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gold fire assay equipment

lab gold testing equipment muffle cupellation assay furnace | xrf fusion machine

lab gold testing equipment muffle cupellation assay furnace | xrf fusion machine

This fire assay cupellation furnace is specifically design and develope for the domestic precious metals analysis ("Gold fire assay analysis") . The equipment is used for the thousands gold, ,18K gold sample analysis, High analysis accuracy results. The cupellation furnace design with reasonable whole structure, complete and reliable temperature control, atmosphere adjust. Refined step on autometic program setting, high accuracy on temperature display and control, good average temperature based on the warm keeping technology. High degree of automation,LED touch screen make operation simple.

. Main Charateristics 1. 1200C maximum operating temperature; 2. Professional cupellation process control software, with LED touch-screen operator interface, easy to operate. 3. Unique chamber design, to achieve the desired effect of fire assaying, can significantly reduce lead and lead oxide steam harm the human body. 4. Door with glass observation windows, fire assaying process can be observed any time, convinient for people to control; 5. The air intake and outlet by automatic control, adjustable opening and closing degree. Intake air can be adjusted, make it easy for controlor provide suitable test environment according to the characteristics of different samples. 6. Appointment automatically boot heating procedures, pre-heating, save time and improve efficiency. 7. The experimental procedure has prompted alarm chronograph function, which can effectively reduce people workload; 8.The equipment provide multi-program setting, easy to test different samples. 9. The device-specific design work logs, real-time recording start time, stop time, fire assaying time, convenient for people to record, inquire the experiment process. 10. Modular design furnace chamber, easy to repair, maintenance and replace interior materials. 11. The furnace use 3 seperate power, reduce power supplier load. 12. Use Heat equalizing plate do radiant heating of the chamber to guarantee the uniform temperature. Technical parameters

small fire assay kit - equipment

small fire assay kit - equipment

This Beginners FIRE ASSAY KIT has as equipment required to help miners with their laboratory startup. Probably the most important factor of success in prospecting and gold recovery mill operation is the number of assay completed you can do 6 assays at a time with this Kit.

At one time, fire assaying was a deep dark secret. Now in this modern world, education can be had by those who want to learn. Many miners have learned to do their own fire assays and we offer complete fire assay kits with instructions! Simply mix your ore with our Premixed Flux (non-leaded flux available for international sales-obtain & add lead locally) in a Crucible. Place it in the Furnace. In an hour, pour the entire batch into the Pouring Mold. When it has cooled, break off the lead button that has formed. Place the lead button on a Cupel and back into the Furnace. Soon any precious metals present will remain in the form of a small bead. All materials and equipment are included in this kit so that you can do your own assays and determine the weight of the bead, without other equipment.

The Advanced Fire Assay Kit offers additional equipment and supplies tothe Beginners Fire Assay Kit,including the Automatic TemperatureControl for the Furnace. TheAnalytical Balance is an easy-to-readdigital unit. An excellent laboratorysetup for any operation strivingtowards professional results. (You may substitute the #9 furnace with a larger one for the difference in theprice.)

Searching the industry looking for low cost and effective mining laboratory equipment, we are continually testing new items. Today, the necessary equipment can be purchased for a fraction of the cost of past mining laboratories. Where low cost equipment could not be found, we have manufactured the equipment ourselves.

If you are going into mining or if you are in mining, consider putting in your own lab. A small backyard facility can prevent the loss of a great deal of time and money. We always answer questions on the phone, and will help with setting up your lab. We believe that a miner without a lab is like a hospital without a MRI machine. Neither can really tell what is happening without the proper tools.

The Expert Fire Assay Kit offers additional equipment and supplies to the Beginners Fire Assay Kit (shown in photo), including the Automatic Temperature Control for the Furnace. The Analytical Balance is an easy-to-read digital unit. An excellent laboratory setup for any operation striving towards professional results.

STEP 2. If you are making your flux for standard oxide ores, add the full container of Assay Flour to the 25 lbs pail of flux. If you are not making the full pail into a standard oxide assay flux, then use a ratio of Assay Flour to the amount of flux.

STEP 1. Weigh out the Unleaded flux you are going to use for assaying or smelting. (For an assay, you are going to use a total of 90 grams of LEADED assay flux so weigh out 60 grams of flux and weigh out 30 grams of lead. Add this 90 grams of LEADED assay flux to your crucible.

Note: If you used 29.16 grams of ore material, then for each milligram your bead weighs, there is 1 ounce of precious metals in your ore. But remember at this point the bead is gold, silver and maybe platinum so you must go on to standard separation methods before you will know the exact gold, silver and platinum content.

Safety Warning: Assay fumes are poisonous. An assay furnace must not be used indoors unless under a ventilated hood. Note: Wear gloves and goggles when doing assays and smelting. Goggles or face shield must be worn at all times. Hot slag can splatter !

