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mining 99 osrs

oldschool runescape (osrs) lvl 1-99 mining guide | food4rs

oldschool runescape (osrs) lvl 1-99 mining guide | food4rs

There arent any huge desirable perks for levelling mining, and therefore its tough to recommend for any one particular reason. There really isnt much reason to level this skill aside from the generic reasons that apply to every skill - that is, for extra XP and total levels, and to unlock additional content in the game such as through Quests and Achievement Diaries.

Many players face a dilemma when opting to train this skill, that is whether to opt for the afk, low XP, low profitability options, or to face the pain of the higher XP, but far more tedious methods such as powermining. This makes Mining a particularly unattractive skill to level, but nonetheless, lets discuss the perks of training this skill.

There are many quests within OSRS that have a Mining level requirement in order to complete them. The most notable is Dragon Slayer II, which requires Level 68 Mining to complete. The complete list of Quests with Mining level requirements are as follows:

Similarly, many Achievement Diaries in OSRS have Mining level requirements in order to complete. Diary rewards are arguably even more useful than Quest rewards within the game, therefore this may act as a strong incentive for players to level up their Mining skill. The Diary tasks that have a Mining level requirement are as follows:

The Prospector Outfit is an experience-boosting set that grants a 2.5% bonus Mining experience when the full outfit is worn. It is a reward from the Motherlode Mine minigame, costing 180 Nuggets in total. Pieces of the outfit may be purchased from Prospector Percy in the Motherlode Mine.

Purchasing it early is recommended to obtain the full benefits of having the outfit from a low level. It is worth obtaining if heading for Level 99, as youll be earning (some) XP from Motherlode Mine whilst obtaining the nuggets for the outfit. Additionally, wearing full prospector while entering the Mining Guild is one of the tasks in the hard Falador Diary.

Completing the easy tasks of Varrock Diary for Varrock armour 1 is highly recommended, as it gives the player 10% chance to mine 2 ores at once while worn, increasing your overall experience rate. This is more beneficial than the Prospector Outfit for mining certain ores, such as Iron Ore.

Pickaxes are needed to mine rocks. They can be equipped as a weapon, giving players one extra space in their inventory. A player's Mining level determines the type of pickaxe they can mine with. The higher a level needed to use a pickaxe, the better it is than the ones below it.

Powermining, also known as drop mining, is where a player fills their inventory with ores, drops them all, and repeats. This is used for all of the highest Mining XP per hour methods. One way of speeding up this process is by enabling the Shift-click to drop option in the settings menu. Using this method to drop ores is significantly faster and will boost XP per hour rates significantly.

The Mining Guild is a popular place to train Mining, and is worth mentioning here. While inside the guild, players will receive an invisible +7 level boost to their Mining. This boost will stack with any existing boosts the player already has, such as the visible +3 boost from using the dragon pickaxe's special attack. Additionally, the respawn time for rocks mined in this area is halved, making it an even more attractive area to train.

As with most skills, the early levels of Mining are tedious, and mining rocks is typically very slow. To expedite this, I would highly recommend completing Doric's Quest and The Digsite, which grants the player a total of 16,600 Mining experience, elevating Level 1 Mining to Level 32. Both quests have fairly low requirements, and completing them allows the player to skip early levels and use Adamant pickaxe right from the start.

Copper or Tin should be mined from level 1 to 15. This can be done anywhere, though the Lumbridge Swamp mining site is debatably the easiest due to its relative lack of players, aggressive monsters and its collection of Copper and Tin rocks. Alternatively, the Varrock West or East mine will also suffice.

From Level 15 to 75, players should mine iron at a location that has three iron rocks in a triangle, as such a formation allows the player to mine all three rocks without moving. The recommended locations for this are the Mining Guild (most recommended due to higher spawn rate and invisible level boost, see good to knows section), or the Ardougne/Legends Guild mining area. Both areas are fairly competitive, however finding an empty world should be reasonably easy. The Mining Guild spot nearest to the bank chest is easily the most recommended, as youll be able to bank the ores, saving time, increasing profits and eliminating the tedium of dropping ores.

Completing the easy tasks of Varrock Diary for Varrock armour 1 is highly recommended for this method, as it gives the player 10% chance to mine 2 ores at once while worn, increasing the overall experience rate.

