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rock 5 hand pokemon

pokmon: 5 moves that make rock-type the best type (& 5 that make water-type best)

pokmon: 5 moves that make rock-type the best type (& 5 that make water-type best)

There are a total of eighteen Pokmon types within thePokmonseries,all with their ownset of weaknesses and resistances. These weaknesses can be mitigated by a Pokmon's Defense and Special Defense stats, as well as their HP. Water-types are among the most defensive types of Pokmon, having only 2 weaknesses and 4 resistances. Rock-types, on the other hand, have some of the highest defense, 4 weaknesses, and 4 resistances.

Offensively, Rock-type moves are super-effective against 4 types, and Water-type moves are super-effective against 3. Things are pretty even between the two, but there area few Rock-type moves that prove that Rock is the best typing, while Water-types also have their share of useful moves.

Entry Hazards are moves set by a Pokmon that affect any foethat comes out on a switch-in. Spikes, a Ground-type move, sets up one to three layers of caltrops to inflict 1/8, 1/6, or 1/4 of a Pokmon's health as long as they don't have Levitate or aren't a Flying-type. Stealth Rock, however, is a one-time set-up that, unless it's resisted, willconsistently deal damage equal to 1/8 of a Pokmon's HP. If it's super-effective, this increases to 1/4 and if it's quad-effective, this brings it to 1/2. It's arguably better than Spikes because it checks typing in order to do damage, and it requires just one turn instead of 3 for the full effect.

Utility is important for Pokmon status moves, and Soak is versatile in its usage. Making anything Soak hits into a Water-type means the player can give an opposing Pokmon the two weaknesses of Water to hit for super-effective damage on the subsequent turn. This means that Pokmon on the trainer's team can also be hit in double battles as well.

When paired with typings that have resistances or immunities to electric and grass attacks, this can be a very powerful move. For example, a Pokmon like Lantern could use Soak on a Skarmory to make it Steel/Flying/Water and follow it up with Discharge for x4 super-effective damage.

Priority moves are very important in Pokmon as speed can determine whether or not a Pokmon can sweep or revenge kill successfully. A majority of Rock-type Pokmon are slow, making speed control very important. While some Pokmon with the ability Sturdy can come in and take any one hit and follow it up with an attack move, this isn't ideal as it leaves the Pokmon with only 1 HP. Luckily, Accelerock was introduced in Gen VII as a means of moving first and dealing a nice 40 Base Power of damage. With STAB this is 60, making it an excellent choice for any slower-moving Rock Pokmon.

This unique Water-type move is only able to belearned by Eevee from theLet's Gogames. It has 90 Base Power and heals Eevee by half of the damage dealt to its target. If this move were to ever be seen outside of this game, it could break the entire meta.

Water Pokmon can be very bulky, and if they ever got an HP draining move, they could have a full arsenal of HP restoring moves with damage output. It's not the only HP-draining move in the game, but it is the one with the highest base power.

With 150 Base Power and 80% Accuracy, Head Smash usually takes out more than 50% of a Pokemon's HP regardless of resistances. It's tied in power with Rock Wrecker, and while the move may sit at 90% Accuracy, the Pokmon has to recharge after it uses it. Head Smash's penalty isn't as harsh, but the Pokmon takes 1/2 the damage it deals as recoil. This can knock it out, but with so many Rock Pokmon having the ability Rock Head, the recoil damage isn't inflicted, keeping them safe from harm. This effectively gives Head Smash no consequences apart from potentially missing the attack.

Tied to the HP stat, Water Spout is incredibly powerful with a catch. The lower the Pokmon's HP that is using the move, the less damage it deals. Compared to moves like Hydro Cannon that require a turn to recharge, this move is preferable if the Pokmon is faster than the opposing mon.

The Pokmon that learn this move aren't especially fast, but when paired up with a Choice Scarf or Trick Room, they can move first and deal an immense amount of damage. Kyogre and Blastoise are the fastest Pokmon that are able to learn this powerful move, and forthis is made even more powerful for Kyogrewith its high special attack and Drizzle ability.

Although it can only be learned by Coalossal, Tar Shot's effectiveness shows off how important speed control is in Pokmon. There are many Pokmon that could benefit from this move, increasing many Rock Pokmon's effectiveness in Double Battles as well. It lowers the target's speed stat, while also making Fire-type attacks super-effective for the duration. Unlike Soak, this move doesn't have as much versatility, but with the speed lowering capabilities, it barely matters. Dropping the target's speed can be perfect for some powerful Fire-type teammates that may be on the slow side.

