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how to calculate mining profitability: top 7 mining calculators - crypto mining blog

how to calculate mining profitability: top 7 mining calculators - crypto mining blog

To solve the first problem, we recommend watching Bear Grylls TV Show. As for the second one, there are lots of calculators that can help choose the right cryptocurrency for you. Every calculator has its own pros and cons. Lets get to know the most popular platforms.

WhatToMine is the most popular calculator among miners, no matter if you own a single rig or multiple rigs consisting of ASIC miners and tons of graphics cards (GPU) rigs. We have already published a detailed review of WhatToMine last spring, which you can find here.

The platform supports a number of algorithms and has the hash rates of all popular graphics cards hard coded. You need to specify the model and the number of GPUs, enter your electricity cost and then the service will calculate the results. Also, you can select exchanges, apply filters and set the difficulty for revenue.

In the upper part of the UI there are tabs for ASIC, dual mining and available coins. ASIC miner profitability ranking is in beta. Obelisk SC1 ranks first offering 550 GH/s for Sia mining. This model brings $22 a day.

Rubin mining calculator is the creation of Russian developer Aleksei Rubin. The platform features 29 coins, both the more popular ones like ETH, ETC, AKA,and CLO, and lesser known like ZelCash, SnowGem and EtherGem.

Statistics for each coin are updated every 5 minutes. After calculating, you will see the exchange rates, profitability, block reward, and even Nicehash power rental cost. The Rubin calculator also features average block find time. If your value is over 10 hours, SOLO mining is not for you.

In the output table, you will see mining information on coins, difficulty, revenue, and profitability. In the second to last column, you will find the number of days you would have to spend to earn an amount equal to 1 BTC based on the established parameters.

Among useful features are mining profit ratio (%) and profit in monetary terms. Below, they display a profit table. Whats interesting is that the values are updated in real time once you enter your hash rate, power consumption, kilowatt-hour cost, and pool commission, so you dont have to wait for the new page to load.

Also, we advise you to keep track of whats happening in the cryptocurrency world, if you arent doing so already. If a coin gets in trouble, it will definitely affect its price and mining profitability, and may even prevent you from selling mined coins. The most recent example is Ethereum Classic that sufferred a 51% attack.

Miner since 2017, the 2Miners pool co-founder. Became interested in cryptocurrencies at the dawn of the latest bull run and bought his first graphics cards. After having built and set up a few mining rigs, he realized that existing mining pools didnt satisfy him thats how the idea of creating the 2Miners pool was born. John published a series of articles about the basics of cryptocurrency mining. He gave valuable tips on how to buy ASICs and GPUs from abroad and then shared their mining performance. On the website, you can find early articles about cryptocurrency mining, blockchain in general and mining pool operation principles. The readers gave positive feedback on Johns practical guides, such as building an Ethereum mining rig and Nvidia 1080ti overclocking.

realtime mining hardware profitability | asic miner value

realtime mining hardware profitability | asic miner value

All data provided on this website is for informational purposes only, based on profit calculations and analysis of community feedbacks. Any external link is out of our control.Cryptocurrency mining is a high risk investment, we are not responsible for any financial loss, invest at your own risk!

bitcoin mining profitability to rise 35% while ousted chinese miners face delays relocating mining bitcoin news

bitcoin mining profitability to rise 35% while ousted chinese miners face delays relocating mining bitcoin news

Analysts are predicting a rise in Bitcoin mining profitability of about 35% during the short term. This would be the effect of the bitcoin mining crackdown in China. Since the crackdown happened, a significant portion of hashrate stemming from the Bitcoin network disappeared. Ousted miners are struggling to relocate, and some might not even make it due to the complicated logistics of these operations. All of these reasons combined can create a great time for new companies to enter the mining space.

