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fuel consumption of mining equipment

fuel delivery for mining equipment | 4refuel on-site refuelling

fuel delivery for mining equipment | 4refuel on-site refuelling

4Refuels experienced fuel consultants and operations staff analyzes the needs of your mining operation and create a highly customized fuelling solution. This specialized level of service goes beyond fuel delivery to help our clients maximize their productivity and minimize fuel costs.

Our service is available 24/7 to deliver the fuel your operation needs directly to equipment, generators or bulk tanks. We refuel equipment after hours or during periods of downtime to maximize productivity

Fuel is handled by Certified Refuelling Professionals, who are trained to ISO-based standards in workplace and environmental standards. Our fleet of over 200 high-tech tankers is equipped to service a wide range of equipment and operations, including off-road and remote locations. 4Refuels professional handling can reduce the instances of theft, misappropriation and spillage that can hinder productivity and impact cost management.

Fuel is handled by Certified Refuelling Professionals, who are trained to ISO-based standards in workplace and environmental standards. Our fleet of over 200 high-tech tankers is equipped to service a wide range of equipment and operations, including off-road and remote locations.

Only 4Refuel gives you access to powerful web-based fuel management. Fuel Management Online tracks fuel transactions and consumption details for each piece of equipment, and produces comprehensive reports that let you see how every drop of fuel is being used.

Only 4Refuel gives you access to powerful web-based fuel management. Fuel Management Online tracks fuel transactions and consumption details for each piece of equipment, and produces comprehensive reports that let you see how every drop of fuel is being used.

mining equipment monitoring - technoton

mining equipment monitoring - technoton

Monitoring of fuel consumption and operation modes of mining and quarrying equipment (rock trucks, bulldozers, crawler tractors, loaders, power units) allows to reduce operation costs, prevent fuel theft and equipment breakdown.

The main feature of Technotons solutions for quarry equipment is using DFM Marine fuel flow meters, which were designed for equipment with fuel consumption up to 4000 L/h. Also solution can include DUT-E fuel level sensors, which are installed in fuel tanks and determine accurate fuel level. The solution can be extended with axle load and/or bucket position monitoring by adding GNOM axle load/shift sensor. All received data is proceed by CANUp telematics gateway and sent to the web-based ORF4 telematics service, or directly by SMS, e-mail or messenger.

Result: Short-term 10% (first 3 months) long-term up to 40% (top equipment) optimization of the work of teams of current and major repair of wells decrease in downtime of wells in anticipation of repair by 30%

fuel efficiency guide for heavy machinery

fuel efficiency guide for heavy machinery

Fuel efficiency measures how much work a machine can do with one gallon of fuel. But operating an efficient work site involves more than just knowing a machines statisticshow many workers do you need? Whats their hourly pay? How many hours a day do you need the equipment to run? What is the best way tominimize idle times?

Our new Fuel Efficiency Guide is designed to help industry professionals and workers learn how to best budget fuel costs, decrease a companys environmental impact, and most effectively manage a construction equipment fleets fuel and energy usage. Get the ins-and-outs of Tier 4 standards established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and discuss the requirements of Tier 4 machinery and engines.

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In truth, without the use of fuel efficient machines on your worksite, youre wasting money. Construction machines have power train mechanisms that make it difficult to save energy and resources. Because of this, manufacturers are relying on energy-saving technologies like hybrid power trains for a future of green and economical construction. While these machines may seem like a large investment upfront, youd be saving more money down the road with these highly tested and regulated pieces of machinery.

fuel efficiency and how to get the best results in the industry - mining & construction online

fuel efficiency and how to get the best results in the industry - mining & construction online

Significant progess has been made in recent years to improve the fuel efficiency of our surface mining and quarrying equipment. This has resulted in a range of high performance rigs that today reduce fuel costs by as much as 50 per cent.

About five years ago, we took the initiative to see what could be done in this area and our research led to a completely new design platform that focused on efficiency, high utilization and increased fuel efficiency.

The simple calculation above (Fig 1) clearly illustrates just how important these savings can be for equipment owners and managers. It shows what happens if fuel consumption is cut by just 10 liters per hour.

