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industrial quilting machines

industrial quilting machines | abm international - home

industrial quilting machines | abm international - home

A Quilting Machine sewstwo or more layers of fabric together to make a thicker padded material. Typically, quilting is done with three layers: the top fabric or quilt top, batting or insulating material, and backing material, but many different styles can be adopted. ABM Quilting Machines can handle the toughest of materials and thread to adapt to any industry. Our programmable pattern sewing machines can run any .dxf pattern created in any CAD software.

industrial sewing machines [commercial business] embroidery & quilting machines

industrial sewing machines [commercial business] embroidery & quilting machines

Commercial machines are the lifeline of your business. Thats why you need the very best when its time to replace one of your machines. We have only the best industrial machines in stock, from brands you trust, like Juki and Consew. We also offer long-arm, blind stitch, upholstery, and walking foot machines. Whatever type of machine you need to do your job, we have it.

We also offer heat presses to make your materials easy to work with. And since we offer free shipping on all order over $50, you can have your new machines shipped right to your door. Have questions? Reach out to our customer service department. Wed love to help you find your next machine!

best industrial sewing machine for 2021 [our reviews and comparisons]

best industrial sewing machine for 2021 [our reviews and comparisons]

For those involved in large-scale manufacturing of clothes or fabric, it is essential to choose the right kind of machines. Additionally, those wanting to start small businesses should also spend time researching the machines that fit their requirements.

Industrial sewing machines are fast, accurate, and incredibly dependable when it comes to handling large quantities of stitching. When it comes to these machines you must invest wisely keeping in mind your need and comfort so that it proves to be an efficient machine in the long run. It is a good idea to look at the size, space requirement, stitches per minute, and other applications to decide which one is the best workable machine for you. Here is a list that will help you decide.

The Juki DNU-1541 is an excellent, single-needle, straight stitch, walking foot industrial sewing machine. It is most suitable for stitching material like heavyweight fabrics. It is fitted with walking foot technology, a rectangular feed, and a higher needle stroke, which is used for penetrating heavier materials such as leather.

The machine offers has brilliant sewing capabilities and while its responsiveness is prompt. Additionally, the machines rectangular feeding motion delivers consistent feeding of materials of all kinds of thicknesses without any stitches gathering. It comes with many accessories that provide the user with a sense of satisfaction.

The unit dimensions are 48 inches by 20 inches by 48 inches in length, width, and height. It weighs 36.5kg. It comes fitted on a new stand and tabletop. The maximum sewing speed of the machine is 2500 SPM. The stitch length extends till 9mm while the needle measures 135 X 17.

The pressers foot lift clearance by hand measures 9 mm while the presser foot lift clearance by knee measures 16 mm. The measurement of the alternating vertical movements of the walking foot and presser foot is 6.5 mm. However what remains unchanged is the ratio between alternating vertical movements of the walking foot and presser foot, even when the material thickness changes. The amount of altering vertical movement varies between 2.5-6.5mm. It can sew through multi-layered parts of a material with consistent stitching pitch while preventing stitch gathering. You can select the Stitch length by the stitch dial.

You also get a clear view needle area, as the bobbin thread winder is on the front face of the machine arm. The needle bar stroke is 36 mm. The provided rectangular feed prevents the needle from fraying. Knee-lifter mechanism present in the bed, which reduces the pressure required to operate the facilities setup.

Also, the machines full open-type top design makes adjusting easier. The hook type is a horizontal-axis full-rotary double-capacity hook. The distance from needle to machine arm is a comfortable 10.3 inches.

The powerful 110V machine with an industrial clutch motor is ideal for sustaining over long periods. The lubricating mechanism uses a centralized oil wick which preventing wastage of time. It comes with a machine head, table, stand, motor, sewing light, drawer, and all necessary components installed and ready to sew.

As this machine has a servo motor it uses up to 90% less power than clutch motors and with just a switch you can reverse motor rotation. The parts do not wear out and the configured speed remains the same no matter hard you press the foot pedal. This makes it useful for both beginning and experienced users.

The Juki HZL-DX Series Sewing Machine is an industrial sewing and stitching machine that produces excellent quality on all types of materials. Even if you are a beginner you can certainly adapt to its speed and pace. It has all sorts of adjustments that prevent any change in the sewing density.

This is a computer-controlled machine that offers an advanced operation with simple use. The automatic threading system saves time by ensuring that you place the thread in the guide, lower the lever and thread the needle. A bobbin winder system functions with an independent motor. You can just start the winding yourself by winding some thread around the bobbin and pass the thread through the guide. There is also a cutter right next to the bobbin which cuts the thread after winding.

