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keto vs. paleo: what's the difference? | bobs red mill

keto vs. paleo: what's the difference? | bobs red mill

Overall, the paleo diet tends to emphasize whole foods and eliminate grains, legumes and processed foods. The keto, or ketogenic, diet tends to be more calculated in the way it handles the adjustment of carbs, proteins and fats (with a big emphasis on the fats).

Sometimes referred to as the caveman diet, paleo eaters avoid legumes, sugar, dairy, processed foods and grains. Instead, they enjoy grass-fed meat, vegetables, seafood, eggs, fruit, nuts (like almonds), almond and olive oil, coconut and tubers. They believe that following a pre-agriculture diet helps with increased energy and weight loss. Get in with the hunter-gatherers that came before us and thrive.

These Paleo Brownies are rich, fudgy, moist and delicious! Theyre made with just eight ingredients: honey, unsweetened chocolate, coconut oil, vanilla extract, eggs, cocoa powder, salt and our Paleo Baking Flour. This brilliant multi-purpose flour is a wonderfully unique blend of almond flour, arrowroot starch, coconut flour and tapioca flour. These ingredients are combined in perfect proportions, which makes it ideal for grain free baking and cooking. Not only can you use it to create delectable brownies, but its also good for grain free pizza, flatbread, crackers, cookies, muffins, cakes and pancakes.

If youre looking for a tasty paleo breakfast, these Paleo Muffins are the way to go! Theyre made with Paleo Baking Flour and burst with flavors of lemon and blueberry. We love that theyre so easily customizable. You can mix in anything like fruits, nuts, seeds and dark chocolate. This particular recipe makes 12 muffins, so you can double it and keep them on hand for the week ahead. If youd like a little extra paleo-friendly protein, consider a dollop of almond butter on top and a smoothie on the side.

Cassava flour is an excellent choice for paleo pasta! If youre intrigued by the idea and looking to experiment, try this Cassava Pasta recipe from Bobs Red Mill. The pasta itself is made from our Cassava Flour, egg and turmeric, though theres also an option for an egg-free version of the pasta. The end result is tender with a mild flavor due to the flour. If love the taste of the flour, you can use it to bread meat and seafood, too, or even use it to replace the breadcrumbs in meatballs and veggie burgers.

Escape to the tropics with this Paleo Pineapple Upside Down Cake. Its paleo, vegan and a beautiful addition to gatherings of all sorts. After the pineapple slices and maraschino cherries have been arranged to your liking, pour the batter over the fruit and let it bake. Once it cools, you can top it with whipped cream or coconut cream or fresh fruit. Pair this cake with some tropical tea and tropical tunes and melt into the ultimate mode of relaxation!

These Paleo Cashew Vanilla Energy Bites from Kelly of Tasting Page are a great snack when youre on-the-go. Whip up a batch and pop them in your mouth before or after the gym, on your way to work or in between breaks at school. There are lots of variations for paleo energy bites, but the flavor of these ones is just delicious! With just organic cashews, unsweetened coconut, dates, vanilla, coconut oil and our Vanilla Protein Powder Nutritional Booster, youll be good to go for the afternoon ahead!

Although its similar to the paleo diet, the keto diet is known for its high intake in fat content and moderate intake in protein content. Paleo, in contrast, is known to be high in protein and moderate in fat.

These Allspice Keto Muffins from The Keto Diet by Leanne Vogel are chock full of nutritious ingredients. Theyre filled with ingredients like almond flour, flax seeds, coconut oil and raw walnut pieces. One of the main differences youll notice in keto vs. paleo is that keto encourages alternative sweeteners, like the confectioners style Erythritol thats used in this particular recipe. Slather some coconut oil on top to give these muffins an additional boost of fat and enjoy!

This Avocado Lime Smoothie was developed by superfood chef Julie Morris and features the flavors of creamy avocado and bright lime. Not only does it taste great, but its entirely gorgeous and vibrant, too! Simply add Protein & Fiber Nutritional Booster to your blender alongside avocado, baby spinach, lime juice, fresh mint leaves, coconut water and ice, then sit back and sip!

