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pondicherri raw mill used in cement production line manufacturers

raw mill, cement raw mill, raw mill in cement plant | cement equipment

raw mill, cement raw mill, raw mill in cement plant | cement equipment

Raw mill is generally called cement raw mill, raw mill in cement plant, it refers to a common type of cement equipment in the cement plant. In the cement manufacturing process, raw mill in cement plant grind cement raw materials into the raw mix, and the raw mix is sent to the cement kiln to make cement clinker, next, clinker and other admixtures will be ground into finished cement by cement mill.

As for the type of raw mill, there are two types including cement ball mill and vertical cement mill. In the traditional cement raw mill system, the cement ball mill system is more typical. After technology modification, the vertical cement mill has obvious advantages compared with the cement ball mill, and it is suitable for the large cement production line.

AGICO CEMENT is a raw mill manufacturer from china who has the ability to manufacture cement ball mill and vertical cement mill. As a leading and trusted manufacturer, we had exported many projects of cement raw mill and cement equipment to the countries or regions around the world. Why AGICO CEMENT is popular?

Vertica raw mill, also known as vertical roller mill, in the 1920s, the first vertical raw mill in cement plant is designed in German. It is widely used in cement, electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry, and other industries.

Low investment: the vertical raw mill set crushing, drying, grinding, grading transportation in one, simple system, compact layout, less space, it also can be arranged in the open air, save a lot of investment costs.Low operation cost: small energy consumption and less damage reduce the running cost.Environment protection and clean: small vibration, low noise, and good sealing, the system works under negative pressure, no dust overflow.Stable quality of raw mix: because the material stays in the raw mill for a short time, it is easy to detect and control the product size and chemical composition, reduce repeated grinding, and stabilize the product quality.

The main motor drives a millstone by rotational speed reducer, at the same time the wind enters into the raw mill from the air inlet, material through the screw feeder fell in the middle of the raw mill, under the action of centrifugal force, the raw materials move uniformly from central to the edge of the millstone, the materials will be ground by the roller when it passes through the grinding roller way, large materials are directly crushed. Crushed material continues to move to mill edge, until being taken away by the wind ring in strong turbulence, and larger particles material again fell to the mill to continue to crush, the flow of materials through the upper part of the separator, in the effect of separator blade, coarse particle back to the grinding mill, qualified fine powder with airflow is out of the raw mill, and collected by the powder collection.

The cement ball mill usually can be applied to raw meal grinding or cement grinding. Besides, the cement ball mill also can be used for metallurgical, chemical, electric power, other mining powder grinding, and other grindable materials.

Safe and reliable system: the maintenance of the reduction gear and gear is more convenient, firm and wear-resistant, and also reduces the downtime, maintenance time and the labor intensity of the operators.

Good wear resistance and long service life: Cement ball mill adopts the high-quality wear-resisting material, and the lining can be removed, therefore the service life of the equipment or vulnerable part is all longer.

The main working part of cement ball mill occurred in the low-speed rotary cylinder, when the cylinder is drove to rotary, grinding medium is attached on the liner to rotary together due to the effect of inertial centrifugal force, and taken to a certain height, freely fall because of gravity, grinding medium break the materials in the cylinder body, at the same time the grinding body in the rotary raw mill have circular motion, also can produce sliding and rolling, which result in grinding among the grinding medium, liner, and materials. When the material is crushed and ground by impact, the material flows slowly from the feeding end to the discharging end to finish the grinding operation.

The raw mill is a kind of necessary cement equipment in the cement plant. In the real working condition, but the large configuration will produce a bad effect on the cement plant, so it is very important to set a reasonable configuration of the raw mill. There are five reasons why we control the configuration of the raw mill in cement plant:

Composition fluctuation of the raw meal: The frequently start-stop of a raw mill will bring different degrees of influence on the quality, whether it is the cement ball mill, the vertical cement mill or the cement roller press system.

raw mill in cement plant,cement making plant

raw mill in cement plant,cement making plant

Raw mill is made up of feeder part ,discharging part ,rotating part ,transmission part(reducer,samll transmission gear ,motor,electric control) etc. It's a key equipment for grinding materials, widely used in powder-making production line such as cement, silicate sand, new-type building material, ore dressing of ferrous metal and non-ferrous metal, etc. Do your know how does the raw mill work in the cement plant? This paper mainly introduces the raw mill in cement plant.

