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fez medium calcite industrial dryer

calcium carbonate continuous disk plate dryer manufacturers, suppliers, factory - customized calcium carbonate continuous disk plate dryer price - vaporun

calcium carbonate continuous disk plate dryer manufacturers, suppliers, factory - customized calcium carbonate continuous disk plate dryer price - vaporun

Calcium carbonate is an inorganic compound, commonly known as limestone, stone powder, marble, calcite. It is a compound, and the chemical formula is CaCO3. It iss neutral, basically insoluble in water, but easily soluble in acid. It is a common substance on the earth and is found in rocks such as aragonite, calcite, chalk, limestone, marble, limestone and the main components of animal bones or shells. Calcium carbonate is an important building material, widely used in industry. Calcium carbonate is formed by the combination of calcium ions and carbonate ions, so both are calcium and carbonate.

The wet material is continuously fed into the upper drying disk of the upper part of the dryer from the feeder. The rake arm with the rake blade is used to rotate the rake arm and the rake blade is continuously turned over. The material flows along the index spiral through the surface of the dry disk. The material on the small drying disk is transferred to the outer edge of the large drying disk at the outer edge. The different sizes of the drying plate are arranged alternately, and the material can flow continuously through the dryer. The hollow drying plate passes through the heating medium, which is saturated steam, hot water and heat transfer oil. The heating medium enters from one end of the drying disk and is obtained from the other end. The drying material from the last layer of the drying plate falls to the bottom of the shell and is finally moved from the rake blade to the outlet. Water is discharged from the material and from the drain provided on the top cover. The moisture of the vacuum disc dryer is discharged from the vacuum pump port arranged on the top cover. The dry material at the bottom can be packaged directly. With the addition of fin heater, solvent recovery condenser, bag dust collector, dry material remix mechanism, fan and other auxiliary equipment, the drying capacity, drying paste and thermosensitive materials can be improved, and solvent can be recovered conveniently. It can be operated as pyrolysis and reaction function.

Normal pressure type: as low speed of air flow inside the equipment and moisture being high in upper part and low in lower part, dust powder couldn't float to the equipment, so there is almost no dust powder in tail gas discharged from the moist discharge port on the top;

Closed type: equipped with solvent recovery device that can recover organic solvent easily from moist-carrier gas. The solvent recovery device has simple structure and high recovery rate, and nitrogen can be used as moist-carrier gas in closed circulation for those subject to burning, explosion and oxidation, and poisonous materials in order for safe operation. Especially suitable for drying of flammable, explosive and poisonous materials;

Drying plate 1) Designed pressure: General pressure is 0.4MPa; Max. can reach 1.6MPa. 2) Work pressure: General pressure is less than 0.4MPa, and max. can reach 1.6MPa. 3) Heating media: Steam, hot water, oil. When the drying plates temperature is 100C, hot water can be used ; when 100C~150C,it will be saturated water steam 0.4MPa or steam-gas, and when 150C~320C,it will be oil; when >320C it will be heated by electric, oil or fused salt.

Material transmission system 1) Main shaft revoluton: 1~10r/min, electromagnetism of transducer timing. 2) Harrow arm: There are 2 to 8 pieces arm that be fixed on the main shaft on the every layers. 3) Harrow's blade: Surrounding the harrow's blade, float together with the surface of the plate to keep contact. There're various of types. 4) Roller: For the products easily agglomerate, or with the requirements of grinding, the heat transfer and drying process might be reinforced by placing roller(s) at the appropriate place(s).

Rake blade height adjustable, not directly contact with the disc, easy to control, strong applicability. The drying process can be optimized by adjusting the thickness of the layer, the rotation speed of the spindle, the number of rake arms, the type and size of the rake blade. The residence time of materials can be adjusted accurately. Single material flow, no backmixing, uniform drying, stable quality, no further mixing.

Easy installation and small occupation area. Installation and positioning is very easy, only need a hoist in place. Due to the drying plate layer arrangement and vertical installation, even if the drying area is very large, it only occupies small area.

A: 1) About the disk surface strength and uneven surface of the disc dryer. In view of this unavoidable problem in the dust removal system, many experiments were carried out. Finally, the disk surface was welded with the upper disk surface in the form of bubbling bubble, which not only strengthened the upper surface but also played the effect of internal separation and distribution of heat source. The problem was solved very well. At the same time, the outer stopper ring and the inner blanking ring of the large disk surface are welded after the steel plate is strengthened, the outer edge of the plate is pressed into a circular arc, and the small disk surface is pressed into a circular arc, which makes the hard surface of the disc surface greatly strengthened and more leveled at the same time.

2) About the disk surface material remains much, scrape is not clean. The same industry factory still uses the original pressed scraper, the horizontal upper knife edge is easy to accumulate material, the knife face is bent directly, the scraper weight is too light, resulting in a lot of materials remaining on the disk surface, especially the material with high density is more difficult to scrape off.

Through several improvements, the thick steel plate is made by manual welding, and the vertical plate perforation sleeve is made on the arm of the rake, and the rotation is more flexible. Two steel plates are supported by round steel with tetrafluorine plate on the knife surface and counterweight iron according to the material density, which makes the knife fit with the disc surface to a high degree, thus solving the problem of the disc area material.

The exhaust pipes and elbows in the continuous drier need to be cleaned regularly. If it is not cleaned for a long time, the drying time will be prolonged, and the accidents such as fire will occur more easily.

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