For many contractors with a single drill rig, a potential saving of USD 100 000 over five years is a significant saving. For owners with a fleet of, say, five rigs, the corresponding saving is USD 500 000, and for those with 10 rigs, the saving will be in the region of USD 1 million.

So what is it that makes these machines so fuel-efficient? Basically, it lies in the way they utilize power and energy. The SmartROC, for instance, consumes the least amount of fuel for its size and type 16 l/h on average, which is the lowest fuel consumption per meter in the industry. This is thanks to a computer controlled engine that is optimized to always use the least amount of fuel whatever function is being carried out. The engines rpm constantly rises and falls, depending on the load. Consequently, this reduces fuel consumption and prolongs the life of the engine.

In addition to this, the rigs hydraulic systems are designed to only deliver hydraulic oil when it is required, compared to conventional rigs which pump oil constantly, and the hydraulic valves are located closer to where the power is consumed.

As a result, we have reduced the amount of oil that is pumped by 65% and the number of hydraulic hoses by 50%. This too, helps to reduce fuel consumption, and every liter saved means we also reduce CO 2 emissions, which has a positive effect on the working environment on the site as well as in the surrounding environment.

According to our estimations, 30% of these fuel savings is directly attributable to the rigs new design platform, but that a further 20% can be achieved by the operators. This is because the functions for hole flushing, dust collection and dust binding are now electronically adjustable.

1 HOLE FLUSHING This function has the biggest impact on fuel consumption and is provided by the onboard compressor. Flushing is normally done at maximum air speed, but on SmartROC tophammer rigs the operator can adjust the speed of the flow from 0 to 100%.

As a result, the operator is able to finetune the supply of air so that no more power is used than is absolutely necessary to flush the cuttings out of the hole. And this means the engine does not have to work harder than it needs to, which, in turn, reduces fuel consumption as well as CO 2 emissions.

2 DUST COLLECTING Another fuel saving innovation is the dust collector system. This, too, has been made adjustable to allow the operator to fine-tune the system. By using just the right amount of suction capacity to collect the dust, depending on the conditions, the load on the engine will be less and fuel consumption will be kept low.

3 DUST BINDING In the same way, the small amount of water that is used to bind the dust, can be fine-tuned according to the density of the dust. This, too, requires less engine power and therefore less fuel.

As he performs these tasks, the operator can easily see the actual fuel consumption on the SmartROCs screen. Our research shows that a relatively unskilled operator can easily achieve fuel savings of up to 30%, but that it is possible for operators to achieve savings in the region of 50%, and, for many companies, that extra 20% represents a significant reduction in running costs per year.

Obviously, not all companies attach the same importance to fuel consumption in their operations. Costs depend largely on local prices. But I am convinced that all companies appreciate that saving on fuel has a positive impact on operating costs, and as a consequence, will impact their bottom lineover time.

liebherr t 274 the new 305 t mining truck - equipment & contracting

liebherr t 274 the new 305 t mining truck - equipment & contracting

Liebherr is extending its product offering with the T 274, a class-leading 305 t / 336 tons haul truck. This new truck bridges the gap between the highly successful T 284 (363 t / 400 tons) and the upgraded T 264 (240 t / 265 tons).

Newport News (USA) Designed and adapted from years of experience in mining truck development, the T 274 is a true 305 tonne machine that provides fast cycle times, higher production rates, low fuel consumption, and a low cost per tonne. This new truck follows the same base design as the T 284, benefitting from its decades of field experience. Operators and technicians can expect to experience first-class comfort and safety while driving and servicing this truck. A wide range of options are available, not only providing maximum productivity even in the harshest conditions, but also catering to the evolving requirements of customers and mine sites.

The Liebherr T 274 is powered by the most powerful engine in its class at 3,650 hp, and the efficient Liebherr Litronic Plus AC Drive system. With the advanced hydraulic design and fast cycle times, the T 274 moves more material in less time. This new addition to Liebherrs mining product range offers a truck with the largest payload capacity in its class, moving more tonnes each hauling cycle.

