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basalt sand making machinery and equipment

basalt sand making machinery and equipment

In the rapid economic development, infrastructure as a strong proof of economic development, such as highways, high-speed rail construction projects and urban and rural planning are in full swing, the demand for sand basalt has been rising, but what are the machines for starting basalt sand factories? How much does it cost to build a 5,000-ton daily basalt raw sand production line? Here is a detailed introduction for everyone, and free production design.

The basalt sand making plant mainly processes various large-scale sandstones into stones of different specifications to provide high-quality infrastructure materials 05, 12, 13 and other stones for various industrial fields. What machine does the basalt sand making plant use? The equipment is of various types and complete models, mainly including jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher and heavy hammer crusher, etc.

Build a 5,000-ton daily basalt ore sand production line. The equipment configuration should be reasonable, adapt to local conditions, simplify the process flow, vary from material to material, reduce investment costs, and according to output demand and investment budget. There are engineers here for each customer Tailor-made, scientific matching equipment, no rework, to ensure that the equipment selected for customers is not backward in 3-5 years.

How much is a set of 5,000 tons of basalt ore sand production line? Prices on the market generally range from hundreds of thousands to millions, mainly related to the production line configuration scheme and equipment model selection, and there are many sales companies on the market (comparable to three), sales channels and raw material use, production methods and The quality of the equipment provided is different, so there will be differences in the price of the production line of the basalt sand making plant.

SBM Group factory direct sales, enjoy ex-factory price discounts, you can click online consultation at any time, one-click free access to daily 5,000 tons of basalt ore sand production line quotation, and SBM strictly controls on material selection, ingeniously guarantees equipment quality, environmental certification, spot Direct supply, timely delivery, and provide one-stop service, from factory establishment to operation, all-round support.

With the development of the sand and stone industry, creating green mines and smart mines is put on the agenda. Opening a basalt sand factory requires environmental protection procedures, and new enterprises must meet the requirements of the city's land and space planning, environmental protection, soil and water conservation, and reasonable layout. What are the main pollution aspects of basalt sand making plants, and related environmental protection measures are as follows;

Dust pollution is mainly concentrated in the key parts of screening, sand making and feeding. When the material is dry and windy, the material will also produce dust pollution during loading, unloading and transportation; you can choose a spray device, and the entire process is equipped with a dust collector. In addition, the entire production line can be configured as semi-closed or fully enclosed.

Basalt sand making plants are usually far away from residential areas. If they are close, noise pollution should be reduced. Wearable buffer layers, noise dilution devices, and sound insulation covers can be configured.

If you need to clean, you need to configure sand washing machine, sand washing machine can achieve sand and stone separation, sediment separation, improve the quality of basalt, sedimentation tank can be built, water can be recycled, 1 ton of basalt needs 2-3.5 cubic meters of water The sedimentation tank can also recover fine sand, which can effectively reduce the loss of fine sand and improve resource utilization.

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