In order to achieve the desired setting qualities in the finished product, a quantity (2-8%, but typically 5%) of calcium sulfate (usually gypsum or anhydrite) is added to the clinker and the mixture is finely ground to form the finished cement powder. This is achieved in a cement raw mill. The grinding process is controlled to obtain a powder with a broad particle size range, in which typically 15% by mass consists of particles below 5 m diameter, and 5% of particles above 45 m. The measure of fineness usually used is the "specific surface area", which is the total particle surface area of a unit mass of cement. The rate of initial reaction (up to 24 hours) of the cement on addition of water is directly proportional to the specific surface area.

The cement is conveyed by belt or powder pump to a silo for storage. Cement plants normally have sufficient silo space for 120 weeks production, depending upon local demand cycles. The cement is delivered to end-users either in bags or as bulk powder blown from a pressure vehicle into the customer's silo. In industrial countries, 80% or more of cement is delivered in bulk.

Our raw mill has been widely used in the cement making plant. In a large number of customer feedback, we received a lot of enthusiasm and positive reaction. They speak very highly of our machines. According to a lot of customers' response, this plant generally have the following four advantages.

china cement production line manufacturers, suppliers - good price - tongli

china cement production line manufacturers, suppliers - good price - tongli

Bauxite crushing: bauxite is the addictive. For making cement raw materials, bauxite is crushed by cement equipment into powder. Then bauxite particles and limestone particles together are ground into raw powder by raw mill.

Gypsum crushing: gypsum powder made by gypsum crusher and gypsum mill is put into cement clinker together with coal powder, and then the cement raw material enters into the cement mill for fine grinding.

In the cement production line, most of the material need to be broken, such aslimestone,clay,iron ore and coal, etc. Limestone is the largest amount of raw material in cement production, after mining the size of limestone is large, with high hardness, so the limestone crushing plays a more important role in cement plant.

In the cement production line, producing each 1 ton of Portland Cement need grinding at least 3 tons of materials (including raw materials, fuel, clinker, mixed materials,gypsum).Grinding operation consumes power about 60% of total power in cement plants, raw material grinding takes more than 30%, while coal mill used in cement plant consumes 3%, cement grinding about 40%. So choosing the right grinding mills in cement plant is very important.

Cement grinding is used for grinding cement clinker (and gelling agent, performance tuning materials, etc) to the appropriate size (in fineness, specific surface area, said), optimizing cement grain grading, increasing the hydration area, accelerating the hydration rate to meet the requirements of cement paste setting, hardening.

Our company provides Feeder, crusher, predistributing bin, batching station, vertical mill, kiln feeding for raw material, preheater, rotary kiln, coller, clinker bin, cement mill and so on. These equipment is the main part of the cement production line.

cement plants equipments manufacturer in italy

cement plants equipments manufacturer in italy

For clients, the cement production line is used to produce cement. The whole cement plant production line includes jaw crusher, cone crusher, grinding mill, rotary kiln and other auxiliary equipment. Zenith is a professional manufacturer to produce the high quality cement production machines.

In the cement production line, the raw materials need to be crushed, such as limestone, clay, iron ore, coal, and so on. Large scale raw materials will be crushed into particle size and high hardness materials will be grinded into powder. Of all these processing steps are based on the raw limestone crushing plant.

After the basic crushing process, cement materials need to have the following processing stages: pre-homogenization, raw materials preparation, homogenization, decomposition, and calcination. Depending on these full production stages, the cement will be almost produced.

The last step for cement processing line, it will be grinding stage. It is also the most power-consuming process. Its main function exists in grinding cement clinker to the proper sizes, forming a certain grain gradation, increasing hydration area and speeding up hydration rate, meeting the requirements of condensation and hardening of the cement slurry.

