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page 3 | mining businesses for sale worldwide, 60 available to buy now

page 3 | mining businesses for sale worldwide, 60 available to buy now

We will fund the following projects. 1- Renewable Energy. 2- Power Plants. 3- Infrastructure - Subway, Airport, Shipping Port, Highway. 4- Real estate commercial. 5- Real estate residential. 6-... More details

Summary. Diverse scope in key areas of infrastructure & resources Excellent staff & trainers that will stay with the business Over $200k of assets included Great mix of accredited & non-accredited... More details

Established Underground Mine Supply Company providing Electrical Systems, Equipment Re-Building, and its own Proprietary line of Underground Utility Vehicles. The Company is a privately-owned... More details

This business, located in the Goldfields services the Mining and Civil Contractor Market Sectors servicing, repairing and rebuilding underground and surface mining equipment. They are specialists in... More details

This is a rare chance to buy an established business that dominates its respective market. Triple K Safety Inc. (TKS) provides remote medical safety and security services to a variety of natural... More details

Distinguished Partners, We are a team of professionals who carry out activities in various economic fields, having 25 years experience in business, and were specialized in providing consultancy... More details

Oil Exploration Companies Need: Elimination for Gas Flaring at N. Dakotas Bakken Field via on-Site Conversion to Byproducts. The Benefit to Oil Explorers: Accelerate by more than 50% Oil Production... More details

Independent oil exploration & production co. Seeking independent oil and gas exploration company or other seasoned partner(s) for $65 mil. Utica shale project; Key feature of the technology used... More details

Our client is a steel wire rope and lifting equipment supplier servicing the general engineering, mining and construction industries. The company is one of the largest steel wire rope stockists in the... More details

We are an Icelandic company looking for funding partner(s) for spirits plant in Reykjavik, Iceland. Our intentions are to product vodka, gin and other spirits. We have beverage filling lines... More details

Established in 1996, the website is an international marketplace of businesses for sale. We provide a cost-effective route to market for business owners and their representatives and a one stop shop for aspiring entrepreneurs and business buyers.

heavy machinery businesses for sale worldwide, 29 available to buy now

heavy machinery businesses for sale worldwide, 29 available to buy now

The offer is in two parts - one is simply the facility which is land, building & machinery. The second part is the brand and business. This facility is suitable only for someone aiming for a very... More details

This fast-growing business is a leading provider of technically innovative drilling services to the South African market. A well-established business with an excellent reputation and track record... More details

Their specific work focuses on Hot Mill, Cold Mill and Plate Mill repair, medium to large scale. They are also capable of fabricating new parts off drawings. Their millwrights and machinists are... More details

This manufacturer of specialty machinery for sale in the Midwest has been designing and fabricating machines to process raw materials for over three decades. Its products are known for their... More details

This manufacturer, currently primarily serving the aerospace and military sectors, is situated in Central Arizonas valley. The company, specializing in providing quality custom machine parts and CNC... More details

Turnover of 2.1m with an adjusted EBITDA of 157k. Manufactures heavy-duty excavator attachments for clients. throughout the UK and internationally. Products include, but are not limited to, cable... More details

The Company is a manufacturing company that designs and builds special machinery and industrial automation for a broad range of industries. The Company offers mechanical designs, controls design... More details

The Company is a manufacturing company that designs and builds special machinery and industrial automation for a broad range of industries. The Company offers mechanical designs, controls design... More details

Trucking, rigging and crane service business for sale in the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania general area. This business is physically located north of Pittsburgh but services the entire tri-state region... More details

This organization manufactures precision components and assemblies in the aircraft and aerospace industries. This organization has been operating for approximately 74 years. This organization is... More details

Sale of Industry dedicated to the manufacture of equipment, packaging, containers and metallic tanks, predominantly in stainless steel, as well as mechanical locksmithing. The company has 19... More details

This company designs, manufactures, services, sells and rents/leases downhole drilling tools for oil well and construction businesses. Established in 2011 by prior electrical engineer for a large EPC... More details

This long established company alloys various metal elements to create custom mill sheets, discs and other pieces to meet customer needs. The customer base includes medical and related manufacturers... More details

Achieved turnover of circa 5.3 million.The company provides a range of forklift truck solutions including sales, repairs, servicing, manufacturing and hire.Designs and manufactures its own branded... More details