Speed on grade is a major contributor to fast cycle times. The Liebherr Litronic Plus AC Drive System improves cycle time efficiency by providing continuous uphill speed, differing from traditional mechanical drive trucks that require shifting of gears. Designed with safety in mind, the T 274 is equipped with 4,500 kW / 6,035 HP dynamic braking power to operate efficiently on downhill hauls.

Pairing the Liebherr T 274 with the Liebherr R 9800 hydraulic excavator provides the customer with a highly versatile and productive fleet. The fast swing times of the R 9800 will load the T 274 with four bucket passes ensuring quick loading times that lead to high production rates of both the truck and excavator. The T 274 is also compatible with the brand new R 9600, the successor to the thoroughly proven and iconic R 996B.

The T 274 is based on the proven design of the Liebherr T 284, which has gained more than 20 million operating hours in the field. The frame and components are shared between both the T 284 and the T 274. Liebherrs solid reputation as a reliable Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) stems from consistent development and production of high-quality mining components, products, and services. The T 274s mining-optimised components are developed, manufactured, and controlled by Liebherr following our vertical integration model to ensure top performance and reliability for the entire machine.

Liebherr is committed to designing mining trucks that operators want to drive. The ergonomic design of the T 274 cab creates a safe, comfortable, and productive environment for operators. The cab provides maximum visibility utilising tinted safety glass windows, and is certified for roll-over and falling-object protection. The integrated HVAC system provides comfort in all extreme temperatures.

All Liebherr trucks offer at least two safety exit routes from the cab to the ground. Liebherr mining trucks are equipped with ladders and platforms that allow easy engine access. The ground level maintenance areas provide safe and efficient service access.

The T 274 is equipped with double A-arm suspension, which keeps optimal ground contact of the tyre within the whole suspension stroke, reducing the tread and wear with optimised camber and toe angle. These properties of the front suspension system deliver superior comfort, safety, and handling for the T 274 operators improving the ride quality and reducing overall body vibration exposure.

Liebherr offers an array of specific solutions for customers working in extreme environments. These packages guarantee that the T 274 will be fit for any working conditions. Specific solutions have been created to protect the components and help customers operate machinery in temperatures as low as 40C/F. Liebherr also offer a solution to enable the trucks to be operated at altitudes between 3,500 and 5,000 m / 11,500 and 16,500 ft above the sea level, and a sound attenuation package to reduce truck noise emissions drastically. This ultra-quiet option gives customers the flexibility to run operations day or night, without disturbing nearby residential areas.

The Liebherr Trolley Assist System is available as an option on the T 274. This solution is an effective first step on the road to zero emission mine sites of the future. Utilising an overhead pantograph to connect the electric-drive system to the electrical network, the Trolley Assist System can either increase truck fleet productivity, or reduce the fleet size while maintaining yearly production, when compared with standard trucks. The main advantage is the significant reduction of diesel fuel consumption and truck fleet CO emissions. Liebherr delivers proven field experience with 38 T 284 units fitted with the Trolley Assist System already in operation on two different sites.

Affiliated with PileBuck.com, the leading source of deep foundations and marine construction information for 35+ years, EandCmag.com is the most trusted source for heavy equipment guides pertaining to earthmoving/excavation, concrete/paving, cranes/lifting, trucks/hauling, and mining/tunneling.

prediction of fuel consumption of mining dump trucks: a neural networks approach - sciencedirect

prediction of fuel consumption of mining dump trucks: a neural networks approach - sciencedirect

A neural network model of fuel consumption in mining haul trucks was constructed and tested.Using the cyclic activities, the model was able to predict unseen (testing) data.Trucks idle times were identified as the most important unnecessary energy consuming portion of the network.Practical remedies, based on the nature of mining operations, were proposed to reduce the energy consumption.

