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mining of radioactive ore uranium phosphate

mining risks: coal, uranium, phosphate, bauxite, iron ore and more

mining risks: coal, uranium, phosphate, bauxite, iron ore and more

Mining companies and projects are some of the largest in the world. Mining operations centre around millions and billion of dollars worth of assets; assets being pulled out of the ground and assets which are deployed on the ground (in order to get stuff out of the ground).

There are the constant risks in every mining project such as the health and safety of mine workers; there are the external and largely commercial forces creating economic risk; and there are the environmental and human risks which stem from performing operations on or under planet Earth.

No matter what type of mine you are working in or on, and whether you are a coal miner or the CEO, one of your main every day tasks is to reduce risk by being aware of the risks, making smart decisions, and being adequatly prepared to deal with normal and heightened risk situations.

One of the most common and reliable methods of preparing a mining company, project and mining workers for a specific project - both before the project begins and during - is to create and maintain a risk register.

Creating a risk register is a precautionary measure which forces teams and people to think about and assess the potential risks on a project, and a proactive measure which enables workers and teams to take action in order to reduce risk and decrease the chances of errors and hazards occurring.

Coal mining has been one of the most common (and dangerous) forms of mining for a number of years. Thousands of people have died in coal mines, and hundreds continue to face the safety hazards of mining coal. In addition, the infrastructure around mines such as colliery spoil tipes have collapsed in the past, damaging the environment and killing people.

Risks common to uranium mining are centred on radiation. Countries such as Australia and Canada have really clamped down on uranium mining and how they deal with the radioactive impact of the material. Everyone is exposed to radiation, so the new rules and regulations around uranium mining are based on keeping overexposure under the specified limits.

There isn't a form of mining (or any type of industrial project) in the world which doesn't carry great risk for the companies, workers and societies involved in extracting minerals and materials from the Earth. It's our job to manage and mitigate these risks as much as possible to ensure we have the materials the world needs to function - and the safety outcomes which families and people need to.

imminent pond collapse at phosphate mine in florida

imminent pond collapse at phosphate mine in florida

The US State of Florida has been under a state of emergency since Saturday after a massive and potentially catastrophic leak from an old phosphate mines tailings pond threatened to burst a system storing millions of gallons of water containing radioactive materials.

Today I joined state officials in Manatee County who are actively responding to Piney Point and deploying all necessary resources. Please follow @FLSERT and @FLDEPNews for updates and monitor local alerts and evacuation orders. https://t.co/ACdrUdOkpO pic.twitter.com/ayOGoLR3Oo

Ron DeSantis, the Florida governor, toured the scene by helicopter on Sunday and said at a press conference engineers were still attempting to plug breaches in the reservoir wall with rocks and other materials.

The pond at the abandoned phosphate mine sits in a stack of phosphogypsum, a radioactive waste product from fertilizer manufacturing. It contains small amounts of naturally occurring radium and uranium. The stacks can also release large concentrations of radon gas.

The owner of Piney Point, HRK Holdings, bought the site after it was abandoned by the Mulberry Corporation, which operated the phosphate plant for more than 40 years. As long ago as 2003,the Sarasota Herald Tribune reported, reservoir walls were crumbling.

A global inquiry into mining waste storage systems of more than 700 resources companies,launched in April2019 after thecollapse of a dam in Brazil that killed hundreds, showed that about a tenth of the structures have had stability issues.

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