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rough grinding wheels | norton abrasives | south east asia

rough grinding wheels | norton abrasives | south east asia

Norton has manufactured high quality grinding wheels for over 125 years. For rough grinding operations where large quantities of material are removed, Norton offers a range of abrasive types, blends and grades to help you achieve the desired outcome quickly, economically and with excellent results. Whether surface conditioning or snagging in large scale manufacturing, or using grinding wheels in daily operations on a portable machine Norton can offer the perfect solution.

Steel conditioning wheels are used in mills and foundries to resurface billets, slabs, blooms and rolls and remove defects, scale and cracks. Grinding with hot pressed wheels can be carried out on cold, warm or hot (above 700C) work piece temperatures to achieve the required surface finish. Also used for roll grinding in foundries.

Norton's range of wheels for bench and pedestal grinders includes the most commonly used wheel diameters, arbour sizes, abrasive types and grit sizes for all metal removal, deburring, shaping and sharpening needs.

Norton offers a range of products for snagging operations in the foundry industry. Type 01 straight wheels are used on portable machines and type 06 and 11 cup wheels on vertical grinders. Since finish tolerances are not usually critical, coarse, durable wheels are used with grit sizes ranging from 16 to 24 for applications in foundries, welding shops, steel mills and forge shops.

For portable grinding applications Norton produces a variety of resin bonded wheels, in flat and cup shapes for portable snagging, grinding down and smoothing weld seams, cleaning metal before welding and levelling metal surfaces prior to welding.

The world leader in abrasives for nearly 130 years, Norton provides the widest portfolio of grinding, cutting, blending, finishing and polishing solutions for an array of markets, materials and applications delivering the highest productivity and cost performance ratio in both stock and made-to-order solutions...

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is it safe to grind aluminum, or not?

is it safe to grind aluminum, or not?

Q. This question is safety oriented subject, which I feel is very important. I am a Product/Lab Technician in a production facility. Product/Lab meaning: Required to perform all necessary testing on the product I support. I was a 472X3 in the USAF for four years, which required classes in welding, (MIG, TIG, electric arc and oxy-acetylene) soldering, glass cutting and replacement, gas tank and radiator repair and auto body repair. My primary function during my time in service became welding.

I sure hope I recall this correctly, but I'm sure that we were taught not to grind aluminum on a stone type grinding wheel. We were taught that a non-ferrous metal would clog a wheel and become explosive. My question is, is it a safe practice to grind aluminum on a stone type grinding wheel? The reason I would like to post this question is I found a grinding wheel totally clogged with aluminum in the Lab in which I work on a daily basis. I sure would like to better educate my fellow employees and myself for their and my safety. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

A. Aluminum powder or grinding swarf is potentially dangerous if it is mixed with iron or steel grinding wastes and is wet. These are the basic ingredients of a thermite bomb, and there is a very real risk of a fire due to the reaction between the aluminum and the iron. However, if the aluminum and iron wastes are kept separate, then there is little risk.

A. Lyle has answered a different question from what was asked. I have often heard that the force generated by the aluminium compressed between the grains is dangerous, but you might expect it to be very dependent on type of wheel bonding. The wheel supplier or manufacturer should best be able to advise.

A. It is not cost effective to grind aluminum, even skim passes, as it clogs the wheel so much and so fast that it does not "cut". Going to a larger grit size and a very frangible resin will allow it to cut better, but you will go thru wheels very fast. My thought is that you found it in a hand grinder with a 1/4" thick cutoff wheel. This has no cutting fluid and will clog extremely fast. Other than safety as explained, it is not cost effective and they are learning bad habits.

A. My experience is the bonded abrasive (grinding wheel) composition may be compromised by the heat generated by a "clogged" wheel. The heat is usually carried away from the wheel in the metal it removes, but a clogged wheel becomes a heat generator and the metal adhered to the wheel seals the heat in, therefore you could see a wheel explosion when the material is in contact with the wheel. We use coated abrasives (sanding belts) with cubic zirconia grit and putting regular old beeswax => or a moisturizing facial soap on the belt keeps it from clogging. Contact the abrasive supplier for the best answer. If you don't want to do that, go get a belt sander or disc sander and put in the lab. Also get a BAGLESS vacuum cleaner and hook it up to keep the dust under control.

A. I worked for two years in an aircraft manufacturing company, and I spent a lot of time grinding aluminum parts. The only wheels we used on aluminum were rubber. We had soft rubber and hard rubber wheels, and they did a great job of grinding and polishing aluminum edges. They look just like stone wheels, but are made of a reddish-orange rubber compound, similar to pencil erasers. I hope this helps.

A. I'm just working with a stone wheel and aluminum. I stop and clean out the wheel very often as my experience with this was very bad. One of my friends loaded a stone wheel with aluminum and it shattered while running at speed and really wrecked his hand. He said that he had heard that it could happen but didn't give it a thought.

