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inventory | mining equipment

inventory | mining equipment

108" x 66", both drums clutched, 1-1/2" rope, line speed 1260 FPM, rope pull 35,438 lbs. Electrics, 900 HP, 500 RPM, 500 Volt DC Motor complete with MG Set 900 HP, 2300/4000 Volt synchronous motor and 720 KW, 500 Volt DC generator.

170" diameter, 2-1/8" diameter ropes, line speed 2920 FPM, designed out of balance 105000 lbs, total suspended load 578000 lbs, 16 Axidisc spring applied _ air release disc brakes, powered by a GE direct coupled overbearing motor, 9500 HP, 65.6 RPM DC motor, power conversion by 12 pulse thyristor converter.

120" diameter, 1.25" diameter ropes, line speed 1500 FPM, designed out of balance 32000 lbs, total suspended load 257000 lbs, 8 Axidisc spring applied _ air release disc brakes, powered by a GE direct coupled overbearing motor, 1500 HP, 47.7 RPM DC motor, power conversion by thyristor converter.

84" diameter, 13/16" diameter ropes, line speed 2000 FPM, shaft depth 2700 ft., designed out of balance 7.5 tons, maximum load 82,000 lbs., disc brakes, powered by ASEA LA605 direct coupled overbearing motor, 600 HP, 91 RPM, 440 Volt DC motor, MG Set ASEA 700 HP, 1200 RPM synchronous motor, complete with electric control with A10 programmer and ASEA winder regulator and log-on trip recorder.

120" x 72", 1-3/8" rope, disc brakes, ASEA double reduction gear box, line speed 1200 FPM, rope pull 24,000 lbs., powered by a 480 HP, 800 RPM, 440 Volt DC motor, MG Set 500 HP, 50 Hz, 3300 Volt synchronous motor, 390 KW, 4440 Volt DC generator

84" x 60", 1-1/2" rope, two post brakes, gear reducer and helical gear set, line speed 800 FPM, rope pull 17,000 lbs. Powered by a 500 HP, 700 RPM, 4000 Volts AC motor complete with G.E. 7 step AC Grid control.

84" x 36", 1-1/2" rope, two post brakes, Westinghouse gear reducer and helical gear set, line speed 400 FPM, rope pull 17,500 lbs., powered by a 250 HP, 705 RPM, 4000 Volt AC motor complete with controls.

83" x 79-1/2", 2" rope, one post brake, one pinion drum brake, Western gear reducer and gear set, line speed 285 FPM, rope pull 62,000 lbs., powered by 2 x 300 HP, 1150 RPM, 300 HP DC motors, complete with controls, thyristor converter.

about us | mining equipment

about us | mining equipment

We are happy to welcome innovative German manufacturer Mhlhuser to the Mining Equipment family. This important acquisition represents our first step into the European market, and we are excited for the opportunity to do what we do best: give contractors the best support in the industry, one project at a time.

Mining Equipments first European office, in Breuberg, Germany, will coordinate our expanded supply of locomotives, rolling stock, mine hoists, mine winches, and ventilation equipment in the new market. This offering will be enhanced by Mhlhusers bold designs, engineering depth, and regional experience. Mhlhusers Paul Zeder will head up operations at the new facility, and fellow Mhlhuser veteran Marco Langnickle will be our design engineer.

Over the years Mining Equipment has acquired several companies in the mining and tunneling industries, adding to its capabilities while maintaining its quality and commitment to a high level of customer service. Mining Equipment designs and manufactures all new machinery it offers.

kingnor mining equipment co ltd-jchx mining management co ltd-jchx mining management co ltd

kingnor mining equipment co ltd-jchx mining management co ltd-jchx mining management co ltd

Kingnor Mining Equipment Co Ltd (Kingnor) is a joint venture in Daye Hubei, established by JCHX and Normet Oy. The company is committed to be the leading manufacturer in global mining market with high-tech and innovation as core competitiveness, with safe, robust and efficient underground service vehicles as core products. Its flagship product is Multimec (Multi-Purpose Vehicles), which consists of a series of cassettes, each for a different purpose, that fit on the common carrier. Quick slide-on and slide-off means cassettes can be switched in two to three minutes at any location to ensure timely and reliable transportation of a wide range of resources to work sites. There are various optional cassettes, including personnel cassette, concrete mixer cassette, material cassette, scissor lift cassette, lube cassette, fuel cassette, explosives cassette, and workshop cassette etc.

In Apr 2019, as more stringent safety regulations in relation to the use of personnel carriage vehicles in underground mines are implemented, Kingnor launched MF328PER, which is designed specifically for personnel transportation in underground mines with a capacity of up to 23 passengers. FOPS and ROPS approved front cabin provides superior visibility for the driver and the passenger. It is so far the most-advanced, comfortable and safest underground personnel vehicle, which drew a lot of attention from and is well-received by clients.

As more and more clients appreciate the benefit of utilizing service vehicles, Kingnor aims to further expand its product offerings to accommodate charging, shotcreting, scaling and hauling demand in underground mines by introducing and localizing up-to-date technique and intelligent products step by step.

coal mining equipment manufacturing

coal mining equipment manufacturing

China National Coal Mining Equipment Company Limited which is the subsidiary of China Coal Group ranks currently the most largest and advanced manufacturer with complete equipment supply and strong competitive ability in producing of heavy-duty armored face conveyor, hydraulic roof support, electric shearer and other equipment for mining. It has enjoyed the leading positions in terms of technology and market share and is the initiator in China that has the ability to design, manufacture and provide a complete set of equipment for fully mechanized mining and excavation in the coal mine. Meanwhile, China National Coal Mining Equipment Company Limited has set up international leading level coal equipment test platform which has played an important role of demonstration in promoting the improvement of equipment, safety, production capacity and efficiency among the coal industry in China.

