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ball mill crushing

ball mill crushing

Until the advent of the porphyry coppers and the introduction of flotation which soon followed, crushing and grinding for many years proceeded along somewhat stereotyped lines, without important alteration in type of machinery. For the finer crushing and grinding, stamps, rolls, and various patterns of Huntington and Chilean mills were in general use. Ball mills were in use abroadbut owing to their small capacity and the high cost of screens and steel, they never obtained much footing in the United States.

The Inspiration company built a 500-ton test plant to work out the final details of the grinding and flotation problem, itsprevious tests having already indicated the advantage of flotation. The regrinding mills in this 500-ton test plant consisted of 10-ft. by 28-in., 8-ft. by 36-in., 8-ft. by 44-in., 8-ft. by 72-in. Hardinge mills and a 6 by 20-ft. Chalmers & Williams tube-mill. These mills were equipped with pebbles as a grinding medium. During the operation of this test plant, the concentrator building was erected, of the same size and dimensions as that of the Miami Copper Co., having an estimated capacity of 7500 to 10,000 tons per day.

The general results of the regrinding mills at the Inspiration test plant showed that the 10-ft. (3-m.) Hardinge mill was the most unsatisfactory of all, due to the excessive pebble consumption and the power required to operate it. The mill of this type that gave the best results was the one that approached the cylindrical shape, having a cylindrical portion 72 in. in length (182.9 cm.). The mill that seemed to give equal results, as to power and pebble consumption, was the Chalmers & Williams tube-mill, although it required considerably more space than the 8-ft. by 72-in. Hardinge.

Later, the company installed a Marcy ball mill 8 ft. (2.5 m.) in diameter and 5 ft. (1.5 m.) in length. This mill was experimental, an entirely new design, being the first mill in which the entire discharge end was fitted with a grizzly or screen. This grate was intended to deliver a maximum size of 1/8-in. and between the grate and the dischargeend were lifters to discharge the undersize from the mill. It was claimed that by keeping a minimum of undersize in the mill the relative weight and efficiency of the balls was considerably increased.

By allowing the Marcy mill to take 3-in. feed and discharge a product below 1/8-in., capacity of the Hardinge pebble-mill was greatly increased and the general extraction was improved; it was found that an installation of Marcy mills followed by conical pebble-mills could readily treat10,000 tons per day. As a result of the test in October, the company made arrangements to manufacture its own Marcy mills from the designs of the one that was in operation, modified by the results of their own experience.

At this time, it was suggested that it might be possible to do all the crushing in a Marcy mill arranged in closed circuit with a mechanical classifier; that is, to take the 3-in. feed and crush it to flotation size in one operation. Experiments with the Marcy mill and a new classifier were conducted, but were not altogether satisfactory. In December, at the suggestion of Mr. Hardinge, the conical mills equipped with steel balls were tried in a similar manner, but with inferior results. Afterwards, since the Marcy mill had demonstrated that it could do the work in one operation, it was purchased by the Inspiration company and manufacturing proceeded.

The new concentration plant was started in the summer, equipped entirely with No, 86 Marcy mills, 8 ft. in diameter and 6 ft. in length, in closed circuit with Dorr classifiers, the product going to flotation machinesand the sands from these machines to concentration tables. On starting, the shells of the Marcy mills were found to be defective, due partly to the light design and partly to the fact that the manufacturer did not have time under his contract to make and anneal the castings properly.

Later yet, the Inspiration company decided to add two sections to its mill, and an offer by Mr. Hardinge to equip a section with two of his mills without cost to the company was accepted. These mills were expected to do the work of the same number of Marcy mills, with much less power. The fact that a joint test between Hardinge and Marcy mills was to be run by the Inspiration company was widely advertised and created considerable interest among those interested in crushing; since the expense of crushing is greater than that of any other milling operation, these tests were of considerable importance. A statement by David Cole covers this very well and is therefore repeated verbatim:

The comparison of work done, based upon the scientific theory of Stadler, Gates, Kick, et al., is beautiful on paper, but there are a lot of us who hesitate to accept the theory as law. We are inclined to regard a direct comparison of grinders arranged side by side, getting feed from a common source through a mechanical distributor, and making a product that affords as nearly as may be the same screen measure, and at any rate affording an equal metallurgical opportunity for the subsequent treatment, as the Supreme Court in these grinding matters. The Marcy versus Hardinge ball- mill controversy is soon to have this kind of a hearing at the Inspiration plant, and the results will be watched with great interest.

