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no. 51 barnhart band wheel grinder operating instructions simonds international

no. 51 barnhart band wheel grinder operating instructions simonds international

For mills with limited space for mounting the Barnhart Grinder, a motorized head is available as an accessory to fit both the Nos. 51 and 51-L models in place of the standard friction head. The motorized head both drives and grinds the band wheel. A toothless saw or belt is not needed to drive the top band mill wheel, providing a much simpler and easier set-up. The bottom wheel is usually ground with the standard friction head shown above, rather than disconnecting the power on the mill.

Driving Upper Band Wheel: Use an old band saw with teeth cut off for driving the upper band wheel for the grinding operation. Cutting off the teeth is an important safety measure. Where convenient use a standard length saw, and have the alignment of the band wheels in their sawing position.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to secure planks around the saw to insure protection to the operators. Also, cover all the spaces where tools may by accident fall in and go around the lower band wheel and go between the saw and the band wheel.

Checking the circumference of the band wheel when the saw is on can be done without removing the strain on the saw. Before attempting this procedure, solder the ring on the end of the steel tape. If this is not done the pressure will break the ring fastening.

This grinder has two SKF No. 6203-2Z ball bearings in the head. These standard automotive bearings come lubricated from factory to last entire life of bearing without further lubrication. Replacement bearings can be obtained from almost any mill supply house or automotive supply house. Either SKF or other interchangeable makes.

Use 6 x 2 x 2 (150 x 50 x 50 mm) resinoid straight face grinding wheels No. 37C24-04B5, or equivalent, made to stand grinding with band wheels rotating at full speed. It is important to use only the above type abrasive wheels, which are usually available from abrasive wheel suppliers. They are recommended for grinding either cast iron or steel band wheels at any speed.

In some instances the assemblies shown may differ from those on your machine. These changes represent improvements made for more efficient operation. Not all improvements are interchangeable. If the assembly shown is different from that on your machine, please give description of the parts you are using.

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