It can sew at a speed of 1,050 SPM. You have the option of sewing at rapid speeds, or you can hold the needle button to sew slowly. This works out best when you stop or start as this requires precision. The low-speed inching sewing helps in sewing corners faster and accurately.

This then leads to foot controls which are different in the Juki DX7. Its footswitch function offers versatility, assigned foot controls, heel function, side of foot function. If you want to assign the controls, then you have the option of customizing the pedal to what suits you ensuring that the heel, side, and other foot controls are working simultaneously. The function can be set to presser foot lifting, reverse stitching, thread trimming, and single stitching. You will deliver efficiency when you master the foot controls.

The other features that stand out are the adjustable settings and stitches. You can indulge in experimentation with a slew of settings. Firstly a variety of stitches are offered which is controlled through the touchscreen interface. There are 287 stitch patterns, 4 available fonts as well as 10 direct stitch patterns.

The Juki DX7 can be used for everything from clothing to fabrics. It is a heavy-duty, the sewing machine that can sew through denim and thicker fabric without missing a stitch. Whenever you want to change the stitch type you need to refer to the adjustment dial to adjust the width and length. The stitch dial presents adjustment options. When you want to use a zigzag stitch, you can make slight adjustments while sewing. You can also create elongated patterns. This makes it easy to make adjustments when sewing.

For an effective and smooth experience, the tension settings are done automatically. Additionally, the free motion arm swing that works at the flip of the switch allows for free-motion sewing. When the machine is in free motion, you can use a straight stitch and the specialized zigzag.

The convenient thing here is the presser foot height which can still be adjusted in free-motion sewing, making it easier for different fabric thicknesses and types. The reverse stitch and lock stitch can be switched with the press of a button. The unit will stop after one cycle if you press the button in the middle of a pattern, whereas the starting and reverse stitch speeds can be adjusted.

There is a floating button that enables you to sew with the presser foot slightly raised. This mechanism ensures that you sew without pushing the different layers or creating uneven seams when sewing. To make it more accurate it comes equipped with a 0.1mm increment adjustments to lift the presser foot to your exact reference. The knee-lifting serves two functions, enabling you to lift the presser foot to 0.5 and switching back to the automatic function.

To provide a much more accurate result and precisely deliver it includes a presser-foot pivot function that allows you to sew corners or make pivots with ease. Whenever you decide to resume your sewing the foot will lower automatically to allow for smooth sewing. This automatic pivot function can also be switched off. The presser foot is lifted after thread trimming. Since it has an automatic lifting function you can rapidly remove fabrics. This too can be switched off.

The good thing about this machine is that the automatic threading works. Depending on what and how much fabric you are sewing on you can control the stitches effectively. You can boost the swing speed or slow down for greater control.

Some users have experienced problems with the automatic bobbin winding system which stops when the bobbin is 2/3 full. As a result, you constantly have to refill the bobbin system. It is more time- consuming especially when working with larger projects.

The JUKI TL-2000Qi is a versatile and outstanding machine. Be its longevity, durability, or stability this machine aces all three categories. It delivers some great stitches and produces high-quality results. It is one of the most recommended machines for a heavy industrial sewing machine as it is long-lasting.

Unlike other machines, it does not come packed with features rather it is quite consistent. The durability of the product is best explained through the heavy aluminum frame making it very heavy and immobile. For a professional sewer who has a dedicated sewing room or space, this machine does wonders. If you sew professionally and sell your garments, this machine is a great choice that will last for years.

Measuring 17.8 x 8.6 x 13.8 inches, the JUKI TL-2000Qi is a versatile machine. This machine comes with only 1 stitch which is produced in high quality making your garments look professional and be of better quality. It certainly does not sit well with beginners who want to try decorative stitches.

The speed is one of its highlights as it can operate at 1500 SPM, way more than the typical 850spm offered by other sewing machines. This makes it ideal for multiple sewing projects and speed delivery. The length of the stitch can be controlled by using the stitch length control dial present on the side of the machine. The dial varies from 1mm-6mm.

The machine comes with a standard foot, a 1/5 inch quilting foot, and an even-feed foot. There is also a regulator at the top of the machine, that allows you to adjust the pressure of the presser foot with ease.