Its true, you can still eat pizza even when youre trying out a new diet or lifestyle! At Bobs Red Mill, we love pizza and we think its so fun to experiment with different crusts and flavors. This BBQ Chicken Pizza is made with a paleo pizza crust created from our Paleo Baking Flour. Topped with barbecue sauce (make sure its keto friendly), creamy cashew sauce, red onion and cilantro, this pizza is perfect for a quick and easy lunch or dinner. Its a good one to make for a gathering where some folks are keto or paleo and some arent, as you can customize the crust to fit your taste!

Seafood is a large component of both the paleo and keto diet. This Coconut Crusted Mahi Mahi is gluten free, lactose free, soy free and high in fiber. The beautiful mahi-mahi fillets are crusted with our Organic Coconut Flour, Shredded Coconut, minced ginger, sea salt, garlic powder and lime. Honey is also incorporated, though if youd prefer to leave out the sweetener, you can omit that. Pair this fish with a side of leafy green sauted in coconut oil for an extratropical flavor.

If you thought you werent allowed to have popsicles while following a diet, think again! These Blackberry Vanilla Protein Pops are ideal for warm-weather days spent in the sunshine. Theyre made with fresh blackberries, lemon zest, hep milk and Vanilla Protein Powder Nutritional Booster. The recipe calls for agave nectar but again, you can keep out that sweetener to stay more closely in line with a strict keto diet.

Whether youre throwing them into your salads or making your own butter, seeds are a fantastic addition to the keto diet. This Pumpkin Seed Butter calls for just two ingredients (pumpkin seeds and salt) and is so easy to whip up. You can keep it in the fridge and let it come to room temperature before your snack attack arises. Spread it across celery sticks and top it unsweetened dried cherries to stay in line with all things keto.

Of course, as with any diet or lifestyle change, so much of it is up to how it makes you, the eater, feel! At Bobs Red Mill, we love the idea of moderation and incorporating whole ingredients that make you feel good from the inside out.

After all, is there anything more blissful than a slice of chocolate cake or a Saturday morning donut? The real beauty lies within the fact that foods are so easily customizable! Your cake can be made paleo and your donut can be made keto.

what is the keto diet? | bobs red mill

what is the keto diet? | bobs red mill

There are plenty of diets and meal plans out there with different versions being introduced all the time. If youve heard the term but find yourself wondering what is the keto diet, youve come to the right place!

More recently, the diet has become popular as a potential way to lose weight. It shares similarities with some other low-carb diets like the Paleo Diet and the South Beach Diet. These diets are high in protein and moderate in fat. The keto diet, however, is especially known for its high intake in fat content and moderate intake in protein content.

If you do this, an alternate source of fuel known as ketones are produced from the stored fat (which is where the term keto comes from). Because the body demands glucose, when few carbohydrates are being eaten, it pulls stored glucose from the liver and temporarily breaks down muscle to release the glucose. If this sort of fasting continues for 3-4 days, the glucose is depleted and the blood levels of insulin decrease, meaning that the body starts to use fat as its fuel. In the absence of glucose, the liver produces ketone bodies from fat, which are then used instead. Ketosis, which may be a term youve heard, happens when keynote bodies accumulate in the blood.

Mild ketosis occurs in healthy people during periods of fasting, like sleeping overnight, or strenuous exercise. Those who advocate the diet believe that if its followed carefully, the brain will use ketones for fuel and the blood level of ketones will not reach a harmful level, known as ketoacidosis.

There are lots of different versions of the keto diet, but all do away with foods that are rich in carbohydrates like starches, refined and whole grains, pasta, cereal, cookies, potatoes and sugary fruits.

At Bobs Red Mill, we love our pasta and bread, but we also love experimenting with different ingredients. We think a loaf of bread made from whole wheat and honey is delicious, but so is a loaf of bread made from almond meal!

Now that weve answered the question What is the keto diet? lets uncover What is the keto diet meal plan? If youre building a keto diet meal plan, there are plenty of options! From seafood to cheese to leafy greens, here are some of the staples of the keto diet.

