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customizable high efficiency jaw crusher for construction material

mobile jaw crusher | hxjq

mobile jaw crusher | hxjq

Mobile jaw crusher is the latest stone crusher machine and mainly used for metallurgy, chemical engineering, building materials and other industries which usually require moving work, especially the construction of high-speed way, railway. Customers can adopt several configurations according to different demands of raw materials, working scales and finished products.

The mobile jaw crusher plant greatly expands the application of coarse crushing, and it combines primary crusher with the secondary crusher (cone crusher or others), which has finer crushing size. The design principle of mobile jaw crusher is to stand in the customer's position, eliminate the obstacles of working sites and surroundings, and offer the facilities with the features of high efficiency and low costs.

The main equipment of mobile jaw crusher is fixed frame, jaw crusher, feeding machine, vibrating screen, conveyor, motor and control cabinet, etc. The outstanding feature of the equipment is environmental protection.

From the aspect of feeding inlet--engineers found that when conveyor transferred materials to the inlet of jaw crusher, the dust will rise when materials falling. And this is the main reason for polluting working sites.

The mobile jaw crusher optimizes and upgrades the crushing cavity of the jaw crusher, strengthening its tightness, so that the dust produced in the operation can stay in the crushing cavity and be discharged with the finished products. The dust can be discharged from the dust collector by sorting at the discharge port to realize the environmental protection of the mobile jaw crusher.

When mentioning the jaw crusher used for the primary crushing, the insiders are very familiar with it. Thus, the mobile jaw crusher refers to the jaw crusher that is loaded by the mobile crushing plant. So compared with the fixed jaw crusher, what are the outstanding features and performances of mobile one?

It is not difficult to see through the table that the fixed jaw crusher has high requirements on the site and requires centralized feeding. Moreover, the fixed one and other crushing equipment are combined to form an integrated fixed crushing station which is a standard and upgraded working production line with complicated installation and not suitable for crushing requirements with strong mobility. But the mobile jaw crusher is relatively simple in structure, reasonable in installation, so the transportation is more flexible and convenient. In addition, mobile jaw crusher also has many other advantages and features.

This environmentally friendly mobile Jaw crusher has a compact structure and is fully enclosed. It is also equipped with anti-noise and dust-removing devices to ensure the surrounding residents to be free from noise interference and the customers to achieve the environmental protection standards.

As a professional manufacturer of mining equipment, HXJQ has more than 40 years of manufacturing experience with the sales strategy of low profit and high turnover to help customers reduce the investment cost as much as possible.

The products of HXJQ are mainly sold to Southeast Asia, Africa and other places, and there are distribution stations in each port. The machine can be sent to your working site within two weeks after placing an order. There are also professional engineers to explain the installation skills for you.

Construction waste has its characteristics as follows: diverse materials, mixed piles, different hardness, and the most important point is scattered distribution. To make full use of construction waste, a series of steps such as crushing and screening are required, and since construction waste is distributed in different places, it is better if the operations can be carried out hastily. At this time, the mobile crushing plant is the best choice for crushing construction waste!

After crushing, the construction waste is sorted, removed and crushed, and most of them can be reused as renewable resources, such as scrap steel, scrap iron wire, waste wire and various scrap steel parts. And then they are concentrated and re-heated for reproducing various kinds of steels; the bricks, stones, concrete and other scraps can be crushed and used for sand, plaster, concrete cushion, etc.

With the advancement of technology and the increase in customer demand, mobile jaw crushers are favored by more and more customers, especially in the sand making industry with strong material mobility. Due to the large volume of the rock after mining, it is not ideal to use the secondary crushing machinery to crush it directly. Therefore, the feeder is required to feed the stone evenly into the feed port of the mobile jaw crusher for coarse crushing. And then, the larger size stones are transported by a conveyor to a sand maker for fine crushing.

There are many kinds of raw materials for sand making. Combined with the operating principle of the stone sand maker, it can be known that only when the processing raw materials are broken to the specified fineness and then crushed by the sand maker for a uniform particle size, so on the sand making line, the mobile jaw crusher will be used for primary crushing, and the produced large-sized stones are transported by the belt conveyor for deep crushing to produce high-performance sand.

The construction of roads and bridges is the top priority of the country's infrastructure construction. The country's huge investment in the construction of roads, bridges and railways has supported the increase of the national economy. Due to the transportation distance, transportation mode, reserves and quality of natural sand and stone material are difficult to meet the requirements, more artificial sandstone materials are used. And the stone material production line technology has been developed.

The construction of road and bridge requires high-quality sand and gravel aggregates, while high-quality sandstone aggregates need to use high-quality crushers and sand maker. The stable and reliable complete crushing equipment is related to the quality and engineering effect of the whole project. The selection of equipment for the production line affects the quality of the product and the investment in the processing system. Moreover, due to the fixed site selection and long route of the road construction, the required materials are huge and inconvenient to transport, which means that the mobile crushing is the best choice for road building.

In October 2018, a customer from Nepal contacted HXJQ customer service, hoping that we could provide a mobile crushing plant for crushing construction waste. The customer's requirement is a feed size of 150-300 mm and requires a capacity of 30-50 t/h. According to the data provided by the customer and his specific requirements, the technical manager quickly contacted him and designed a construction waste mobile crushing plant suitable for him.