You can now customize your sewing depending on the various fabrics being used. This machine has a presser feet for all instances be it quilting or sewing through heavyweight fabrics. It can also be used for free-motion quilting as well as freehand embroidery. The feed foot makes difficult fabrics, like leather, velvets, and georgettes a smooth stitch.

The free motion function automatically stops the needle in the down position, so you can easily pivot your work for a more accurate design. The manual option is also available so you can move the needle up or down whenever necessary by just the press of a button for the up/down needle function.

The automatic threader saves you time and stress threading the needle. The trimming system is foot-controlled and works when you press back on the pedal with your heel to trim precisely where you want. Also present is an automatic thread trimming button that trims the top and bobbin threads.

You can turn the dial, to adjust the tension to suit the material and thread. The built-in microcomputer adjusts the speed control mechanism, ensuring that you can sew at slower speeds for thicker or more delicate materials. The machine has a large working area measuring 23 inches, including a flat-bed extension table to make your work area larger. The size of the newly-designed bobbin case is larger and has a convenient latch for effective removal and replacement.

A handy tool for advanced and professional sewers the knee lever allows you to lift or drop your presser foot hands-free, for better focus on the fabric. The most interesting thing is that since it is a free motion machine you do not have to manually lift or drop the needle when you need to turn corners or end seams evenly on your quilting project. All you need to do is raise or lower the feed dogs with a simple press of a switch.

This machine is a boon for quilters and is one of the most talked-about products in the market. With an excellent stitching speed and reasonably priced the Brother PQ1500SL Sewing and Quilting Machine that is popular amongst quilters.

It is not limited to the type of user and can be used both for quilting and everyday sewing projects, despite the limited stitch selection. It has been for some time the highest-rated and best-valued machines

Most professionals prefer their machine with a high-speed sewing machine and this one does just that. It has a maximum sewing speed of 1,500 SPM but uses a foot pedal to control the sewing speed. This does leave the control in your hands as you can move as quickly or as slowly. Better speed ensures quick completion.

It is equipped with an auto threader, needle positioner, and thread trimmers. These time-saving features work to save you time. It has a built-in knee lever that allows for hands-free lifting and lowering of the presser foot. This ensures that you can re-position or remove the fabric. The added extension table, which measures 12 x 18 adds necessary working space so that you can layout your fabric as you please.

For the sewists who enjoy free motion quilting the feed dog height adjustment feature comes with four height adjustments. The pin feed mechanism allows you to exchange the feed dogs for a pin that cleanly extends from underneath the machine.

The quilt layers together with ease, difficult fabrics like velvet can be stitched with ease when the pin allows you to move yours without retaining feed dog marks. The thread tension control can be switched via a touch dial adjusting the quilting machines tension level.

It is quite easy to thread and position the needle as this can be achieved with the push of a button saving you a lot of time. The bobbin casing is on the side of the machine rather than on the top or front. The location as well as height is conveniently placed so that it is easy to switch out bobbins while youre sewing.

This machine comes with numerous accessories such as an adjustable zipper, rolled hem, spring action quilting, walking, invisible zipper. Additional accessories include 7 pressure feet, an extra-large extension table, knee lifter, machine cover, seam guide, fabric separator, 5 bobbins, needles, a cleaning brush, 2 screwdrivers, lining plate screw, and an English/Spanish instruction manual. The PQ1500SL is designed with small oil holes on the outside which makes oiling the machine easier.

The Juki HZL-F600 is computerized and a unique industrial machine when it comes to design. While skilled operators and intermediate users can utilize it for its features it is not recommended for beginners.

It comes with a host of features and accessories such as an impressive built-in 225 sewing stitches. Whether you want to sew on regular fabrics or quilts it is one of the best options for industrial machines. Its highlighting features are that it is incredibly quiet, awesome in power, and a consistent workhorse.

With a large variety of patterns and stitches available to you with one and two-touch convenience, you can experiment with 250 different sewing patterns in four different fonts. With a press of a button, you can do the popular sewing patterns, including applique stitch and blanket stitch. The stitch size varies from a maximum of 5mm in length and a maximum of 7mm in width.

The electronic buttonholes automatically measure and evenly sew on both the right and left sides. You can choose from 16 buttonhole styles for any fabric. Lightly stitched buttonholes can be created for shirts and heavy-weight buttonholes for coats. This also includes adjusting the width of the buttonhole without increasing or decreasing the stitching size. So be it thin or wide buttons, you can adjust buttonholes for thick or thin fabrics.