When it comes to creating a keto diet plan for beginners, many folks are surprised to hear that the diet itself is rich with ingredients! With those ingredients comes the opportunity for plenty of unique and creative recipes to excite the taste buds. Here are some of our favorites.

This 5 Ingredient Almond Crusted Halibut with Lemon by Chef Billy Parisi can be on the table in less than 30 minutes! Its flaky, flavorful and dressed with butter, lemon and almond flour. Its baked until its crispy, then served golden with your favorite sides. To keep it keto friendly, roast some broccoli with sesame oil or saut a skillet of greens with extra virgin olive oil. We love everything Chef Billy creates, but we especially love how he utilizes our almond flour in his keto-friendly recipes. Our Almond Flour is gluten free, low carb and made from the finest California-grown almonds! Theyre ground into a fine meal thats perfect for keto baking and cooking. Try it on Chef Billys 5 Ingredient Almond Chicken Tenders. These delightful tenders are kid and adult approved and also follow the keto diet meal plan. They call for only five ingredients and make for delicious leftovers! We suggest pairing them with the keto condiment of your choice.

These Savory Waffles with Blueberry and Mint are the perfect way to celebrate summer and brunch! The waffles are made with eggs, water, coconut oil and our Paleo Pancake & Waffle Mix. This magical mix makes fluffy, tender and golden pancakes and waffles and is made from a nourishing mix of almond flour, coconut flour, simple root starches, organic coconut sugar and baking soda. Combine these waffles with a balsamic reduction, hollandaise and all the right toppings, and youre in for a true treat! If its a keto-friendly breakfast for dinner youre searching for, these savory waffles will steal the show!

Pork Schnitzel is fun to say and fun to eat! Our own Pork Schnitzel recipe incorporates pork loin cutlets, eggs, water and Paleo Baking Flour. Flavored with black pepper, nutmeg, cayenne pepper and a garnish of lemon and chopped parsley, this entree is fancy and tasty, yet easy! Paleo Baking Flour takes the guesswork out of grain free baking and allows you to make everything from schnitzel to cakes, cookies, muffins and crackers.

These gluten free, grain free and dairy free Nooch Crackers have a cheesy and delicious flavor and are packed with nutritious ingredients! With a combination of Golden Flaxseed Meal, water, Almond Flour, Nutritional Yeast, salt, coconut oil, lemon juice and salt, youll have keto-friendly crackers you can eat with just about anything! Pair them with good cheese and a glass of sparkling water. You can also top them with mashed avocado and a sliced cherry tomato. If youre going to a gathering where guests are following the keto diet, bring these along and both you and your Nooch Crackers will be the hit of the party.

If youve yet to try our Cashew No-Cheese Sauce, you are in for the ultimate umami bomb! Nutritional Yeast, garlic, lemon and cashews combine to create a luscious and rich sauce that is good on just about everything. Its a great way to jazz up your keto-friendly vegetables like roasted broccoli or cauliflower. You can drizzle it over your Nooch Crackers or make a wildly tasty cashew sauce pizza.

flours & nut meals | bob's red mill

flours & nut meals | bob's red mill

Bob's Red Mill offers the widest assortment of specialty baking flours to fit the needs of any baker or cook. Whole grain? We have it. Cornmeal? Check. Gluten free? Goodness, yes. Nut meals? No problem. All purpose? Absolutely. Bread flour? Yup. Legumes exclusively? Like. A. Boss.

how to make your favorite desserts keto friendly | bobs red mill

how to make your favorite desserts keto friendly | bobs red mill

Instead of thinking of what you cant have, think of what you can have. The keto diet encourages fats and oils like butter and coconut oil, eggs and nuts. Berries like blueberries, raspberries and blackberries can be consumed in moderation. Even high-fat dairy like cream cheese and heavy cream is okay!