YE20 draft turnover of 1.68 million, with an adjusted EBITDA 429k. YE19 turnover of 2.16 million with an adjusted EBITDA of 614k. Operates globally, with circa 66% of customers based outside the... More details

The Company has two divisions: Marine Floating Dock and Boat Handling/Lifting Equipment manufacturing, and offers a complete line of services, including lifting equipment, steel and aluminum... More details

Motivated Seller - Superior Manufacturing Company, Solid book of business of manufacturing for wholesale farm implementation products (Disc Harrows, Box Blades, Scrape Blades, Haying Equipment and... More details

Large Factory Building in Industrial Zone in Chiang Mai for Rent. Listing No. 066-10-12-003. Business: Factory. Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand. Features: The total land size is 6,100m2 which the... More details

This company has been established for well over 50 years. They have an excellent reputation for building custom equipment and general machining needs. Some products include bag machines, carpet... More details

Full-service Job Shop, specializing in very large custom carbon and stainless and structural steel fabrication: tanks, storage bins, exhaust stacks, trusses, collection hoppers, cleaning units and... More details

Earth Moving & Civils Company - Garden Route Area. Established over 20+ years with skilled and loyal staff, this business is the making serious profits, servicing a selected geographical area... More details

Construction And Heavy Equipment Consulting Firm. Montoursville, PA (Lycoming County) Seller Financing Available. Asking Price: $2,900,000. Cash Flow: $234,444. Gross Revenue: $1,400,000. EBITDA: N/A... More details

This family owned concrete pumping business is the largest operator west of Brisbane. Established in 2001, the company offers services for all domestic, commercial and civil projects, and are... More details

Established in 1996, the website is an international marketplace of businesses for sale. We provide a cost-effective route to market for business owners and their representatives and a one stop shop for aspiring entrepreneurs and business buyers.

mining business ideas & opportunities in 2021 [top 50 picks]

mining business ideas & opportunities in 2021 [top 50 picks]

Do you want to start a mining business or want to invest in the mining industry? If Yes, here are 50 best mining related business ideas & opportunities. Mining is one of the oldest businesses in the world yet it hasnt stopped being profitable. People have mined crude oil, gold, silver, and precious metals for centuries yet the mining industry is valued at around $500 billion, with an annual growth rate of 0.6%.

Mining is a very great business you should consider setting up but starting a mining business can seem like a daunting process for new comers to the industry especially with regards to identifying the most lucrative mining business niches to choose from.

Below are 50 different mining related business ideas that you can invest in. Some of them are low cost business ideas that you can start with little or no money just in case you are worried that you may not be able to afford the huge capital required to start a mining related business.

Quartz, also known as glass-sand or silica sand is a type of sand that is commonly used in the glass manufacturing industry. Quartz is used in manufacturing glass bottles, optical instruments, windows, electrical insulation, doors, aircraft parts, and other glass ware. Quartz Mining is a very lucrative mining business where you may never fall short of customers to patronize your business.

If you live in cities with gold deposits or if you can get a mining permit to work in such cities, you will make a lot of money because gold is a very valuable commodity both in the financial industry, and the jewelry making industry.

Another highly valuable commodity especially in the fashion industry is diamond mining. Diamonds are very expensive and highly valuable hence many couples engage themselves with diamond rings worth millions of dollars. Diamonds are also very popular amongst investors because the value continues to rise just like gold.

Kaolin, also known as clay minerals is largely used in the industrial sector for making rubber paints, porcelain, paper, and several other items. It is also used in making of some types of drugs especially drugs meant to treat diarrhea and dysentery. You can mine kaolin and supply them to the medical industry, porcelain or paint manufacturing industry, or any other industries that deal in making paper and rubber paints.

Gasoline is made from crude oil and 90% of vehicles today run on gasoline so crude oil mining can easily make you rich however, the industry is a very competitive one, and the business is very expensive to set up. Plus you have to get a mining permit in a city or country with crude oil reserves so theres no gainsaying that this business is only for deep-pocketed individuals.

Coltan is a highly valuable mineral that is used in the electrical and cable-making industry to improve alloy strength. They are found in large deposits in countries like Canada, Australia, Brazil, and China.

