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process advisorprocess mining | microsoft power automate

process advisorprocess mining | microsoft power automate

Create: Set up a new process to identify opportunities to improve yourworkflow. Share: Invite colleagues to collaborate and add newrecordings. Record: Record the actions you or your colleagues take to complete the process athand. Edit: Remove sensitive information, and then group your actions into meaningfulactivities. Analyze: Generate a process map to analyze actions and getinsights. Automate: Use these insights and guided recommendations to beginautomating.

the procedure and cost for obtaining mining license in nigeria

the procedure and cost for obtaining mining license in nigeria

Every investor or company willing to engage in the Nigerian mining sector requires a government approval or license to proceed. Mining license in Nigeria is usually relevant for companies seeking to engage in the mining sector, with or without a mining lease.

There are two major types of mining licenses in Nigeria that are relevant and important for every company engaging in mining sector, depending on their type of activities in the sector. These licenses are Possess or Purchase License and Mineral Buying Centre license. Also important for companies that choose to export the mineral resources is the Mineral Export Permit. The Mining Cadastre Office within the Ministry of Mines and Steel Development (MMSD) are responsible for the issuance of mining licenses and permit.

All the mining licenses and permit serve different purposes and their conditions for issuance come with different requirements. It is important to separately highlight and discuss the various licenses.

The Possess or Purchase license is required from company seeking to deal in mineral resources. The Nigerian Mineral Resources Act 2007 stipulates a strict punishment for any individual or company who engage in any mineral resources handling without this particular license.

The Mineral Buying Centre License is required for companies or industries willing to process mineral resources in Nigeria. It is also relevant for any companies that choose to warehouse mineral resources, either temporarily or permanently.

The purpose of the license is to regulate and authorize any warehouse where mineral resources will be kept. Any company that wish to engage in warehousing of different quantities of materials for purpose of storing or trading same can obtain this license.

The requirements for obtaining Mineral Buying Centre License are similar to that of Possess and purchase License. However, every applicant for the license must have acquired a warehouse to be used for the purpose prior to the application, as such facility would be duly inspected before the issuance of the license.

Mineral Export Permit is the license or permit that enables any individual or company to export mineral resources out of Nigeria. Export Permit must be obtained each time any resources are to be exported out of Nigeria.

The cost of mining license that can be charged by any professional handling such process depends on the nature of work to be done in the course of it. The official cost for the Possess or Purchase License is fixed at just about N30, 000. The processing fee a professional handling such process will be charged can be expected to be far higher than the quoted official fee. However, it is advisable that individual or company applying for any mining license in Nigeria should negotiate the final cost for processing any license with a professional consulted to handle it.

In conclusion, Nigerian mining sector is thriving and it continues to attract an increased attention and focus from government and investors, both foreign and domestic. However, it is an offense to deal in mineral resources without the requisite license in Nigeria.

process mining webinar: plan to maximize your automation potential faq

process mining webinar: plan to maximize your automation potential faq

A: We developed these 2 approaches and introduced our new planning products to make sure your automation strategy will help you maximize ROI from RPA. Thanks to combining a centralized AI-driven discovery with an employee-led approach you'll get a full overview of processes happening in your organization and easily prioritize the best automation ideas. Our powerful AI technology provides you with scientific process maps and suggests the most promising RPA opportunities while the human-led approach allows you to constantly engage employees, get their perspective on the mundane processes in your company, and leverage their institutional knowledge to uncover hidden automation opportunities.

A:The combination of Task Mining (formerly Explorer Enterprise) and Process Mining (formerly ProcessGold) will help you get a full overview of the current state of your as-is processes. While Task Mining is focused on task mining (to help you find out what kind of mundane tasks your employees do on a daily basis), Process Mining will give you the back-end perspective of all the processes happening in your organization. Process Mining will access your back-end data from IT systems and tell the story about how these processes work together, what their impact is, and the back-end parts of tasks your employees do.

Task Mining The data is collected in the closed network, but the collection is controlled from cloud. It leaves the network to run analysis, so it is secured and obfuscated to omit private identifiable data.

A: Yes, UiPath has acquired ProcessGold to deliver an end-to-end process understanding solution. Now, ProcessGold becomes UiPath Process Mining. For more details about the acquisition, please visit this page.

A: If your company has been selected for the private preview of Task Mining, please contact your Customer Success Manager at UiPath and they will provide you with the necessary materials. Otherwise, please stay tuned for the updates which will be available at the UiPath Task Mining page once the product is generally available.

A: A Process Definition Document (PDD) is a document describing how the process is completed and specifies key metrics like the execution time, number of steps and applications required, number of clicks and text entries, etc. Thus, it is a main deliverable gained from the process discovery. Using Task Capture for process discovery, you can capture process data and export it to a PDD using a customizable Word template. This way, the Automation Hub users can document their automation ideas as PDDs and then export them to Studio in a XAML format as an automation prototype for further robot development. As for the connection of Task Capture with Task Mining and Process Mining, their integration has not been built yet.

A: Although all these tools are designed for process understanding, they differ in their areas of application. Process Mining is used to get a wide overview of business processes in the company while Task Mining offers an opportunity to get a narrow assessment of the specific processes and define best automation opportunities with estimated ROI. Then, Task Capture collects in-depth expert knowledge on processes considered for automation to transform SMEs experience into automation-ready documented workflows.

A: Yes, with Task Mining, you can invite more employees to record the same task in order to capture and compare how different SMEs perform the same task. After you choose the ultimate automation path, you can ask the SME(s) to use Task Capture to document this process as a PDD for further robot design.

A: Task Capture and Automation Hub are both GA, so anyone can get the Community Edition of Task Capture here and also sign up for a trial of CEH here. For Task Mining and Process Mining, you can register for the Insider Preview Program at uipath.com/insider and select "Process Discovery (Explorer)" as an interest. This will work for the UiPath customers and partners as well, and they will receive an email should those previews become broadly available.

A: The idea submitters direct manager should check whether the automation idea is a duplicate. Direct managers serve as the initial gatekeepers for the pipeline of submitted ideas. Direct managers push forward ideas by identifying duplicates and approving ideas they endorse for further consideration.

A: Automation Hub gives you complete control of the automation lifecycle, including secure storage of automation components. Well continue to release integrations that help you use Automation Hub with your favorite DevOps tools.

A: Though Automation Hub just launched, were seeing tremendous demand for it. Customers have been integral to proving the demand during our private preview, with orgs like Alphabet (a BMW Group Company) saying: We had the opportunity to test the software in advance and we are thrilled. We expect a lot of time savings, less discussions and much better experience from idea-selection through assessment, until development.

Q: Can you edit parameters set for a project in Automation Hub after initial setup, such as how digital it is or how structured the data is, so that it re-evaluates where it sits in the priority stack?

A: RPA developers and architects can receive email alerts when new automation ideas are submitted. From there, using the ROI Calculator and details provided by the submitter, the CoE can determine what should be automated, and adjust the automation phase accordingly.

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