From level 60 and above, the maximum experience rate is around 60,000 experience per hour, with exact rates depending on current level and player speed. Each Ore grants 35 Mining XP, meaning youll need to mine 40,267 Iron Ore to achieve Level 75. At approximately 100GP per ore, this means youll earn around 4M GP from this process.

From level 75 Mining onwards, the absolute fastest experience is gained by 3-tick mining granite at the Quarry. While extremely click-intensive, this method offers by far the best experience rates; with good performance it is possible to achieve 115,000 - 120,000 experience per hour at 99 Mining.

As the Quarry is located in the desert, some sort of desert heat protection is necessary in order to survive. Desert amulet 4 offers immunity to the desert heat while worn, alternatively wearing the Hitpoints cape along with a regen bracelet will outheal the damage taken from desert heat. If neither of those are an option, the player can bring waterskins and fill them with the lunar spell Humidify.

The Motherlode Mine is located inside the Dwarven Mine in Falador. You can get there by using a Skills Necklace teleport, which spawns the player close to its entrance by choosing the Mining Guild option.

Players can mine the ore veins within the mine, which yield pay-dirt, an ore that gives 60 experience. These ores are then deposited into the hopper, which may then be collected from the sack. The ores that may be obtained is dependant on your mining level:

Although profitable and relatively afk/relaxed, the XP rates at the Motherlode Mine are far from desirable, thus this method is not recommended if it can be avoided, powermining or mining Iron Ore in the Mining Guild is a much better option.

In summary, the method you choose to use to train Mining depends entirely on your preferences and your tolerance for generally disliked methods such as powermining. With Mining, XP out pretty much correlates with effort put in, due to the XP yields going in the order of Granite (Powermining) > Iron Ore (Banking) > Motherlode Mine (AFK). For most players, mining Iron Ore is a nice middle ground.

About the boss: Sarachnis is a brand new, mid-difficulty boss which was released on 4 of July 2019 and is notable for wide range of supplies drops like seeds, herbs, uncuts high tier ores etc. You can also obtain cool looking sraracha pet, book pages which can be exchanged for a 10k xp lamp a

Bone Voyage Details Start point Travel to the Varrock Museum and talk to Curator Haig Halen Official difficulty Intermediate Description Varrock museum crew needs to be taken to an unexplored landmass to the east, but a barge construction needs to be finished fist. Curator Hai

About Dagannoth Kings: Dagannoth kings are a group of 3 high combat level monsters, laying in Waterbirth islands dungeon. They are relatively easy to kill especially if youre on Dagannoth slayers task which is quite common if youre using Nieve/Steve or Duradel. This money making method

1-99 osrs mining training guide for 2020 | ez rs gold

1-99 osrs mining training guide for 2020 | ez rs gold

Mining is a skill that lets you obtain gems & ores that later can aid in training a variety of skills. It is a gathering skill and for that reason the items you gather while training it can bring you a lot of money. In this Ezrsgold OSRS 1-99 mining guide we will talk about these topics:

To kick things off here are the pickaxes you will be using throughout your training. Same pickaxes will be used on both F2P and P2P worlds, however, once you become a member you will unlock a few additional pickaxes that can help you train faster. If you want to save money on membership we recommend buying a bond withOSRS goldand if you need gold, you canbuy itfromEzrsgold.

Mining Copper and Tin is the best way to get from Level 1 to Level 15. The easiest place to do this is in the South-East corner of Lumbridge Swamp. The closest bank, however, is the Varrock East Bank while using the mine south-east of Varrock, yet it should be noted that this location, unless you train in member worlds, is often heavily populated, usually with bots.

You should be using the highest level pickaxe you can use according to the Pickaxe Progression list from above. It should be noted that you DO NOT need to be able to wield the pickaxe in order to use it.It is recommended to achieve the necessary melee levels to wield each pickaxe as not having it will mean one less inventory space for ore, increasing the number of inventories and time required to reach your Mining Level goal.

The fastest method of getting from level 15 to level 99 is by mining iron rocks. This can be done in various locations. If you do not want/need the ores, then the best place are the 3 rocks in the Al Kharid Mine. Here, you can mine all 3 ores in one tick a piece by using a Rune Pickaxe, then drop all three, at this time the first rock you mined should respawn.This is known as power mining. However, it is often busy and low level players will have to deal with Scorpions(level 14) and bots. The Dwarven Mine is also a good spot for power mining, but the bank is not accessible to F2P players. If you want to bank, you have to go to East Falador. This bank is accessible through the Falador access staircase in the South-East of the mine, and opens to the North-East of Falador.