A section comprising two 8-ft. Marcy mills equipped with 225-hp. motors, which had been in continuous operation, was used in comparison with a section comprising two 8-ft. Hardinge mills equipped with 150-hp. motors. Each of the Marcy mills took the coarse feed from the bin and, in closed circuit with a 6-ft. Dorr classifier, made a finished product.

The Hardinge mills were first arranged in tandem, the first mill taking all of the coarse feed from the bin, its product going to a Dorr classifier, the sands from which passed to the second Hardinge mill working in closed circuit with the second Dorr classifier. Each of the sections was equipped with an automatic scale so that the total or the hourly tonnage could be recorded and noted. The crushed product, the overflow from the Dorr classifiers, was carefully sampled in each case by automatic samplers. The daily report sheets of the finished product showed some variation from the desired 2 per cent, on 48-mesh with both types of mills, but by applying a correction factor the final results, as tabulated, could be reduced to the basis of 2 per cent, on 48-mesh. This correction factor was derived by Dr. Gahl from actual operating experience. The results are as shown in Tables 1 and 2.

The daily reports show that various ball charges and various sizes of balls were used in the Hardinge mills; that the speed of the Hardinge was changed a number of times; various types of scoop feeders were used; the delays due to overloading the Hardinge mill, changing balls, etc., as mentioned, were very great. The Marcy mill continued with its ball load unchanged and practically without delays.

The record shows that the capacity of the Marcy mill was 130.5 per cent, greater than the Hardinge, and the Marcy saving in power over the Hardinge was 34.04 per cent. At times the motors of both types of mills were slightly overloaded. As the power was measured by integrating wattmeters, this does not affect the results and comparisons given.

Hardinge mill results from May 15 to June 11, when the contest ended,were not so good as shown in the data given. The figures showing dailytonnage and kilowatt-hours per ton are averaged from the daily report sheets issued by the Inspiration management. These figures were accepted by the manufacturers of both the Hardinge and the Marcy mill, and there is no doubt as to their correctness.

No ball consumption was given out by the Inspiration company on the Hardinge mills because many changes had been made in the ball load. The operation of the Marcy mills was in charge of the regular mill crew, while that of the Hardinge section was under the supervision of Mr. Hardinge and his assistants, who were at the plant when the test was discontinued. The ball consumption of the Marcy mill in the entire plant is 1.7 lb. of steel for each ton of ore crushed. The speed of the Hardinge mills was faster than the Marcys; the. ball load was greater, and from the tabulated reports, the tonnage was less than one-half. From this, it would appear that the ball consumption in the Hardinge mill would be nearly double, as the total daily ball consumption depends upon the speed and number of balls used in the mill rather than upon the amount of ore crushed.

The ball-mill floor in this plant is equipped with a traveling crane capable of picking up a mill and its load of balls. When a mill needsrelining, the bearing caps are removed, the mill is picked up by the crane, and a relined mill with its load of balls is placed in the same bearings. This saves the time that would be lost if the mills were lined in place, so that the actual loss of time due to ball-mills in the entire Inspiration plant averages less than 0.4 per cent.

The Anaconda Copper Mining Co. purchased about 50 Hardinge mills when it decided to install flotation. The mills were 10 ft. (3 m.) in diameter with a 60 cone on the feed end and a 40 cone on the discharge end, and with the cylindrical portion 48 in. (121.9 cm.) in length. This was about the size of one of the Hardinge mills used in the Inspiration plant and, as heretofore pointed out, was the most undesirable.

The Anaconda mills were equipped with 225-hp. motors, so that balls could be used. It was found that the pebble consumption was from 12 to 15 lb., which was prohibitive, and when steel balls were used the motors were not of sufficient capacity, for which reason, it was necessary to lag up the mills with wooden blocks. The cylindrical portion is now 7 ft. 6 in. (2.29 m.) in diameter, and about the same length, and the mills, due to the 40 discharge end, are practically cylindrical mills. The fifty 10-ft. Hardinge mills of the original installation have all been rebuilt to the above size and are operated at 15 r.p.m. The effect of converting these into cylindrical mills and reducing the speed has been a great improvement in cost and character of operation, as compared with the original recommendations.