Granite is a type of stone that is used in the construction industry. It is also one of the easiest mining businesses to start, and you can make a lot of money from supplying granite to construction companies, or people carrying out building projects.

Uranium ore is a very rare mineral and 39% of the worlds uranium deposit is in a country called Kazakhstan. It is also found in small deposits in countries like Canada, Russia, Australia, Namibia, Niger, China, and of course, the United States.

Another mineral that very few people know about is cobalt. Mining cobalt can easily make you rich because it is used in manufacturing magnets, aircraft gas turbine engines, magnetic coatings, and wear-resistant applications. You can easily make money from supplying cobalt to any companies involved in manufacturing these items.

Fluorite is another mineral used in a lot of industries. You can sell the proceeds of your fluorite mining operations to companies involved in the production of toothpaste, hydrofluoric acid, carbon electrodes, and paint pigments.

Platinum group metals include metals like platinum, rhodium, palladium, osmium, and iridium, used in the pharmaceutical, jewelry making, organic chemical and automobile industries. They are also used in the dental industry to make dental crowns and bridges.

If for some reason you cannot get a mining license or cannot afford the huge capital required to start a mining business, you can still earn from the rich mining industry by providing haulage and logistic handling services. Mining companies often need to hire the services of haulage companies to transport their products to customers or for storage.

One of the legal requirements for setting up a mining business is that you have to put all the health and safety requirements in place to protect your employees, and the people who live around the mining site. You must also have a health and safety officer on ground to continue to monitor the operations and provide proactive safety measures. You can consider setting up a HSE company to provide health and safety consultancy services to mining companies.

Mining companies usually require the services of experts which sometimes are hard to find. You can set up a recruiting company that caters to mining companies, and helps them to recruit the right employees for their business operations.

Another idea is to become a business consultant. You can show interested investors where the money is in the mining industry, and offer them the necessary assistance that they need to set up their businesses.

You can set up a training institute to train people who are interested in working in the mining industry. As mentioned earlier, the people who work in the mining industry are professionals who are well-trained so if you cannot set up your own mining operation, you can still make money from offering professional training services.

The mining industry is a highly mechanized and computerized industry that relies on software to carry out their operations. You can make money from providing software design services to mining companies.

Another equipment related business that you can make money from in the mining industry is equipment servicing and repairs. The equipment used for mining are usually specialized equipment that can only be repaired or serviced by professionals. If you live or have your business in a city with a lot of mining companies, this is a business that can earn you a lot of money.

This business is also for deep-pocketed investors but it would earn you a lot of good money too. You can start selling mining equipment for cash, or on hire-purchase basis. Either way, you can make a lot of money.

The Wastes from mining operations are either highly volatile or valuable so they always need to be handled by experts. This is a unique niche in the mining industry that you can easily start without a lot of capital.

Mining operations are usually high-risk hence the need for medical service providers who can offer first-aid and rescue services to injured employees. You can consider setting up an emergency medical response service that caters specifically to the mining industry.

This is one business that can earn you cool cash from the mining industry without actually owning a mining business. You can earn good commission from product sourcing in the mining industry, or hooking up buyers with sellers.

In many African countries, there are families who own oil wells but lack the required capital to set up crude oil mining rigs on it. These families usually rent the oil wells outs to companies/business men who can afford to mine the crude, and then return some percentage of profit to them.

A lot of mining companies are switching to alternative sources of energy which are much more cost-effective for them. You can set up a business that helps mining companies make the switch to solar energy, wind energy, or any other alternative source of energy.

You can set up a private oil refinery where crude oil can be processed into gasoline, kerosene, and other derivatives. You can buy crude oil and process them yourself, or allow crude oil mining companies to use your facilities for a fee.

Mining is a highly volatile business which involves a lot of risk hence the high need for risk assessment experts to observe mining fields and sites, and provide professional advice and assistance necessary to avoid accidents and environmental damage. You can consider setting up a business that provides these services.

Another business that would make you money in the mining industry is providing exploration services. Mining exploration experts are responsible for locating sites where there are mineral deposits so that mining companies can move in to harvest the minerals.

Youve probably heard of cryptocurrency in recent times; yes, cryptocurrencies are taking the world by a storm and you can make a business out of mining cryptocurrencies like bitcoins, ethereum, and altcoins.