Bitcoins mining profitability is expected to rise in the short term due to the complex situation miners are facing in mainland China. According to Whit Gibbs, CEO, and founder of Compass, this will continue in the short to medium term. Gibbs told CNBC:

Compass is a bitcoin mining company that started offering its services this year, after getting $1.7 million in a seed round last February. The mining exodus will likely benefit incipient providers and companies like them in the future. Other crypto analysts concur. Darin Feinstein, founder of Blockcap, a mining behemoth in North America, stated:

Bitcoin just experienced one of the biggest difficulty drops in its history shaving more than 27% in one hit. This means that most miners will reap more rewards in the short term. This mechanism is implemented to maintain Bitcoin operativity when facing hashrate fluctuations like the ones that happened last month.

Analysts and mining company officers estimate this bonanza period could last up to 15 months. Mining bitcoin is not a straightforward process, and the hardware needed cannot be moved easily along borders. The logistics of relocating a Bitcoin mining operation need for months or even years to develop. Some operations might not even relocate and could choose to get out of the mining business due to fears of retaliation in mainland China.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only. It is not a direct offer or solicitation of an offer to buy or sell, or a recommendation or endorsement of any products, services, or companies. Bitcoin.com does not provide investment, tax, legal, or accounting advice. Neither the company nor the author is responsible, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with the use of or reliance on any content, goods or services mentioned in this article.

Around 4,000 institutional funds with almost 2 trillion euros in assets under management in Germany can now invest 20% of their portfolios in cryptocurrency, including bitcoin. The highly anticipated Fund Location Act (Fondsstandortgesetz) went into effect on July 1 in ... read more.

While a large quantity of hashrate has stopped dedicating resources to the Bitcoin network, a great number of alternative mining ecosystems are swelling with new participants. Chinas ASIC exodus has ignited a significant increase in demand for accessing storage power ... read more.

ethereum mining calculator - coinwarz

ethereum mining calculator - coinwarz

Accurate Ethereum mining calculator trusted by millions of crypto miners. Best Ethereum mining profitability calculator with difficulty, hashrate, power consumption (watts), and kWh preloaded for 2021.

Our Ethereum mining calculator makes it simple and easy to quickly see Ethereum mining profitability based on hashrate, power consumption, and costs. Default inputs are preloaded with the latest Ethereum difficulty target and Ethereum mining hashrate for the best Ethereum miner.

The latest version of the Ethereum mining calculator makes it simple and easy to quickly calculate Ethereum mining profits by adjusting the mining hashrate values or by selecting one of the Ethereum mining hardware devices from the Ethereum miners list.

The Ethereum mining information is updated continually with the current block mining information. This information is used as the default inputs for the ETH mining calculator along with the default hashrate and wattage specs from the best Ethereum miner.

With this information and our backend hashrate calculator, you can calculate your ETH mining profits - providing valuable and strategic profitability information allowing you as the miner to make better informed decisions about Ethereum mining.

Along with the Ethereum mining profitability, the list of top 5 Ethereum miners is updated frequently. A Ethereum miner is also referred to as a Ethereum mining rig, or a Ethereum mining hardware device, or a Ethereum mining machine, but we simply call them miners, or more specifically, Ethereum miners.

Each ETH mining calculator input has been preloaded with the best Ethereum mining hardware hashrate and energy consumption in watts, average electricity costs as well as the current Ethereum price, Ethereum block reward, and Ethereum difficulty.

Calculate your Ethereum mining profitability and estimated mining rewards by starting with the Ethereum mining hashrate calculator inputs above; mining hardware, mining costs, and mining reward.

A ETH mining difficulty of 6,455,182,967,884,428.00, a ETH mining hashrate of 750.00 MH/s consuming 1,350 watts of power at $0.10 per kWh, and a block reward of 2.00 ETH at $2,179.97 (ETH to USD).

Based the mining hardware inputs provided, 0.02007689 Ethereum can be mined per day with a Ethereum mining hashrate of 750.00 MH/s, a block reward of 2 ETH, and a Ethereum difficulty of 6,455,182,967,884,428.00.

