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rice milling machine bangladesh

quality rice | raipur auto rice mills

quality rice | raipur auto rice mills

Raipur Auto Rice Mills is the best mills in Dinajpur. Miss. Salina Haque is the founder of the company who has come a very long way by dedicating 20 years of her life to the rice business and still continuing. Her belief is kept alive by her successors..

We have four Kinds of rice Harvester from Hand-portable harvester, Walking harvester, Combine harvester, Mini-combine harvester.

Raipur auto has years of experience milling rice for parched Rice, Boiled Rice, Pressure Rice. Our staff has a deep knowledge of quality control and numerous Rice manufacturing experience.

We have various rice processing machines: Rice Whitener Machine, Rice Silky Machine, Rice Color Sorting Machine and many other useful machines to guarantee. The Rice Quality With compact nutrition.

We have the state-of-the-art technology Milling Plant imported from China & India and also self designed to preserve the aroma and taste of Rice, at the same time enhancing its beauty & lustre. Raipur Auto Rice Mills has long-experienced and well trained production team.

Since youre here, were sure youre in necessity and love about Puffed rice and Parboiled rice too. What's not to love about them right? Puffed rice and Parboiled rice is the purest uncontaminated form of rich on earth. We strive to bring this power pack of nutrients to you. At Puffed rice and Parboiled rice, we Raipur Auto Rice Mills manufacture some of the best product to ensure you get the finest, natural quality straight from us. We put in 8 good years in R&D, with assistance from a food science major from university food nutritionist. To create a patentable processing method to preserve the nutrients in the packs of Puffed rice and Parboiled rice that reach you. We are fully automated rice mills in Dinajpur which is powered by Rafusoft. Read More

I am Mst. Salina Haque owner of Raipur Auto Rice Mills. It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the Raipur Auto Rice Mills website. Our goal is to build a strong business relationship based on belief to ensure customers reliability and business skills with prope r attention and find the right ways to meet your needs. We insure you the best quality of Bangladeshi rice is delivered here. I felt happy when I serve the people good food. We are using latest technologies, machinery with in Bangladesh. Really i recommend quality Rice Mill to All.Enjoy our website and feel free to contact our office for any additional information.

We have paddy free cleaning machines. For an hour each machine can separate quintals of grains in terms of their quality.

We have large tanks for soaking process. The grains are soaked meticulously and then dried thoroughly. Each tank is of the following dimension to ascertain the quality of the process: 4 feet Depth 10 feet Length

After 10 percent moisture is reduced the grains are put into the boiler. The boiler is heated using steam and the grains are made to reduce the moisture. After 10 minutes of boiling, the grains are spread out in a dry place.

Paddy is converted to Rice. It cleans the paddy and converts into quality rice. It is used for silky polishing. We are having "SATAKE" make machines for this process.

The paddy dryer removes the moisture of the paddy. Features : LSU Type to ensure uniform and efficient drying Faultless dust collection Flexible discharge Applications : Burner & heat exchanger: Guarantees the supply of hot-air to wet paddy Drying Section: LSU Type drying & uniform drying Cooling Section: Maintain the paddy condition Uniform Drying: Best Quality

Color sorters are imported from Korea. Color sorter sorts impurities, paddy, colored-rice, and stone from white rice. Features : Advanced method of sorting-both digital and sensors. It has a fully automatic sense function and control. Adopted by high speed ejectors, reduction of good rice from impurities will be sorted. Easy change modes for brown rice, sticky rice, black rice and others.

We have Rice Packing Machines for packing of our brands. Our packing features are mentioned below: Features : Cloth bags - 5 Kgs., 10 Kgs., 20 Kgs., 25 Kgs and 75 Kgs. HDPE, LDPE bags - 25 Kgs., 50 Kgs., 75 Kgs and 100 Kgs. LD Packing & PP bags - 1 Kg, 2 Kgs., 5 Kgs and 10 Kgs. Gunny bags - 20 Kgs, 25 Kgs, 50 Kgs and 75 Kgs. Carton boxes - 1Kgs, 2Kgs and 5 Kgs. Can be bulk packed in carton box.

Address : Kauga Road, Shimultola, Dinajpur 5200,Rangpur,Bangladesh Whatsapp : +880 1712552009 Email : [email protected] Facebook : fb.com/raipurautoricemills

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