The Calumet & Hecla Co. has installed sixty-four 8-ft. by 16-in. (2.44-m. by 40.64-cm.) Hardinge mills in its crushing plant at Lake Linden. These mills use pebbles and crush about 45 tons per day each, taking feed at below 3/16 in. and reducing it to about 30-mesh. A new crushing plant of this company, however, will consist of 8-ft. mills having a cylindrical portion 72 in. in length, which will make their inside dimensions practically the same as those of the Anaconda Copper Mining Co. The Calumet & Hecla Co., in running a test with a 5 by 20-ft. (1.5 by 6-m.) tube-mill and a Hardinge mill, found the tube-mill equally efficient, but it required too much space.

Analyzing the mill on the assumption that the greatest diameter is to produce the greatest effect in crushing, we find that the weight of crushing pebbles is proportional to the square of the diameter (machine half full); that the energy per unit pebble weight is something nearer the square than the first power of the diameter; and that the velocity with which the ore or pulp being crushed passes through the mill is inversely proportional to the square of the diameter. The result is that the energy applied per pound of pulp at various points along the cone is inversely proportional to about the sixth power of the diameter. This means that half way toward the apex of the cone, only 1/64 as much work is done as at the cylindrical portion, while three- fourths of the way toward the apex, only 1/4000 is done.

At Anaconda, and at the Calumet & Hecla mill, it has been found that a lengthening of the cylindrical portion increases the efficiency and capacity of theHardinge mill. Undoubtedly, in the Hardinge mill there is a tendency for the smaller balls and pebbles to segregate in the conical portion. Taggart has shown, however, that the segregation decreases the efficiency of the mill. He says:

The reason for the greater reduction in the size of the particles is that the smaller balls tend to segregate in the conical portion of the mill and cut down its efficiency, both on account of the small size of the cone and the small size of the balls themselves. There is not sufficient energy to do the work.

I carried on experiments with the Hardinge mill in the laboratory of the Engineering Co., to determine its efficiency. It would appear that if the feed were introduced into the so-called discharge end there would be a marked difference between the resulting product and that produced when the feed is put into the mill through the feed end, in the regular way. To conduct this simple experiment, I operated a 36-in. (91.44-cm.) Hardinge pebble-mill, feeding first in the regular way, into the short cone. After running this test, I placed the scoop feeder on the long, or discharge end, and ran a second test in this maimer. The entire product in each case was caught in a tank, then mixed and sampled. My tests were carefully run on samples of quartz gravel, using about 1 ton of gravel to each test, with particular care to maintain uniformity of operating conditions for both tests. These samples, both feed and discharge, were carefully mixed and a portion cut out for screen analysis. All slimes were first washed out of the samples to be screened, through a 200-mesh sieve, and dried and weighed. The sands were then sized on Tyler standard sieves, using a Rotap machine, with results shown in Table 3.

Two similar tests were made at the University of Utah, using a mill of the same diameter, 3 ft., but with a shorter cylindrical portion, which, therefore, did not crush so rapidly. The result of these two tests confirmed the data observed in the first test, except slightly greater reduction in average size when operated the reverse way. This work was checked and reviewed by Prof. Robert S. Lewis. The power instruments were connected to the motor by the electrical department for the purpose of ascertaining whether the motor requirements differed when the scoop feeder was changed from feed to discharge end. From the averages, no differences could be determined. On account of the light motor load and heavy friction load, no attempt was made to determine the efficiency of the mill by measurement of power.

I will draw no conclusions from my own experiments, but desire only to say that I believe they are of sufficient importance to be repeated with a large conical mill. When operating a Hardinge mill at a very reduced tonnage, it is possible to make a fairly uniform product in one pass, just as it is with a cylindrical overflow mill with a reverse screw in the trunnion; but when operating with a large circulating load, according to modern practice, the shape of the conical mill is a disadvantage. It is suggested that the conical mill is strong because of its truss shape; but it seems unnecessary to build a truss over a long span when a tubular construction can do better work within less space and is equally strong. For instance, the conical mills at Inspiration were 16 in. longer between the bearings than the Marcys, with less than half the capacity.