After many times of communication and comparison, the customer finally chose HXJQ to provide a set of equipment. The selection is HX2575E46-3S123PYB900M model, including wheeled movable crushing plant, PE-400600 jaw crusher (processing capacity: 16-64t/h), PYB800 cone crusher (processing capacity: 35-80 t/h), GZD7502500 vibrating feeder (processing capacity: 100-130 t/h), 3YZS1237 vibrating screen, transport length, width and height are 15200 mm, 2900 mm, 4350 mm respectively.

At present, the customer's mobile crushing plant has been put into use for several months. Through repeated visits and customer's feedback, the mobile crushing production line designed by HXJQ runs stably, with outstanding performance in terms of material size, product shape and quality, which is a great satisfaction for this customer.

Based on these requirements and data, our technical manager has designed a detailed, applicable mobile crushing line. It includes the mobile crushing plant of the HX853E57 for primary crushing and the HX3S185GYS300 mobile crushing plant for secondary crushing and screening. The specific configuration and data are as follows:

So far, the mobile crushing plant has been serving customers for more than one year. In the past year, once the customer has any technical problems, HXJQ will provide after-sales service and guidance in time, and go to the scene to solve problems for customers promptly.

So the customer can't help but feel:"It turns out that HXJQ is the right choice. The perfect after-sales and high-quality crushing equipment have removed my worries. And I will concentrate on expanding production and look forward to working with HXJQ for long-term cooperation."

With the continuous development of science and technology, mobile jaw crusher technology in China continues to surpass the foreign technology, and the domestic market competition is fierce, and the mobile jaw crusher is much expensive. Therefore, the following matters should be paid attention when selecting the models of mobile jaw crusher.

1. Have a certain understanding of the required equipment model, have a general budget for the cost, and choose a more accurate equipment model, which is more conducive to improving production efficiency and saving unnecessary expenses.

2. Have a certain understanding of the raw materials of the production. Different processing of raw materials and different manufacturing materials of each part will lead to different costs. If the material quality is better, the price will certainly be more expensive.

However, if the equipment does not match with the processing of raw material, it not only affects the production efficiency but also wastes the cost. Users about how to avoid unscientific configuration must pay attention to the strength and credibility of manufacturers.

As a Chinese manufacturer of mobile jaw crusher, HXJQ has been adhering to the responsible attitude for each product and every user and dedicated to serving users. If you want to buy a mobile jaw crusher, HXJQ will be the best choice.

stone jaw crusher for airport construction with high efficiency real-time quotes, last-sale prices

stone jaw crusher for airport construction with high efficiency real-time quotes, last-sale prices

Jaw Crusher introduction PE series jaw crusher is usually used as primary crusher in quarry production lines, mineral ore crushing plants and powder making plants. It processes various kinds of material with crushing compression strength not more than 320mpa.It features firm structure, stable performance, large capacity, even producing granularity, convenient maintenance and economical running expense. It can be described as obbligato machine in mining, building construction, construction wastes crushing, Hydropower and Water Resource, railway and highway construction and mining, construction material, smelting, railway, high grade road surface, water conservancy and some other industries. Jaw crusher Feature:1. The application of world-class manufacturing processes and high-tech materials.2. Integrated steel structures are used for the base of bearing;3. The crushing chamber uses "V"-shaped structure, so that the feeding size equal to the nominal one;4. The crushing chamber is deep and without dead zone, increases the capacity and the output;5. Lubrication system is safe and reliable, convenient to replace parts, easy to maintain;6. The outlet employs shim adjustment system, convenient and reliable, and increase the flexibility of the equipment;7. Low noise, less dust;Jaw crusher Advantage :Simple structure, easy maintenance;Stable performance, high capacity;Even final particles and high crushing ratio;Adopt advanced manufacturing technique and high-end materials;Jaw crusher parameter:ModelFeed Opening(mm)Max. Feed Size (mm)Capacity(t/h)Motor Power(kw)Discharge Opening(mm)Overall Dimension(L x W x H)(mm)PE 01251-55. 794PE2504002504002105-201520-60 PE40060040060034016-653 18001600PE50075050075042 -100 0PE6009006009005 - 2230PE750 1060750106063 - 2840PE8001060800106064 0-200250024722810PE9001200900120075 - 3500PE100012001000120085 5-265333531823430PE120015001200 -80016 37324620PE250 75025075021015-302215-70 0PE2501000250100021016-523025-60 0PE250 1200250120021020-603725-60 0PE300 26030-705530-90 0Factory & Products & Site Photos :FAQ1. OurJaw CrusherTechnology and Producing Standard :The Jaw Crusher technology is from America , it is mature machine with long history . Our Producing is as per ISO9001:2008 Standard from the raw material , Welding , Assemblying ,Trial-Run etc.2 Why choose us ?We have our own R&D department , we can design and suggest the suitable crushing machine for your project . And any products is customized .3. Quality Guarantee We have Strictly Quality-Inspection Department and we also can apply SGS and other Third-Party Agency to check the Products to make sure superior quality .4. After Sales ServiceWe can send our engineer and sales manager to your job site for work and installation direction and make training for your workers .5. Time of DeliveryWe can overdo work for the customer to make sure the fast shipment

PE series jaw crusher is usually used as primary crusher in quarry production lines, mineral ore crushing plants and powder making plants. It processes various kinds of material with crushing compression strength not more than 320mpa.It features firm structure, stable performance, large capacity, even producing granularity, convenient maintenance and economical running expense. It can be described as obbligato machine in mining, building construction, construction wastes crushing, Hydropower and Water Resource, railway and highway construction and mining, construction material, smelting, railway, high grade road surface, water conservancy and some other industries.

