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magnetic knife strips for wall

the 6 best magnetic knife holders in 2021

the 6 best magnetic knife holders in 2021

Knife storage can go one of many ways. For example, you might stash yours in a dedicated knife block or drawer. While these options are fine, they may be dulling your blades or taking up precious real estate in your kitchen. Mounting a magnetic knife holder not only grants you extra counter or drawer space, but it also prevents knives from scratching against surfaces and each other, keeping edges sharp. Plus, it allows you to quickly access your blades when it comes time to cut, whether you're scaling a fish, shucking an oyster, or carving a chicken. We researched the best magnetic holders, so you can keep all your favorite knives functional and within arm's reach.

No matter what length you're looking for in a knife holder, this walnut bar is almost guaranteed be the perfect fit. Its available in 12 different lengths (8 to 36 inches) and can be ordered in a custom size if none of those are exactly right for your kitchen. This USA-made rack comes with mounting hardware for securing it to a wall, but you can also use strong adhesive tape to attach it to a tile backsplash or metal surface.

Some magnetic knife holders only have a few magnets embedded in the wood, but this option has magnetic bars that span from end to end, so you won't find any dead zones while trying to hang your best knives.

Made from reclaimed grapevines, each of these knife racks has a unique shape and color variation, adding a spot of interest to any wall whether it has knives on it or its empty. Besides using this in the kitchen to hold knives, it would be great behind a bar to hold bar tools and gadgets, or near a door to hang keys and notes to family. While the exact size and shape will vary, its available in two options: 12 to 16 inches long with five magnets or 24 to 30 inches long with seven magnets.

At a generous 18 inches long, this magnetic holder has plenty of space for all the knives that dont fit well in your knife block, whether theyre bulky santoku knives or small paring knives. It would also be a great place to hang Microplane graters, measuring spoons, and other metal kitchen gadgets that you use most often.

Many magnetic knife holders come in natural wood finishes or stainless steel, but this design has a black option, which will look sleek in a modern kitchen. The Schmidt Brothers logo is visible on one end of the block, but not so bold that it will be visible from a distance.

If you own a few Global knives already (and we definitely recommend that you do), you'll recognize the design of this knife holder as Global's signature look. It's distinctive and classic, so it would be at home in a modern kitchen, a retro kitchen, or even in a kitchen with homey farmhouse decor.

The magnetic holder is available in 16-, 20-, and 32-inch lengths, so you can choose the one that fits your space best and will hold all of your favorite knives, shears, and other handy kitchen tools.

If wall space is limited, but you still want to try out a magnetic holder, this rotating rack will fit the bill. It has six sides and each one can hold up to three knives, depending on the width of the blades. There are 30 strategically placed magnets to securely hold knives of any size, from the smallest paring knife to the largest slicer to those oddly shaped kitchen shears.

The block spins easily and sits on a sturdy 10-pound stainless steel base. You can feel safe knowing this knife holder will never accidentally tip over during your prep time. It's handmade in the US and is available in several different finishes to either match your kitchen decor or serve as a standout piece on the counter.

Theres no doubt that subway tiles are popular, and now you can squeeze more into your kitchen with this magnetic knife holder. The two-sided design allows it to hold more knives and the clear shield makes the knife blades visible while keeping them protected from inevitable kitchen splashes and splatters. The tile is magnetized to hold the knives securely in place, which keeps them from bumping into each other and dulling the blades.

A big fan of sharp, pointy kitchen implements, Donna Currie likes hanging her favorite knives on a magnetic rack, so theyre always within reach. For this article, she researched new styles and designs that would look good and perform well in any kitchen.

5 best magnetic knife strips - july 2021 - bestreviews

5 best magnetic knife strips - july 2021 - bestreviews

Unlike other bars we tested that comprised only two thin magnetic strips, this bar boasts a strong magnet all the way through. Heavy knives and tools hang securely without tipping. The stainless steel resists rust caused by damp knives. Easy to clean and attractive.

Can be affixed to a fridge or mounted to a wall, backsplash, or cabinet using the included hardware or removable adhesives. The magnet is so strong RV owners report it holds knives in place even while driving. Modern, space-saving design.

Be careful during installation some owners report the forceful magnet pinched their fingers while removing the backing. Rusting may occur if knives are placed on the bar while damp.

A very forceful magnet that holds three or four knives securely, making it a great option for small kitchens. We love the satin finish on the stainless steel. Includes mounting hardware.

When choosing how to store and organize your knives, you have three different solutions to choose from. You can use a knife drawer, but then youll be rummaging around in a drawer while trying not to cut yourself as you search for a specific knife. You can use a wooden block, but it takes up counter space and can foster bacteria growth if not cleaned regularly. Your third option is a magnetic knife strip.

A magnetic knife strip is one of the safest and least expensive options for storing your knife collection. It uses no counter space, and its an effective way to keep your knives both handy and in top condition. From size and magnet strength to build and appearance, there are plenty of factors to consider when selecting the perfect magnetic knife strip for your kitchen.