The Marathon, or rod-mill, has not been adopted as quickly as one would expect. Undoubtedly it requires more care than a ball-mill, and its mechanical troubles offset its power efficiency in some degree. If the rods become bent its great advantage is lost. Its particular field is in fine crushing where slimes are considered undesirable.

powerball, marie holmes: $188 million winner pays off mistresses, drug charges, and unkempt mansion?

powerball, marie holmes: $188 million winner pays off mistresses, drug charges, and unkempt mansion?

Powerball winner Marie Holmes and Iyanla Vanzant of Iyanla: Fix My Life had major work to do. Holmes won the $188 million Powerball in North Carolinas lottery in February of 2015. The major drama that followed shortly after her Powerball win prompted the Oprah Winfrey Network to step in and help this girl out.

The North Carolina Powerball lottery winner stirred up controversy after she was charged with possession of marijuana and posted $21 million to get her boyfriend, Lamarr Hotsauce McDow, out of jail three times, the Daily Mail reports.

As reported by the Inquisitr, just a couple weeks after receiving the lump sum payout of $88 million, Holmes used $3 million to bail out her man. In August of 2015, the Powerball winner posted a $6 million bond due to McDow breaking pre-trial release program rules. On New Years Day, Holmes paid an additional $12 million after McDow was allegedly involved in an illegal street race. The three bail amounts combined come to an astonishing $21 million.

It was revealed during the episode Lotto Drama of Iyanla Fix My Life that Maries now-fiance will be heading to prison for seven years after being charged with conspiracy to distribute heroin. Just months after Marie won the Powerball, she was charged with possession of marijuana and other drug paraphernalia when the local authorities stormed her home in search of her boyfriend. Holmes seemed numb to many, and Iyanla said she appeared depressed.

So many people believe that if they had a certain amount of money, theyd be able to live a certain way Marie is a prime example that if you dont know who you are, if you dont have a strong sense of identity and well-being, all the money in the world is not going to fix how you see yourself and how you live.

The Powerball winner, a single mom of four, was working at Walmart when she took home $88 million, her share of the Powerball lottery. Holmes, 27, is now infamous for how she chose to spend her Powerball winnings. At the time, Holmes saw nothing wrong with sticking by her man to raise her four young children. Holmes youngest child, Ebony, whom she shares with McDow, has cerebral palsy. McDow explained this was a major motivation for Marie bailing him out of jail. The convicted criminal says he thinks people are jealous of his relationship with Holmes.

As Eurweb reports, Lamarr says Holmes did not pay $21 million to bail him out she only had to pay 10 percent of the bond, which equaled to over $200,000. McDow was arrested on drug- and weapon-related charges. The Powerball winners fiance has three children from previous relationships.

We are a couple, and I am the father of her youngest childThis is what people do for each other. She has the money and she can do what she wants with it People are just jealous because of how much she won and people want to see me locked up in jail.

When Holmes won the Powerball jackpot, she bought a sprawling estate in her hometown. One of the first things Iyanla noticed when she arrived unsettled her: Maries beautiful estate was actually a plantation. Iyanla sits with the Powerball winner outside her mega North Carolina home.

I believe that every location has an energy So, it was important for me to help Marie recognize and understand that as a black woman living on a plantation, there was an energy that she was dealing with, sitting in, living throughin addition to what was going on in her own personal life.

Outside of Holmes mega plantation home in North Carolina, Iyanla does a series of exercises that are meant to help the Powerball winner understand her circumstance better. Iyanla shows Marie how helping others has financially hurt her.

A lot of this doesnt have anything to do with money. It has to do with broken people, with broken hearts with broken minds that leads to choices and decisions and consequences. Money, never solves a money problem.

Since Holmes took home the Powerball jackpot, she has encountered many problems. The drama that followed after winning the lottery has been just as popular as her lotto win. When asked what she would do with her Powerball millions, Marie moved many with her response.

Winning [Powerball jackpot] still doesnt feel real. Its not going to change the person that I am, but its going to change our situation. Its going to be very fortunate. I am humbled and grateful for the opportunities this has created for my family.

The Powerball winner was later sued for $10 million dollars by Pastor Kevin Matthews for reneging on a verbal promise, according to JET Mag. Matthews said he experienced emotional and mental distress due to her backing down from a verbal contract. They established to purchase land for a $1.5 million retreat facility.