One of the simplest ways to make your dessert keto friendly is to switch your sweetener. Instead of using cane sugar, honey or maple syrup, think of Stevia, monk fruit sweetener and erythritol. These Keto Brownie Bites from Ketogasm, for example, are small morsels that are entirely decadent and keto-friendly, too! Theyre low in carbs, and once theyre divided into a 16 mini-muffin sized tin, each bite has just 1 gram net carb (minus fiber and sugar alcohols). These brownies come to life with butter, monk fruit sweetener, cocoa powder, eggs, vanilla extract, salt and almond flour. Top them with a low carb chocolate glaze and chopped walnuts, if youd like, and youre bound to fall in love. If its something citrusy youre after, go for these Keto Lemon Bars from Hey Keto Mama instead. Not only are they lovely in their yellow hue, but theyre dense, bright and delicious, too. We love the idea of adding a hint of vanilla to the crust and slicing the bars with unflavored dental floss to get a clean cut!

When it comes to using fruit in keto dessert recipes, most suggest leaning toward berries (instead of other fruits that are high in natural sugars and net carbs). Thankfully, berries and dessert go hand in hand. Think of cheesecake with a layer of syrupy blackberries or pies with a filling of blueberries or raspberries. Berries and other keto ingredients like cream cheese and butter are a match made in food heaven! Take this delightful Crunchy Keto Berry Mousse, which is creamy, creative and so easy to throw together. Impress even the most discerning of keto diet enthusiasts with this desserts mix of berries, heavy whipping cream, lemon zest, vanilla and crunchy pecans. If you want something slightly heavier but equally as incredible in taste and texture, try this Berry Cobbler from Eat Well 101. Its perfect for summer and is packed with flavors of fresh strawberries and juicy blueberries. Top it all with a gluten free topping and your dessert-loving guests will be swooning! Set this dish out on the table with a few spoons and allow guests to serve themselves. Just dont forget the homemade whipped cream.

In keto friendly dessert recipes, cheese is your friend! Whether youre using it for cheesecakes or to make a swirled brownie, cheese offers a lot in terms of decadence and richness. These Keto Mini Cheesecakes from All Day I Dream About Food take the form of cinnamon rolls with a creamy texture and a sweet flavor. With an almond flour crust, a cheesecake filling and a buttery frosting, these treats are delectable and so easy to make. If youre a fan of all things cheesecake, like we are, these Sugar Free Keto Cheesecakes from Maya of Wholesome Yum taste just like the real thing. Though this particular cheesecake comes with a crust, you can actually skip the crust altogether and pour the filling directly into the pan. If you do so, make sure to line the pan with parchment paper so the mixture doesnt stick. Crust or no crust, each version of this keto friendly dessert is equally as delicious.

Simple though the switch may be, it makes a massive difference! It might feel challenging at first (trust us, we love white and whole wheat flour, too) but changing your flours is actually pretty easy and tasty, too! Almond flour is well-loved by those following a keto diet and for good reason. Try our Super Fine Almond Flour, made from the finest California-grown almonds which have been blanched and ground into a fine meal. This makes it an ideal ingredient for gluten free baking and keto dessert recipes. These Low-Carb Chocolate Chip Cookies are made with a mix of Almond Flour and Low-Carb Baking Mix as their base. Use this recipe as a starting point and customize it to fit within your own unique dietary needs and flavor preferences. If its peanut butter youre after, give these Low-Carb Peanut Butter Cookies a try. They call for just seven ingredients, including almond flour and peanut butter, and are divine when paired with a glass of cold almond milk. You can also use your almond flour or alternative flours to go the route of donut holes for dessert. These Low-Carb Cinnamon Sugar Donut Holes from Heather Smith from Woods of Bell Trees are so festive and fun, guests wont even think twice about the fact that theyre keto friendly, too!