Size is pretty straightforward: the longer the magnetic knife strip, the more knives you can store on it. Strips are available in a wide range of sizes, starting at around 8 inches and increasing by 2-inch increments to around 36 inches. A longer magnetic knife strip is better if you have a sizable collection of knives that you want to display and keep handy. If you have limited kitchen space or just a few knives to store, a smaller strip may be better.

The magnetic knife strips strength is also an important factor. The stronger the magnet, the larger the knives you can store on it. If you plan to use your strip for a few lightweight knives, this will be less important to you. On the other hand, it is quite important if you have cleavers and other heavy knives that you need to keep secure.

All manufacturers claim that their magnetic knife strips are strong, but its worth checking. Look at the review comments to find out what other buyers think about a particular product. This can also help you to weed out those that are so strong that youd have a hard time removing a knife from it without scratching the blade.

Magnetic: The simplest to mount are those that come with a magnetic backing. In this case, you simply attach it to your refrigerator or other steel or iron surface and youre good to go. This is the best type of strip to buy if youre planning on installing it on a metal surface.

Screws: Some magnetic knife strips mount to a wall, cabinet, or another surface. The simplest of these have two screws and predrilled holes on the strip. Some require you to first attach the screws or other fasteners to the wall, making sure theyre level and the right distance apart. You then mount the strip onto the screws.

While a magnetic knife strip attracts knives much more readily than grime, dust, and dirt, you still want to clean it occasionally. If a simple wipe with a dry towel doesnt do the job, try a cloth with a bit of warm, soapy water. Be sure to dry the magnetic knife strip thoroughly before loading it back up with knives. Note that a strip made of stainless steel is easier to clean than one made of wood.

Metal: Magnetic knife strips made of stainless steel or aluminum are fairly common. These are easy to clean and generally less expensive than wooden strips. However, note that a metal strip can scratch your knives if youre not careful.

For some cooks, a magnetic knife strip is more utilitarian than decorative. Others might want the strip to match their kitchen dcor, and so may be more concerned with the material. Stainless steel or aluminum works well in modern or industrial kitchens, while wood fits better in kitchens with a more traditional or country feel.

Long magnets are what hold knives to a knife strip. Some knife strips are essentially one solid magnet, while others use a pair of parallel magnetized strips. While some magnetized strips are flush with the face of the unit, others, called dual-barrel strips, stand out from it like a towel rack. Magnetic strips that are wider apart provide more support, particularly for larger knives.

Inexpensive: At the lowest price points, from less than $10 to $20, you can find simple strips, usually short and often made of aluminum. Also, the magnets tend to be weaker, making these best for those cooks who have just a few knives.

Mid-range: These models have stronger magnets and longer strips capable of holding more or heavier knives. Stainless steel strips are common in the $20 to $50 range, as are some less expensive wood strips.

Expensive: Spend $60 to $70 or more and you can find higher-quality wood knife strips and stainless steel strips sporting more fashionable designs. Extras such as hooks are also more common in this price range.

A. While steel should work fine with a magnetic knife strip, other types of metal knives may not. Ceramic knives, another popular type, also wont work with a magnetic strip. Before buying a magnetic knife strip, test whether your existing knives will work with it by simply placing a refrigerator magnet on the knife. If it sticks, the knife will stick to a strip.

A. While the magnetism itself wont harm a knife, knives can become scratched or chipped if you arent careful. When removing a knife from the strip, always twist it so that the sharp edge of the knife is not in direct contact with the strip. Also, leave room between the knives on the strip so that they dont come into contact with each other.

A. This largely depends on the size of the strip and the size of your knives. You can estimate the number of knives a strip will hold by measuring the width of your knives. Be sure to also factor in some space between each knife so you dont overcrowd them.

kungsfors magnetic knife rack, stainless steel - ikea

kungsfors magnetic knife rack, stainless steel - ikea

You've also probably experienced this: coming home tired after a long day, knowing that both you and the rest of the family need food as soon as possible. But there are tricks that help make cooking easier. With our wall-mounted kitchen storage series KUNGSFORS, utensils, spices and recipes have their given places on the wall instead of being spread out on the kitchen worktop. With a bit of pioneering we managed to make the wall brackets nicely hidden, too.

When starting to work with KUNGSFORS, we turned to chef and cookbook writer Maximilian Lundin for inspiration. "There are a lot of practical things to be learned from a restaurant kitchen, says Maximilian. Like having utensils and ingredients easily accessible so that you have a good flow when cooking, and have plenty of space on the kitchen worktop."

With the help of Maximilian, our product development team created shelves, grids and rails that you either mount directly to the wall or on special suspension rails where you easily complete and move things around without having to drill new holes in the wall. The rails have room for hooks meant for all the utensils, and also room for the special shelf where you can place a tablet with the dinner recipe at eye's level.

