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mill valley film festival - filmfreeway

mill valley film festival - filmfreeway

The internationally renowned Mill Valley Film Festival offers a high-profile, prestigious, non-competitive environment perfect for celebrating the best in independent and world cinema. MVFF (the oldest fall film festival in California) remains committed to film and filmmakers and to offering the highest resources and production elements possible, whatever challenges the world throws our way. In 2020, that meant offering the best and most secure online platform for our screenings, and creating a professional, DCP-compliant Drive-In for 10 days. We are approaching 2021 with the same commitment to quality and openness to opportunity as we plan for our celebration of new cinema at MVFF44.

With a reputation for launching new films and creating awards season buzz, MVFF has a knack for spotting emerging talent as well as drawing legendary artists. Known as the filmmaker's festival, MVFF annually welcomes more than 300 filmmakers and guests from around the world, whether online or in person, and has hosted such luminaries as Nicole Kidman, Barry Jenkins, Laura Dern, Ang Lee, Viola Davis, Todd Haynes, Mira Nair, Danny Trejo, Pawel Pawlikowski, Brie Larson, Delroy Lindo, Regina King, Sean Penn, Karyn Kusama, Steve McQueen and Greta Gerwig.

MVFF accepts short and feature length work in the following categories: narrative, documentary, experimental, animation, family films and youth produced. Festival selections include fiction and non-fiction films both domestic and international, features and shorts, with an emphasis on premieres that are launching into the US market. Initiatives at MVFF are Mind the Gap, which champions gender equity and intersectionality; Active Cinema, a selection of impact-driven documentaries; and Viva el Cine!, a celebration of cinema and cultures from Spain and Latin America. The nonprofit California Film Institute celebrates and promotes film by presenting the annual Mill Valley Film Festival and DocLands Documentary Film Festival, exhibiting film year-round at the Christopher B. Smith Rafael Film Center and building the next generation of filmmakers and audiences through CFI Education. For more information please visit www.cafilm.org or call 415.383.5256.

Please make sure your entry form is complete (see bottom section of Festival Rules marked "IMPORTANT!" for details). A separate form and entry fee is required for each submission. For submissions in the Youth Produced category (works by filmmakers 18 years old and younger) please submit to the Youth Produced category.

Feature-length entries (50 minutes and over) receiving theatrical release, TV broadcast, screening at other California Festivals and venues or are available for purchase on DVD or online (e.g. iTunes, video on demand, etc.) prior to MVFF's dates will not be considered. Feature-length entries receiving a theatrical or festival screening in the San Francisco Bay Area prior to or within one month following MVFF dates will not be considered for the Festival. Exceptions will be made under special circumstances. Please contact our office if you agree to any other screenings directly before or after MVFF, other than those listed on your application. MVFF does not pay rental fees. Instead, our resources are invested in the production and promotion of the best possible showcase for your work. For theatrical runs, films may subsequently be considered for our year-round venue, the Christopher B. Smith Rafael Film Center. Films are often screened through the duration of the festival Industrial, promotional or instructional films are not eligible. Films must have been completed within 15 months of festival dates (after July 1, 2020). Previously submitted works are not eligible for re-submission. Features, especially World Premieres, may be accepted for late submission. To request a deadline extension, please call our office (415-526-5839) or email [email protected] Filmmakers are responsible for providing a good quality print for their screening. See EXHIBITION FORMATS for requirements. Filmmakers will be notified via email of entry status by approximately September 17, 2021. Once a film is submitted it may not be withdrawn. If selected to screen in the festival, you may be asked to provide an electronic press kit.

SHIPPING INFORMATION/EXHIBITION PRINTS Exhibition prints must be sent to the Festival prepaid. The Festival will cover return shipping via FedEx, DHL, UPS or US Mail, unless other arrangements are requested.

It is necessary to have the following information filled out in your FilmFreeway filmmaker account in order to ensure that we can process your submission quickly and efficiently. Not having this information already available in your account may cause a delay in the processing of your submission.

We premiered at Mill Valley and they took great care of us. It's a very well organized festival with an incredible range of films. Our screenings were well attended and the audience was incredibly engaging. Definitely recommend attending if you can and submitting your work!

I'm honored that my film was part of the 42nd MVFF. I enjoyed the film selection, also it was nice meeting my programer. It means a lot to have my short screened twice followed by a Q&A. Also, the filmmaker pass made it very convenient. Finally, Larkspur and San Rafael are such cute little towns!!

mill valley film festival: a guide for a better viewing experience at home

mill valley film festival: a guide for a better viewing experience at home

That means youll get fantastic independent films and documentaries, such as the clever, hilarious, and thrilling The Heist of the Century about the greatest bank robbery in Argentinas history, or the electrifying protest documentary about the original resistors to the Vietnam war draft The Boys Who Said NO! from Bay Area filmmaker Judith Ehrlich streamed directly into your home via the CAFilm Roku and Apple TV apps.

We know watching movies in your living room isnt the same experience as watching on the big screen. So THX (as a sponsor of the Mill Valley Film Festival), has put together some easy tips on how to squeeze the best viewing experience out of your living room or mobile device.

Slim down the amount of data your internet connection is pulling. Think of this as driving during rush hour (remember that!). If youre in a house where someone is streaming Spotify or Tidal, the kids are playing Fornite, and youre trying to stream a high-definition or 4K movie, thats a lot of traffic (data) trying to use the same road (bandwidth) at the same time.

