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design crush - art, design & inspiration

design crush - art, design & inspiration

It must have been May or June when Getaway first popped up on my radar. Their tiny cabins nestled in nature were instantly appealing to my boyfriend, Aaron, and I were not very outdoorsy, but loved the idea of getting off the grid for even an evening and were thrilled that dogs are welcome. Wed originally planned for a trip timed to the changing leaves in autumn, but life intervened and we werent able to make it happen. Lucky for us, Getaway reached out last month to see if we wanted to try out their Beaver Creek outpost in Ohio thats only a short 35 minute drive from our house.

Our overnight trip was scheduled for early December, the perfect time to sneak away during the holiday hustle. (Also, part of my plan to not over-stress this month!) In the weeks leading up to our visit, Getaway kept us updated regularly, from confirming our reservation to what necessities were provided to which cabin wed been assigned to the morning of.

Getaway Beaver Creek includes 26 mini cabins grouped together, but youd never know there were so many. One of the first things we noticed upon arrival were the earthen mounds built up in between cabin to add an extra layer of privacy, as well as the fact that the other guests were respectfully quiet.

When we pulled up to our cabin Catherine we immediately felt welcome and like they got us, right down to the dog tether tied around one leg of the picnic table. The mini cabin itself was sleek and minimal from the outside with no extra frills, but with that setup and the view none were needed. The Adirondack chairs spread around the fire pit wouldnt get used on our December visit, but I dont think we were inside the door before starting to talk about a return trip during nicer weather.

Our dog-friendly cabin (dont worry, there are designated dog-free cabins as well!) had two queen size beds, one lofted above the other. If youre at all familiar with Getaway, youve likely seen photos of the gigantic window thats part of every cabin, and I promise it did not disappoint in the slightest. Our two dogs Piper and Bebe were especially impressed, as youll see.

The locks to the doors use touch pads, youll receive your code a few hours before arrival along with your cabins name. All of the cabins are named after people significant to Getaways crew, we were assigned Catherine.

This is what awaited us on the other side of that door, a small yet incredibly organized space that didnt feel cramped. To the left were the two beds, a small table with two chairs, and a built-in bench along the side of the bottom bed. And yes, even a landline for emergencies.

Straight ahead was this well-appointed kitchen that included a small refrigerator, two burner cooktop, and sink with potable water. Along with a kettle, dishes, bowls, cups, mugs, one pot, one pan, and other kitchen tools, there were also various provisions available for purchase that had clearly been chosen with care. Under the sink we found two bowls for the dogs and poop bags, plus paper towels and a small garbage can.

To the right was a small bathroom with a standard toilet, shower stall with shampoo and conditioner, and a first-aid kit. There were fold down hooks both here for towels and behind the front door for jackets, leashes, etc. The bathroom had a narrow shelf on one wall to accommodate toiletries as well as clean white towels stacked up ready and waiting.

The little touches went a long way, like this welcome folder and the smores kit awaiting us on the table. Included inside were the outposts general rules and regulations, local necessities, and important wildlife precautions. There was also a map, inspiration and ideas for your escape, postcards, and a set of mini colored pencils.

Cell reception in the area wasnt great to begin with (we werent expecting it to be), but if you really want to test yourself and get away from technology theres a handy Cellphone Lockbox at the ready.

A USB-charged camping lantern hung to the side of each bed that could be used as a reading lamp, a nightlight, or carried outside to the picnic table/fire pit area. We also loved that the outlet included USB ports for charging devices when necessary.

Piper and Bebe were obsessed with exploring the woods and keeping watch outside of the cabins windows. The dark shades came in handy not only during the night, but when they spied a neighboring dog they wanted to say hello to! Each cabin is equipped with both heat and AC, and it was pleasantly warmer than our 119 year old house. The sheets were soft and cozy, the duvet nice and heavy, and the pillows so comfortable (this, coming from a pillow snob). Piper was an especially big fan of the Pendleton wool blanket at the foot of the bed. The pups were so relaxed afterwards that they slept the entire way home as well as throughout the next day.

Dinner was pasta wed brought from home and cooked there the pot provided even had a built-in strainer in the lid. Like I said, they really considered and thought of just about everything. (We did forget the pasta sauce and had to make a run to the local grocery, which we knew about thanks to the info theyd provided in our welcome folder.) For breakfast we made some protein pancakes with mix wed carried along. Aaron enjoyed coffee from the provisions a one time use, disposable, recycled, pour over bag while I enjoyed mint tea from home.