The series is made up of many different products and the project required both time and patience from all involved. The team engineer David Zeberg looks back on the work. "One of the challenges was to make the wall brackets of the rails hidden. But I love projects where we do something pioneering and have to test boundaries before finding the solution." For the chef Maximillian, who is passionate about good food, it was a whole new experience to be involved in influencing people's kitchens the environment where food is cooked. "The positive thing was that everyone in the team was so ambitious about ensuring that KUNGSFORS would help to simplify cooking", says Maximillian.

The most important thing when I designed the KUNGSFORS series was for it to spread the joy of cooking. The series helps you to have kitchen utensils, spices and ingredients visible, which I think makes the kitchen look nice while it encourages the appetite and desire to cook. I also wanted it to help make it simpler to keep things in order and make cooking easier. The parts can be combined in any way, so they fit both large and small kitchens and people's different needs.

When spoons, spices, and recipes have their given and visible place on the wall, you get more space and better flow when you cook. With the KUNGSFORS series, it's easy to create a personal combination and store everything so that items are easily accessible and you get a good overview in the kitchen, just like professional cooks. Place the pans on open shelves, the knives on magnetic racks, and utensils on hooks. Then you have everything close at hand and lots of space to work!

how to mount a magnetic knife strip on tile kitchencrews

how to mount a magnetic knife strip on tile kitchencrews

In that case, you think a magnetic knife strip would be a great choice as it can grab your knife securely. You can place them in any suitable place according to your need that must be out of reach from your kids. Besides, magnetic knife strips are not so expensive compared to a knife block.

Do you have any confusion about how to mount a knife strip on tile? Dont worry. In this complete guide, we will learn how to mount a magnetic knife strip on the tile without drilling or breaking the tile.Seems interesting?

In this guide, we will present three different ways to mount your magnetic strips on tile safely and securely. In this complete guide, we are going to put detailed information about each way. You can follow any of them which seems much convenient for you.

Step 1: Select a suitable place where you want to place your knife stripStep 2: Prepare the placeStep 3: Read the user manualStep 4: Mark the wall where you want to hang your magnetic knife stripStep 5: Apply your collected adhesives to your magnetic stripsStep 6: Set the magnetic strips on the wall

This option will be the safest and secure option for you. Nowadays manufacturers have invented several types of magnetic strips which can be easily mounted on the tile. You dont have to face any hassle to drill your tiles in order to fix it.

Most importantly, these strips come with an extra-strength adhesive hook & loop for easy installation on your ceramic tile. No drilling, no extra adhesive or screw collection needed. Fully handy magnetic strips are ready to install. It can definitely make the best solution for you to mount your magnetic strips on the tile.

Command strips act as hanging strips with zero damage to the tile. These are generally used to hang large-sized pictures on the wall. It will definitely be worth hanging your magnetic strips on the tile. Command strips have enough adhesiveness to hold your knife rack tightly.

You can collect large picture sized hanging strips and cut it into the size of your magnetic strips. Moreover, you can use these strips to mount your knife rack on the drywall, stained or varnished wood, painted cinder block, glass or even metal.

If you stay in your own apartment and dont have to face any trouble for drilling your kitchen tiles, then drilling can be a permanent solution for you. Here you dont have to face trouble for the attachment or adhesiveness.

But the drilling on tile is a sensitive job. You have to make sure that the tile is not cracking while drilling. Drilling with a glass bit will be the best secured option. Though it is a slow drilling process. This process is safe and effective and is able to give you a clean hole with minimal jitter.

Moreover if the glass bit seems harder to collect you can use the as usual drilling machine for doing the task. But make sure to put tape on the selected spot and drill the tile through the tape. The tape will prevent the tile from cracking and damaging.

This is very crucial for getting a great output from your magnetic knife strip. Most importantly you cant skip this step while you are trying to use command strips or any kind adhesive material to attach your knife holder. Otherwise you can see your knife strip doesnt stick tightly.

This step is important for any kind of purchase. Different manufactures have their own user specifications. We cant give you a particular direction for each appliance. Thats why we always recommend you to read the user manual first. It gives you a clear concept about your product.

You can select any kind of adhesive material which is applicable to the wall. But You have to ensure your selected adhesive material is able to give enough support according to your knife holders weight. Otherwise, it wont stick tightly.Moreover try to select that adhesive material which is easily removable without damaging your tile.

Yes you can. But you have to be more cautious otherwise a little mistake can damage your tiles. Secure the selected area using tape before drilling. Tape helps to put less pressure on the tile which reduces the damage. Moreover using a glass bit is a safer option to drill tiles.

Hope you have already got a clear idea about how to mount a magnetic knife strip on the tile. Here we tried to provide every specific information that you may face while mounting your own knife strip. If you have further query or face any problem feel free to ask us. We will try to give a convenient solution as soon as possible.

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