As a member you unlock a lot of different mining training methods as well as new mining gear that boosts your xp rates and allows you to make more money. Below is all the necessary gear you should use while mining.

The best place to mine iron with this method is in the Legends' Guild(this requires legends quest), which has 4 iron rocks close to each other in the eastern part. Start the 3-tick cycle with an herb and tar(or a knife and a log) while moving between rocks, and drop the ores between mining actions. This method is faster than using a triangle spot to Power Mine, but it is only recommended for players who plan on 3-tick mining granite starting at level 75, because of how advanced and difficult it is.

3-tick mining granite offers the fastest Mining experience in the game, however it is extremely click-intensive and difficult to learn. You must use tick manipulation to 3-tick granite, otherwise the experience rates are not worth it.

The granite rocks are located in the south-west area of the Quarry, which has 4 granite rocks close to each other. The fastest way there is to teleport with the Camulet. You must have some sort of desert heat protection in order to survive, the Desert amulet 4 provides immunity to the desert heat while worn, you could also wear the Hitpoints cape and the regen bracelet to outheal the damage taken from desert heat. If neither of those are a possibility, you can bring waterskins and refill them with Humidify.

Players should drop the mined pieces of granite on the ground between mining actions. You must click on the next ore rock after starting the 3-tick action, then quickly dropping the granite, before clicking the rock again. This requires high accuracy and is very click intensive, but it is well worth the time saved.

Mining in the Motherlode Mine is a slow method of training Mining, but it requires a relatively low amount of effort and offers decent profit at higher levels. This requires Level 30 Mining, but it is advised that you use faster methods until level 55 as you can not receive Mithril from the pay dirt. For those looking for an AFK method of mining this provided the most XP per hour, and was very close to the highest profit per hour compared to mining Amethyst which has a higher level requirement.

Completing medium tasks of the Falador Achievement Diary grants the player access to a shortcut (requires 54 Agility) within the Motherlode Mine. An increase in chance of receiving Higher-Level ores will occur with the completion of the Elite Achievement Diary.

You will receive golden nuggets by cleaning pay-dirt(what is mined in the Motherlode Mine) which can be used to purchase the Prospector outfit from the NPC within Motherlode mine named Prospector Percy. The Prospector outfit adds a bonus 2.5% experience while mining. Having all the parts from the prospector kit is a requirement for completing the hard task of the Falador Achievement Diary.

When you reach level 72 Mining and have obtained 100 golden nuggets, you should unlock the upper levels of the mine. The upper levels have better ore veins that deplete after a set amount of time, rather than on a chance per Pay Dirt like the lower level.

Mining gem rocks at the underground portion of the Shilo Village mine becomes a viable option for players who have completed hard tasks of the Karamja Achievement Diary. There is a nearby Bank Deposit Box that you should deposit your gems into once you have received a full inventory. Gem rocks are the fastest method to obtain theMining Pet, the Rock Golem. They are also the only reliable source of opal, jade and red topaz, which is very useful for ironmen.

Mining in the Motherlode Mine is an afk method for training Mining and offers decent profit. Level 30 is required to mine there. This method is very close to the highest profit per hour of mining Amethyst, which requires Level 92 Mining.

Players can obtain golden nuggets from the Motherlode Mine. These are used to purchase the Prospector Outfit from Prospector Percy, which adds an additional 2.5% experience while mining everywhere. Once you have reached level 72 Mining and gotten 100 golden nuggets after the Prospector Outfit, you should unlock the upper levels of the mine. The upper level deplete after they have been mined for a set amount of time, unlike in the lower area, where it's a random chance per pay-dirt, which makes the vein last longer on average.

Mining gem rocks at the underground portion of the Shilo Village mine becomes a viable option for players who have completed hard tasks of the Karamja Achievement Diary. There is a nearby Bank Deposit Box that you should deposit your gems into once you have received a full inventory. Gem rocks are the fastest method to obtain theMining Pet, the Rock Golem. They are also the only reliable source of opal, jade and red topaz, which is very useful for ironmen. If you end up making a lot of money with this method be sure to sell your gold to Ezrsgold and make some real money playing runescape!

The Volcanic Mine minigame on Fossil Island offers relatively fast experience and it requires a low amount of effort to participate in. However, it requires teamwork and is not very profitable, therefore it is not recommended.It is recommended to not use this method until Level 70, even though you unlock it at Level 50.