1. The application of world-class manufacturing processes and high-tech materials.2. Integrated steel structures are used for the base of bearing;3. The crushing chamber uses "V"-shaped structure, so that the feeding size equal to the nominal one;4. The crushing chamber is deep and without dead zone, increases the capacity and the output;5. Lubrication system is safe and reliable, convenient to replace parts, easy to maintain;6. The outlet employs shim adjustment system, convenient and reliable, and increase the flexibility of the equipment;7. Low noise, less dust;

high-efficiency jaw crusher

high-efficiency jaw crusher

SUBSTANCE: proposed jar crusher is intended for crushing of initial material in mining and construction. This crusher comprises bed (7), fixed jaw (1) and moving jaw (2), moving jaw suspension hinge pin (14), spacer boards (5) and (6), con-rod (3), hinges between con-rod and spacer boards, flywheel (4), camshaft (8), V-belt transmission (13) and motor (12). Moving jaw has recess (15). Jaws are bent at lower part at 145 towards fixed jaw. Hinge pin at lower part thrusts by bearings against bed side walls. Spacer boards are fitted on con-rod at its top part by vortex of spacing angle directed upward. At con-rod downward travel impact if developed by the weight of spacer boards, con-rod and extra weight (19).

Jaw crushers provide maximum crushing pressure on the crushed material compared with other crushers, so they are indispensable for crushing solid, large, abrasive materials. As a result, processing factories for the production of crushed stone and cement jaw crusher is installed in the head manufacturing process, the first crushing stage where you need the most high crushing pressure. Therefore, stable operation of jaw crushers depends on the performance of the whole production.

Jaw crusher with a simple swing of the movable cheeks are typical, as all domestic and foreign crusher with a simple motion of the jaw have the same design and differ only in size and some unimportant changes in the solution of individual nodes [1]. The working principle is similar: when the rotation of the eccentric shaft rod receives a reciprocating motion in the vertical plane, which by the spacer plates is transmitted to the mobile cheek. In this case the angle between the spacer plates is constantly changing, let's call it " the m of spreading plates.

Due to the fact that well-known jaw crusher have a low degree of fragmentation within 4-6, manufacturing, to obtain the necessary fineness crushing, used three - and even chetyrehstvolnym circuit crushing. This dramatically increases the cost of the crushing process and requires large power consumption.

It is known that in order to simplify mnogostadiinykh schemes crushing and reducing the cost of the crushing process design "Jaw crusher with high crushing" (patent RF 2458740, publ. bull. No. 23, 2012).

Analytical research and testing laboratory sample of this crusher is installed in the upper chamber of the crusher, as a result of installing the spacer plates for the top corner strutted down may not be enough crushing pressure for crushing high strength materials. This is because the engine, creating pressure between the crushing plates, performs the additional load required to lift up the weight of the rod and spacer plates. (In the crusher SDP - 1521 the mass of the connecting rod and spacer plates is about 18 tons). That is, there is untargeted energy consumption, reducing the crushing pressure. Therefore, in order to create enough crushing pressure for crushing high strength materials will need to be powerfully increase the t of the electric motor, what it is not - desirable.

To prevent this proposed design "Jaw crusher impact-crushing action with high degree of fragmentation, in which the mass of the connecting rod and spacer plates create an additional impact, contributing to fragmentation by way of crushing high strength materials, without increasing power of the electric motor.

According to the invention this objective is achieved in that the spacer plate in the crusher is installed on the rod above the top corner strutted up (unlike the design of the crusher according to the patent of Russian Federation 2458740), and the top of the rod (if necessary) can be attached more weight, contributing to an increase of the impact force at the time of crushing.

The extra load on the rod will increase the total mass of the crusher, as the load will be compensated by reducing the mass of the flywheel. In the construction of jaw crusher with high crushing no idling, therefore, does not require large mass of the flywheel, smoothing peak loads on the motor.

The invention is illustrated in the drawing (Fig.). We offer jaw crusher impact-crushing action consists of a moveable jaw 1, the movable cheek 2, rod 3, the flywheel 4, the spacer plates 5 and 6, frame 7, the eccentric shaft 8, node swivel spacer plate with movable cheek 9, node swivel spacer plate with the frame 10, node swivel with spacer plates 11, a motor 12, a V-belt transmission 13, the axis of suspension of the movable cheeks 14, additional cargo 19, bolts - 20.

Both crushing cheeks suspension axis of the movable cheeks are bending towards the moveable jaw at an angle of 145 from the vertical. Axle suspension parts cheek on the top and the bottom, and the cheeks form its enclosures top and bottom of the crushing chamber. Mobile jaw 2, opposite the axis of the suspension 14 has on the inner side of the recess 15, is necessary to prevent zabivac crusher at the moment of transition of the material from the upper chamber to the lower chamber.

