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how can multiple axis shake table function

how to make two y axis in chart in excel?

how to make two y axis in chart in excel?

If you have data range as shown as below, and you want to make two y axes in chart for more clearly viewing the data, how could you do? Here I will tell you the detail on making two y axes in a chart in Excel.

In Excel 2013, you need to change the chart type by right clicking the column, and select Change Series Chart Type to open the Change Chart Type dialog, then click All Charts tab and specify series chart type and the secondary axis in Choose the chart type and axis for your data series section, then click OK.

add axes for multiple measures in views - tableau

add axes for multiple measures in views - tableau

In any of these cases you can customize the marks for each axis to use multiple mark types and add different levels of detail. Views that have customized marks are called combination or combo charts.

Instead of adding rows and columns to the view, when you blend measures there is a single row or column and all of the values for each measure is shown along one continuous axis. For example, the view below shows quarterly sales and profit on a shared axis.

Note: If you drag a measure on to the canvas and only see a single ruler indicator instead of the double ruler indicator shown below, Tableau creates dual axes instead of a blended axis. For more information about how to create dual axes, see Compare two measures using dual axes.

Blending measures uses the Measure Names and Measure Values fields, which are generated fields that contain all of the measure names in your data source and all of the measure values. The shared axis is created using the Measure Values field. The Measure Names field is added to Color on the Marks card so that a line is drawn for each measure. Finally, the Measure Names field is filtered to only include the measures you want to blend.

To align the two axes in a dual axes chart to use the same scale, right-click (control-click on Mac) the secondary axis, and select Synchronize Axis. This aligns the scale of the secondary axis to the scale of the primary axis.

Note: To synchronize axes, the data types for both measures must be the same. If the data types for your measures are different, see the section below. You can synchronize dual axes for numeric data types that don't match. For example, you can synchronize an axis that uses an integer data type and an axis that uses decimal data type.

If you would like to change which axis is the primary, and which axis is the secondary, select the field on the Columns or Rows shelf that is the secondary, and drag it in front of the primary field on the shelf until you see an orange triangle appear.

The Synchronize Axis option ensures that you make a scaled and correct comparison in a dual axes chart. However, sometimes this option may not be available (grayed out). This is because the data type of one of the axes is different from the other.

Note:In a chart with dual axes, starting with version 2018.1, you can synchronize dual axes for numeric data types that don't match. For example, you can synchronize an axis that uses an integer data type and an axis that uses decimal data type.

For example, in the view below the Sales Marks card is active. The Mark Type has been changed to Bar and when Product Type is placed on Color on theSales Marks card, the encoding and level of detail is only applied to the Sales marks. The Budget Sales mark is not broken down by Product Type.

When working with multiple measures in a view, you can customize the mark type for each distinct measure. Because each measure can have customized marks, you can customize the level of detail, size, shape, and color encoding for each measure too.

For example, you could create a view that uses two measures in dual axes. One measure shows Profit with a line mark, and the other measure shows Sales with bar marks. You could also choose to display the measures as individual axes or blended axes.

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