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the effie smart home ironing & drying machine | ireviews

the effie smart home ironing & drying machine | ireviews

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Using the perfect combination of both heat and steam, the all-new Effie machine is capable of drying and ironing up to 12 articles of clothing. With just a press of a button, Effie spits out perfectly pressed garments whether its your shirts, trousers, t-shirts, blouses, short dresses, bedsheets, towels, pillowcases, etc. If you like your socks and underwear toasty before tackling the day, just toss them in Effie and let the machine work its magic.

Taking only six minutes to dry and iron each time (only three to just iron each item), the Effie machine is a huge time saver especially for the businessperson needing freshly pressed attire each day. If youre especially OCD about maintaining the creases in your shirts or the pleats in your pants, the Effie comes with a touch-up tool connected to the device. Equipped with an intuitive companion app, users will know the exact moment their garments are dried and pressed. Youll get a real-time notification that your dress shirts are ready to go for the next two weeks.

So what differentiates the Effie ironing machine from the portable handheld dry cleaning devices currently on the market? For one, the Effie allows you to take your clothes directly from the washer and hang them onto the machines automated rail. The end result: up to 12 articles of clothing dried, neatly pressed, and wrinkle-free. Secondly, the portable steaming units can only tackle up to one article of clothing at a time. And if youve ever had the misfortune of using one of these devices, you know that it takes well over six minutes to get out any tough wrinkles. Finally, theres really no need to sort any of your clothes prior to hanging them on Effies special adjustable hangers. Whether its polyester, cotton, silk, viscose, or denim, simply line them all up and let the ironing machine work its magic.

Equipped with a proprietary pressing system, the Effie device knows the difference between a cotton shirt and a delicate blouse. Effie will alter its pressing technique for a cotton shirt making contact with the fabric in order to dry and smooth out the wrinkles. A delicate blouse, on the other hand, goes through a strategic steaming process without ever touching the fabric. Whether its an expensive blouse or a rugged T-shirt, both come out creaseless and ready to wear in six minutes.

Theres really no difficult setup process. Just gather all of your garments from the wash, hang them up on the adjustable hangers, and press the start button. Since theres a removable tank system, you just need to add water if the basin gets low. The best part: theres no hooking up your Effie to your homes plumbing system. Its a highly portable ironing machine designed to roll out of sight as soon as youre done using it.

The Effie will come with a slot for adding fragrance pods so your clothes come out smelling nice and fresh. Buyers have the option of purchasing replacement pods and hangers through Effies companion app.

Effie will be the worlds first domestic automated ironing machine and we cant wait to bring it to you. With 1,000s of drawings, prototypes, and an electrocution, the evolution of Effie has been a journey with more plot twists than Harry Potter. Join us for the next chapter!The Effiie ironing machine is scheduled to ship March of 2018 and is currently available for pre-order through the companys website.

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I have put my name down for info regarding the unit but still no news. I see that in the description the Effie comes with an electrocution? Do I take it that the Effie comes with no earthing facility. I guess this may explain why I havent heard back from you.

I have put my name down for info regarding the unit but still no news. I see that in the description the Effie comes with an electrocution? Do I take it that the Effie comes with no earthing facility. I guess this may explain why I have

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