Depending on your homes layout, the Wi-Fi strength, and your connection speed, your movie quality may suffer if theres a lot of usage going on at the same time. Minimize the heavier loads on your Internet connection for the movies length, and you shouldnt see a drop in quality or bothersome buffering.

THX Certified Cinema Mode will give you a few things over the standard picture setting. Itll adjust all the color and brightness settings to their studio levels. This ensures your movies have the correct highlights and shadows. THX Certified Cinema Mode also corrects the color gamut, so what you see on the screen is accurate to what the filmmaker intended.

Finally, THX Certified Cinema Mode turns off unneeded video processing and adjusts noise reduction, or how its commonly referred to as the soap opera effect. The soap opera effect or its more technical names, motion smoothing, and video interpolation is meant for sports programming. It helps the viewer see whats going on in live-recorded events. But for movies, it kills the cinematic look of a film. Do yourself a favor and turn motion smoothing off whenever you watch a movie, youll thank us later. Weve listed out some of the major TV brands and options to turn off below.

Now that we can see the screen and its in the right mode, its essential to be the correct distance away depending on the screen size. Contrary to popular opinion, you cannot sit a few feet away from a giant 80 screen TV. The bigger the screen, the further away your seat should be to reap the benefits. To find the best viewing distance for your screen, check this link.

If you have more people than can comfortably fit on one couch, wed recommend making two parallel rows of seating if possible, instead of sitting someone perpendicular to the TV. Sitting two rows parallel to the screen will put more viewers closer to the audiovisual sweet spot.

We get it, not everyone has the time or resources to watch Mill Valley Film Festivals movies on a THX Certified home theater setup. However, you can still have a great viewing experience on a smartphone or laptop.

Mobile device speakers can be too small to produce quality sound, and that problem gets worse if the room is noisy. Fix that by finding a quiet place and a pair of comfortable headphones especially if theyre THX Certified, such as the new Razer Opus headphones. Youll have a more engaging experience if you can hear whats going on.

mill valley film festival steers toward drive-in screening experience - variety

mill valley film festival steers toward drive-in screening experience - variety

The 43rd iteration of the Mill Valley Film Festival may not look as it has in previous years due to COVID-19 with many of its sections navigating online, but that in no way detracts from what the fest, running Oct. 8-18, will and already has accomplished on the artistic front. One of Mill Valleys most notable endeavors: 57% of films screening in the San Francisco Bay Area fest are directed by women, a number that goes above and beyond its intended goal of reaching the 50% mark by 2020. We are doing what we set out to do with the fests gender equity Mind the Gap initiative, says Mark Fishkin, MVFF founder and executive director of the California Film Institute.

When you look at the films screening this year, from Herself, directed by Phyllida Lloyd, to Nomadland, directed by Chlo Zhou, there is just some miraculous work being done by women. Look at Spring Blossom, actor- writer-director Suzanne Lindons feature debut. What a remarkable film from such a young, first-time director. We got a terrific terrific lineup, its a really strong schedule of films and thats what makes it so satisfying. Its the most challenging fest weve ever done and yet it feels so good.

Along with its roster of buzzy film screenings, MVFF will again showcase Varietys 10 Screenwriters to Watch, feting the selected scribes in an online panel discussion. The fest will also honor Charlie Kaufman, writer and director of Netflixs enigmatic psychological drama Im Thinking of Ending Things and this years recipient of Varietys Creative Impact in Screenwriting Award. Theres lots of food there for thought, says Kaufman of the film. Im always interested in defying expectations or pushing something. Its new for me so consequently it will probably be new for people watching it.

Mill Valley festivals expansive slate, which includes its Doclands documentary section, also features a bevy of online (many of them pre-taped) spotlights and tributes to such high-profile actors, screenwriters and filmmakers as Judi Dench (Blithe Spirit), Delroy Lindo (Da 5 Bloods) and Aaron Sorkin (The Trial of the Chicago 7).

Other MVFF Award recipients include Kate Winslet (Ammonite); Viola Davis (Mind the Gap Tribute Award); Regina King (One Night in Miami); and Clare Dunn, who wrote and stars in Herself, Lloyds Dublin-set drama about an abused wife and mother who builds her own house.

When I first saw Clare [Dunn] on screen in Herself, I remember thinking, where did this woman come from? She is amazing, says Fishkin. An actress like that just doesnt come around every day. I saw the film at Sundance and knew right then that we needed to honor this film and this performance.

Fishkin is also committed to keeping the spirit of community involvement alive. While indoor theaters arent an option, MVFF is presenting a series of outdoor drive-in movie nights at Lagoon Park-Marin Center in San Rafael, starting with an opening-night screening of Blithe Spirit and culminating in an Oct. 17 closing-night showing of Frank Marshalls new documentary The Bee Gees: How Can You Mend a Broken Heart.

I think of bringing together the community as almost like a cumulative process, says Fishkin. No, we cant have wine and hors doeuvres and the parties, but its about implementing all of these incremental touches. Mostly, its about the communitys passion for film and the excitement and us fulfilling that need. The drive-in is our venue and it serves the festival, and it does so very well. Look, Ive built theaters that are inordinately expensive and at Mill Valley we do that because we believe in the theatrical experience. Maybe we cant have what weve had in the past, but we can have this and, for now, this is enough.

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