To enter the mine, you are required to have completed the Bone Voyage quest, earned at least 150 Kudos, and have claimed the five unidentified small fossils from Peter after fully building the Museum Camp. Players must also pay Petrified Pete 30 numulite every time they wish to enter the mine. You will slightly profit numulite in the mine over a long period of time.

The official world is 323, but you should make your own team to ensure teamwork. Having 3 to 5 players is optimal, although duo is viable if you both have experience with the minigame. It is also possible solo, but it requires much more effort and practice, and the experience rates are slightly slower than in a team.

The Blast Mine minigame(requires 100% Lovakengj favour) offers decent experience and good profit starting at Level 75. This is because you can obtain runite ore at that level, which is where most of the profit comes from. It is recommended to start at Level 75, as the lack of runite ores at levels lower than this will severely lower experience and profit. Having a higher Mining Level increases the chances of obtaining better ores which, in turn, increases profit and experience.

Bring noted dynamites along with unnoted ones, a chisel, a tinderbox, and a stamina potion. As soon as you run out of dynamite,unnote more dynamite for blasting at the nearest bank chest. Using the Graceful Outfit is very beneficial to save run energy. The Dragon Pickaxe should be used to increase your chances of obtaining Higher-Level ores, since the chance is based on your mining level. Equip the Prospector outfit when collecting the ores from the operator for extra experience, similar to wearing goldsmith gauntlets at Blast Furnace.

complete osrs mining guide (fastest/afk) - osrs guide

complete osrs mining guide (fastest/afk) - osrs guide

This complete 1-99 osrs mining guide shows you every method currently in the game to reach 99. F2P, P2P, AFK and even tick manipulation methods are included. Use the navigation below to navigate to your current level or preferred method.

The additional 2.5% mining experience boost will be very valuable towards getting 99 mining so its definitely worth getting, especially since the motherlode mine (covered in this mining guide) gives very good mining experience per hour.

Wearing Varrock armour gives you a 10% chance of mining 2 ores instead of one. Whenever this happens youll also be gaining the experience for both ores making the varrock armour a great mining experience-boosting wearable.

When the full prospector outfit is worn, the prospector jacket can be swapped out for the Varrock armour body which will take over its abilities. So you can enjoy the benefits of both pieces at the same time!

Plague city is another quest with zero requirements that is relatively quick and easy to complete. Not to mention it is a very important quest as plague city is required for the recipe for disaster subquests. Once completed, the quest reward experience will put you at level 18 mining.

For the fastest way to reach 99 mining, you want to incorporate the power mining method. This basically means you shift-drop everything you mine once your inventory is full (or instantly when using tick manipulation), instead of running to the bank.

If you dont want to complete any of the mining quests above, you can mine copper and tin ore instead. Multiple copper and tin ore mining spots are found around old school runescape but the best location is the varrock mine.

From mining level 15 you unlock iron ores. Youll want to power mine iron ores all the way until 75 for the fastest mining experience per hour. Use the 3-rock locations only as this is the most efficient setup for the maximum experience per hour.

Iron ore locations: Al Kharid, Mining guild (60 mining required), Legends Guild mine, Tahaearn mine (prifddinas), Wilderness Resource area (7500gp to enter), Piscatoris mine, Fossil Island (Bone Voyage quest)

3-Tick Granite is by far the fastest way to train mining in old school runescape. However, it is extremely click-intensive so its definitely not for everyone. Lazy players who prefer to afk should opt for the motherlode mine instead.

From level 30 mining you gain access to the motherlode mine. This is the most AFK mining training option to reach level 99 mining. It is also the only way to get the prospector kit which gives you a 2.5%+ experience boost. So even if you prefer a higher experience rate, you should still consider grinding out the 180 nuggets required for the prospector set.

The motherlode mine consists out of two parts, an upstairs and downstairs area. The downstairs area is accessible from level 30 mining. The upstairs area requires you to be level 72 mining and has to be purchased for a 100 golden nuggets.

In these areas you can mine from ore veins on the walls, these will give you pay-dirt which grants you 60 experience each. Once your inventory is full you move to the cleaning area. Here you simply place the pay-dirt into a hopper and the water circuit will do the rest for you.

The cleaned pay-dirt will end up in the sack at the end of the water circuit which can be searched to collect ores and golden nuggets. The possible ores depend on your mining level, so once you reach level 70 you can get adamantite ore and at level 85 you can get runite ores which will boost your profit per hour.

