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magnetic oil drain plug

do magnetic oil drain plugs really work? - maintenance/repairs - car talk community

do magnetic oil drain plugs really work? - maintenance/repairs - car talk community

If they do, they must be very strong magnets - wouldnt they then magnetize the oil pan? If the oil pan was magnetized, then a magnetic sludge would form on the bottom of the pan and never drain out, right? My oil-enthusiast mind needs to know! Thanks!

Also, are there any possible adverse effectssuch as a clump of ferrous shavings falling off the magnet when you hit a big bump and that clump then running through your engine, or the oil pan being magnetized?

They will hold small particles of steel, but not aluminum. The oil filter is effective at keeping these small particles from circulating through your engine, so a magnetic drain plug is not necessary. If they were useful all new cars would have them installed at the factory.

Yes. The oil flow in the pan is not fast enough to sweep the particles off the magnet. The particles must get close enough to the plug to be attracted to it, but all that swirling while driving and pumping will mix the oil quite well.

If you have enough ferrous particles stuck to a magnetic engine drain plug to worry about then metallic attraction is the least of your worries as this means the rings/cylinder walls are gone and you should have been burning oil.

Many gearboxes come with magnetic plugs or a simple magnet inside the pan (automatics). When serviced, these magnets are usually covered with fine black grit, metallic particles. They must be doing something

dimple magnetic drain plugs all magnets are not created equal

dimple magnetic drain plugs all magnets are not created equal

Magnetic Drain Plugs Dimple Products is best known for our extremely powerful magnetic drain plugs. We manufacture dozens of different sizes in order to offer solutions for all makes and models of cars and motorcycles. Locate your Car or Motorcycle in the menu above, or browse our selection of magnetic drain plugs By Thread and size.

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Motor oil works best by itself, uncontaminated, however continuous friction creates unwanted tiny metal particle contamination. These tiny metal particles are measured in microns, which are one millionth of a meter. If not removed, this contamination is circulated millions of times between each oil change, polishing (wearing) down the metal until the engine is worn out.

Dimple plugs are guaranteed for manufacturing defects with a money back guarantee for 30 days after purchase. We are not responsible for damage done to parts and vehicles due to improper installation or over tightening.

gold plug llc magnetic drain plugs

gold plug llc magnetic drain plugs

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