The fixed jaw is fixed in the frame of the crusher vertically. The mobile jaw is suspended on the axis 14, which is fixed in bearings mounted in the side walls of the frame of the crusher, at the height of the bottom 1/3 of its length.

The source material is fed through the loading hole 16 in the upper chamber crushing. Mobile jaw 2 is contained in D. iunie, receiving the force from the eccentric mechanism, which includes the flywheel 4, the connecting rod 3 and the spacer plates 5 and 6. The flywheel receives rotary motion from the electric motor 12 V-belt 13.

When the movement of the connecting rod 3 upwards, the angle between the spacer plates 5 and 6 is reduced, and the spacer plate 5 with a large force pulls the upper end of the movable cheeks from stationary. At this point, the lower end of the movable cheek closer to the stationary cheek and produces fine crushing in the lower chamber by way of crushing material. When the crushing force is maximum, as well as used the lever formed by the length of the movable cheek above the axis of suspension. More than this length, the greater will be created pressure on the crushed material.

It is an advantage of the crusher, which allows to overcome the scale factor. The essence of the scale factor [2] is that the specific strength pieces with their reduction increases. As well as in the lower chamber the size of the pieces will be less than about 5 times, than at the top, at the bottom of the camera you want to create more crushing pressure than the upper chamber.

When the movement of the connecting rod 3 down, the angle between the spacer plates is increased to 170, and the rod 4 creates pressure on the spacer plates 5 and 6. Spacer plate 6 rests against a stationary article is Nina and cannot move in the horizontal plane. Spacer plate 5 rests on the upper end of the movable cheek 2 and moving in a horizontal plane in the direction of the fixed cheeks with great effort, brings the movable cheek with a fixed. At the time of convergence crushing cheeks in the upper chamber is a large crushing of the material by way of crushing. At this point in the lower chamber is discharging crushed material as the lower end of the movable cheeks removed from the still.

A distinctive feature of this crusher from all known constructions of jaw crushers is to install the spacer plates in the rod for the top corner strutted up. This installation of spacer plates increases create a crushing pressure in the upper chamber, as it is created not only by the energy of the electric motor, but falling weight down weight rod and spacer plates (large jaw crushers this mass is equal to about 18 tons).

When you drop weight 18 tons, down goes the extra kick that creates an instant boost, which is added to the crushing pressure and increases the crushing efficiency without increasing power of the electric motor.

The mechanism of falling down cargo in the proposed crusher is similar to the action of the drop weight in the design of the diesel hammer, driving reinforced concrete piles into the soil during construction of the foundations the clients. In the diesel hammer is used a weight of about 1 ton, which does a lot of work, hammering piles, therefore, the use of this mechanism in the proposed crusher, where the cargo weight is 18 tons, will undoubtedly increase the efficiency of the crushing process. This is confirmed by analytical calculations, according to which the crushing force upon impact increases by approximately three times.

In the proposed crusher compression of the material in the upper chamber during movement of the connecting rod and spacer plates down, and compression of material in the lower chamber during the stroke of the connecting rod and plate up. Thus, in the first case the weight of the parts will be added to the crushing force, and in the second case, on the contrary, be deducted from it. But this will not affect the operation of the crusher, because the compression in the lower chamber is significantly higher than at the top, and it will always be enough for crushing the material in the lower chamber.

The upper chamber in the proposed crusher has similarities with the known design of the crusher according to the scheme Dodge [1], where the axis of suspension of the movable cheek installed at the bottom. It is known that the crusher Dodge has not found wide application in industry, due to the lack of progress rolling cheeks in the lower part of the crushing chamber, which leads to frequent zabivka crusher.

The design of the offered crushers are significantly different is raised from the scheme Dodge those what mobile jaw has significant move higher deepening it, which is ensured by the crushing of the material to the required size at its transition from the upper chamber to the lower chamber. Therefore, in the proposed crusher in this place driving will be excluded. During this travel of the movable cheeks in the lower part of the upper chamber may be increased by increasing the radius of the recess B, but this is only possible in the manufacture of (casting) rolling cheeks.

Thus, offer jaw crusher is not idle and has a degree of fragmentation in 5 times greater compared to typical jaw crusher with a simple swing of the movable cheeks. Install the connecting rod and spacer plates over the eccentric shaft provides the principle of the lever in both chambers for maximum crushing pressure on the crushed material. In the lower chamber, the lever action is created by the length of the movable cheek 2 above the axis of the suspension 14. At the same time, the greater will be the length of the movable cheeks, the more force will be created for crushing crushed material. In the upper chamber, the lever action is created by a connecting rod 3 and the spacer plate 5, and the greater will be the length of the spacer plate 5, the more force will be created for crushing material.

The principal difference in the construction of the proposed crusher from all known constructions of SECO what's crusher is to install the spacer plates in the rod for the top corner strutted up consequently, an additional effect of crushing when you drop down the weight of the rod and spacer plates, which create its mass strike on the crushed material.