Lastly, you can make good profits from copper mining. Copper mining is very popular in the united states, and highly profitable too because copper is used in making a lot of things including jewelry, television, radio, generating sets, and several other electronic goods.

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mining businesses for sale worldwide, 60 available to buy now

mining businesses for sale worldwide, 60 available to buy now

An excellent silver mine with immense potential indications of cobalt ore. Concession with Pb/Ag mineralization is located about 12 km. Southwest of the town of Zaida, which lies on a short NS link... More details

This is an opportunity to evaluate an extremely attractive Rare Earth Mining Project, with a Mining Right in place, for a minimal upfront cost. The Seller has formal DMR approval of a Mining Right... More details

Iron Ore Mining Company for Sale. The Company has a rich iron ore mine in the Chile Atacama region. The mine has a total of 50 million tons of high grade iron ore plus a high grade of rich reserves of... More details

Gold recovery from gold dumps is well known in South Africa as a very low-risk gold recovery process. The gold price has firmed up and interest has now shifted from the capital-intensive investment... More details

This Quarry Mine is a reputable granite stone, mining establishment ,situated at Nsawam in the Eastern region of Ghana, approximately 35 km from the capital, Accra. It is the second biggest Quarry in... More details

Profitable, well establish and nationally awarded northern company in the manufacturing and construction industries looking to purchase, be purchased or to amalgamate with southern manufacturing... More details

1.Gold mining area in Lundazi District eastern province of Zambia sitting on area in excess of 8,500. Hectares .This greenfield mining property area is under a large exploration mining licence... More details

The planned initial mining operation is based on an open cast resource of circa 7 million (mineable tonnages in-situ) and intended to generate the cash flow necessary to develop the main project for a... More details

Developed with state-of-the-art equipment, this plant is the most modern in Africa. The mine sources the supply of lime from its own mine which has a lifespan of over 300 years. Currently, the plant... More details

Angola is the third-largest producer of diamonds in Africa and has still only explored 40% of the diamond-rich territory within the country. About this opportunity: On offer: JV Partnership offering... More details

South Africa has more than 80 per cent of the worlds platinum reserves, and is the worlds largest producer of platinum group metals (PGMs). About this opportunity: Commodities mined: Platinum (PGM)... More details

South Africa is one of the seven largest coal-producing and one of the top five coal-exporting countries in the world. More than a quarter of coal mined in South Africa is exported. About this... More details

Coal is South Africas dominant energy source. 77% of South Africas energy needs are provided by coal, according to the Department of Energy. Eskom produces 95% of the electricity used in South Africa... More details

Had contracts with national and multi-national companies, distributors, manufacturers and chain stores. Also supplied many landscaping companies, agricultural and feed companies, greenhouses, stucco... More details

A great opportunity to acquire an environmentally conscious business. With steady sales through the current pandemic. This established aftermarket TPMS business has been operated for 11+ years and... More details

Categories: Industrial/Manufacturing. Leading Civil, Earthmoving, and Heavy Machinery hire specialists to road construction and construction industries. Enviable direct client list, huge development... More details

Invest and grow in a highly profitable bolt-on with instant profit and great strategic value providing civil construction and earth moving projects to Geelong and South-West Victoria. Services include... More details

South East Queensland. Rare Opportunity to Lease or Purchase Freehold Quarry. Fully Operational : Crushing ,Screening, Plant, Dump Trucks, Excavators etc. Reserves : 80 + years proven reserves... More details

Gold remains one of the worlds most coveted metals, revered for its beauty and symbolism, and. held as a store of value. This versatile metal is malleable, conductive and does not tarnish, making it... More details

Founded in the early 1970s, the Company manufactures and supplies ready-mix to customers throughout West Michigan. The Company offers ready-mix concrete, aggregate, crushed concrete, precast products... More details

South Africa holds 72% of the global chromite resources, which includes more than 41% of the worlds reserves. South Africa was the worlds sixth-largest producer of iron ore and the largest producer... More details

Construction, Excavation And Quarry Business For Sale. This successful business is one of the longest remaining firms in north of Spain region in their sector. The business is regarded in the... More details