A video was posted on Facebook of an unidentified woman spewing profane statements about Holmes. The woman insisted Lamarr spends the money Holmes gives him to have neighborhood women perform sexual acts with him. The Chicago Defender claims Holmes is being accused of harassing a woman Lamarr McDow supposedly spent money on to have sex with.

Holmes struggled in her relationship with her mother, Fontella. During Maries childhood, Marie was slapped in the face by her mother, and the psychological impact had a long-term effect. Holmes says she is still perplexed as to why her mother slapped her in the face and not her other siblings. The feelings Holmes has been holding onto for years has affected her relationship with her mother.

None of them ever got hit in the face, and it made me feel like there was a problem with the relationship that we had, like it wasnt strong enough I never understood; like, why did I get treated that way?

A slap in the face is the ultimate act of humiliation because your face is how you show up in the world. Its who you are So when someone slaps your face, what theyre saying is, I am degrading you. I am diminishing you. I am humiliating you.'

Powerball Winner Marie Holmes Charged With Marijuana Possession, Police Bust $188 Million Dollar Winner While Trying To Arrest A Felon Marie Holmes $188 Million Powerball Winner Posts $21 Million Bail For Drug Dealer Boyfriend As He Sports Rolex Powerball Winner Marie Holmes Boyfriend Charged For Third Time, Will She Pay $10,000 Bond? Powerball Lotto Winner Marie Holmes Sued For $10 Million Dollars By Pastor Kevin Matthews Powerball Lottery Marie Holmes Winner Makes Terroristic Threat Phone Calls Against Fiances Alleged Mistress

A major revelation was made by the Powerball winners mother, Fontella. Apparently, Marie gave Fontella the money to buy a ticket, however, Fontella is the one who chose the winning Powerball numbers. Holmes learns those random winning Powerball numbers werent random at all.

When they pulled me over, they didnt really explain to me, they just pulled me out of my car, Ariel Harrison said. The McDonough County Sheriffs Office in Illinois is facing fierce criticism after a 31-year-old Black mother of three was held down inside a jail cell and forcibly stripped naked in front of male officers. Ariel Harrison, who is partially blind, had just left a liquor store and was driving around Macomb County on Oct. 26, 2019, when she was pulled over by police for allegedly driving recklessly.

No one knew then whether any of the COVID-19 vaccines in development would actually work. Pfizer (NYSE: PFE) (along with its partner, BioNTech (NASDAQ: BNTX)), and Moderna (NASDAQ: MRNA) never experienced the worst-case scenario of their vaccines failing miserably. Could Pfizer and Moderna now face their second-worst scenario?

Olympian Gabby Thomas is speaking out and calling for support for Black athletes gearing up to compete in Tokyo this summer. It really hurts to see so many black people choosing not to watch the Olympics this year, Thomas tweeted on Tuesday. This comes in response to people saying they would boycott the Tokyo Olympics after sprinterShaCarri Richardson was controversially banned from the games due to a positive test for marijuana.

promgirl - military ball dresses, long formal ball gowns

promgirl - military ball dresses, long formal ball gowns

Shop military ball dresses and formal ball gowns to support your loved ones in style. Regardless of which branch of service youre celebrating, youll look fabulous in a long military ball gown that beautifully complements your escorts uniform.

A military ball celebrates and honors those who bravely protect and serve. To honor the elegance of the occasion, military ball dresses are long or knee-length styles with sophisticated, modest, and charming details. Whether youre searching for a formal gown for a military ball celebrating the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, or the Coast Guard, PromGirl has a dress worthy of the occasion. Explore this assortment of military ball gowns and ball dresses in a variety of colors and styles that will look great next to your escort. While dark colors like black, burgundy red, and navy blue are most common, white formal dresses and gold military ball dresses are also popular. Whether you are looking for a sleek and simple formal dress or an elegant cocktail dress, choose your favorite military ball dress style at a price that is just right for you. Thinking about wearing a ball-gown-style dress to your military ball? Shop ball gowns here.

We are showing you all of our dresses that are available in the color you have selected, even if the picture is in a different color. Only show dresses that are photographed in the colors you have selected.