The machine includes a quick thread bobbin case that can be done by following the clearly marked threading path. The independent bobbin winder allows you to sew and wind bobbins at the same time. You must first put the bobbin in place, then catch the thread on the base, and follow it up by pushing the lever. With just a push of a lever, you can enable the automatic needle threader, to thread the needle.

One of its exclusive features is the thread trimming that trims the top and bobbin threads three ways. The exclusive foot controlled trimming system requires you to rock your heel back on the foot controller causing your thread to be precisely cut.

The complete control feature allows you to change up and down needle position, program automatic thread trimming, program a pattern or pattern sequence to stitch once or multiple times, program the foot control trimming, set the contrast on the LCD screen, change the volume on the machine buzzer. You can also select from 8 languages and open the on-board sewing guide when you need a little help.

It is still reasonably lightweight at just over 20 pounds. Youll be able to use it in virtually any environment at a location that works well for you so that you can get through all of your sewing chores quickly and efficiently.

The Juki DU-1181N is attractively priced and is a straight stitch, single-needle, top, and bottom feed machine. It is used to stitch materials, ranging from delicate lace to vinyl. Any experienced professional will find this machine extremely efficient.

This machine measures 48 inches by 20 inches by 48 inches in length, width, and height. It is a reliable, cost-effective, and heavy-duty sewing device that serves professionals efficiently. It has an astonishing speed of up to 2,000 SPM and can stitch through almost anything.

However, it must be noted that whenever you switch from lighter to heavier materials modify the position of the take-up lever screw on the front of the machine. The material will remain undamaged and you will achieve the most impressive results.

The interesting speed-adjustment dial on the motor makes it quite convenient in this range. The powerful top and bottom feed mechanism, ensures smooth functioning of the feed material or a multi-layered part of the material without causing any pitch errors, thereby achieving consistent seam quality.

The high lift of the presser foot mainly functions with a knee lifter, which is as high as 15mm. In case you have to support more layers of material that require a higher lift of the presser foot or if you have to use piping and tape attachments to your fabric. The lift of the presser foot by hand is 5.5 mm. The lift of the presser foot by knee is 15mm.

The stitch length varies and can be extended to 9mm. This makes the machine capable of a broader range of sewing processes. Besides, the double capacity hook provided is quite standard and has a horizontal-axis. This decreases the frequency of bobbin thread changing, and enable sewing work with increased efficiency.

One of the other main features of this machine is the automatic lubrication that is possible due to the pump-unit type automatic lubricating mechanism that is essential and effective in improving maintainability. As far as the amount of oil required for the faceplate and hook goes it is adjustable. It has a grease tank and oil wick lubrication mechanism. This low-vibration and low-noise is the result of a servo motor, that also includes a table.

This machine is excellent in terms of operability. For effective stitching, you can adjust it in both the normal and reverse directions. The feed dog has the adjustment mechanism. The walking foot and presser foot has a certain variation in the amount of the alternating vertical movement. They are adjustable within a range of 2mm to 5mm depending upon the height of a multi-layered section of material.

There are three rubber caps on top of the machine head. Once you open them you can adjust the horizontal feed cam, top and bottom feed cam, and top feed cam. The machine comes with features such as a Machine head, Jack stand on wheels, Jack silent servo motor, and an original Juki high-quality tabletop.

Out of all the machines listed, JUKI DU-1181N Industrial Top and Bottom Feed Sewing Machine is the popular choice for industrial sewing machines. It is a good, reliable, and durable machine that comes with a range of features to explore. You can of course always look for the perfect machine suitable for your requirements and only then invest in one.

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nolting longarm quilting machines

nolting longarm quilting machines

Nolting is the workhorse of longarms. Our products are built by skilled machinists to be reliable, low maintenance and of the highest quality. Our customer service is essential in providing individuals and families the opportunity to express themselves through quilting.

industrial quilting system home of custom quilting machine

industrial quilting system home of custom quilting machine

Introduced in June 2016, The Quilting Master IV-XTI will quickly secured the top spot for all of our top clients. This new system has a completely redesigned sewing head that has been in the design stage for 2 years. It allows for a much faster 3,000 SPM

Its drive systems have been improved to rack & pinion drive linear rail systems for the smoothest operation. All the computer controls have been integrated within the central bridge of the system, enhancing the elegant look & ease of operation.

We are proud to celebrate nearly half a century in the business of custom quilting & designing quilting systems. Our adventure began with the purchase of our first computer quilting and embroidery systems in 1994.

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