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oilseed crushing machine kol

oil seeds crushing machine for oilseeds processing and oil producing plant

oil seeds crushing machine for oilseeds processing and oil producing plant

Oil seeds crushing machineis alsocalled cracking machine, which isdesigned to crush the raw materials into small pieces in order to meet the flaking condition in oil pressing plant. After crushing, it could increase the superficial area of raw material, beneficial for adjusting moisture and temperature when cooking. Usually it is suitable for soybean, peanut, palm kernel and some other big size raw materials.

The oil seeds are crushed into 6-8 parts twice by The Teeth-roller Crackers for downstream hull-kernel separation and flaking. Max. Powder Ratio: 4%. Space between the teeth rollers can be adjusted easily. There is no material when the Teel-roller Crackers stopped. Avoid safety fault as overcurrent.

The oil content of soybean/soya is around 18%~22%. The hull content is 7%~9%. The work of oil mill plant is maximum of soybean oil extraction, concentration of phospholipid and producing soybean meal (bean pulp). The main product of soybean oil plant is soybean meal, including graded soybean meal, swelling soya dregs and extraction soybean meal.

oilseeds pretreatment equipment for cleaning, shelling, drying, roasting,crushing

oilseeds pretreatment equipment for cleaning, shelling, drying, roasting,crushing

Oilseeds cleaning equipment, like sieve cleaning machine, winnowing machine, magnetic separator, is able to clean nearly all kinds of vegetable seeds, nuts, grains, beans and other granular raw material from stone, dust, impurity or bad ones. It is widely used in cooking oil mill plant.

Oilseed crushing machine is to crush large oil seeds or prepressed oil cakes into small pieces with uniform size, less powder, and without oil out when crushing. Crushing requirements of different oil seed are different. If you need, we can provide professional guidance for you.

For oil seed with low oil content and low moisture content, softening machine is an indispensable pretreatment equipment before flaking. Softening can reduce powder production when flaking and promote oil extraction.

Oilseeds flaking machine is vital pretreatment equipment in oil mill plant. It can turn granular oil materials into flakes by rolling pressure of the rollers. Flaking process can make oil extraction from oil materials more smoothly.

Oil material puffing machine is used for pretreatment of high oil-content materials or various pre-pressed oil cakes before leaching. it is a key method to improve productivity, reduce energy consumption, improve oil quality and raise leaching rate in the edible oil processing plant.

Oilseed in flake/meal/granule/powder/fiber forms can be dried and softened by plate dryer for further leaching, storage or feed processing. By contacting with the heated chain plate to transfer heat, the material is dried&conveyed simultaneously by flat-panel dryer evenly and high-automatically.

The scraper conveyor uses the moving scraper chain to convey the bulk material continuously. It not only can be conveyed horizontally but also can be tilted or vertically conveyed. As for all kinds of scraper conveyor, the main structure and components are basically similar.

We have a qualified team who are technically experienced in giving special attention to the project evaluation process. We can provide professional guidance from the Blueprint to the Installation of the project. According to the local conditions, space requirement and environment restrictions, the customized turnkey solution is specially engineered.

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