As of Thursday, July 08, 2021, it would take 49.8 days to mine 1 Ethereum at the current Ethereum difficulty level along with the mining hashrate and block reward; a Ethereum mining hashrate of 750.00 MH/s consuming 1,350.00 watts of power at $0.10 per kWh, and a block reward of 2 ETH.

top 10 most profitable crypto coins to mine in 2021

top 10 most profitable crypto coins to mine in 2021

To mine or not to mine? In case you ask yourself such a question, perhaps, you havent find the perfect coin for you yet. Bitcoin is not the only mineable coin that helps you to make a profit. Changelly lists more than 160 coins and we know what we are talking about. Weve prepared a list of 10 most profitable mineable coins that is going to show there is a bunch of great altcoins for profitable mining in 2021.

Miners are now smarter and way more experienced in crypto. They prefer mining the most promising cryptocurrencies only as therere done wasting hash power, time, and investments on new coins with a low trading volume. Nevertheless, there are always a sufficient number of enthusiasts to support a new crypto project by mining or minting blocks and confirming transactions hoping for a future take-off to the Moon.

In this list, we have gathered cryptocurrencies that are widely available for mining: you dont have to build the entire mining farm to start earning. Each coin has tons of potential, so cryptocurrency profitability shouldnt be a big concern.

Grin has unlimited coins, which is certainly attractive for miners. The complexity of mining changes dynamically in accordance with the hash of the network. The coin uses the so-called Cuckoo Cycle concept. On January 16, 2020, Grin met its second hardfork and introduced a new Cuckaroom-29 algorithm. The next hardfork is scheduled on 16th July 2020.

ZCash (ZeroCash) was released in October 2016. Its algorithm allows using mining graphics cards. ZCash is completely anonymous in transactions. It is impossible to track them. Many people really like this feature.

This Bitcoin hardfork appeared in 2018, and already boasts high liquidity. Today, its #55 world cryptocurrency with the market cap over $78 mln. In 2019, developers added a set of new great features (messaging, voting with RVN, better compatibility, mobile wallet with seed phrase).

RavenCoin can be easily exchanged on many different platforms. In its essence, its a P2P blockchain that serves for efficient and fast transfer of assets from one person to another. It focuses on asset transfer on the basis of Ethereum and Bitcoin. Why RavenCoin is recommended for miners? It uses X16R algorithm and KawPoW protocol.

Existing on the market since 2014, Monero has proved to be reliable and viable. Monero provides an exceptional level of anonymity. In 2019, Monero switched the CryptoNote algorithm to a more complex RandomX. Today, its one of the best coins for CPU mining.

The Cryptonote series of algorithm that weve been using for a long time [have] been relatively simple. Pretty easy for someone to just pick up and grab, re-implement and understand. The new RandomX series is definitely a lot more complex [], said the new lead maintainer of Monero, Alexander Blair.

Technically, Ethereum Classic is considered to be an authentic Ethereum blockchain that maintains the original history of the whole Ethereum network. Due to the notorious DAO event in 2016, Ethereum saw two ways of further development of the network. Those developers who followed the Code is Law rule stayed to maintain the proper work of the unaltered network (Ethereum classic). Others preferred to develop Ethereum without dark DAO memories.

In accordance with Ethereum Classic monetary policy, the ETC network reduces the block reward every 5,000,000 blocks. The latest reduction took place in March 2020 and the block reward was cut from 4 ETH to 3.2 ETH. Nevertheless, ETC mining is still profitable.

One of the main reasons to try Bitcoin Gold is stability. Although it didnt grow during 2019, its appeared to be less volatile than other altcoins. The coin has avoided being affected by the bearish trend this year its a good sign.

The best DASH ASIC miner is considered to be Antminer D3 produced by Bitmain. Is it profitable to mine DASH in 2020? It quite is. However, dont forget that the mining profitability depends on the hashrate of your mining device, network difficulty and electricity costs of your region.