Jaw crusher impact-crushing action with high degree of fragmentation, with a frame, a stationary and a movable cheeks, deepening at last, curved at the bottom part at an angle of 145 in the direction of the fixed cheeks, flywheel, axle articulated suspension of the movable cheek, in the bottom part supported by bearings on the side walls of the frame, eccentric shaft, connecting rod, spacer plate, V-belts, motor, articulated joints connecting rod with spacer plates, characterized in that the spacer plate mounted on the rod in the upper part of the apex angle of spreading upwards, resulting in movement of the rod down creates a crushing blow to the material mass falling spacer plates, connecting rod, to anitelea cargo that increases the crushing efficiency is very durable and abrasive materials without increasing the power of the motor.

SUBSTANCE: this jaw crusher with mutually moving jaws is intended for crushing of rocks. It comprises driving crank 1, jaw thrust 3 and crushing jaw 4. Crushing jaw and thrust jaw are coupled by three-pair balance link 5 and three-pair driving link 2 to make a closed four-link chain. Three-pair balance link 5 is articulated with prop. Three-pair driving link is articulated with driving crank.

SUBSTANCE: three-jaw crushing machine comprises a drive crank shaft (1), a tree-paired piston-rod (2), a leash (3) of the tree-paired balancer link, a tree-paired balancer link (4), the closing leash (5), an additional tree-paired link (6), a leash (7) of the support link (8), a drive leash (9) of the support link (8), and a fixed jaw (10). The leash of the tree-paired balancer link is developed to tree-paired. Between the tree-paired balancer link and the leash of the support link the additional tree-paired link is mounted. The additional leash connects the leash of the tree-paired balancer link, the tree-paired balancer and the additional tree-paired links in a closed four-link variable circuit.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to jaw crushers to be used for grinding. Jaw crusher comprises housing, driven movable jaw, stationary jaw and two-arm lever. Stationary jaw is articulated by tie-rod with two-arm lever while counterweight is rigidly coupled with another arm of said two-arm lever. Joint between tie-rod with lever is located below that between con-rod and jaw.

SUBSTANCE: gas crusher can be used in mining, chemical, metallurgical and other industries. Crusher comprises housing wit sidewalls, working tool and crushing chamber. The latter comprises moving jaw, bed and two sidewalls. Working tool is composed of air driven crow-bars with tips fitted in perforated holes and arranged in vertical guides above crushing chamber intake opening. Lifer secured at crossbar serves to drive aforesaid working tool. The frame is arranged at crusher sidewall ends built-up upward. Working tool is connected with compressed air feed system.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to equipment for crushing of minerals, rocks and various hard materials. Crusher comprises fixed jaw 1, moving jaw 2, camshaft 5 and outlet slot adjustment system. Said outlet slot adjustment system consists of wedge 7 an drive device 8. Said wedge feature angle to allow self-braking at working loads and is arranged between roller 4 on camshaft 5 and bearing surface of moving jaw to displace along said surface.

SUBSTANCE: cone crusher comprises casing arranged at the bed to accommodate crushing member. The latter is composed of top and bottom cones. Said cones are secured at vertical shaft articulated with the drive to face each other by smaller bases. Slots between casing inclined surfaces and those of the cones decrease downward. The shaft is fitted with bearings at its top and bottom sides. Cams are secured at shaft top and bottom ends and feature equal eccentricity and orientation. Said cams interact with bearing thrust surfaces. Bearing housings are secured at crusher casing top and bottom sections at right angles.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to concrete salvaging. Proposed plant comprises screen, electromagnet and water treatment system. Besides it includes three process flows. The first, preparatory flow includes hoppers to store mixes, concrete, bricks, asphalt delivered by motor transport. The second process flow comprises heavy metal screen, heavy metal trapping electromagnet, sand separator to bring the sand into hopper as a filler, impact crusher to separate concrete lumps from reinforcements coupled with the second electromagnet. The third, finish process flow consists of backup hopper coupled with impact reflecting mill coupled with the third electromagnet. Besides, it includes two screens coupled with water treatment system incorporating chipwood and organic component feed unit and fractionation unit wherefrom processed articles are directed to secondary filler warehouse.

SUBSTANCE: proposed crusher comprises fixed jaw, and articulated primary and intermediate jaws. Three-pair thrust link of the crusher is composed of third moving jaw with working surface making acute angle of 3-5 degrees with fixed jaw surface. Primary and additional moving jaws, three-pair thrust link, top and side dogs and three-hinge con rod make six-link closed variable linkage.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to crushers for container glass ware and cullet grinding. Crusher comprises stationary jaw with flat working surface and moving jaw with working surface formed by circle arc convex in motion plane. Moving jaw is articulated with drive crank and slide interacting with the bed. Working surfaces of both jaws are equipped with conical tenons. Tenons of moving jaws are arranged to get in between tenons of stationary jaw in interaction therewith. Working surfaces of jaws are coated with rubber layer of thickness equal to tenon height. Moving jaw comprise groove interacting with aforesaid slide. Crusher feed opening is covered by spring loaded flaps interacting with bed thrusts.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to crusher and methods of crushing. Crusher comprises, at least, revolving first crushing blade 1 and second crushing blade 2. One of said blades is arranged to displace linearly forward and backward while rotational axes X of said first and second crushing blades 1, 2 are parallel with linear motion of second crushing blade 2. Second crushing blade 2 is arranged to displace, mainly, forward and backward linearly along sine wave.

