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fixed grinder machine best tools bg 200a prices

grinding machines at best price in india

grinding machines at best price in india

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5 best bench grinders - july 2021 - bestreviews

5 best bench grinders - july 2021 - bestreviews

Primarily made of cast iron, which results in good durability and stability when using the tool. 1-hp motor runs at a maximum 3,450 rpm, which will handle big jobs. Grinder wheels are 1" wide and provide a strong performance.

Good option for basic jobs at home. Motor offers 3,450 rpm, which is impressive for a low-priced bench grinder. Includes a mounted work light for better visibility. Small would work well for someone with limited work space.

Count on the quality of this bench grinder that features cast iron in the motor housing and base. Easy-to-adjust guards allow you to work faster. Powerful motor runs up to 3,600 rpm and lasts a long time. Distance between wheels is 12.5" - great for working on big items.

Grinder wheels each measure 1" width to simplify the work. Slower machine with 1,725 rpm to reduce heat build-up. Uses wheels made from white aluminum oxide to prevent overheating. Well built with a heavy steel base. Quieter-than-average 1/2 hp motor.

Motor will spin at an impressive 3,450 rpm maximum speed, especially considering the price. Reduces noise by making use of rubber feet. Cast iron base provides plenty of stability. Each wheel has adjustable tool rests to ensure the most efficient operation.

Theres no doubt that a good bench grinder is an indispensable tool in a pro shop. You may not think of it as a priority for the home workshop, but ask the people who have one and they will probably say they wouldnt be without it. A variety of sizes and power outputs ensure theres something for every user, from the hobby machinist or mechanic to the full-time professional engineer.

As always, weve selected a top five. These are the models that receive our recommendation. Each one offers class-leading standards of performance and value.Weve also compiled the following bench grinder shopping guide if you would like more details before you buy.

A bench grinder is a surprisingly versatile tool. Grinding to shape pieces of metal is an obvious task. A grinder is often used for sharpening, too everything from kitchen knives to lawn-mower blades. Change one of the grinding wheels for a wire wheel and it can remove rust or paint. There are also flap wheels for polishing and leather wheels for honing.

A bench grinder is a fairly basic tool. It contains an electric motor that drives a pair of shafts. Each shaft is attached to a grinding wheel, with guards for safety and tool rests for easier control of the workpiece.

The diameter of the grinding wheel determines the size of the bench grinder. In general, a bigger wheel has more mass, requiring more power to turn and maintain speed under load (most bench grinder wheels rotate between 3,400 and 3,600 rpm).

Budget bench grinders are often rated in amps, while more powerful models are rated in horsepower (ranging from about one-quarter to one horsepower). Its important to note that all of these ratings are under no load conditions the motor is running but not grinding anything. Grinding or sharpening slows the wheel a fraction. If the motor is strong enough, the drop in speed is barely noticeable. However, if theres too little power, the wheel wont cut efficiently. In rare cases, it could even stall. Therefore, more power is better.

Six-inch bench grinder: Many people find that for general-purpose use, a six-inch grinder with a wheel width of either one-half inch or three-quarter inch is perfectly adequate for most jobs, such as sharpening tools and removing rust. Wed favor a one-half horsepower motor for a six-inch grinder, but wed consider one-third horsepower a basic minimum for light-duty home workshop use.

Eight-inch bench grinder: There are benefits to having the larger eight-inch wheel, which is usually one inch wide. It provides more cutting area, so the material youre grinding is removed more quickly. If youre sharpening tools, you can work on more of the blade at once, so its easier to get an even edge. Eight-inch grinders need more power to rotate at the same speed (theres increased mass to move), so here we prefer to see a three-quarter horsepower or greater motor. The best professional-grade bench grinders deliver one horsepower.

Slow-speed bench grinder: This is the exception to the general 3,400 to 3,600 rpm rule. These machines are mostly marketed to woodworkers. Woodturning and carving chisels can be damaged by the high temperatures created by ordinary grinders, so they have lower speeds of 1,725 rpm. Most of these are eight-inch models, but because they run more slowly, a one-half horsepower motor is fine.

Substantial construction gives a bench grinder the rigidity you need to do accurate work. Grinding is usually quite a loud task, but a heavy-duty build helps to dampen the vibration and so reduce noise levels.

Guards: It goes without saying that guards are vital. On some bench grinders, a spark guard and eye shield are separate; on others, theyre combined. As long as theyre easy to adjust, the type you choose isnt important.

At the budget end of the market, youll find perfectly good six-inch bench grinders for as little as $40 or $50, and up to about $100. These are ideal for occasional light-duty work, and youll recover your costs in no time.

If you grind or sharpen on a regular basis, youll want to invest in higher performance either a more powerful six-inch grinder or an eight-inch machine. A professional-quality bench grinder from a respected brand will cost anywhere from $100 to $300.

Always bolt down your bench grinder. Even applying light pressure against the grinding wheel will cause the grinder to move. That not only leads to inaccuracies but its also potentially dangerous. A fixed bench grinder provides a stable work environment. And because the vibration is dampened, its also quieter.

Work with caution. A rapidly rotating bench grinder creates substantial forces. Make sure you have a good grip on the workpiece, and approach with caution. Theres no benefit to forcing things youll do more harm than good. Let the grinding wheel do the work.

Keep the workpiece in motion, and work in short bursts. Bench grinders can transfer considerable heat to the metal youre grinding or sharpening. Stopping often gives you a chance to check your progress and, equally importantly, reduces the chances that youll burn your fingers!

Let the grinder reach full speed before starting work. Thats when the tool is cutting most efficiently. Never use the workpiece or a piece of scrap to slow down the machine when youve finished. You could damage the wheel.

Grinding wheels come in different materials, too. Standard wheels are often aluminium oxide or silicon carbide. White wheels, a type of aluminium oxide, are usually used on slow-speed bench grinders. Diamond wheels are used for sharpening very hard materials, such as cutting tools with carbide tips.

A: As you use your bench grinder, the grinding wheel wears away. If you dont adjust the spark guards and eye shields, you could find yourself showered in tiny red-hot particles! Adjusting the tool rests helps maintain optimum performance. If the gap between the wheel and tool rest gets to big, you get excess vibration, and the wheel wont cut as well as it should. Theres also the chance of the workpiece snagging on the wheel and getting pulled downward, which is very dangerous. The manufacturers instructions will tell you what the gap ought to be. Adjustments should be made regularly.

A. Heat builds up rapidly in the metal youre grinding, so cooling it occasionally lets you work longer. Its also useful when sharpening cutting tools like chisels, which are heat-treated (tempered) when theyre made. If they get too hot, you could remove the temper, and they could go blunt very quickly. Dipping the tools in water reduces the chances of this happening.

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