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cone 8 glazes

steve irvine --potter-- cone 8 oxidation glazes

steve irvine --potter-- cone 8 oxidation glazes

These are glazes I used in the 1960's, and for the most part were found, adapted or invented by Barbara Irvine for use in electric kilns fired to cone 8. The Talc Base blue and green were two of my favourites, but there are several other good ones here. Please feel welcome to use the recipes, but be sure to test them out first to see if they are suitable for your work.

Talc Base Feldspar 45 Gerst. Borate 13 Dolomite 7 Talc 15 EPK 5 Flint 20 this base glaze can also be made with Neph. Sy. as the feldspar Colour additions: (for blues and greens always use a sodium type feldspar) green: Red iron ox. 1.5, copper ox. 1.5 blue: cobalt ox. 2.5, copper ox. 2.0 yellow: Red iron ox. 2.0, tin ox. 1.0 brown: Red iron ox. 9.0, increase EPK from 5 to 20 grey-brown: cobalt ox. 2.5, Red iron ox. 2.0, nickle ox. 1.5

Stoney Matte Feldspar 100.8 Dolomite 40.2 Whiting 21.9 Zinc Ox. 17.7 EPK 67.5 Flint 52.2 Colour additions: yellow: Red iron ox. 6 green: cobalt ox. .8, Red iron ox. 6 blue: cobalt ox. .8, copper ox. 3 mustard: Red iron ox. 15 green-grey: copper ox. 6 yellow-green: copper ox. 3, Red iron ox. 3 beige: cobalt ox. .8, Red iron ox. 5, nickle ox. 5

LA Matte Feldspar 51.6 Flint 5.6 Whiting 18.8 Zinc Ox. 8.6 EPK 15.4 Colour additions: turquoise: copper ox. 4.5, cobalt ox. .8, rutile 9 light green: copper ox. 3, Red iron ox. 3, rutile 6 dark green: copper ox. 6, Red iron ox. 6, rutile 6 mushroom: manganese ox. 3

Rhodes 32 (by itself, a frosty white matte) Feldspar 48.9 EPK 25.1 Dolomite 22.4 Whiting 3.5 Flint 3.3 Rutile 5.0 Colour additions: brown: Red iron ox. 6, rutile 4 yellow: Red iron ox. 3, rutile 2 turquoise: cobalt ox. .5, chrome ox. .5, rutile 2 grey: Red iron chromate 2

S 16 Whiting 10 Gerst. bor. 12 Barium carb. 8 Magnesium carb. 3 Sodium feldspar 30 Flint 32 EPK 5 Colour additions: shiney yellow: Red iron ox.3, rutile 4.5, tin ox. 3 olive: copper ox. 2, Red iron ox. 2, rutile 3, tin ox. 3 grey-blue: copper ox. 1, Red iron ox.1, cobalt ox. .8, rutile 3, tin ox. 3

Chun Type Glaze Sodium Feldspar 42.1 EPK 5.0 Flint 27.2 Whiting 2.6 Gerst. bor. 8.8 Dolomite 8.8 Zinc ox. 1.7 Barium carb. 4.4 Colour additions: violet: rutile 1, manganese 5 blue-green: rutile 1, copper ox. 1.5 opal blue: rutile 3, cobalt ox .3 green: copper carb. 3, rutile 1 white: tin ox.7 opaque cream: rutile 6.5

cone 5/6 glazes page 8 tuckers pottery inc

cone 5/6 glazes page 8 tuckers pottery inc

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