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top 10 biggest gold mining companies in the world 2021 - precious metal info

top 10 biggest gold mining companies in the world 2021 - precious metal info

By next year, the industry may feel a little outdated and the third-world mining camps and industrial pollution is doing little to amend that reputation, but the business of gold mining is as essential to the global economy as it has ever been.

The largest gold mining companies in the world are based, generally, in places where there have been successful mining operations previously, such as in the American West, South Africa and Australia. Because there is no conclusive way to determine where the next gold strike will occur, operations can be in several locations with a plurality in Indonesia, West Africa and South America.

Overhead can be onerous for gold mining companies so illiquid assets are common. The cost of doing business is burdensome when an industry does not respect national borders. Therefore, gold mining companies often work in parts of the world where corruption is common, and allegations of international law violations are not uncommon.

We would be remiss not to point out that every company we review in this article has some sort ofenvironmentally friendly initiative that runs counter to the claims of environmental damage from poor governments who seek to make money off fines. Veracity is problematic on both ends.

It can take a new gold mine years to get into production and decades longer to become profitable. For a gold mining company to grow, it must either invest for years in a new mine, buy a smaller mining company with a promising mine or contribute capital to be cut in on the profits of an operation already being run by another mining company.

It's not difficult to invest in gold. Shares in gold mining companies can be purchased on most major trading platforms or in a mutual fund, depending on the products offered by your financial institution.

To present to you accurate summaries of the top 10 gold mining companies, we did our homework. We reviewed media coverage of the mining and metals industry, gathered information available from regulatory bodies and analyzed data furnished by national governments. Additionally, we studied media coverage alleging improper business conduct on the part of mining operations and studies conducted by Human Rights Watch and the United Nations.

We paid special attention to allegations of environmental and human rights crimes, stock prices over the last five years, forecasts for 2019 and any major developments in active mines or the acquisition of active mines.

Barrick Gold Corporation isthelargest gold mining company in the world, although its status is far from assured going forward. The company is headquartered in Toronto and operates mines in Canada, the United States, the Dominican Republic, Argentina, Peru, Papua New Guinea and Chile.

Despite some far-flung operations, Barrick makes the vast majority of its revenue in the Americas. Barrick recently agreed to a lucrative mutual investment with the Chinese mining giant Shandong Gold in an effort to retain its premier status.

The company's all-in sustaining cost margins have eclipsed those of Barrick. Despite a recent pullback in share prices, projections for growth insinuate Newmont will be the industry leader in short order.

Aside from Newmont, the Johannesburg-based mining company AngloGold Ashanti represents Barrick's strongest competition for the top spot in the industry. The company has operations in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, South Africa, Tanzania, Ghana, Guinea, Mali, the Democratic Republic of Congo and a few remote islands in the South Pacific. Modest growth projections suggest Newmont is stronger competition for Barrick, but AngloGold Ashanti is a nascent uptrend that should hold through 2019.

The Kinross Gold Corporation is a mining company with its headquarters in Toronto and active mines in the United States, Brazil, Ghana, Mauritania and Russia. Historically, the company has expanded by conducting mergers and acquisitions to grow in new markets. That has informed projections for substantial growth in 2019 alongside their successful extant projects.

Goldcorp is one of the largest gold mining companies in Canada, with a headquarters in Vancouver and operations in Canada, Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala and the Dominican Republic. The company has a strong reputation as an environmentally responsible operator and a fair employer with the Canadian reputation.

The company has faced a number of legal issues, but has yet to be proven to be at fault for any major infraction common among gold mining companies. The last five years have been difficult for Goldcorp but projections for 2019 are good.

Although Newcrest Mining Limited was founded in New York, it is now among the largest gold mining companies out of Australia. The company's mines are concentrated in Australia, with ancillary operations in Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and the Ivory Coast.

The company's second-most profitable revenue stream behind gold is copper, which Newcrest mines across the company's home country. In 2010, Newcrest merged with Lihir Gold, one of the largest Indonesian gold mining companies, to become a more competitive force in the industry.