The motherlode mine is located in the dwarven mines underneath Falador. You can get here quickly by using a skills necklace to teleport directly to the mining guild or by teleporting to Falador and running towards the party room.

Rewards can be bought in exchange for golden nuggets at Prospector Percys Nugget Shop. You should use your first 480 nuggets towards getting a prospector kit, upper floor access and a larger pay-dirt sack.

From level 61 mining, players who have completed the Hard Karamja Diary get access to the underground portion of the Shilo Village mine. Training mining at gem rocks is a good alternative as gem rocks offer nice hourly experience and profit rates.

In the blast mines, youll be excavating rocks and then stuffing them with dynamite. After the explosion, youll get blasted ore which you can place into the barrels near the water circuit, similar to how the motherlode mine works.

Afterward, you can retrieve the ore by speaking to the operator. This is where youll get an Exp drop so if you have prospectors outfit, take it from the bank and equip it before collecting to get your 2.5% experience boost.

The mining guild offers the same invisible +7 level boost every other skilling guild in old school Runescape does. This mine is available to both F2P and P2P players who have reached 60 mining. However, F2P players only get access to the F2P area of the guild.

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osrs smithing guide (fastest/most profitable) ways to 99 - osrs guide

osrs smithing guide (fastest/most profitable) ways to 99 - osrs guide

Whether you need the fastest P2P way or the fastest F2P way, or you would like to make some money this is complete 1-99 osrs smithing guide is what youre looking for. Use the navigation below to navigate to your preferred method and current level.

Goldsmith gauntlets are a reward from the family crest quest. These are highly recommended for smelting gold bars as you they will multiply the experience rates by 2.5. This means that instead of 22.5 experience per bar, you will get 56.2 experience per bar. If you want to use the fastest way to 99 smithing, you need to have these gauntlets.

The iconic varrock location was recently bested by the Prifddinas anvil location which is available after completion of the song of the elves quest. This location is only 9 tiles from the bank to the anvil.

The Knights sword quest is the fastest way to skip the first 29 levels of smithing. Its a relatively short quest with no requirements other than 10 mining. Other experience-rewarding quests that can be done to skip levels will be listed below.

Obtaining goldsmith gauntlets is 100% recommended if you want to get 99 smithing as fast as possible as this will increase your experience rate by 60%. Same goes for ice gloves, if you do not use these in combination with the goldsmith gloves you will need to use a bucket of water to cool down your bars before taking them, cutting into your experience rates.

The easiest way to get here from anywhere is using the blast furnace mini-game teleport in the miniggame group finder. Another option is to speak to the dwarf at the grand exchange who will take you there.

Both these methods require you to have started the quest the giant dwarf. You can do this by speaking to the dwarves boatman who is located inside the dungeon east of Rellekka. You can walk to Rellekka from seers village or use an enchanted lyre to get there.

Since youll be running from a conveyer bank to a bank with a full inventory of ores, youll be very heavy and your energy will be drained quickly. This is why a weight-reducing outfit such as graceful is highly recommended when doing the blast furnace minigame.

Here are the most efficient ways to run the different bars. Remember: for gold ore youll want to wear goldsmith gloves while placing the ores on the conveyor belt and then switch to ice gloves to collect them!

Hopefully, this osrs smithing guide was helpful and will aid you in getting 1-99 smithing as fast as possible. Smithing is a very chill skill in Old School Runescape that you can train semi-AFK while performing other tasks such as working or watching some Netflix (if you are using the anvil-method).

The blast furnace on the other hand, while less AFK, has a nice little community feel to it in a similar way we used to have chats at the magic trees back in the day! Id highly recommend the blast furnace as your smithing training method for that nostalgic feeling.

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old school runescape - the complete mining guide

old school runescape - the complete mining guide

Mining is both a P2P, and an F2P OSRS skill, allowing you to mine various rocks to obtain ores. These ores can be turned into bars or just sold for profits to the Grand Exchange. You also have a chance to mine Gems and this chance increases the higher your Mining level. This OSRS mining guide aims to teach you everything you need to know to level 1-99 efficiently, as well as learn the ins and outs of mining in your OSRS journey!

Mining is mainly used for making money, but this can be very profitable only after level 85, where you can start mining Runite ores the most profitable ores in the game. Generally, the higher your Mining level, the faster you can mine the ores hence faster XP and money making.

