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duoling magnetic separators copper ore manufacturer

china magnetic separation ancillary equipment manufacturers

china magnetic separation ancillary equipment manufacturers

Constant Magnetic Field Demagnetizer is applied to break aggregated ferrous particles in magnetic separation, to improve dual stage classification efficiency. Features: Non-magnetic pipe made of special material will not shied magnetic field generated by coil inside. The magnetic intensity coil generated is high-frequency alternating and decreases along the axle. Orepulp running through the pipe is magnetized in both direction. Remanence in ferrous particle is reduced gradually to none. Compact structure, light weight, and easy for maintenance.

The new generation of LJT-B metal detectors are suitable for the fields such as mine, metallurgy, cement, power station, coal, wood, chemical industry, coke, and ferrous and non-ferrous mine with wicked working conditions. LJT-B metal detectors can detect some metal contamination mixed in materials of iron ore, coal, wood, copper ore, aluminum ore and other ores to protect the belt and equipment in following up procedure. Magnetic separator can just remove ferrous metal, but not non-ferrous metal like manganese steel.

magnetic separator - magnetic separator manufacturers, suppliers, exporters

magnetic separator - magnetic separator manufacturers, suppliers, exporters

Magnetic separator is widely used to separate magnetic material from unwanted substances & scraps; in waste management process, recycling centres to separate components from purify, recycling ore; in mining iron; for removal of metal contaminants from food or beverage streams (conveyor belts); in chemical, plastic, pharmaceutical, textile and oil industries.

magnetic separators / separation equipments manufacturer & supplier

magnetic separators / separation equipments manufacturer & supplier

Welcome to the world of Magnetic Solutions, we are the only complete magnetic solution in India. We engineer, design, manufacture and supply magnetic machinery for many different applications. We are committed to worldwide excellence with a complete range of machinery to support core markets which are the following: Steel Industries, Cement Industries, Recycling Industries, Material Handling Industries, Chemical Industries, Mineral Processing Industries, Mineral Processing, Food Processing and Ceramic Industries.

With a rock solid foundation, a formidable past, and a spirit charged with a vision of endless possibilities; Jaykrishna Magnetic Solution has positioned itself as an all-around performer. With more than 100 satisfied corporate clients all around the world, the company today is well entrenched in India and accelerates its success by consistently living up to its commitments.

Jaykrishna Magnetics Pvt. Ltd. has a history of product excellence and technology innovation providing the highest-quality and most reliable products and services to worldwide customers since 1978. We have set down for ourselves a set of objectives that have always guided us give a better performance.

We believe in developing world class products. While developing various products for our clients, we are committed to providemagnetics and vibratory equipments of the highest quality. We strictly follow our quality policy to give you an enhanced experience and thus achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

We strongly understand that to have a high-quality products,we need strong infrastructure and development process geared with the latest technology, so we have machines forMetal forming, Cutting, Welding, Casting, Sintering, Pressing, Extrusion, and Calendering.

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Jaykrishna Magnetics Pvt. Ltd. is the leading manufacturer and exporter of Magnetic and Vibratory Equipments in India. We are established since 1978. The unique and premium structural design imparts quality and elegance to our products. Our focus is on continuously improving our process, service and products to exceed the benchmarks set by our competitors and offer better products to you.

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