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ball mill spare parts | sinco

ball mill spare parts | sinco

We produce the cast grinding ball / cylpeb in 3 types: High Chrome, Media Chrom and Low Chrome Alloy. It is suitable for dry grinding ball mill, used in cement, brick making, construction material making and mining. The size ranged from 10mm to 140mm, with high hardness, low breakage and good wear-resistance. All the grinding media provided by Sinco backed with the ISO 9001 Certificate and shipped only after passing our quality control procedures.

Our forged grinding ball comes from superior raw materials, advanced automated equipment, unique heat treatment technique and strict quality control system which contribute to better performance. The surface hardness as high as 55-65HRC, volume hardness as high as 56-64HRC, even hardness distribution, impact toughness larger than 12J/CM2, and breakage rate far lower than 0.5%.

As the widest used ball mill liner, Sinco manganese steel liner plate is in the application of cement plants, gravel firms, coal gangue treatment plants and block plants. Advantage of high manganese steel liner plate 1. Long service life, light weight, thin thicknessand power consumption. 2. Fast replacement and maintenance, easily installed and need less labor work. 3. Widely used for high, medium, and weak magnetic mineral. 4. Attached on the inner wall of cylinder by magnetic force, no pulp leakage and highly efficient. 5. Can be used for nonmagnetic mineral substance, but certain quantity of ferromagnetic substances such as broken steel balls and scrap iron must be added form protection layer.

The rubber liner plate for ball mill cansatisfiedthe overflow type,grid-type and multi-chamber ball mill type. The maximum specification with wear-resisting rubber lining board of ball mill is 5500X8850. It has been used in the field of black metal mines,non-ferrous metal mines,chemical mines,golden mines and steel smelting,nonferrous metal smelting,fertilizer,cement,industries and so on. Advantage of rubber liner plate: 1) less weight than all steel lining. 2) reduced structural and bearing loads. 3) lower operating costs. 4)easier to replace. 5) reduced noise.

We produce wear-resistant, high temperature-resistant, corrosion-resistant metal casting with the annual production capacity of over 15,000 tons. Our products are mainly used in mining, metal recycling, cement machinery and other industries.

used crushers bohringer for sale. zeppelin equipment & more | machinio

used crushers bohringer for sale. zeppelin equipment & more | machinio

Capacity: up to 160 t/h Task: Feed hopper approx. 8 cbm Vibrating chute 1.050 x 4000 mm | Breaker: Impact mill Bhringer RC12G | Enema: 1200 x 900 mm | Discharge: Main discharge conveyor | Drive: 132 KW E-Motor |...

mobile Crushers and crushing plants: Impact crusher semi-mobile crusher on skid frame straight from the horse's mouth consisting of: -feeding trough ZT 1180x325 2x 4kw -Horizontal pre-screen HRE 1250x3000 11kW -c...

Duble toggle jaw crusher Capacity: up to 50 t/h Weight: approx. 18 t Container-hooklift-system RATZINGER-crusher - type: DK630x500 Feeding size: approx. 500 x 400 mm Gap setting: approx. 30 - 80 mm Endproduct: ap...

shredder wear parts - shredder wear parts include shredder hammer, shredder caps, shredder grates by manganese steel and alloy steel

shredder wear parts - shredder wear parts include shredder hammer, shredder caps, shredder grates by manganese steel and alloy steel

Due to its advantages of high automation, high grinding efficiency and stable operation of equipment, ball mill plays an irreplaceable role in the production of electric power, building materials, mining, and other industries. It is the main grinding and milling equipment. It is the main wear-resistant part to ensure the normal operation of the ball mill, The stability and strength, and toughness of the liner directly affect the operation of the ball mill. At present, the main materials of the lining plate of the ball mill include high chromium cast iron, high manganese steel, low alloy wear-resistant cast steel, etc., but with the large-scale of the ball mill, the requirements for the performance of the lining plate are more and more stringent, and the ordinary material lining plate can not meet the requirements of its use. Therefore, how to improve the performance of the lining plate At present, the comprehensive performance of the liner of the ball mill has become a key problem to be solved.