The creation of Billy Markus, Dogecoin cryptocurrency was made just for fun, but it suddenly became popular and now is #33 world cryptocurrency with a $219 mln market cap! Like Litecoin, it uses Scrypt protocol, so you dont have to use very expensive machines to add DOGE to your portfolio.

In 2019, Ethereum has managed to get its second place back, and the price of the coin is expected to grow after the reduction of reward from 3 to 2 ETH. As a result, a decrease in supply, if there is demand, usually flows into an increase in value.

JoeTechnologist creator Joe Rachinski claims ETH will cost $ 1,200 by the end of 2019. As we can see in 2020, this prediction didnt work. Still, Nigel Green believes ETH will someday cost $ 2,500. This will be facilitated by increased demand for digital currencies, the popularity of smart contracts and the decentralization of cloud computing.

Bitcoin remains the king of cryptocurrencies with a current dominance index of 64.5% according to CoinMarketCap. A recent survey from a well-known crypto-community influencer @hodlonaut, more than 60% of cryptocurrency holders assign more than 75% of their portfolio to Bitcoin (BTC). It is a brand and has its own unique currency symbol .

Moreover, the 2020 BTC block reward halving is coming soon and will reduce the reward for the mined block from 12.5 to 6.25 bitcoins. A decrease in production, as a basic rule, means an increase in the value of the asset, especially with that constantly growing demand. There is still enough time to start mining some bitcoins.

It is important to understand that despite all the positive aspects, Bitcoin mining remains an extremely competitive market and the situation will only worsen in this sense. Be prepared to invest enough in mining equipment, technical support, and to pay some huge electricity bills.

By the way, if you have a pretty moderate amount of mining power, you can increase your crypto mining profitability by joining a mining pool (mine together with others and share profit). Here are platforms allowing for it:

Is crypto mining worth it? Absolutely yes, if you calculate all investments and earnings beforehand and make up a thorough plan. Your budget should correspond with what youre going to mine. The more popular and expensive a cryptocurrency is, the more powerful equipment is required.

While all that is tue I have managed to build a couple of rigs out of these playing cards so go verify my low-cost rig build information. RTX 2060 6GB Out of all of the newer RTX sequence, NVIDIA has managed to release recently this one is the most effective on power. This mannequin allows customers to freely explore the ability of process mining and let course of discovery lead to process optimization. Now the workforce is ready to dive into the details of deciding on the fijtting course of mining software to match business targetss and safeguard investment. Following the identical tradition, the companys three mining rigs H2U Miner, H4U Miner, and Rack Equipped with 5 x H4U are now roviding customers a guaranteed return on their investment inside just one month. This prevents a user feom spending the identical bitcoin twice; it solves the double spend downside. It consists of a sure variety of coins of the identical forex that the user rakes plus commissions that the consumer wwas able to confirm inside the framework of this mining.

I cant get how people make profits on mining altcoins. Teach me how to do it lol I mine bitcoins only, but things are getting harder fewer and fewer opportunities to earn smth. Anyway, thanks for the post. Mind removing ETN, its not mined anymore.

I still didnt get how mining cheap coins can be profitable. Taking into consideration all equipment and electricity costs, absence of the ability to withdraw or to exchange those altcoins normally, its just wasting time. Better mine Ethereum coins or Bitcoin (until its halving, lol)

Ukraine seems to be the best Europe country to bitcoins mining! Cheap electricity no mining restrictions and very loyal government policy regarding digital and crypto sphere. I see big perspectives for mining digital coins here

Mining altcoins is overwhelming. One should own millions of $$$ to make a worth profit of bitcoins mining, and cheap coins mining brings cheap profit. Short- and middle-term investments are the most profitable, i mean if you know the field..

bitcoin mining difficulty drops after hashrate collapse in china

bitcoin mining difficulty drops after hashrate collapse in china

The world has known for months that more than half the world's bitcoin miners would be going dark as China cracked down on mining. Now that it's happened, the bitcoin algorithm has adjusted accordingly to make sure miner productivity doesn't continue to fall off a cliff.