Being a manufacturer, Zenith provides the cement production plants crushing equipment and the grinding mills for Italy customers and the other worldwide clients. Grinding mill from Zenith includes the cement ball mill, cement ultrafine mill, cement vertical roller mill and so on. All these grinding machines will help clients to get the perfect construction building materials.

If you want to buy a whole cement processing plant machines, please choose the reliable manufacturer. The whole cement production line machines from Zenith has quality assurance and the prices are reasonable for all the clients. Providing the after sale service and this will guarantee your production line can work successfully.

quality cement production line & lime production line factory from china

quality cement production line & lime production line factory from china

Henan Hongji Mine Machinery Co., Ltd. is a reputed manufacturer and joint-stock enterprise with import & export rights and mainly produces large and medium-sized mining machinery, metallurgy machinery ...

shenghui machinery (csm) | cement machinery,cement making machinery,tube mill,cement production line

shenghui machinery (csm) | cement machinery,cement making machinery,tube mill,cement production line

The company is capable of offering complete dry process cement production line construction service, including engineering design, civil construction, whole package of equipment supply, equipment installation and debugging, technical support, and general contracting. Specific cement production line scale Haijian can undertake ranges from 6000t/d, 5000t/d, 4000t/d, 3000t/d, 2500t/d, 2000t/d, 1500t/d, 1300t/d, 1000t/d and 600t/d.

China powder industry now has become a cross industry, cross disciplinary industry. The powder industry output value accounted for two of total industrial output value ofthe first, more than half of the total. Someone says: powder industry due to the wide, frontier, it is practical, has a veryimportant strategic position in the national economy. But as the market have a higher request for fineness, require material fineness of smaller and smaller. Only realize the super fine powder can meet the demand of market. After mining sectors unremitting efforts, research, ultrafine grinding technology came into being and continue with international standards. At the same time, ultrafine grinding technology is widely used, has been widely used in chemical, metallurgical, mining, building materials, daily chemical, food, medicine agriculture, environmental protection and aerospace fields.

Superfine grinding technology USES very wide at the same time, has been widely used in chemical industry, metallurgy, mining, building materials, daily chemical, food, medicine, agriculture, environmental protection, aerospace and other fields. Mill ultrafine grinding technology with modern high technology and new material industry development up to a new grinding engineering technology, has become one of the most important industrial minerals and other raw materials processing technology, the modern high technology and new technology industry development is of great significance. CSM independent research and grinding processing equipment, energy efficient, so that the production of ultra-fine powder is no longer costly costs.

The characteristics of the slipper bearing mainly as the follows: 1) with a sliding shoe bearing mill wheel can have two, three or four, so its structure is not only fully applicable to small and medium sized mills, but without specification limit, you can also use the large mill.

2) using slipper bearing structure, can cancel large grinding machine is easy to damage the grinding head (including the hollow shaft) and main bearing, safe operation, and can shorten the length of the mill, especially the feed end of the mill obviously shortened a lot, reduce cover an area of an area.

3) for drying and grinding mill, due to the cancellation of the hollow shaft, feed off area not subject to the mouth of the hollow shaft, therefore, can be more rational design of the inlet, is conducive to grinding materials and hot air by and reduce the ventilation resistance.

4) due to the mill supporting distance shortened, so the grinding cylinder bending moment and stress reduced accordingly, as a result, the thickness of the steel plate mill cylinder body can be thinned. Especially drying and grinding mill, drying storehouse of cylinder can use thinner steel, reduce the weight of the mill.

5) belting leather linear velocity is much taller than hollow shaft neck, favorable for the formation of lubricating film. Slipper bearing because of belting leather and shoe of machining accuracy and roughness requirement is strict, so the high cost of the main bearing grinding machine. Slipper bearing structure and maintenance is more complex, once a link in the system failure, require timely detection and repair, it will affect the normal operation of the mill, therefore request furnish corresponding monitoring and control instrumentation.

The cement rotary kilnbelongs to building material equipment,is alimekiln.Rotary kilnaccording todifferent materialscan be divided intocement kiln,metallurgy chemicalkiln androtary kiln for lime.