Fuel consumption of mining dump trucks accounts for about 30% of total energy use in surface mines. Moreover, a fleet of large dump trucks is the main source of greenhouse gas (GHG) generation. Modeling and prediction of fuel consumption per cycle is a valuable tool in assessing both energy costs and the resulting GHG generation. However, only a few studies have been published on fuel prediction in mining operations. In this paper, fuel consumption per cycle of operation was predicted using artificial neural networks (ANN) technique. Explanatory variables were: pay load, loading time, idled while loaded, loaded travel time, empty travel time, and idled while empty. The output variable was the amount of fuel consumed in one cycle. Mean absolute percentage error (MAPE) of 10% demonstrated applicability of ANN in prediction of the fuel consumption. The results demonstrated the considerable effect of mining trucks idle times in fuel consumption. A large portion of the unnecessary energy consumption and GHG generation, in this study, was solely due to avoidable idle times. This necessitates implementation of proper actions/remedies in form of both preventive and corrective actions.

surface mining simulator | construction equipment simulator | cat simulator

surface mining simulator | construction equipment simulator | cat simulator

Tecknotrove specialises in design and development of Mining Equipment (HEMM) Simulators and Virtual Reality Solutions. TecknoSIM Mining Simulators are designed to meet the needs of mining companies , vocational training institutes and construction companies. The simulators are deisgned for training novice operators on basics of HEMM operation to training experienced operators on improving productivity and safety in operations. Tecknotrove offers a range simulators with option of conversion kits which allows training on different equipments on the same simulator.

Tecknotrove offers a wide range of HEMM training simulators that are exact replicas of actual equipments. Mining Equipment Simulators are designed for range of mining equipments with different capacity and sizes for dumper, dozer, loader, excavator, grader. Tecknotrove provides a range of solutions right from standalone desktop based driving simulators upto advanced training simulators with motion systems. We offer site specific group training connecting multiple equipments operating together in group on the same site. In addition, Tecknotrove offers setting up and running technology enabled learning & development centers for its customers.

Improving safety, productivty and efficiency is critical for every mining operation. Tecknotrove offers highly realistic simulators and virtual reality training solutions for training operators on wide range of mining equipments. TecknoSIM simulator range is designed for equipments with different capacity and from different manufacturers. In addition Tecknotrove offers convertible kits that are interchangeable equipment kits which fit onto base simulator platforms allowing a range of different equipment to be simulated.

TecknoSIM works closely with its clients to develop programs that solve unique customer callenges in areas of safety, productivity, machine maintenance and availability of skilled operators. The programs are customised to incorporate client specific mine site environments, training language, training objectives, equipment types and assessment criterias. Accident recreation on simulators based on past incidences helps our clients train and prepare their operators better.

Mining simulators deliver standardized training that is completely independent of the training site or the trainer. The training modules on the simulator are set in line with the learning objectives of the mine site, which makes it possible for the trainers to train and evaluate each operator on the same objectives, and achieve the desired results. This helps in improving the overall training and testing quality.

Machine downtime can be very expensive for mines. Whether it is taking real machines off production for training operators or for maintenance purposes machine downtime reduces the productivity levels of mines. TecknoSIM Simulators allow mines to train their operators safely in a virtual environment while keeping the actual machines for productivity. Mining equipment simulators also helps in analyzing poor operator behaviours like abrupt braking, abrupt gear change, over-speeding that damages the equipment. Simulators train the equipment operators to operate productively and safely while eliminating behaviors that cause machine abuse.

TecknoSIM Simulators enable training operators and preparing them to react correctly in potentially life threatening situations. TecknoSIM puts equipment operators in a virtual environment to learn and practice their skills so they can have a better understanding of possible hazards on sites. On simulators they can safely practice responding to a range of emergency situations which is not possible to recreate behind the wheel or in classroom training.

Fuel accounts for a huge part of the mining cost. Hence it is becoming increasingly important for mining companies to control the cost of production by reducing the amount of fuel consumed per operations. TecknoSIM Simulators gives equipment operators the skills and knowledge they need to operate in a productive manner while evaluating and analysing the behaviors that cause excess fuel consumption.

Healthy tires are important to mining operations and their unscheduled maintainece or replacement can be very expensive. TecknoSIM Mining Simulators provides equipment operators the necessary skills and knowledge they need to operate in a productive manner while assessing and eliminating behaviors that cause unnecessary tire wear. TecknoSIM simulators provides detailed reports on operator behaviors which directly impact tire life. This allows trainers to provide targeted training to operators that eventually helps in reducing the costs associated with tire damage and repair.

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