Price: $1.48M + SAV + Freehold. Categories: Industrial/Manufacturing, Rural, Transport/Distribution. This multi income producing business located in the beautiful regional town of Injune is an... More details

Mining in South Africa was once the main driving force behind the history and development of Africas most advanced and richest economy. While diamond mining has been taking place in South Africa for... More details

Are you an experienced operator looking for a guaranteed workload? This multi-million-dollar earthmoving company is looking for an experienced operator to join their co-operative. With a current... More details

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10 biggest mining companies

10 biggest mining companies

The mining industry is comprised of companies that explore and mine for precious and nonprecious metals and minerals, as well as energy commodities like coal and petroleum. They are used in the manufacturing of a broad range of industrial products, capital goods, and consumer items including machines, computers, clothing, buildings, and automobiles. Some companies in the mining sector even produce agricultural commodities. Mining is a global industry, but five of the largest companies are headquartered in China, the world's second-largest economy. Other big mining names are based in the U.K., Switzerland, Australia, and Brazil.

Below we look at the 10 biggest mining companies by 12-month trailing(TTM)revenue. Some companies outside the U.S. report profits semi-annually instead of quarterly, so the 12-month trailing data may be older than it is for companies that report quarterly. Data is courtesy of YCharts.com, unless otherwise noted. All figures are as of September 11.

This list is limited to companies that are publicly traded in the U.S. or Canada, either directly or throughADRs. However, we note that two of these companies trade at such low volumes that they should be avoided even though they have publicly listed ADRs: Jiangxi Copper Co. Ltd. (600362) and Yanzhou Coal Mining Co. Ltd. (600188). Due to their size and importance they have been included on the list, but with the ticker symbol associated with their respective listings on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE).

Some of the stocks below are only tradedover-the-counter (OTC)in the U.S., not on exchanges. Trading OTC stocks often carries higher trading costs than trading stocks on exchanges. This can lower or even outweigh potential returns.

Glencore is a Switzerland-based multinational commodity trading and mining company. It produces metal, mineral, energy, and agricultural commodities. The company serves the automotive, steel, power generation, battery manufacturing, and oil sectors globally.

BHP is an Australia-based international resources company. It explores and mines minerals, including coal, iron ore, gold, titanium, ferroalloys, nickel, and copper properties. It also offers petroleum exploration, production, and refining services. The company serves customers worldwide.

Rio Tinto is a U.K.-based multinational metals and mining company. It explores and mines for aluminum, borax, coal, copper, gold, iron ore, lead, silver, tin, uranium, zinc, titanium dioxide feedstock, diamonds, talc, and zircon. The company serves customers in various industries worldwide.

Jiangxi Copper is a China-based copper mining company. It engages in the extraction and processing of precious and scattered metal, as well as sulphuric chemistry. The company's products include copper cathode, gold, silver, sulphuric acid, copper rod, copper tube, and copper foil.

Vale is a Brazil-based multinational mining company. It produces iron ore, pellets, manganese, iron alloys, gold, nickel, copper, bauxite, alumina, aluminum, potash, and coal. The company also owns and operates railroads and maritime terminals. The company operates in approximately 30 different countries.

China Shenhua is a China-based producer of coal and electricity. The company operates coal mines, produces various coal products, and generates power and electricity. It also operates transportation railways for coal and non-coal commodities, and provides logistics and vessels for coal and non-coal cargo.

Yanzhou is a China-based coal mining company and produces a broad range of products ranging from fine coal to power coal. The company also manufactures coal mining and excavating equipment, and operates power generation, railway transport, and heating businesses.

Anglo American is a U.K.-based mining company. It engages in the exploration and mining of precious metals, base metals, and ferrous metals. The company produces iron ore, manganese, metallurgical coal, copper, nickel, platinum, and diamonds. It has operations throughout the world.

Aluminum Corporation of China is a China-based manufacturer of aluminum products. The company produces aluminum ores, aluminum, bauxite, coal, and other products. It also operates an energy segment that engages in power generation, including conventional coal-fire power generation and renewable energy generation such as wind power and photovoltaic power.

Zijin Mining is a China-based multinational mining company. It engages in the exploration, mining, and smelting processing of gold, copper, zinc, and other metal mineral resources. The company also conducts metal trading and investment businesses globally.

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