The cement rotary kiln is the main equipment of the production line of cement clinker dry process and wet process. Mainly used for cement kiln for calcining cement clinker dry process cement kiln production, production of cement kiln and wet two categories. Metallurgy rotarykiln is mainly used for metallurgical industry, iron and steel plant iron ore magnetizing roasting; chromium, nickel oxide ore roasting; refractory material factory roasting high bauxite mine and smelter roasting clinker, aluminum hydroxide; chemical plant roasting chromite and chromium ore minerals.

Lime rotary kiln (active lime rotary kiln for active lime roasting) steel plant, fer roalloy plant use and light burned dolomite. Rotary kiln is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, sanitation and other industrial refractory. The rotary kiln is composed of a cylinder body, a supporting device, with gear wheel supporting device, transmission device, a movable kiln head, kiln tail sealing device, device for pipe of pulverized coal injection and other components. The rotary kilnbody and the horizontal rotary kiln slope, the whole kiln body is composed of a supporting wheel supporting device, and a control wheel device is blocked from moving on the kiln body, transmission system in addition to set the main transmission, but also set up can still make the kiln body rotates in the main power supply is interrupted, prevent the auxiliary drive device for bending the deformation of the kiln body, kiln, kiln tail sealing device adopts advanced technology, to ensure the reliability of sealing.

We are using 9000 quality management system for production of vertical mill and roller press. Because there is no national standard in vertical mill and roller press till now, so we make our own enterprise standard which is above industrial standard. As for casting process and welding process for some parts, we follow national standard. We take energy consumption as final standard to check if the equipment performance is OK or not. During cement production, the electrical consumption of grinding section occupy 60-70% of total electrical consumption. If use roller press in grinding system which can save 30% of electrical consumption. And the production capacity will increase 50%. Because material circulating system in roller press, and we optimize the lifetime of hydraulic system and wearing materials, our production capacity is 10_15% higher than similar manufacturer.

Gyratory crusher is suitable for crushing and large ore processing because of its large particle size, high productivity, crushing ratio, uniform discharge size, long service time, low operating costs, can effectively reduce the cost of mining materials to promote copper and other metal ores deal with. Due to the use of cone crusher can be driven processing technology upgrades, economies of scale and cost-effective solutions, therefore, it is worthy of being called a sand industry, but also help promote the integration of Chinas stone industry resources. At present, the domestic large hydropower gravel crusher is also used gyratory crusher.

Gyratory crusher has larger crushing ratio, lower feed particle size and smaller discharging size when compared withjaw crusher; its single machine capacity is greater than jaw crusher; the average energy consumption of medium gyratory crusher is far lower than that of large and medium-sized jaw crusher. Gyratory crusher adopts hydraulic crushing, which can effectively reduce the amount of dust. Because of the decrease in the number of rigs and crushing equipment, it is in favor of dust and transformation of materials. It adopts mutual pressing between particles as the crushing principle, and its wearing parts has long service life, and the row aggregate flakiness content is less than 10%. Therefore, technology upgrade will effectively control the dust pollution to improve the environment.

Gyratory crusher is a long history of China Shenghui Machinery, the technology is already very mature, can effectively control production costs. We have many kinds of crusher crusher, jaw crusher, cone crusher for sale. China Shenghui machinery to ensure the same quality, the lowest price of the gyratory crusher. Welcome to the new and old customers to visit!

DB Type disk feeder is hoisting and closed mainly used for the system that required for reducing air leak or dust to low the pollutions. The main structure is rotated around the vertical axis of the disc. There is a charging bin located in the central disk the material discharged from the bottom sleeve out of the gap. Feeding capacity can be changed according to the unloading position and disk gap. Besides it has an observation window which can observe the feed delivery of materials and equipment operation at any time.

As a traditional type cooling machine, the rotary cooler is applied to the less than 500t/d cement production line with small investment scale. Although it boasts lower capacity than grate cooler, its investment is quite smaller than that of the grate cooler.

