produce different types of pavers

A paver is a piece of construction equipment used to lay asphalt on roads, bridges, parking lots and other such places. It lays the asphalt flat and provides minor compaction before it is compacted by a roller.

Yorkam group get for you the manual paving block making machine or an automatic paving block making machine. A paving block making machine can produce hollow block such as stretcher block, corner block, pillar block, jamb block, partition block, lintel block, frogged brick block, bull nose block

Yorkam Group provides Paving block making machine, Concrete Batching Plant | Hollow Block Making Machine | Paving Block Pavers Making machine | Curb Stone Kerbstone Machine We deliver great quality machinery at a reasonable price to more than 23 countries. | Concrete Transit Mixer | Crane & Forklift. Machines & equipment Types:

A. Concrete Block Making MachinesPaving Block Pavers Making Machines , Interlock Bricks Making Machines, Rain Gutter Block Making Machines, Cinder Block Making Machines, Hollow Block Making Machines , Concrete Curbstones Kerbstone Making MachineB. Concrete Batching Plant Concrete Mixing PlantMobile Batching PlantsStationary Batching PlantsConcrete PrecastContinuous Mixing PlantsCement Silos (Monolithic Silos, Bolted Silos, Modular Silos)Concrete Mixer (Twin Shaft Mixers, Planetary Mixers, Continuous Mixers)C. Heavy Construction MachineryTrack-typeAgricultural tractorsBulldozerSnowcatTrack skidderTrack-type tractors(Bulldozer)TractorGrader

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Heavy equipment or heavy machinery refers to heavy-duty vehicles, specially designed for executing construction tasks, most frequently ones involving earthwork operations or other large construction tasks. Heavy equipment usually comprises five equipment systems: implementation, traction, structure, power train, control and information.

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