The firm's all-in sustaining costs are the worst among the companies reviewed for this article. Polyus has overcome those costs to fuel massive increases in share price over the course of 2015 and 2016, after which the price stabilized.

Gold Fields Limited is the second-largest of South Africa's gold mining companies. The company is headquartered in Johannesburg, and it has active operations in South Africa, Ghana, Australia and Peru.

Gold Fields has historically relied on acquisitions to expand the company's presence in regions where it is already active. The company runs a very efficient operation in terms of all-in sustaining cost compared to the largest gold mining companies in the world.

Agnico Eagle Mines Limited is one of the largest gold mining companies in Canada. Its headquarters are in Toronto and it has operations in Canada, Mexico and Finland. Despite a hit to share prices early in 2018, the company's share value has climbed by 18 percent since 2014. Its share price also beat third quarter earnings and revenue expectations to maintain the company's long-term uptrend.

Freeport-McMoRan is the largest of Arizona's gold mining companies. The firm operates primarily in the American West but it also has active mines in Chile, Peru, Spain and Indonesia. The company's gold business lags behindits performance in molybdenum and copper production.

In the last five years, Freeport-McMoRan's share price is down nearly 70%, but projects are in the works to put the company back on track. As of the third quarter of 2018, the company is on a nascent uptrend.

Among these companies, it is most likely Newmont will overtake Barrick in 2019 as the largest gold mining outfit on the planet and a share price to reflect its achievement. That being said, it is hard to bet against a company with the track record of a firm like Barrick, especially when you consider its new partnership with Shandong Gold.

The only other firm with a realistic shot at overtaking the reigning champion is AngloGold Ashanti, which, admittedly, does not have as strong a chance as Newmont. If the heavyweights are too thick for your blood, consider investing in Agnico Eagle or Freeport-McMoRan, dark horse companies with strong projections. No matter what, do not miss out on the gold market in 2019.

500,000 year old artifact discovered in california; ancient machinery?

500,000 year old artifact discovered in california; ancient machinery?

The next day Mike Mikesell broke a blade while cutting what he thought was a geode, inside the objectthat he was cutting, Mikesell found anything but the typical cavity geodes usually has, to his surprise, he discovereda perfectly circular section of a hard white material that looked like porcelain. In the center of the porcelain cylinder axiswas a 2 mm shiny metal. The metal shaft seemed like a magnet but there were other strange qualities in theobject. The surface was very rough and it appeared as if it was coated with fossilized shells.

In addition to these strange deposits, he also foundtwo nonmagnetic metallic objects embedded in the crust, which seemed like a metallicnail and apacking ring. As Mike Mikesell was analyzing the object, it seemed to get even stranger. The inner layer was hexagonal and seemed to form a shell around the cylinder of hard porcelain. On the inside, alayer of very deteriorated coppersurrounded the porcelain cylinder.

Very little is known about the first inspections of this mysterious artifact. According to Virginia Maxey, they consulted a geologist who asked to remain unknown, according to this mysterious geologist who examined the fossil shells embedded in the sample, the piece would have taken at least 500,000 years to reach its current form. So what is a spark plug doing inside an artifact dating at least half a million years?

The object was submitted to further testing that confirmed the anomalies of the object as the artifact was submitted toboth X-rays and visible light testing. X-rays revealed that in the upper half of the device there wassome sort of coil. In the other half of the artifact revealed what seemed a metal sleeve, presumably the copper covering the porcelain cylinder.

In 1963, the strange objectthat was dubbed The Coso Artifact and was exhibited at the Museum of East California in the town of Independence for a period of three months. Then, for years it was exhibitedin the home of Wallace Lane, one of the original three discoverers of the 500 thousand-year-old artifact. In 1969 Wallace Lane received an offer of $25,000 for the mysteriousobject but he refused to sell it.

The Coso Artifact remains a mystery. It is an object that appears to be lost as many other artifacts discovered in the past that have provided us with not only subjects to talk about, but with new challenges for history books.Who built the artifact, and what its purpose was will probably remain a mystery less the object is found, once again, so that other researchers might analyze it thoroughly.

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