The grate cooler is a significant equipment in the cement clinker sintering system. It is mainly used to cool and transport cement clinkers. Additionally,the grate cooler is the main equipment for heat recovery in that it can offer hot air to the rotary kiln and decomposing furnace.

Along with the rapid development of modern new type dry process cement manufacturing technology and equipment, as well as continuous technology improvement of cement clinker cooler, the grate cooler with high efficiency and reliable operation has become increasingly essential in ensuring system production capacity.

Apart from the application in cement industry, this series pulse jet dust filter can be applied to metallurgy industry, chemical industry, machinery industry, civil boiler industry, etc. for dust collection of flue gas. The PPCS pulse jet bag filter is widely used in crushing, packaging and grinding workplace of cement plants for collecting dust and cleaning air. If it is used for filtrating combustible dust such as pulverized coal, flame and explosion proof equipment must be added and structure of the vacuum bag dust collector should be changed correspondingly. Apart from the application in cement industry, this series pulse jet dust filter can be applied to metallurgy industry, chemical industry, machinery industry, civil boiler industry, etc. for dust collection of flue gas. The filter bag of this dust remover is made from Dacron punched felt which requires the temperature for continuous use should be less than 120. If the temperature is higher than 120, the filter bag material should be changed. In addition, before entering into the filter, the waste gas should be subject to temperature reducing treatment. If this air cleaner is used in severe cold area, heating unit should be equipped when the temperature is -25 or less. The PPCS pulse jet bag filter is favorable for outdoor installation. Different quantity of filter bags can form different specifications. To illustrate, the whole series have 8 kinds of specifications, among which diameters of the filter bags are all 130mm and length 2000mm. This pulse cloth filter supports both negative pressure and positive pressure operation without any change in its mechanical structure. The efficiency can reach over 99.9% and dust content of the filtrated gas is less than 100mg/m(standard).

To be specific, it is widely used in a large variety of industries such as power, metallurgy, chemical, building materials, light industry, etc. for cleaning industrial waste gas and recycling useful materials. The JDW electrostatic precipitator is a kind of efficient and energy saving flue gas cleaning equipment. It is newly developed after introducing and absorbing foreign advanced technology, and summarizing domestic equipment operation experience. To meet the increasingly high requirement for environment protection in current domestic and overseas market, this type of dust remover has become more and more popular among users. To be specific, it is widely used in a large variety of industries such as power, metallurgy, chemical, building materials, light industry, etc. for cleaning industrial waste gas and recycling useful materials. Characteristics 1. As a new type of flue gas cleaning machine, this electrostatic precipitator features high dust collecting efficiency, large amount of flue gas cleaning, stable operation, even air flow distribution, small resistance, long service life, low cost of maintenance, etc. 2. The electrostatic dust collector is entirely designed by means of computer, thus ensuring accuracy and reliability. 3. The housing is designed with tower structure which presents high strength and great stability. In addition, it can be designed according to different pressure and temperature resistant requirements. 4. The mode of air injecting and venting can be various based on the process layout and flue gas features. The process layout is flexible and changeable. 5. The electrostatic precipitator is equipped with an air flow choking and guiding equipment, ensuring uniform air flow distribution and no ash clogging. 6. The precipitating electrode adopts 480C plate and the discharge electrode adopts RS tubular barbed wires which come with reasonable electrode configuration, uniform discharging and excellent discharging performance. 7. Owing to reasonable connection with the frame, wire dropping and breaking can not occur in the discharge electrode. 8. This electric flue gas cleaning equipment comes with a flexible arm vibratory hammer which features uniform and effective vibration forcetransmission, thus making ash removing quite easy.

cement production line - cement manufacturing plant | agico cement plant

cement production line - cement manufacturing plant | agico cement plant

AGICO dry process cement production line comprehensively adopts the IT technology, multi-function grinding system, new-type wear-resisting and heat-resisting materials, mechanical powder conveying device, and some other modern technologies to realize quality cement production. It has the characteristic of energy saving, high efficiency, environmental protection, and low emission. Besides, it benefits our customers from the automation of production, upsizing of process equipment, and scientific management.

