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how a roller crusher crush coal gangue | fote machinery

how a roller crusher crush coal gangue | fote machinery

Coal gangue is an abandoned rock discharged during coal mining and processing. When mining coal, the rock layers or bottom plates from the roof of the coal seam, as well as the various types of rock excavated and blasted from around the coal seam during the excavation are all called coal gangue.

Coal gangue utilization is an important part of comprehensive utilization of resources. The utilization of coal gangue can increase the economic benefits of coal enterprises, improve coal mine production structure and environmental quality.

In China, the total installed capacity of generators of low calorific value fuel such as coal gangue reached 28 million kW, and the single unit capacity was from 6 to 300 MW. The annual utilization of coal gangue was 140 million tons, and the annual power generation was 160 billion kWh.

Since the 1970s, the US Bureau of Mines has sampled and analyzed all coal gangue hills and made comprehensive plans for coal gangue utilization. For example, the heat energy is directly recovered from the burning coal gangue mountain for both recovering the heat and controlling pollution.

Because coal gangue brick products have characteristics of lightweight, high strength, good load-bearing seismic performance, excellent thermal insulation, heat insulation and sound insulation, so it is a broad market.

Road construction and backfilling are also important ways for comprehensive utilization of coal gangue. The use of coal gangue as engineering packing materials do not require an increase in cost and need a large amount of use, which brings good economic efficiency to the coal mine.

There are three main types of coal gangue for chemical use: the first is to extract a rare element in coal gangue by various methods, such as Ga, Se, Ti, Co, etc. The second is to recover beneficial mineral products such as kaolin; the third is the production of silicon, aluminum, sulfur and other inorganic chemical products.

The use of coal gangue fertilizer is mainly based on the fact that coal gangue contains rich organic carbon, and the organic matter content in the soil can be greatly increased after being applied to the soil.

The roll crusher is mainly suitable for fine crushing operations with a feed size of less than 150 mm and a finished product size of 100 mesh to 2 mm. What are the advantages of the roll crusher in use?

Compared with the striking type crushing equipment, the biggest disadvantage of the roll crusher is that the "crushing ratio" is relatively small, the particle size of the product changes with the wear of the gap of the roller, and the crushing effect on the sheet-like material is poor.

Therefore, the most important thing about using the roll crusher is the method of stepwise crushing. When crushing coal gangue, it should go through three processes of "coarse-middle-fine crushing".

The surface of the roll crusher is easily worn to grooves and makes the gap between the rolls larger, thereby reducing the crushing effect. When the roller is new, the gap between the two rollers is the smallest, and the fineness of the crushing is the best.

Therefore, to obtain a good coal gangue crushing product, the work we have to do is to minimize the variation value from fine to coarse, and to control the crushing particle size within the allowable range to ensure the quality of the product.

When crushing coal gangue, to achieve the target particle size, three processes of "coarse-middle-fine crushing" are usually carried out. According to the previous configuration experience, we configure a detailed crushing production line for the 10t/h coal gangue:

Raw material warehouseGZD6502300 vibrating feederPE400600 jaw crusher2PG0640 roll crusher3YK1237 vibrating screenDMC64 dust collectorfinished silo (also several B500 conveyors of different lengths).

It can be seen from the above that when there are three specifications of the finished coal gangue, the jaw crusher can be used as the first crush, and the roll crusher is used for the medium and fine crushing.

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detailed explanation of compound crusher | zy mining

detailed explanation of compound crusher | zy mining

Compound crusher is abbreviated as compound crusher. It is also called vertical crusher and vertical impact crusher because of its vertical shaft-type up and down placement structure design. It is one of the general equipment in sand making production line and crushing production line. The composite crusher technology combines the technical advantages of similar crushers at home and abroad, and aims to save energy. The main technical parameters are designed and optimized to become a new type of fine crushing and coarse grinding products.

The compound crusher is widely used in the crushing of various ore, cement, gypsum, limestone, dolomite, quartz stone, coal gangue, refractory materials, bauxite clinker, emery, glass raw materials and other high-hard and special hard materials. It is widely used in the crushing of machine-made sand and various metallurgical slags. Compared with other types of crushers, it has higher profitability. It is currently the best model to replace cone crushers, counter-roll crushers and ball mills in the world.

a. The hammer and rotor of the compound crushing are rigidly connected. The inertia of the whole rotor is used to impact the material, which can obtain greater speed and kinetic energy, making it easier to crush and lower energy consumption.

g. New hammer head structure design, abandoning the traditional integral structure design, adopting combined structure design, only need to replace the severely worn parts, greatly improving the service life of the hammer head, effectively reducing the production cost and the replacement frequency of equipment wearing parts.

h. The counterattack plate of the material adopts a ribbed structure, because the sharp corners of the ribbed parts have high casting quality and hardness after heat treatment, and have strong wear resistance. With the gradual increase of the wear resistance surface, the wear size gradually slows down, and the counterattack The plate material is made of wear-resistant alloy steel, which is conducive to the extension of the life of the impact plate. The installation method of the impact plate is to push in the hinge from the side, and then tighten it by the fastening nut.

2. The hammers are arranged with six hammers at 60 intervals between the two partitions. The arrangement of the hammers in this way effectively utilizes the space strike ability of the hammers in the crushing cavity space, which can significantly improve the crushing efficiency and reduce Energy consumption.

4. The combined hammerhead design is used instead of the overall design. When a single hammerhead is severely worn, it is not necessary to replace all of it. You only need to replace the worn one, which can greatly reduce production costs and extend the life of the hammer.

Lubricating oil is used for sliding bearings, and oil injection pipe must be used. The oil injection pipe can be a steel pipe with threads at both ends, one end is fixed on the machine cover, and one end is fixed on the machine base with a nut.

This machine adopts a felt ring type seal, using the rectangular cross-section felt ring embedded in the trapezoidal groove to press against the shaft to obtain the sealing effect of preventing the leakage of lubricating oil and the intrusion of foreign impurities and dust into the bearing chamber.

In the process of material crushing, it is inevitable that a large piece of material that is difficult to crush will fall between the counterattack plate and the rotor, which will easily cause material blockage. In order to facilitate the clear blocking of materials and ensure the normal operation of the machine, a protective door is opened.

The movement state of the ground material in the compound crusher is divided into two parts, one is rotating in the cylinder, and the other is the state of throwing down after being brought to a certain height, that is, the state of throwing down. The main form of crushing in the former is grinding, and the main form of crushing in the latter is impact. The materials in the cavity are fully broken with the comprehensive action of grinding and impact.

The material enters the crushing cavity from the feed inlet, and is impacted, sheared, cleaved, and broken by the hammer, so that the particle size of the material is reduced. Self-impact crushing further reduces and balances the particle size of the material, so as to achieve the purpose of fine and uniform crushing of the material.

The price of the compound crusher is not expensive, mainly based on the model required by the user. The equipment has a wide range of applications, the equipment price is relatively affordable, and the cost is low. The market price ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. The specific price Please click contact to get in touch with us.

As a large-scale composite crusher manufacturer, Zhongyuan Mine produces a composite crusher with reasonable structure design. The parts and accessories are made of high-quality materials and are built through various reasonable processing procedures. The quality of the equipment is relatively hard, with a large crushing ratio and energy consumption. Small size, stable operation, simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance, long service life, low equipment cost, etc., which can help users create higher economic benefits. It is very suitable for the processing and production of large, medium and small stones. Zhongyuan has perfect pre-sales After-sales and after-sales service can ensure the smooth production of users. Users are welcome to come and buy.

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