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biogrinder efficient, economic substrate processing

biogrinder efficient, economic substrate processing

The BHS Biogrinder (type RBG) is used in the processing of biomass for biogas generation. The BHS Biogrinder is in use in southern Germany to crush and mash organic domestic waste. The upstream substrate processing speeds up gas production in the fermenter. Overall, the biogas plant operates more efficiently and reliably.

The rotor is mounted on a vertical shaft. The material stream first connects with a distribution cone. Below this, the rotor has two levels, each of which can be fitted with a maximum of two pivot-mounted hammers. Crushing is carried out primarily between the rotating hammers and the stator strips on the machine casing. The arrangement of the hammers is variable, so that the rotor can be optimally configured for the specific task.

The carbide hammers welded onto the base are optimized to deliver a long service life. Due to the flexible bearing, even extraneous solid materials, such as stones and soil clods, can be crushed easily. Modification of the hammer configuration can be achieved in minutes.

In order to prevent uncontrolled access via the maintenance hatch, the machine is equipped with a key transfer system. The power supply is interrupted and the machine can be opened only by means of a special key after the rotor has come to a standstill.

The Biogrinder can optionally be equipped with a control system. In the case of frequently changing input materials, it makes sense to implement a frequency inverter. In combination with the variable rotor configuration options, this allows for optimal coordination of the desired targets in terms of crushing results, throughput rate and power consumption.

Biogrinder at the Association for Waste Management (ZAK) in Kempten: The Biogrinder, as the final step of the ZAK biomass treatment plant in South Germany, ensures that the middle fraction of the organic material is optimally decomposed.

The operator of a German biogas facility implemented the Biogrinder RBG 08 (55kW) as the core component of the plant. The facility processes surplus field crops, green rye, corn and rape straw, GPS, as well as horse manure containing straw.

The mobile processing facility delivers a cost-efficient alternative for applications with changing locations. The Biogrinder RBG 08 (75kW) is the centerpiece of the installation. Further plant components, such as a feed hopper, control system as well as feed and discharge technology, are added depending on the specific application.

The operator of a biogas facility in Thailand employs the Biogrinder RBG (75kW) to process empty fruit bunches (EFB) and elephant grass. The remote monitoring module continuously provides information on the plants availability status. This enables the operator to fix faults from Europe or reconfigure and optimize parameters.

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