A bitcoin miner runs a program on a computer to try to solve a puzzle before anyone else does. Solving that puzzle is what completes a block, a process that both creates new bitcoin and updates the digital ledger keeping track of all bitcoin transactions.

China had long been the epicenter of bitcoin miners, with past estimates indicating that 65% to 75% of the world's bitcoin mining happened there, but a government-led crackdown has effectively banished the country's crypto miners.

"For the first time in the bitcoin network's history, we have a complete shutdown of mining in a targeted geographic region that affected more than 50% of the network," said Darin Feinstein, founder of Blockcap and Core Scientific.

Fewer people mining means that fewer blocks are solved each day. Typically, it takes about 10 minutes to complete a block, but Feinstein told CNBC the bitcoin network has slowed down to 14- to 19-minute block times.

This is precisely why bitcoin re-calibrates every 2016 blocks, or about every two weeks, resetting how tough it is for miners to mine. On Saturday, the bitcoin code automatically made it about 28% less difficult to mine a historically unprecedented drop for the network thereby restoring block times back to the optimal 10-minute window.

The bitcoin algorithm is programmed to handle an increase or decrease in mining machines, according to Mike Colyer, CEO of digital currency company Foundry. "It is a self-regulating market that does not require any outside committee to determine what to do. This is a very powerful concept," he said.

"All bitcoin miners share in the same economics and are mining on the same network, so miners both public and private will see the uplift in revenue," said Kevin Zhang, former Chief Mining Officer at Greenridge Generation, the first major U.S. power plant to begin mining behind-the-meter at a large scale.

Assuming fixed power costs, Zhang estimates revenues of $29 per day for those using the latest-generation Bitmain miner, versus $22 per day prior to the change. Longer-term, although miner income can fluctuate with the price of the coin, Zhang also noted that mining revenues have dropped only 17% from the bitcoin price peak in April, whereas the coin's price has dropped about 50%.

"We are expecting a period of much higher mining profitability for Compass Mining clients," said Whit Gibbs, CEO and founder of Compass, a bitcoin mining service provider. "We expect miners to be approximately 35% more profitable."

Blockcap's Feinstein agrees. "We are expecting a revenue and profit increase for the foreseeable future. This was an unexpected gift to the network, not just on revenues but on decentralization and sustainable energy metrics."

It is hard to predict how long the hashrate deficit will last. Barbour said that it is totally possible that Beijing could simply reverse their policy, and this could only be a short-term interruption.

If not, most mining crypto experts agree that it will take anywhere from six to 15 months for all of that idle and displaced mining hardware to migrate. "It's going to take a long time for the surplus to find a home," said Barbour.

Part of the problem, according to Feinstein, is that even before China cut off mining, there was already a lack of infrastructure to house the new-generation miners being deployed monthly by Beijing-based manufacturer Bitmain.

"Others may need to build containers, extend warehouses, or increase their power capacity. We won't see the hashrate reach what it used to be overnight, but we'll see it tick back up over the next few months," he continued.

Of all the possible destinations for this equipment, the U.S. appears to be especially well-positioned to absorb this stray hashrate. CNBC is told that major U.S. mining operators are already signing deals to patriate some of these homeless Bitmain miners.

"Many U.S. bitcoin miners that were funded when bitcoin's price started rising in November and December of 2020 means that they were already building out their power capacity when the China mining ban took hold," he said. "It's great timing."

"I think this is a signal that in the future, bitcoin mining will be more distributed by necessity," said Barbour. "Less mega-mines like the 100+ megawatt ones we see in Texas and more small mines on small commercial and eventually residential spaces. It's much harder for a politician to shut down a mine in someone's garage."

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