SUBSTANCE: grinder has bed consisting of front wall, rear wall, two side walls, base, immovable cheek and movable cheek, and spacer plates. Grinder is additionally provided with second immovable cheek and second movable cheek, guiding rollers fixed on bed side walls, and slide mounted for reciprocation in vertical plane on rollers. Immovable cheeks are pivotally joined with front wall and rear wall of bed, respectively. Movable cheeks are composed of two parts, namely, lower part resting upon bed base and upper part resting upon lower part of cheek. Each part of movable cheeks is pivotally connected with slide. Spacer plates of upper parts of movable cheeks are positioned adjacent to idle stroke extreme points and spacer plates of lower parts of movable cheeks are positioned adjacent to extreme points of working stroke of lower parts of movable cheeks.

SUBSTANCE: cheek-type grinder has bed with walls, movable cheek suspended on pin, eccentric shaft with pulley-flywheel, electric engine and connecting rod suspended on eccentric shaft and pivotally connected by means of spacer plates with movable cheek and bed wall. Grinder is further equipped with additional movable cheek suspended on pin and with additional connecting rod mounted in conjunction with main connecting rod on the same eccentric shaft so that ends of connecting rods are oriented in diametrically opposed directions. Bed is made two-tiered. Additional movable cheek is mounted on bed second tier. End of additional connecting rod is coupled by means of spacer plates with additional movable cheek and bed wall. Such construction allows grinder to operate in continuous mode of operation.

SUBSTANCE: jaw crusher comprises unmovable and step movable jaws. The jaws are mounted at a nip angle that exceeds the permissible value. The nip angles of the steps of the crushing chamber is less than the permissible value and provide the nip of the material to be crushed.

SUBSTANCE: the invention is intended for comminution of the construction and mining materials. The jaw crusher contains the body, the movable jaw with the upper shaft of its swinging, the eccentric drive of the swinging with the driving shaft and the pushing roller, the fixer-stopper of the jaw. At that the driving shaft is made in the form of the torsion rigidly coupled with the pushing roller on one side and through the loading device - on the other side. The invention allows to reduce the power input of the comminution process.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to bucket for crushing and screening of stones and similar materials. Proposed bucket has housing with inlet hole for stones to be crushed and outlet hole for broken stones with stone flow passage and stone crusher. Stone crusher contains first clamping device and second clamping device arranged in bucket-like housing for movement relative to each other, and shifting device. Shifting device contains eccentric and eccentric drive. Drive of eccentric includes hydraulic motor connected with shaft by belt drive. Shaft is installed on bucket and it carries one eccentric to rotate shaft between extreme positions spaced through 180 of shaft turning to convey combination rotation and translational movement to first clamping device relative to second clamping device, first component of shifting is directed from and to second clamping device, and second component of shifting is parallel to direction of flow.

SUBSTANCE: jaw crusher comprises body with side walls and bottom, working tool to turn up jammed fragments of material to be crushed, crushing chamber including movable sidepiece, body and two side walls. Working tool adapted to turn up jammed fragments is arranged in vertical guiding means under crushed bottom and is connected with vertical movement mechanism. The working tool is made as panel with corrugated working part and end bevel. The panel passes through slot in bottom and adjoins body plane from crushing chamber side.

SUBSTANCE: grinder comprises housing, unmovable jaw, movable jaw with top axis of rocking, eccentric shaft with pushing roller, locator, and drive. The locator is made of two spring-loaded stops arranged inside the electromagnets mounted in the sides of the housing of the grinder coaxially one with respect to the other and parallel to the movable jaw and connected with the drive through the time relay.

SUBSTANCE: jaw grinder comprises housing, unmovable and movable jaws, eccentric crank drive that actuates the movable jaw, spacing plate, closing mechanism that has spring and tie pivotally connected with the movable jaw, mechanism for adjusting the space in the joint between the jaw and tie that has unmovable and movable bearing members that embrace the pin of the tie, and flexible air toroid made of a flexible material and embracing the bearing members. The flexible air toroid is interposed between the arresting ribs made in block with the bearing members.

SUBSTANCE: jaw crusher comprises base, unmovable jaw inclined to the horizon, movable jaw kinematically connected with the drive and forming crushing chamber, and detachable lining applied on the unmovable and movable jaws. The unmovable jaw is made of fire grate with longitudinally oriented bars whose ends are connected to the base to form a free space under the fire grates. The base underlies the grates and has an opening in the horizontal plane for permitting relieving the under-grate product through it. The beam underlies the bottom end of the bars. The lining of the unmovable plate is made of lining members with U-shaped cross-section and L-shaped longitudinal section for permitting bearing on the top edges of the bars, locking the top part of the base by their projecting members, abutting their bottom edges against the transverse beam, and securing them to the base with a detachable pressing beam. The space between the adjacent lining members is equal to the size of the relief slot of the crusher.

SUBSTANCE: breaker consists of housing, fixed jaw, movable jaw with upper oscillation axis, cam shaft with follower roller, retainer and drive. The fixed jaw also contains gaskets to adjust egress slit. The gaskets are produced as rectangular plates or wedges. They are installed between fixed jaw and side walls of entablement.

crusher efficiency calculations

crusher efficiency calculations

The following example demonstrates a method of selecting the components of an aggregate plant. Good component efficiency and part performance pre-evaluation is essential to a solid design. The aggregate production requires the consideration of several crushers, feeders and screens. This is not intended to be a typical situation, though it does involve common crusher and screen units often used in aggregate plants.