During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, China Coal Group will actively seize the strategic opportunity of international energy cooperation , respond to 2025 strategic plan of China Made, deepen the reform of management system, persist in technological innovation and technical cooperation, push forward the integration of the equipment manufacturing and the new generation of information technology, promote equipment manufacturing for the development in heavy duty, high level and intelligence, strengthen the technical reservation and product research and development, bring along the localization of advanced mining technique and the internationalization of major technique and equipment. By speeding up the transformation from production orientation to production-service orientation, China Coal Group will build itself into the equipment manufacturing service provider with relatively strong international competiveness.

mining equipment | mining equipment

mining equipment | mining equipment

Mining Equipment specializes in rail mounted equipment. We have a very large inventory of diesel, battery and trolley locomotives in stock. Various models by Plymouth, Clayton, Brookville, Schma, Goodman, Greensburg and General Electric can be offered. In addition to locomotives, we also have a large inventory of rolling stock such as muck cars, flat cars and mantrips. Mining Equipment also builds new rolling stock to meet our customers needs.

Our ventilation division, Jetair Axiflow Fans, offers a full range of underground ventilation fans and accessories. We now offer our Super-Silenced fans which run quieter and take up less space than conventional fan and silencer combinations. To compliment our fans, we also offer steel ventilation ducting, rolled on-site for your mine or tunnel.

Mine Hoists International is a fully-owned subsidiary of Mining Equipment. Based in North Bay, Ontario, Mine Hoists boasts a large selection of used mine hoists and stage winches. We have more than 35 mine hoists and 60 stage winches, up to 80,000 lbs. capacity.

Mining Equipment is North Americas exclusive agent for Metalliance. Metalliance is the world leader in the design and production of tunnel multi-service vehicles. Mining Equipment is also the exclusive agent for Trident SA (Goodman, Eimco) in the United States. Trident manufactures Goodman battery locomotives in South Africa as well as Eimco over-shot muckers.

projects | mining equipment

projects | mining equipment

Mining Equipment supplied all rolling stock and ventilation for the Blacklick project in Columbus, OH. Michels Construction wanted standard equipment that could be used on a wide range of projects and would stand the test of time. Mining Equipment supplied new and rebuilt Plymouth 10-ton diesel locomotives, all new rolling stock including eight cubic yard lift-off muck cars, flat cars and mantrips. They also utilized Super-Silenced fans for all tunnel ventilation. California switches were also supplied.

Mining Equipment supplied all rolling stock for the Quarry/Shaft W Project. Atkinson chose to rent rebuilt 8-ton Clayton diesel locomotives. They purchased new 10-cubic yard roll-over muck cars along with a new roll-over dump. Mining Equipment also designed and built a new California switch for the project.

Mining Equipment supplied new Trident battery locomotives, new rolling stock and ventilation equipment for a new tunnel project in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Battery locomotives were chosen because of ventilation restrictions. The job is utilizing Mining Equipment lift-off muck cars, flat cars and mantrips as well. New Jetair fans are also being used.

mining equipment acquires german manufacturer mhlhuser - the tunnelling journal

mining equipment acquires german manufacturer mhlhuser - the tunnelling journal

Mining Equipment Ltd. announces its acquisition of German manufacturer Mhlhuser and the opening of its first European office in Breuberg, Germany. The new office, approximately 50 km south of Frankfurt, will allow Mining Equipment to provide the combined equipment, resources, and expertise of Mining Equipment Ltd. and Mhlhuser to the European market. Mining Equipment designs and manufactures locomotives, rolling stock, and ventilation equipment. They also have a huge inventory of mine hoists, and stage winches used in shaft construction.

With the acquisition, Mining Equipment aims to build solid relationships in the European market by providing durable, high-quality machinery and support to contractors, helping ensure that their projects stay on schedule. Its expanded available inventory will also be strengthened by Mhlhusers innovative designs, regional experience, and engineering depth.

Mining Equipment Vice President Matt Pope says, We are ready to build the Mining Equipment reputation in the European market. This is a great opportunity to do what we do best in a new market and to prove ourselves to new customers, one project at a time.

Mining Equipment hired Paul Zeder to lead operations and Marco Langnickle as the design engineer. Together, they bring 37 years of worldwide tunneling experience at Mhlhuser. Zeder and Langnickle will be based in Breuburg.

This is the third acquisition for Mining Equipment, which also operates Jetair and Mine Hoist International. Manufactured by Mining Equipment Ltd., Jetair offers a full line of axial vane fans, ventilation ducting, and accessories for mining and tunneling projects. Mine Hoist International is a major supplier of used and remanufactured stage winches and mine hoists. As agents for Trident SA and Metalliance machines, Mining Equipment will expand their representation beyond North America and now serve Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Scandinavia.

For almost 40 years, Mining Equipment and its subsidiaries, Jetair Fan and Mine Hoist International, have supplied machines and equipment for tunneling and mining projects of all sizes, worldwide. Recently, they provided the rolling stock, locomotives, ventilation, and roll-over dumps for the expansion of the remote Kemano hydro-electric power facility in Kitimat, British Columbia. They are North Americas exclusive agent for Trident SA and Metalliance equipment. Mining Equipment is headquartered in Durango, Colorado, and now will have a European branch in Breuberg, Germany. Mhlhuser has a 110-year history and is a recognized innovator and supplier of rail-bound and trackless transportation, and equipment for concrete, grout and related applications. Muhlhauser innovations include the one side self-discharger and the rotation wagon, both of which have proved to decrease unloading time at tunneling projects around the world.

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