The Parting and Drying Dish is a necessary part of the assay. The gold bead from the cupel is placed in the dish along with nitric acid and water. Use distilled water only, 2 parts water to 1 part acid. Heat on a hot plate or over an alcohol flame. Heat long enough to permit fumes to rise from the acid. If the bead begins to bubble and react, allow the action to continue until there is more action. If the bead simply discolors after the first fumes, add enough water to cool the acid and stop any further action. Compare the color of the bead to the color chart below to determine gold content. If the bead bubbled, when the bubbling stops, pour off the diluted acid carefully and add distilled water and pour off several times. Finally drain the water off and dry over heat. The black residue left is the gold (99% pure). It will turn gold color when annealed at 1000F for 3 minutes. This gold is carefully removed from the parting dish and weighed. If the bead did not bubble and you wish amore accurate indication than the color chart, then the answer is to inquart with silver, Just add 4 times as much silver by weight as there is gold in the bead to the bead with about 10 times as much lead and re-cupel. The silver will alloy with gold and allow the nitric to dissolve the silver leaving the gold. Be sure to weigh the bead before adding the silver, then when you have weighed the gold you will know how much silver actually came out of the assay.

The Fire Assay Home Study Course only talks about gold and silver which comes with the kit. We are able to get a bead of gold and silver and part it, which is dissolving the silver into solution and weight the gold. we do get ores that have PGM present, and they will be mixed with your gold and silver. It normally changes the physical characteristics of the bead and will appear bumpy like a golf ball. It is very difficult to identify quantities when PGM are present. Most of the time that bead would need to be digested and each metal dropped separately. This is beyond the assay kit, chemical assay are now needed. We recommend send them out if you need to know the PGM quantities. 911Metallurgy [email protected]

assays laboratory equipment for precious metals (fire assay)

assays laboratory equipment for precious metals (fire assay)

FIOA INTERNATIONAL is very specialized in projecting, manufactoring and sale of assay laboratory equipment for precious metals, used for the determination of gold in jewellery alloys by means of cupellation method (fire assay). The International Standard, specifies that the cupellation method (fire assay ISO 11426) is the only one legally recognized for the determination of gold in gold jewellery alloys. The procedure is applicable specifically to gold alloys incorporating silver, copper and zinc. Some modifications are indicated where nickel and/or palladium are present. ISO 11426 is intended to be used as the recommended method for the determination of fineness in alloys covered by ISO 9202.

FIOA INTERNATIONAL has developed a significant know-how which can make much easier the life for the assayer. As a general preview, we can say that the gold testing through fire assay by cupellation analysis, requires small samples of gold to be carefully weighed in a vary precise electronic scales, and after, wrapped in lead foil together with a specific previously-known quantity of silver.

The samples are placed on particular magnesite cupels that can absorbe any non-precious metals,lead etc. etc. This absorption happened when the cupels with the sample are placed into a special cupellation furnace firing a specific temperature .

This process leaves the sample bottons of pure gold and silver which are boiled in nitric acid with a particular concentration in order to dissolve out the silver and then annealed to complete the process, leaving just fine gold.

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about us - zhengzhou jinquan precious metal refining equipment co., ltd

about us - zhengzhou jinquan precious metal refining equipment co., ltd

ZhengzhouJinquanPreciousMetalRefiningEquipmentCo.,Ltd.is located in the electronic and Electrical Industrial Park of Zhengzhou high tech Zone, Henan Province,China. It is 2km away from gouzhao exit of Lianhuo Expressway and 60km away from Zhengzhou airport. The company specializes in the smelting, refining and environmental protection of precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium), including technology research and development, equipment development, technology promotion, production process design, workshop and plant design, general contracting of precious metal refining engineering, general contracting of laboratory construction projects, and pilot production guidance. The products are: high current density silver electrolytic unit, high current density gold electrolytic unit, swirl electrowinning unit, platinum palladium rhodium refining and purification production system equipment, medium frequency furnace, high frequency furnace, ingot vacuum casting machine, bead spreader, wet gold refining process equipment, gold mud controlled electric chlorination production system equipment, polypropylene storage tank, flue gas absorption tower, nitrogen oxide flue gas Processing system equipment, gold refining mold, fire assay ash dish, lead skin for assay, rhodium refining special reagent. The authorized products are: titanium reaction kettle, glass reaction kettle, enamel reaction kettle, electrolytic rectifier power supply, glass condenser, water chiller, oil pressure machine, laser marking machine, steam generator, aluminum tank, anti-corrosion pump valve, hardware and electrical equipment and other common equipment of rare and precious plants. To undertake the construction projects of the alchemy room, rare and precious plant and laboratory. The company has a group of business backbones with rich production experience, who have respectively served as the chief engineer, deputy general manager of production, director of production plant, workshop director, team leader and other positions of precious metal smelting and refining enterprises, and can provide the owner with a full set of technical services including factory design, non-standard equipment production, agent procurement of standard equipment, installation and commissioning, and field operation guidance. We have successfully completed the turnkey EPC business for many times. So far, the company has successfully completed the gold and silver refining workshop construction projects of dozens of enterprises in the industry. Among the enterprises we have cooperated with, 13 gold refining enterprises have obtained the qualification of "providing standard ingot unit" of Shanghai gold exchange, reflecting the company's high technical level and good service quality. The company has 43 patents in precious metal refining technology and equipment. In 2017, the company was rated as a science and technology enterprise in Henan Province, and in 2018, it was rated as a high-tech enterprise.

complete fire assay laboratory by cupellation gold international machinery | the one stop shop for all of your machinery, equipment, tool & die needs

complete fire assay laboratory by cupellation gold international machinery | the one stop shop for all of your machinery, equipment, tool & die needs

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