Quarry rock of 12 in. maximum size is to be handled in a two-stage crusher plant at the rate of 70 tons per hour. The maximum size of output is to be 1 in., and separation of materials over 1 in. size and the minus 1 in. in the output is required. Select a jaw crusher like those included in this table.

The screens to be considered are a 1-in. screen with an estimated capacity of 2.7 tph/sq ft and a 1-in. screen with a capacity of 2.1 tph/sq ft. The solution will include the selection of adequate and economical crushers for the two stages and the sizes of screens between them and below the secondary stage.

For the primary crusher a jaw crusher will probably be most economical. A jaw crusher, like 2036 in the Jaw Crusher Table here above, would be able to take the maximum 12 in. size quarry stone but it would not have the required 70 tph capacity needed. To have the needed capacity a jaw crusher like the 2042 or 2436 sizeswill have to be selected overloading the secondary crusher.

A grid chart or curve for the selected crusher shows that, for a 2-in. setting, 54% of the material will pass a 1-in. screen, or 46% will be retained (this is like Jaw Crusher capacity table abovewhere 48% passes a 1 in. screen). The 46% of 70 tph gives the 32 tph fed to the secondary crusher shown in Figure below as a roll crusher.

A twin-roll crusher is selected, like those given inthe Roll Crusher capacityTable above, to serve as the reduction crusher. The smallest, 24 x 16 roll crusher shown in theRoll Crusher capacity Table above has enough capacity with a setting of 1 in. but the maximum size feed will be too large, that is, the stage of reduction is not large enough. The maximum size of feed coming from the discharge of the primary crusher with a setting of 2 is about 3 in. as may be found in this Table.

Considering a 30-in. diameter roll crusher the maximum size particle that can be nipped with the roll crusher set at 1 in. according to this Equation is F = 0.085(15) + 1.0 = 2.28 in. <3 in. feed. It will take larger than a 40-in. diameter roll crusher. A better solution would be to use a larger jaw crusher set at 1 in., then a roll crusher from the Roll Crusher capacityTable above could be used. If the output of this crushing process should have less material of the +1-in. size, the larger crusher could be operated with a closed circuit. That is, the oversize in the output could be recirculated through the roll crusher without exceeding the rated capacity of the crusher. Then all material leaving that crusher with a 1-in. setting would be of a minus 1-in. size.

Another possible solution to this problem would be to use a gyratory crusher for the primary crushing stage. A gyratory like Telsmith model1110 could be set at 1 in. in an open circuit with a capacity for 260 tph. The maximum size of stone in the output is estimated to be approximately 2 1/8 in. Then all the output from the primary crusher could be nipped by a 40 in. diameter twin-roll crusher with a 1-in. setting according to the Roll Crusher capacityTable above. The specifications and manufactured limitations, rather than economy, generally govern the selection of crushers.

To find the required areas of screen, the rate of feed of material as well as gradation of the feed must be known. The 1-in. screen under the jaw crusher is the top deckno deck correction factor will be necessary. Therefore, the 1-in. screen will need to be at least 70/2.7 = 29.9 sq ft in area. It must be at least 36 in. wide for an 18 x 36 jaw crusher. So a 4-ft by 8-ft screen would be acceptable. The 1-in. screen is a second deck for the 38 tph from the jaw crusher, so the deck correction factor is 0.90 and that screen capacity is 2.1 x 0.9 = 1.89 tph/sq ft.

The screen area needed under the jaw crusher is 38/1.89 = 20.1 sq ft. For the 1-in. screen below the roll crusher the capacity has no correction factor and the area needed is 32/2.1 = 15.2 sq ft. To handle the output from a 40 x 24 roll crusher the screen will have to be at least 24 in. wide. Perhaps it will be more effective to use one continuous screen of at least 20.1 + 15.2 = 35.3 sq ft. A 4-ft by 10-ft 1 in. screen should be satisfactory.

golden mountain reliable stone crushing plant supplier

golden mountain reliable stone crushing plant supplier

Stone crushers are suitable for the crush of various ore and rock whose hardness is moderate, such as iron ore, copper ore, limestone, quartz, granite, sandstone and so on. The standard type is applies to the moderate crushing, the middle type and short type are both suitable for fine crushing; they are widely used in mineral processing, building materials, water conservancy, chemical industry and other fields.

Crushing plant line for iron ore consists of vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher and vibrating screen etc. After secondary crushing, the material will be separated firstly. The material not meet dimension requirement will be conveyed into storage bin and fed to third-stage crushing by vibrating feeder. The work efficiency of third-stage crushing is effectively improved and the volume of production of the entire production line is improved with the help of intermediate bunker. Such processing production line for iron ore has the advantages of high efficiency, low energy consumption, high handling capacity, economy and reasonability etc.

high efficiency fine crushing jaw crusher construction materials limestone powder plant - best stone crusher plant solution from henan dewo

high efficiency fine crushing jaw crusher construction materials limestone powder plant - best stone crusher plant solution from henan dewo

Dewo machinery can provides complete set of crushing and screening line, including Hydraulic Cone Crusher, Jaw Crusher, Impact Crusher, Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher (Sand Making Machine), fixed and movable rock crushing line, but also provides turnkey project for cement production line, ore beneficiation production line and drying production line. Dewo Machinery can provide high quality products, as well as customized optimized technical proposal and one station after- sales service.

