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high quality flotation machine for mineral concentration

flotation machine in wide application | fote machinery

flotation machine in wide application | fote machinery

Applied materials: non-ferrous and ferrous metals, precious metals and non-metallic minerals such as phosphorite, fluorite, lead-zinc ore, copper ore, gold ore, iron ore, aluminum ore, lead ore, potash feldspar, quartz, etc.

Flotation cell: It has a slurry inlet and a gate device for adjusting the slurry surface. It is mainly composed of a tank welded with steel plate and a gate welded with steel plate and round steel.

Aeration device: It consists of the intake-tube. When the impeller rotates, a negative pressure is generated in the impeller cavity, so the air is inhaled through the hollow pump tube and dispersed in the slurry to form a bubble cluster.

On the one hand, sufficient air is inhaled to mix with the slurry. On the other hand, the slurry is mixed with the reagents, so that the mineral can adhere to the refined foams and then mineralized foams are formed after floating to the surface of the slurry. The useful foams are scraped out by the scraper by adjusting the height of the gate.

The purpose is to adjust and control the physical and chemical properties of the phase interface, to promote the selective adhesion of bubbles and different mineral particles and to separate each other.

The ore particles with good floatability are attached to the bubbles to form mineralized foams. While those with poor floatability cannot be attached to the bubbles but remain in the cells, and are discharged from the flotation machine as tailings.

Many factors affect the flotation process, among which the more important ones include mineral size (grinding fineness), pulp concentration, addition and adjustment of reagents, slurry temperature, water quality, flotation flowsheet, etc.

The upper limit of the floatable particle size of minerals is different. For example, for sulfide minerals, it is generally 0.2~0.25 mm; 0.25~0.3 mm for non-sulfide minerals. For some non-metallic minerals with low density (such as coal), it can also be increased.

The adjustment of slurry before flotation is an important operation in the flotation process, including the determination of slurry concentration and the selection of slurry adjustment methods, etc.

The flotation process is carried out in the aqueous medium, but the water quality used in the flotation process varies with time and place. According to different situations, the water used in flotation can be divided into soft water (the most used one), hard water, saltwater, backwater, etc.

The course of slurry flow through each operation in the flotation process is called the flowsheet. It mainly discusses three issues: the number of sections in the flotation flowsheet, the dressing order of useful minerals and the internal structure of the flowsheet.

In order to ensure the full dissociation of useful minerals and to prevent the ore from being over-crushed as much as possible, there are several types of flotation process commonly used: one-stage, two-stage and multi-stage grinding and flotation process.

The flotation process of polymetallic ores has four basic forms in terms of the ore dressing order: preferential flotation process, bulk flotation process, partial bulk preferential flotation process, iso-flotability flotation, etc.

After the flowsheet is determined, the internal structure of each circuit must be further determined, that is, the number of roughing, concentration and scavenging within each flotation circuit and the processing problems of the middlings.

According to the ore characteristics, under the grinding fineness of 65% of -0.074 mm, with BKZ as the collector and CaO as the regulator, Fote adopts a process of single-stage roughing, two-stage scavenging and two-stage concentration.

Country Ore type Grade of raw tungsten ore Grade of tungsten ore concentration Tungsten recovery rate Bolivia Tungsten ore 0.2% 21.20% >65%

In the process, Fote adopts a combination of high-efficiency new chelating collector GYB and auxiliary collector FW, and at the same time uses the characteristics of the high recovery rate of the spiral chute to process the concentrate.

Country Ore type Copper recovery rate Lead recovery rate Zinc recovery rate Peru Copper-lead-zinc ore 85.2% 50.4% 87.3%

Through detailed technological process and condition test, Fote determined that copper and lead can float with single-stage roughing and scavenging; copper and lead can be separated by single-stage roughing, concentration and scavenging; lead can float through two-stage roughing, single-stage concentration and scavenging; zinc can float through two-stage roughing, three-stage concentration and scavenging.

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