Mining training is not expensive at all as you dont even use any ingredients, you just need a pickaxe and a good mining spot its actually quite repetitive and kinda click-intensive. So in this guide, we will focus on how to reach 99 as fast as possible in addition to explaining some money-making methods that might help.

A pickaxe is a tool that you need to be able to mine any rock in the game. There are many pickaxes, the better the pickaxe you can use, the faster you can mine the rocks and the faster XP you can get. Using a pickaxe is depending on your Mining level so you cant use a higher tier of pickaxe without having its required Mining level.

Pickaxes generally can be used to mine rocks with just having it in your inventory, without the need to wield it. But this will take one slot of your inventory, which can decrease your Mining XP in the long term. This means wielding the pickaxe is much more efficient, but each pickaxe requires a specific Attack level, so the Attack level is also important when it comes to Mining training.

To Mine the rocks, you only have to left-click it while having a Pickaxe in your inventory (or wielding it). After mining a rock, it will be depleted for a while depending on which kind of Rocks it is. The Rock will be depleted after mining one Ore from it unless you are using the Expert mining gloves.

It is a very important and useful outfit that boosts your Mining XP by a total of 2.5% upon wearing the complete outfit. It can only be obtained from the Prospector Percys Nugget Shop in the Motherlode Mine after collecting the required golden nuggets (180 golden nuggets) to buy it through mining in the Motherlode Mine.

The Easy diary gives tier 1 and its effect is only applied on Rocks up to Coal. The Medium diary gives tier 2 and its effect is applied on Rocks up to Mithril. The Hard diary gives tier 3 and its effect is applied on Rocks up to Adamant. The Elite diary gives tier 4 and its effect is applied to any Rock in the game (except Gem rocks).

This armour is very useful since you still get the XP of the 2 Ores mined at once, which kinda boosts up your Mining XP. Also, it increases your profits while mining Runite ores. But generally, you will only need Varrock armour tier 1 to follow our training guide.

These gloves decrease the chance of non-depletion of the rock you mine. This can be useful when you want to AFK more while mining, and also gives more profits when Mining Runite Rocks to make money.

The Mining gloves work only on Silver rocks up to Gold, but you can buy the Superior mining gloves to make the effect works on Mithril rocks up to Runite. You can also combine the two gloves to make Expert mining gloves that work on Rocks from Silver up to Runite.

Buying Mining gloves or Superior mining gloves can be done throughthe Mining Guild Mineral Exchange after collecting enough unidentified minerals (60, 120 respectively). The best way to collect unidentified minerals is by mining Iron in the Mining Guild.

These 2 items are only useful if you are mining Gem rocks for making money. The Gem bag allows you to store up to 60 uncut Gems for each of the Free-to-Play Gems in addition to the Pay-to-Play Dragonstore Gem. It can be bought from the Prospector Percys Nugget Shop for 100 golden nuggets.

The Amulet of glory (charged) increases the chance of getting gems while mining non-gem rocks from 1/256 to 1/86. It will also speed up the mining of the Gem rocks. This item can be bought directly from the Grand Exchange or crafted and enchanted by yourself.

Use the best Pickaxe you can get and begin to mine Tin ores from the 3 known Tin rocks in the Lumbridge Mine. This spot is the best one as you can mine quickly the 3 rocks while standing between them so your character wont have to walk and waste time between rocks.

Use a good pickaxe, the best you can obtain, and begin to mine Iron ore just like the Tin ores. There are some spots where you can find 3 Iron rocks in a triangular shape, but the one with less traffic is located in Al Kharid mine. Just like mining Tin ores, stand between the Rocks and mine them in a circle, once you finish mining the 3rd Rock, another Rock will respawn in less than 2 seconds.

It is recommended to use this spot until level 60 Mining as you will gain access to the Mining Guild where the respawn time is halved in addition to gaining an invisible mining boost of 7 levels which will speed up the mining process.

The respawn time halved means the XP rates will be boosted, so from level 60 until 75 you will start noticing higher XP rates. Also, the spot is very close to a bank chest which means depositing the ores is much faster than dropping them one by one and you will be making money at the same time. This method is click-intensive, so the XP rates depend on how fast you can do it.

Mining Granite ores is just like Iron and Tin, but the XP you get is depending on the size of the Granite ores you mine. It requires level 45 to start mining them, but its recommended to do it only once you reach level 75.