One amazing thing about the keto diet and baking, is that butter, oil and whole milk are all good and encouraged! Natural fats make baked goods scrumptious and keto friendly, too! This Keto Gooey Butter Cake from All Day I Dream About Food takes a St. Louis Gooey Butter Cake and gives it a keto makeover. Its sugar free, grain free, low carb and super buttery and wonderful. Get your almond flour and cream cheese ready and get baking! These Keto Coconut Blondies are another way to cure your sweet tooth. Theyre chewy, moist and the perfect keto friendly dessert for coconut lovers. Theyre made with coconut flour, coconut oil and coconut cream, plus theyre low carb, gluten free and sugar-free. What makes these morsels of goodness even more amazing, is that they take just five minutes to throw together and 20 minutes to bake! This means that whenever your sugar craving strikes, you can combat it fast with something that is keto friendly and goes in line with your diet.

Nut butters add a whole lot of creamy keto deliciousness to desserts. Whether youre using them for cookies or nut butter balls, get familiar with which sort of nut butters are your favorite. Maybe you lean towards almond butter over peanut butter or vice versa. Once you nail down your own specific tastes, the possibilities for keto dessert recipes with nut butter are endless! These No Bake Keto Peanut Butter Chocolate Bars from Two Sleevers are low in carbs, low in sugar and high in good fats. Curb your creamy peanut butter and chocolate cravings with this entirely keto friendly dessert. You can also try these No Bake Keto Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls from The Big Mans World. They have a thick, fudge-like peanut butter center and are covered in sugar-free chocolate. Plus, they take just five minutes to throw together and are packed with protein. Of course, if youre a cookie enthusiast at heart, our friend Katrin of Sugar-Free Londoner does it again with her recipe for these Keto Almond Butter Brownie Cookies. Could there be any better idea than something that incorporates two of the best keto friendly desserts into one pristine package? Bring on the cookies and brownies and at the same time, please!

Whether youre simply switching your sugar, focusing on recipes that utilize natural fats or going the route of almond flour, we hope these recipes have inspired you to get baking! Wonderful ingredients are abundant on the keto diet, its just up to you how to put them together and cure that sweet tooth!

8 tasty keto diet breakfast ideas to fuel your morning | bobs red mill

8 tasty keto diet breakfast ideas to fuel your morning | bobs red mill

The keto diet (or ketogenic diet) is a low carb and high fat diet. Although keto diets can vary when it comes to specifics, they tend to avoid starchy foods, sugar, low-fat foods, beans, juice and many fruits.

These Paleo Waffles with Spiced Coconut Cashew Cream and Blueberries are a true treat. Whether youre whipping them up during a weekday (for a bit of extra indulgence) or spending a lazy Sunday morning in the kitchen, youll love their unique taste and texture. The waffles themselves are made with our Paleo Pancake & Waffle Mix, eggs, water and coconut oil, and the coconut cream comes to life with raw cashews, coconut milk, honey, ground cinnamon, allspice, lemon juice and fresh blueberries. This dish is fresh, bright and berry-filled (and was even served at Feast Portland in 2017). Our Paleo Pancake & Waffle Mix is gluten free and grain free and makes these waffles super easy to throw together. Its a mix of almond flour, coconut flour, simple root starches, organic coconut sugar and baking soda and in addition to waffles, it also makes delicious pancakes. All you need to whip up a batch are eggs, water and coconut oil. If you have a hankering for morning waffles or pancakes but are looking to keep things keto, give this mix a try. Your end result will be fluffy, golden and delicious!

We love keeping a big batch of low carb muffins on hand for easy mornings. You can warm them up for a few minutes in the oven and add an extra spread of nut butter for some additional protein and healthy fats. This recipe for Bobs Red Mill Low Carb Muffins incorporates our Low-Carb Baking Mix, eggs, oil and vanilla. The low-carb baking mix is perfect to keep in the pantry as it can be used cup-for-cup to replace other low carb flour blends in your favorite recipes. It can be used to create low-carb bread, biscuits, waffles, brownies, muffins or any other sort of baked good your heart desires! One 1/4-cup serving provides 5 grams of dietary fiber and is packed with a bunch of hearty goodness. Its perfect for this basic muffin recipe, which can be spruced up with all your favorite spices, fruits or nuts. This batch in particular makes eight muffins, so you might want to make a double batch!