Folks, grinding aluminum is okay if you use the correct tools! Here is an example: www.buyweld.com/61333.html Note that this specifically is designed to prevent loading up of the wheel. If you don't use the correct tools, then grinding Al is dangerous and (as posted above) can cause injury. Please be safe!

A. Hi, I am only a humble firefighter. Previously an electrical and instrument fitter. During my time as a tradie I was told never to grind brass or other soft metals on the grinding wheels designed for ferrous metals because the partials which clog the wheel can expand when they become heated during grinding, (especially when grinding steel and similar metals after it has been clogged). The expanding soft metal can apparently force the composite particles of the wheel apart in an explosive manner. This post is a little late, but these things stay on line for years until someone searching for information stumbles across the post as I have. So in the interest of safety please consider this post. This may not be correct, so be cautious and do more searching.

I am an abrasive engr/sales for Saint-Gobain. Grinding aluminum is best done with Coated abrasives. If you want to surface grind Aluminum with a wheel, I recommend you use a Silicon Carbide wheel such as 37C60-JVK. If you want to utilize a segment on a blanchard grinder you have 2 choices: A vitrified bond such as 37C46-IV or a resin bond such as 32AC60-JB18 You should be able to achieve a 50 Ra or better. The BEST way to finish aluminum is to utilize a diamond tool on a Milling cutter. I have seen Mirror finishes done this way.

Yay! Another 472 in da house! Although the 472 designation changed to 2T3. I grew up as an A shred, loved it. Good question by the way. Good answers as well. This was, as you said taught in the AF for years -- still holds true.

Disclaimer: It's not possible to fully diagnose a finishing problem or the hazards of an operation via these pages. All information presented is for general reference and does not represent a professional opinion nor the policy of an author's employer. The internet is largely anonymous & unvetted; some names may be fictitious and some recommendations might be harmful. If you are seeking a product or service related to metal finishing, please check these Directories: Jobshops CapitalEquipment Chemicals &Consumables Consult'g, Train'g& Software About/Contact-Privacy Policy-1995-2021 finishing.com, Pine Beach, New Jersey, USA

rough grinding wheels | norton abrasives | india

rough grinding wheels | norton abrasives | india

Rough Grinding wheels are particularly suitable for Their durability and fast cutting action ideally suit maintenance, metal fabrication and welding applications. With Depressed Center Discs, Snagging Wheels, Saw Gumming Wheels, Carbide Grinding Wheels, Steel Conditioning Wheels, Norton's Bonded Abrasive product line can surely meet all your rough grinding applications

A world class offering from the leader in abrasives. Norton presents a complete range of Carbide Grinding Wheels designed to give best cost optimal performance. Norton range of Mining carbide wheels are preferred choice in Collaries to grind carbide tips.

Norton presents SpitFire Mounted Points, a vitrified offering of high quality. Stock mounted points are available in a variety of abrasives and a full range of standard shapes and sizes, to suit every end-use

Offhand wheels are most widely used on bench grinders in general maintainence and repair applications; for grinding of excess material on small casting and forgings. These wheels are available in brown aluminium oxide grains with very free cutting bonds to reduce operator fatigue in this hand held application

Saw gumming wheels are extensively used in the wood industry typically for resharpening of teeth of various kinds of saw blades. Manufactured to tight tolerance and strict quality checks with a controlled structure and a special bond, these wheel provide effecient re-sharpening of the teeth of saw blades for a metallurgical damage-free grinding

Norton gives you the perfect snagging wheels for impressive results in foundries, welding shops, steel mills, railway and earth moving equipments. The High performing Hitech Range of Snagging wheels are highly recommended for stainless steel foundties and castings to get a significantly improved productivity and life

Carbide wheels as the name suggests are mainly used for re-grinding of carbide tools. Norton carbide wheels are best known for their high effeciency, giving the right edge and smooth cutting action everytime.

Norton Depressed center wheels are designed to handle the most severe right angle grinding applications from heavy stock removal to rough blending. These are used across industry segments like Fabrication, Project sites, Oil & Gas, etc

Born in 1941, in a 40'x40' room at Mora, near MumbaiGrindwell pioneered the manufacture of Grinding Wheels in India. Promoted by two Parsi entrepreneurs, the Company has grown steadilyover the years.Grindwell Norton Ltd. (GNO) came into being when a technical collaboration in 1967 between Grindwell and the then world leader in abrasives Norton Company, USA, grew into a financial collaboration in 1971. In 1990, Saint-Gobain acquired Norton Company, USA, worldwide, and six years later, in 1996 GNO became the first majority-owned subsidiary of Saint-Gobain in India.

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notch grinding wheel - ehwa diamond

notch grinding wheel - ehwa diamond

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