Like I mentioned above, we loved the location as well as the drive time to Beaver Creek. All of the mini cabins were organized around this grove of beautiful trees, and we really lucked out with some of the most beautiful weather the area had seen in a few weeks. Getaway has partnered with One Tree Planted to plant a new tree for every cabin thats booked so far theyre at +8,500 trees!

I really dont get much more relaxed than this! And we really are already planning a return trip, theres a loyalty program in place The Getaway Often Club and if you spend seven nights the eighth is free. And as a special treat Getaway has setup a $25 off code DESIGNCRUSH25 for you to take advantage of! Whether youre already looking for a post-holiday wind down or thinking ahead to summer, I highly recommend the Getaway experience.

This spring weve been tackling typical outdoor projects around the house. Flowerbeds weeded and mulched? Check. Patchy spots in the backyard filled in? Yes. Wooden patio set coated in protective polyurethane? Done. Now Ive started setting my sights on something a bit more ambitious the decks.

When I bought my home both the upper and lower decks were painted a dark brown in the hopes of mimicking rich wood tones, but they failed and the paint has slowly been chipped and washed away. Weve powerwashed them and considered re-staining, but at this point the wood may be too weathered for it to make much of a difference. Thats when TimberTech showed up on my radar. Their composite decking has been designed for high-performance and beauty, engineered to last longer than other wood alternatives, and with the most natural hardwood look.

Im not the most ardent at taking on outdoor tasks, so much of the initial appeal of TimberTechs capped PVC decking both in the core and on the surface is in how easy it is to maintain while remaining sustainable. It resists mold and mildew, is long-lasting with a great warranty, and has unlimited design potential. TimberTechs sturdy, wood-like texture comes in vibrant colors and diverse grain options to match whatever look youre aiming for.

One of the most exciting recent advancements is TimberTech AZEKs Multi-Width Decking. Their Vintage Collection Deck and Porch boards give you loads of flexibility in dimension, style, color, and pattern by offering board sizes in multiple widths standard, narrow, and wide. Go ahead and create a decking design that is uniquely yours and make a real statement by mixing and matching.

TimberTech is so easy to work with that you can make it a do-it-yourself deck project, or hire a contractor and forget about it. The boards are engineered to age very well, and the colors are even backed by a 50-year limited fade and stain warranty. Choose from palette ranging from rich browns to grays and natural hardwoods like mahogany. The profile of every board has a solid feel under your feet, much like traditional decking but better because the sturdy capping repels scratches, dents, and even insects. Your TimberTech composite deck can take just about anything!

Take advantage of the outdoor real estate thats at your fingertips and extend the indoors out. That also speaks to your interior style carry the colors and patterns you use in your home out onto your deck with throw pillows, lanterns, and furniture for a cohesive feel that carries throughout. Make your deck and your outdoor space an entertainment hub that you can enjoy all summer long!

Design an outdoor space that perfectly captures your personal style. TimberTech makes finding inspiration easy you can check out their Instagram gallery or if youre chomping at the bit to start planning now, use their three-step process for choosing the right deck. You can even order free samples right here. I can speak firsthand to how solid the boards are and just how beautiful the wood tones look. TimberTech is shaping the future of decking with the use of recycled materials, conservation practices, and a new state-of-the-art recycling plant, and Im looking forward to hopefully making it a part of my home.

Nothing has ever kicked my butt into Spring Cleaning Mode like my boyfriend moving in being on the horizon. But Im already getting ahead of myself because, well, Im not a great housekeeper. Everything is tidy for the most part, but when its just me there are definitely dishes in the sink and little tumbleweeds of dog hair in the corners of the living room. Ive had about two months to prepare for As arrival and it was filled by lists of to-dos, but the timing coincided with me accepting a new job and I think I maybe crossed off three things. What it comes down to is that my time is valuable because it doesnt seem like theres as much as there used to be I value things that help me take advantage of what there is.

While were a ways out from doing any major kitchen updates, Ive long wanted to research some projects like refinishing the cabinetry. N-Hance Wood Refinishing products are designed specifically for cabinets rather than walls and very durable as you can see after I put some samples to the test with both sandpaper and a hammer! (See the results below.) Their products are low VOC for a healthier kitchen remodel and cured with UV light for an immediate smooth, rock-hard finish. They can color match anything and going this route is a lot more affordable than traditional remodeling, leaving more money for things like countertops and appliances.