Smoothies are the perfect keto diet breakfast recipes. Theyre versatile, quick to throw together and tend to be packed with everything you need to kickstart the day. This Vanilla Coffee Smoothie recipe brings your morning cup of joe to new levels. It was developed by superfood chef Julie Morris and takes just five minutes to throw together. Our Vanilla Protein Powder Nutritional Booster, raw cashews, Psyllium Fiber Powder, instant coffee powder and coconut water are blended with ice for a refreshing and nutrient-packed morning pick-me-up. For a smoothie with some different flavors, try this Lemony Almond Green Smoothie. It was also developed by Chef Julie and is bright, citrus-filled and invigorating. It comes to life with a mix of Protein & Fiber Nutritional Booster, almond butter, fresh lemon juice, coconut water and baby spinach, fresh parsley and celery for all things good and green. Whatever sort of smoothie youre blending together, remember thats okay to think outside of the box. Youll be surprised how good some greens and protein powder will make you feel in the morning!

This grain-free Artichoke Hazelnut Tart can be served as an hors doeuvre or with a green salad for a light meal. It also makes a delicious breakfast, if youre in the mood for something savory! The crust utilizes our Hazelnut Flour/Meal for its base and with a cheesy filling of artichokes and spices, this tart is a keeper! Serve it for dinner the night before, then delight in a slice the next morning.

Like a batch of simple muffins, wholesome bars are one of our favorite breakfast ideas for keto diet. Whether its a tide-me-over until lunch or a morning when youre on-the-go, these Pumpkin Chai Boost Bars are packed with flavor and nutrients and will keep you going throughout the day. Theyre made with a beautiful mix of Natural Almond Flour, Whole Grain Oat Flour, Date Sugar, Chai Protein Powder Nutritional Booster, pumpkin puree and Pumpkin Seeds. Although we think these bars taste especially wonderful in the early fall when the air is crisp and the leaves are starting to change, they can be eaten at any time of year! In addition to having them for breakfast, you can also throw them in your gym bag and use them for post-workout fuel. If youre a fan of breakfast bars (and tropical flavors), try this recipe for Low-Carb Coconut Macadamia Nut Bars. Carolyn from All Day I Dream About Food uses Bobs Red Mill Almond Flour, coconut cream, macadamia nuts and flaked coconut to create a bar that some may see as a dessert, but we think could be enjoyed as a breakfast, too!

When youre following a keto diet, Almond Meal Bread can be used for everything from sandwiches to breakfast toast. This recipe is entirely versatile and calls for just six ingredients: eggs, coconut oil, Natural Almond Flour, Organic Coconut Flour, baking powder and salt. The star of the bread is, of course, the almond flour, which is ground from whole almonds, skins and all. It has a super fine texture and a nutty flavor thats perfect for paleo and gluten free, grain free baking and cooking.

If you love your treats as much as we do, youll be thrilled to read that one of our keto breakfast ideas includes cookie dough! These Paleo Cookie Dough Truffles are paleo friendly and made with all natural sweeteners. The truffles are a mix of Paleo Baking Flour, Unsweetened Shredded Coconut, creamy nut butter, coconut oil, maple syrup, vanilla and the optional addition of Enjoy Life Semi-Sweet Mini Chocolate Chips. Top it all with a chocolate coating and toasted shredded coconut and youll be in breakfast bliss!

Who says you cant have cake for breakfast? At Bobs Red Mill, we like to think a slice of nutritious morning cake goes perfectly alongside a mug of piping hot coffee. This Paleo Carrot Cake with Coconut Frosting is made with a mix of Paleo Baking Flour, shredded carrots, coconut oil and a whole bunch of delightful spices. The frosting of full-fat coconut milk, honey and orange zest is simple and a good recipe to keep on hand for all sorts of keto baking. Make a loaf of this cake on a Sunday evening and enjoy a slice each morning throughout the week! If youre looking for something a little heartier, pair your slice with a simple scramble.

For more ketogenic diet breakfast recipes, take a peek at this article for 15 Seriously Delicious Paleo Breakfast Ideas. From roasted butternut squash hash browns to low carb paleo bagels, theres something here for everyone!

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