According to the practical application of the mill liners of the large semi-autogenous mill in Dongguashan Copper Mine, the high strength wear-resistant steel lining plate suitable for large-scale ball mills is prepared through alloy composition design and single-piece installation test results.

Based on medium and high carbon alloy steel, alloy elements are introduced. By adjusting the amount of alloying elements, the wear-resistant cast steel is prepared and the comprehensive performance of large ball mill liner is improved.

Carbon is the most important element affecting the hardenability of steel. Its solubility in austenite is very large, but its solubility in ferrite is very small. Carbon has an obvious effect on the microstructure and mechanical properties of steel. So the carbon element content is designed around 0.6%-0.9%.

Chromium has the functions of solution strengthening, improving the hardenability and tempering stability of steel. With the increase of chromium content in steel, many kinds of carbides may be formed. During tempering, chromium can prevent or slow down the precipitation and agglomeration of carbides and keep them dispersed, which is beneficial to improve the strength and hardness of steel, and the properties are stable, Considering the working conditions of the lining plate of Tongling Nonferrous copper mine, adding an appropriate amount of chromium is beneficial to the improvement of its service life, and the chromium content is determined to be 2%-4%.

Nickel is a non-carbide forming element, which exists in steel in the form of a solid solution. When used together with nickel, a small amount of nickel can significantly improve the hardenability and strength of steel, refine the grain size, and improve the toughness. The nickel content is set at 0.3% 0.8%

A small amount of molybdenum can refine the grain size, improve the strength, hardenability, and tempering stability of steel. Molybdenum is a carbide forming element. It forms alloy carbide with higher hardness with chromium in steel, which can improve wear resistance. Mo is an element which can reduce temper brittleness, so the content of Mo is 0.3%

2013/2/1-2013/5-31, Dongguashan Copper Mine had tested this new material semi-autogenous mill liner. The results show that: normal manganese steel mill liners can work 30 days; the new design mill liners can work 70 days, more than 2 times working life.

However, the fixed and moving cone liners are vulnerable parts, with large annual loss and high price, the supply cycle is long, which affects the normal production. Our foundry has many years of experience in making crusher liners, so it is decided to make the liners of the equipment domestically by us.

gyratory crusher parts - mayang crusher parts

gyratory crusher parts - mayang crusher parts

For over 35 decades, Mayang has applied the same engineering problem-solving to gyratory crushers which has proven so effective on cone crushers. We went into the field and studied the many areas for potential improvement: poor nip of feed material, excessive wear in the lower crushing chamber, poor throughput from partially worn parts, excessive wear metal discard costs and problems with uneven or localized wear. Were the leader in gyratory crusher liner innovations, and its a rare crusher which cannot show significant gains in production and wear life from a Columbia analysis and improved wear parts.

crusher parts manufacturers | wear parts for industry | qiming casting

crusher parts manufacturers | wear parts for industry | qiming casting

Crusher partsmanufacturers, Qiming Casting Foundry, specialists in replacement parts for the mining and aggregate industries, mainly manganese casting parts and chrome casting parts, which included ball mill liner, jaw plate, cone liner , bowl liner and so on. it means supplier of a full line of extended-wear manganese castings for all types and from all manufacturers of crushers.

Manganese steel history can be up to 200 years ago, user,researchers and producers have never stopped trying different ways to increase the mechanical properties ,working life and wearable of manganese steel. Changing the composition by adding elements such as MnMo,C, Si, some others, this method has been proven very useful but in other cases results are not conclusive. We now have 14% manganese, 18% manganese and 21% manganese liners for different working conditions, As we know, producers are now offering 25% manganese steel.

Qiming Castinghas been producing manganese steel liners for 20 years and tried quite a few different approaches trying to improve product quality. whohas always focused on producing the best manganese steel and high quality after-sale service.

Qiming Casting is one of the largest manganese steel, chromium steel, and alloy steel foundry in China. Products include crusher wear parts, Crusher spare parts, mill liners, shredder wear parts, apron feeder pans, and electric rope shovel parts.

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