As I mentioned, vacuuming is far from my favorite chore and something I really struggle to carve out time for. (Which really isnt cool because I have five pets!) Ive always been a little leery of robotic vacuums because they almost seem too good to be true. Would it be loud? Would it really get those dog hair tumbleweeds out of the corners? Would it suck up the fringe on my rugs? No, yes, and not if you fold them under first. At least thats been my experience with the ECOVACS DEEBOT 600 which can tackle both bare floors and carpets with ease and bounces off of obstacles without causing any damage. Its smarthome compatible, so I can fire it up from just abut anywhere either by using the app, the remote, or my Google Home (it works with Amazon, too). I was nervous the debris container wouldnt be large enough to hold all of that aforementioned pet hair, but was pleasantly surprised to find I only need to empty it once after cleaning the entire first floor. This is definitely the closest Ill come to living like the Jetsons!

Dishes are quite possibly the chore Im worst at. I do have a dishwasher thats quite new, but it needs serviced so Ive been washing them the old-fashioned way by hand. Sponges arent my favorite because of all the bacteria they can harbor and the smells that come along with it, so I was really looking forward to trying out the Scrub Daisy by Scrub Daddy. This dishwand has an interchangeable system of cleaning heads that are uniquely shaped to scrub various shaped objects (think baby bottles, baking pans, etc). The ergonomic handle dispenses soap while you clean and the valet that comes with it all holds the pieces and self-drains. (Get $1 off any Scrub Daddy product here and try it for yourself!)

Our phones are practically part of our wardrobes at this point, so it only makes sense that you would want a case that reflects your own personal style aesthetic. Ive used phone cases from so many companies over the years, and the latest Ive put to the test are from CASETiFY. Im clumsy, I even managed to crack off a corner of Apples own silicone case, so when I say test you can believe its true. After a few weeks of use I can vouch for these guys, the side bumpers are especially tough which I love. Almost as much as I love the vast selection and customization options. Customize the heck out of one of their cases or go even further and design your own. CASETiFY is the leading artist-based community in the tech realm, which Im happy to share and support to be honest, its what sent me their way in the first place.

CASETiFYs latest collaborative collection is with Amsterdam-based illustrator Bodil Jane, who Im a longtime fan of. Her playful designs are available for both your phone and your Apple Watch. I went with the Eyes design, it allows the color of your phone to show through as the background and the eyes have the slightest bit of texture to them.

Bodil shares, To celebrate the arrival of Spring, I wanted to incorporate lots of plants and nature-inspired designs, mixed into a collection full of playful colors. Much of the inspiration comes from my collection of antique botanical books. I wanted the collection to feel fresh, light and like something everyone wants to carry around all spring and summer. Im really happy with the outcome!

You just cant go wrong with a clean marble look, seen here in minimal white. After having a few cases that were made of actual marble, which I promptly damaged, this looks just like the real deal and doesnt weigh nearly as much.

This Neon Sand case will be going on my phone as soon as summer makes an appearance. The collection is available in four colors (VIP berry/violet seen here) and has some customization available that I opted out of. Its a nice stress reliever to watch the sand move around the case and get this it glows in the dark! If that doesnt say SUMMER FUN, Im not sure what does.

I received product from CASETiFY in exchange for this post. Thank you for supporting the brands that help keep Design Crush creating fresh content! You can also check out their exclusive collections with Nordstrom and Anthropologie.

Collages with a vintage feel, created with periodicals from the 1940s and 50s. Emilia Elfes mixed media works are comprised of carefully cutout jewels that are then reconfigured into her own style of cover model.

Russian-born artist Olga Pokhodzey was focused solely on street photography before turning towards self-portraiture and creating the series seen here Growing Up. Be sure to check out the rest of the series on her site.

This series of self portraits is about relationships between people and things. Our surrounding objects were made for our comfort and designed to help us in everyday life and creative activities, but there is another side sometimes we feel tied too tight with them, as if things appropriate us. I work from home, and sometimes spend 1214 hours a day in front of my computer. In such periods I practically dont walk out, and then I begin to complain to my friends about feeling like growing into my chair. I decided to show this metaphor literally. Besides the theme of ingrowth, this series is about envy for the essence of objects. Compared to the human body, things are more sustainable.

All it takes is imagination to redesign something thats been taken for granted, like say a stick of chalk. Nikolas Bentel is ridiculously creative (hes currently a resident at the New Museum design incubator program NEW INC.) and also ridiculously nice (I spent some time with him at ICFF last May). His ingenious Chalk Drawers are architectural drawing toys made of chalk, designed to create original patterns that are geometrically precise. The three drawers are designed to make dots, circles, or straight lines to give the user tools to create the three fundamental building blocks of drawing.

Los Angeles-basedCarlson Hatton is an artist as well as a full-time professor of art at Santa Monica College. His mixed media creations use acrylic, airbrush, watercolor, and graphite layered onto aluminum, paper, or wood to address the extinction of humankinds ability to process imagery in a meaningful way.

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