The cement production line we manufactured includes mining system, raw material crushing system, raw material homogenization and storage system, raw material batching system, raw material grinding system, raw material homogenization and kiln entry system, preheating system, clinker calcining system, cement batching and grinding system and cement storage and delivery system. You can choose the system you need based on your requirements.

AGICO has mature and advanced limestone mining technology, which uses the blasting method to break limestone into particles with different granularity. The mining equipment we offered mainly includes the large drilling machine, shovel equipment, etc.

After limestones are quarried, they need to be coarse and finely crushed. The crusher we applied in the cement production line includes jaw crusher, hammer crusher, impact crusher, etc. After this process, the pulverized material will be less than 70mm.

The chemical composition of crushed limestone and other raw materials, such as clay and sandstone, is very uneven, so material homogenization is a necessary step for cement production. This system is composed of a stacker and reclaimer, both of which realize the programs automatic control. Besides, we adopt an oblong or round storage yard for raw material storage.

The raw material batching system in cement production lines is used to mix raw materials in a certain proportion according to the special formula. In this system, the electronic belt weigher is the main equipment used for accurate measurement and batching.

The cyclone preheater and calciner are two important devices in the preheating system. The coal injection pipe in the calciner heats the raw meal to produce a decomposition phenomenon. Therefore, 80% decomposition of the material has been completed here before formal calcination.

Cement kiln is the most critical equipment in the clinker calcining process. Raw material enters from the kiln tail, calcines into clinker, and then discharges from the kiln head. The highest temperature inside the cement rotary kiln can reach more than 1000 . AGICO provides an automatically controlled calcination system which realizes high-efficiency and steady production in cement plants. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

Cement rotary kiln usually takes coal as fuel, and the coal should be pulverized in advance to achieve enough fineness to burn. The pulverized coal preparation equipment in our cement production line mainly includes the vertical mill and air swept coal mill. The coal vertical mill we produced has low power consumption and high quality. Its dust emission concentration is much lower than the environmental protection standard. Because of the inflammable and explosive characteristics of pulverized coal, all of our machines are equipped with automatic monitoring, alarm, and fire extinguishments system.

According to different requirements of cement properties, the clinker should be mixed with an appropriate amount of gypsum and other materials by high-precision measurement, and then they will be fed into the cement mill for further grinding. In this system, we provide the cement ball mill, cement roller press, and high-efficiency powder separator as the main cement equipment.

After grinding, the cement powder will be stored in cement silos. After a series of strict chemical and physical tests, qualified cement can be sold as finished products. According to the needs of customers, we can transport the cement in bulk or in bags.

The dry process cement production lines built by our company are economical and practical. The whole production system runs stably and the power consumption is reduced by 20%-30%. Besides, the convenient construction process does not need too many workers, saving a lot of labor costs, greatly improving the benefits of customers.

AGICO Cement has large manufacturing workshops and professional processing equipment to ensure the fast and high-quality production of related equipment in the cement production line. Besides, we have more than 20 years of production and sales experience. Our products have been exported to all over the world, therefore, we can ensure timely and safe delivery, reducing the time cost of customers.

AGICO provides cement EPC turnkey projects. It not only includes the manufacture of various specialized equipment in the cement production line but also includes the cement production line design, onsite installation, real-time commissioning, equipment operation training, and usual spare parts service.

Customization is the most basic service our company provides for each customer. We will design cement production lines according to customers specific needs, such as production line capacity, cement type, construction environment, etc. Every customer will get their satisfied cement production line here.

This dry process cement production line is equipped with advanced dust collectors to strictly control dust emission and noise pollution. It can effectively realize the reuse of resources, so you dont need to worry about the environmental issue.

Dry method cement production lines manufactured by AGICO take the suspension preheating and the pre-decomposition outside the kiln as the technical core. This is a kind of high yield, energy saving, large-scale, and automatic modern cement production method.

AGICO Group is an integrative enterprise group. It is a Chinese company that specialized in manufacturing and exporting cement plants and cement equipment, providing the turnkey project from project design, equipment installation and equipment commissioning to equipment maintenance.

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