Traditionally, you wear a long evening gown to a military ball. Long military ball gowns portray a classic and sophisticated look, distinguished by simple lines, subtle styles, and minimal embellishments. The key is to ensure that your chosen military ball dress is appropriate for the elegance of the celebration, makes you feel confident and pretty, and keeps the focus on your escort, who is the honoree. Here are three types of dresses you should consider wearing to a military ball:

1. Simple Formal Dresses: A good way to keep your loved one front and center is for you to wear a military ball dress thats simple and modest. Think conservative necklines, sleeves, or minimal embellishments. Consider a high-neck long ball dress with a short train or a classic black cocktail dress with three-quarter sleeves. A simple military ball gown, while modest, can still stand out among more heavily embellished dresses. The rich colors, luxurious fabrics, and moderate, yet fun, details on simple styles are sure to give you an elegant, richly designed look that keeps the focus on your loved one.

2. Ball Gowns: With the signature full skirt and fitted bodice of a ball gown, youll be elegant and regal, as befits such a momentous occasion. Shop for a military ball dress with a tiered tulle skirt for an ethereal look, or choose a ball gown in a satin or taffeta fabric for a smooth, chic style. If sparkle is your thing, look for a military ball gown with a beaded bodice for just a dash of shimmer.

3. Formal Dresses in Patriotic Hues: Consider wearing a dress in a patriotic color that complements your escorts branch of the military. Dark or royal blue is perfect for Air Force ball dresses or Army ball dresses. Go for shades of red or blue for Navy ball dresses or Marine Corps ball dresses. Attending a Coast Guard ball? Dress in red, white, or gold to honor your loved ones service. Whatever branch of service your loved one is in, rise for the red, white, and blue and stand by your escort in a military ball dress that shows how proud you are of their dedication and service.

Even with the pomp and circumstance of such a formal event, you can highlight your personal style and support the military at the same time. Whatever your style and budget, you can shine in a military ball gown or long military ball dress from PromGirl.

mil wants to send 9 year old to purity ball calls mom a hoe sheknows

mil wants to send 9 year old to purity ball calls mom a hoe sheknows

Mother-in-laws tend to get a bad rap thanks to how they are portrayed on television and in the movies, but for one Reddit mom who goes by the user name ashley-indigo, it sounds like her MIL may be worthy of the (terrible) hype. This grandma didnt just go against her daughter-in-laws wishes, shes participating in a religious ritual that will damage the girls self-esteem: the purity ball.

This post appeared in the AITA subreddit, and opened with a disclaimer about how she had posted about her MIL before, letting us know that we should buckle up, because we were about to go on a ride. My daughter Tess (9F) has gone to church with MIL periodically since she was little, the post started. I dont love that, as Im not a religious person and my MIL is an aggressive Baptist, but my husband thinks its a good bonding activity and so I dont complain. Plus, she adds, it gives her Sundays to herself. We can appreciate that.

Thanks to the pandemic, the church services have gone online, but that hasnt changed their standing Sunday date according to the OP. Which means her daughter is still heading over to her MILs house each Sunday so they can virtually attend services. Last week, Tess came home chattering about the ball, and how MIL is going to take her shopping at a fancy shopping center in our town, she writes, adding that she assumed it was an imagination game because a ball in this pandemic?

However, mom later finds out that the ball is actually a purity ball for 10- to 14-year-old girls and that her husband is OK with it because its a family tradition. When mom confronts her MIL, all hell breaks loose. MIL sent back her usual stuff implying that Im a hoe who led her son down a bad road and Im an unfit mother, she writes, before asking if shes in the wrong for big-footing her husband on the decision and potentially upsetting their daughter.

Yes lets send our daughter somewhere where shes given a rose and told that represents her and then has the petals ripped off and is told thats whats sex does to her value, wrote user Trala_la_la. That wont give her any life long hang ups about sex.

Another user discussed the experience they had in their public school. Also the tape thing where everyone touches a piece of tape or crumples up a piece of paper and then the tape is all gross and the paper can never be smooth again, wrote user Shaking-Cliches.

But no response was as good as the one user vworpstageleft, which offered the ultimate response to all of the cringe-worthy purity analogies. Ive heard that from hypocritical guys, saying A key that can open many locks is a master key, they wrote. In those situations you can at least turn it back on them and say, A pencil sharpener that can sharpen many pencils is great. A pencil thats been sharpened too many times not so much.

We hope that by June (the date of this ball), there will be some other possible activities for Tess to enjoy. In the meantime, she and her mom can have some constructive conversations about sex or read some books about it.

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