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quartz crusher keene

keene g-force rock crusher - azo's: metal detecting & gold prospecting forum - arizona outback's prospecting forum

keene g-force rock crusher - azo's: metal detecting & gold prospecting forum - arizona outback's prospecting forum

The Keene Rock Crusher is probably the smallest on the market today. They refer to it as being 'portable' but it takes two healthy adults to shift it just a small distance. It's THAT heavy. No way a single person could move it easily.

It's meant to handle chunks of quartz or similar host rock about half the size of your fist or (preferably) smaller. You feed the quartz into the open hopper where it is spun at high speed in the internal centrifuge. There's several steel plates inside which the quartz is slammed against and it's considered normal for small bits of metal from these plates to enter the crushed material. No doubt a magnet would sort them out quickly. The quartz or host rock is smashed to bits when it ricochets around inside the spinning centrifuge and strikes the metal plates inside. This reduces the size of the pieces considerably, and deposits the debris inside the bucket below the crusher unit.

The first time you feed the material through, the host rock is broken down into chunky, coarse pieces. I believe you can run the material through again several times to reduce it to a powered consistency. The engine is a 4-stroke petrol motor and the handles are attached to a removable metal brace which sits around the waist of the main centrifuge. If you are doing any reef work, these are pretty useful crushers if your prospecting and mining is small-scale or hobby-scale. The next size up in these things is so large that it has to be towed by car on a small trailer.

I can't think of a reason why anyone would want to crush black sand but the Keene crusher probably wouldn't be able to handle it for you either. The black sand would be so lightweight that it wouldn't easily be broken down further the way that quartz granules would. I have been told that the Keene Rock Crusher will reduce rock to a fine powder if it's fed through a few times. I'll try to post a picture of one tomorrow for you if I can. You could probably fit it inside the rear of a typical vehicle and the rounded edges reduces the external bulk of the machine.

rock crushers at kellyco | gold prospecting equipment

rock crushers at kellyco | gold prospecting equipment

In order to crush rocks and extract gold, you will need the right equipment that can achieve this quickly and efficiently. That being said, utilizing rock crushers will help prevent you from missing the opportunity of hitting paydirt. Portable rock crushers will change the way you prospect for gold and with several options available, making sure that you select the correct product will be invaluable.

The term itself is pretty self-explanatory. These machines are designed to crush any type of stone from quartz to limestone and everything in between. How much is able to be processed per hour will depend on the model you purchase.

The intention of small rock crushers, such as those we have here at Kellyco, is to allow you to extract more gold instead of leaving any paydirt behind. The amount of gold that can be contained within rocks in areas you didnt know were there may surprise you. However, without a rock crusher in your arsenal, you will never be aware of what was left behind.

Portable rock crushers use a very simple approach, power. With various sized engines available depending on the model, these machines are designed to take small rocks and, thanks to a huge amount of pressure and power, crush them down and allow you to process them through your sluice box.

The aim of any small rock crusher for sale is to be able to break that rock down into a fine powder. In doing so, it will be able to pass through a classifier before going through the sluice box and any gold can then be separated. Even relatively small pieces of rock that are left intact could lead to you missing out on some gold, and when you know you have hit paydirt then you hardly want to leave anything behind.

Most models, including the Keene G-Force rock crusher, will use a hopper box with gravity to move the rocks through the crusher. The rock is fed into the hopper box and then moves into the central compartment of the crusher. A huge amount of force effectively smashes the rock at high speed and the greater the force then the finer the powder. With that in mind, the power of the engine contained within the rock crusher will be important.

With several options available, knowing which are the best rock crushers for sale will make your job of identifying the right product for you easier. Of course, budget may play a part but Kellyco does have a number of small portable rock crushers for sale across a wide price range.

There are several key points to consider when looking at purchasing a portable rock crusher. First, there is the volume of rock that can process for up to an hour. With some capable of producing over 2 tons of powder, also known as grind, this should be more than adequate for the majority of treasure hunters.

Another point to remember is the size of rock that the crusher can handle. These kinds of rock crushers for sale are not designed to take large boulders and break them down on an industrial scale. Instead, we are talking about rocks that are around one inch in size that can be effectively smashed in seconds. Once again, we recommend that you check the maximum size that the model you are looking at can take before making your purchase.

The best rock crushers for sale will contain a large hopper box, be capable of crushing a substantial amount of rock in one hour, and break things down into an easy to manage powder. As long as those points are met, then you should not have any problem extracting as much gold as possible from your expedition.

There are several additional features that deserve to be mentioned with a rock crusher. For example, you need to examine how a particular model is powered. With both gas and electric available as options, it should be easy for you to get things started. As a side-note, the gas version is often regarded as being cheaper to operate. Also, we have to think about transportation. These machines are not the lightest around which is why there are lighter models, such as the Keene trailer mounted crusher, on the market. This does make it easier to get to those more remote areas that you may wish to venture to on your expeditions.

You may wish to consider looking at the process that the rock crusher uses in order to deliver the powder. Different models may put the rock through various processes with each stage resulting in something even finer than before.

Finally, there has to be the question of replacing parts even when you are out there in the wild. Cleaning the machine and clearing it of debris is important or it may result in becoming clogged. However, models that have been manufactured by Keene will all be easy to adjust and maintain so this shouldnt be a problem.

If rock crushers are something of interest to you, but you are unsure of what to do next, then feel free to reach out to our customer service team. Contact us directly via our customer care department and our team of expert gold prospectors will be able to advise you on the best rock crusher for your needs and answer any questions that you may have.

henan mining machinery and equipment manufacturer - gold wash plant by keene

henan mining machinery and equipment manufacturer - gold wash plant by keene

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