Large crushing ratio: Secondary crushing and tertiary crushing can be integrated as primary crushing, crushing ratio reaches 25-30. Suitable materials PCX High Efficient Fine Crusher is suitable for crushing limestone, marlstone, sand stone, gypsum, coal, etc, of which the crushing compressive strength does not exceed 200MPa.

PCX Series High Efficient Hammer Fine Crusher. PCX Series High Efficient Hammer Fine Crusher, also be called as Impact High Efficiency Fine Crusher, is suitable for crushing limestone, marlstone, etc, of which the crushing compressive strength doe... Materials: Limestone, marlstone, sand stone, gypsum, coal, etc

China High Efficiency Limestone Fine Stone Crusher, Find details about China Limestone Stone Crusher, Fine Stone Crusher from High Efficiency Limestone Fine Stone Crusher - Henan Hongji Mine Machinery Co., Ltd.

The high efficient fine crusher as a new fine crusher has a wide range of applications with the advanced international technology. It is the most effective and reliable crushing machine at present which is applied to do fine crushing and medium crushing of grinding materials, refractory materials, cement, silica sand and steel shot.

Stone crushing plant mainly includes vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, vertical shaft impact crusher, vibrating screen, belt conveyor, electric control panel, etc. It could crush and screen various materials such as limestone, marble, granite, basalt, river stone, etc to produce sand and gravels for construction with ...

2 roller crusher with its simple structure, the tooth shape, size and arrangement of the roller surface can be adjustable according to the property of different materials. Double roller crusher can be used for secondary anf fine crushing of medium hardness and soft hardness ores, such as limestone, feldspar, glass, coal etc.

Different applicability of jaw crusher, cone crusher and impact crusher Cone crusher also has the wide applications, ans it can crush high-hardness materials in high efficiency. However, impact crusher is generally used for crushing soft materials such as limestone because its crushing principle and wear-resistant parts, and impact has a good ...

Joyal New-style Fine Crusher,this page is mainly about the working principle of New-style Fine Crusher,the features of New-style Fine Crusher,the main specifications of New-style Fine Crusher,if you want to know more informations about New-style Fine Crusher,you can contact us!We are glad to serve you!

crushing and mining equipment

crushing and mining equipment

Shanghai Dongmeng Luqiao Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Fengxian District, Shanghai. It is a modern enterprise specializing in the research, development, production and sales of crushing and screening equipment (mobile and fixed). With a team of more than 200 middle and high professional technical engineers, relying on the pioneering and enterprising spirit, the unremitting pursuit of product excellence and the advantages of Shanghai's industrial chain, it has rapidly grown into a production and processing and export base of China's mining machinery.

It is also often called a cobblestone sand making machine or a river pebble sand making machine, and it has more advantages for cobblestone than other sand making equipment. Cobblestone is a hard stone material. For some ...

Whether it is a mobile sand making machine or a fixed traditional sand making machine, they can be applied to the production of cobblestone sand, and the sand making effect is also good. Then which machine is good fo...

Factory direct sales, one is also the ex-factory price! If you want to know about our products, please click Consult Online Consultation Sand washing machine Classification of stone washing machine Common faults and ma...

How much does a set of sand making machine cost? At present, the sand and gravel industry is booming, and the price of machine-made sand is getting more and more expensive every day, and the price of sand making machines ...

Stone breaking machines can be called stone breakers, stone crushers, stone breakers, stone crushers, powder stone machines, etc. Users call stone breaking machines in various ways, but it is important to meet the require...

The mobile stone crusher has a wide range of applications. It can be used to crush and process pebbles, bluestone, granite, limestone, basalt, quartz stone, construction waste, etc. The processed materials can be used as ...

jaw crushers - meka crushing & screening plants

jaw crushers - meka crushing & screening plants

Precision-machined, drop-forged, heat-treated Cr-Si-Mn-Mo SAE 4140 (42Cr, Mo4) steel eccentric shaft. The larger eccentricity of pitman shaft provides a motion that forces the material to the bottom of the jaw plate.

Spherical, self-aligning roller bearings, straight-bore pitman bearings and tapered-bore body bearings provide maximum strength to the pitman shaft and bearings for a long extended maintenance life.

The jaw crusher is one of the most indispensable and preferred machines because of its performance and durability. Depending on plant layout, jaw Crusher can be produced on wheels, skid-mounted or fixed to the concrete foundations.

aimix jaw crusher for sale - aimix group in globale

aimix jaw crusher for sale - aimix group in globale

Applications: Mining, metallurgy, construction, highway, railroad, water conservancy, refractory materials, ceramic industry all kinds of ore and rock with medium hardness medium and fine crushing process.

Aimix jaw crusher applied in the first and second stages of crushing, it is effective equipment for crushing harder minerals, such as river stone, granite, basalt, quartz, iron ore, copper ore, etc. The highest compressive strength of the crushed material is 320 MPa.

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