The Granite ores can be mined in the Desert Quarry located south of the Bandit Camp in the Kharidian Desert. In the Desert Quarry, you will find a spot that has 4 Granite Rocks which is the best spot to mine, basically just an advanced version of mining Iron ores.

Note that you will need to have waterskins or since the Quarry is located in the Desert so you dont die from the desert heat. It is also advised to drop the ores to get the best possible XP rates per hour. This method is also very click-intensive.

The Motherlode mine is a good place for AFK-mining but it has pretty low XP per hour at the average rate of 25K/Hour. Its also useful to start collecting golden nuggets to buy the previously mentioned Prospector kit.

To access the Motherlode Mine, you will need at least level 30 Mining, but it is not recommended to do it at this very low level. The recommended level should be at least above level 72, so you can unlock the upper level of it which is closer to the bank chest and the hopper. But note that you will need 100 Golden nuggets to unlock the upper level by talking to Prospector Percy.

Mining there can be done by using a pickaxe on one of the ore veins so you can mine pay-dirt. It will take time to get the pay-dirt mined and you can get multiple of them from one vein thus it is a semi-AFK method.

After collecting a full inventory of the pay-dirt, you will have to deposit them into the hopper to get cleaned so you can collect them from the sack. The pay-dirt will be converted to random ores and a chance of getting Golden nuggets, so its also a profitable Mining method. Note that in the lower level of the Mine veins have a higher chance of depleting than the upper level.

Each time you mine pay-dirt you will get 60 Mining XP in addition to the XP bonus you get once you collect the ores from the sack. The bonus XP is depending on what kind of ore you get and this is depending on your Mining level. To check the rates, see the table below.

The sack capacity can be extended by paying 200 golden nuggets to Prospector Percy, this will allow you to deposit more amounts of pay-dirt into the hopper without having to empty the sack first.

Gems mining is not the best way to train Mining and its not also a Semi-AFK method, but instead, it gives a decent amount of Gold per Hour in addition to average XP rates. You need level 40 Mining at least to start mining gems, but its recommended to do it at level 75 or higher.

The best spot to mine gems is at the underground gem mine in Shilo Village. The surface spot is not the best as it has only 7 rocks and not as close as the underground area to the bank chest. So 100% you should get the Karamja gloves tier 3 after completing Karamja Hard Diary to access to the underground area.

You need at least level 92 to start mining Amethyst and it is located inside the Mining Guild. The Mining guild gives an invisible boost of 7 levels, which means you will be able to mine faster inside the guild, but the boost wont allow you to mine rocks above your actual Mining level.

To be able to start mining Basalt & Salt, you will need at least level 72 Mining and the Completion of Making Friends with My Arm Quest. The Basalt Rocks are located underneath the Weiss in the Salt Mine and it is just like mining any other rock but it doesnt deplete after mining one ore.

There are 3 different types of salt and they have 3 colors: blue, red and green. You can see their colors through the Basalt rocks, so choose any kind of them to mine. The Black rocks are only going to give you basalts.

Mining Volcanic ash is another good method to make money through Mining, but it has pretty low XP rates as you only get 10 XP per Volcanic ash. To start mining Volcanic ash, you need to have at least a Mining level of 22 in addition to the completion of Bone Voyage quest which gives you access to the Fossil Island where you can start mining Volcanic ash near the Fossil Island Volcano.

Mining Volcanic ash is simple, you only have to left-click on the Ash piles and your character will start mining them until they deplete. The number of Volcanic Ashes you get from 1 Ash pile is depending on your Mining level, the higher level you are the more ashes you can get.

Mining Runite is probably the best Mining money-making method for the high-level players as the Runite ore is the most expensive ore in the game. The competition between players to mine it is probably the only issue, as you will have to switch between worlds to find a non-depleted ore.

The place to mine Runite ores is in the Mining Guild due to the invisible Mining boost which makes it faster to mine the rock. Also, the effect that makes the respawn time of any rock halved which only happens inside the Mining Guild.

The best way to mine Runite is by switching between the different worlds instead of waiting for the rock to respawn. Using a good pickaxe is also very important alongside a Varrock armour tier 4 as well as the Superior mining gloves.

Mining is a very repetitive skill to train as most of the time you will have to click continuously to get good XP rates. So its advised to start using the money-making methods only at the high levels so you can do it more efficiently.

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