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river sand sand maker prices

river sand price - river sand suppliers ! | cairo minerals

river sand price - river sand suppliers ! | cairo minerals

River sand for back filling, River sand for Building Blocks, River sand for using under tiles, River sand for road paving, River sand for Plastering, River sand for Mortar, River sand for Blinding Concrete, River Sand For reinforced Ready mix concrete, River and for Filling under Foundations, River sand for fabricating masonry blocks.

Cairo minerals IS A REGISTERED COMPANY WITH MINISTRY OF TRADE AND INDUSTRY SINCE 2004 Cairo minerals is a leading and Global Producer and Exporter of High Graded Silica Sand since 2004. Our Product of Silica Sand is Exported to Cyprus, Greece, Spain, India, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Malta, Turkey, Qatar, Senegal, Algeria, Libya Japan, Syria, Lebanon, Georgia, Croatia, Philippines, and Iraq, Sultanate Of Oman.

5 differences between sea sand and river sand | m&c

5 differences between sea sand and river sand | m&c

River Sand is a kind of small particle produced by repeated impact, collision or friction of stone by river in a long period of natural state. Sea Sand refers to the sand eroded by sea water without desalination, mostly from the junction of sea water and rivers, containing corrosive salts. River sand and sea sand are different, how to distinguish them?

From the aspect of particle size, the grain size of river sand is coarser, with moderate surface roughness and less impurities. Sea sand is very fine, even some like powder, this is absolutely not used.

The river sand used in the construction has certain specifications. In the process of river sand screening, river sand is generally divided into 4-8 mesh, 8-16 mesh, 10-20 mesh, 20-40 mesh, 40-70 mesh and 50-100 mesh, which refers to the number of sand particles within one inch circle. There is no such fine and clear rule classification for sea sand.

Taste the taste, found that salty is sea sand, not salty is river sand. At present, there are also many Sea Sands that have been desalted. We can soak the sands in the water for a period of time and taste the taste of the water. The salty and astringent one is Sea Sands.

The silicon content of river sand is lower, the metal ions such as calcium and aluminum are more, and the mica sheet content is also more. But this is only an average situation in general, sometimes there are special cases, and it is difficult to have specific quantitative indicators.

River sand has a great contribution to the construction industry, but sea sand is the opposite. Most of the sea sand contains excessive chloride ions, which will corrode the steel bars in the reinforced concrete, and eventually lead to the damage of the building structure and shorten the life of the building.

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