At 85 Base Power, this move can be outclassed by moves like Surf or Hydro Pump, but Fishious Rend is capable of more. If a Pokmon using this move moves before the opposing Pokmon, its damage doubles. At 170 Base Power, this one move does more than every non-signature Z-Move in one hit.

When STAB is taken into account, this move goes up to an extremely high 255 power, and with Rain Dance, this goes to 340. The only catch to this powerful move is that it is only available to two Pokmon. The fossil Pokmon Dracovish and Arctovish from Gen VIII are incredibly slow, but each Pokmon has a Hidden Ability capable of doubling its speed.

The signature move of Diancie is the best of both worlds at 100 Base Power and 95% Accuracy. Its strength doesn't just rely on its high base power and high accuracy either. When it connects, the user has a 50% chance to raise its Defense stat by 2x. Considering Diancie's already high 150 Base Power Defense stat, this makes it infinitely more tanky and hard to deal with. If Diamond Storm is ever able to be taught to other Special Attacking Rock Pokmon, there could be a rise in usage of several less popular Pokmon like Probopass and Lunatone.

Physical attacking Pokmon are common, and moves that Burn the target are very valuable because of it. Scald has 80 Base Power and 100% Accuracy, capable of moderate damage on anything it hits. Its usage is rarely for offensive purposes, however, as the biggest draw to this move is its ability to burn the target. A 30% chance to burn the target can turn the tides of a battle as burning a Pokmon will halve any damage it deals with physical moves.

Scald can also be used to thaw out Pokmon, making it an excellent counter to the unlikely possibility of being frozen. If a Pokmon is frozen and uses Scald, they thaw themselves out as well. No matter the situation, Scald is perfect for defensive purposes as well as effectively inflicting damage over time on the opponent.

Adam Aguilar is a writer interested in horror, games, anime/manga, and old comic books. They are a challenge seeker with a love for stories of all genres. Adam has been a musician for 15 years, with a focus in guitar and bass. They write poetry as well, but reserves it for personal use.

pokmon: the 5 ugliest rock-type pokmon (& the 5 cutest)

pokmon: the 5 ugliest rock-type pokmon (& the 5 cutest)

Pokmon is beloved, but not every aspect of the franchise receives the same amount of love as the others. Rock-type Pokmon for instance as seen as a niche interest and aren't nearly as beloved as Pokmon who belong to the Dragon, Fairy, or Fire-types.

That being said, the type itself is home to some of the cutest Pokmon in existence.However, they have some of the ugliest creatures in the entire franchise, as well.The following 5 ugliest and 5 cutest Rock-type Pokmon throughout the franchise.

Longtime Pokmon fans may remember having to deal with Sudowoodo in Pokmon Gold & Silver, but that pesky tree-like Rock-type Pokmon received a cute pre-evolution. Bonsly resembles a tiny bonsai tree that's in a constant state of anxiety.

Pupitar is simply a cocoon that happens to look like a set of medieval armor. The way it is shaped in the front makes it look like it has a face and the linework showcases a non-existent frown on its face. Its eyes can be seen via holes in the cocoon shell and secondary holes above them serve as eyebrows.

Pupitar comes across less like a creature experiencing metamorphosis and more like your uncle watching his favorite team lose. Pupitar is the awkward teenager you deal with so you can reap the benefits of Tyranitar on the other end.

Thanks to modern entertainment, dinosaurs, at least the baby forms, have morphed to share many of the same characteristics as kittens and puppies. Amaura, the Tundra Pokmon, follows suit with this trend and happens to be a tiny brachiosaurus-like creature with large puppy dog eyes.

The fins at the top of its head feature a beautiful gradient flowing from a pastel yellow to a peachy pink hue. On top of that, it features a set of 4 stubby legs that make it irresistibly adorable.

Lileep falls into the category of Pokmon that most people forget exists. When looking at the collection of Rock-type Pokmon it's hard to see why anyone would choose this Pokmon. It is quite unnerving to look at and feels less like a living creature and more like a science experiment gone awry.

The tentacle-like objects protruding from what looks to be its head make it even more off-putting. The choice of colors is also interesting as it sees a mix of purples and pinks with yellow as the accenting color.

A commonly used and known about cheat when created creature designs that should come across as cute is to give it a pastel color. Corsola may be a Pokmon based on coral, but the vibrance of its pink hue and welcoming face make it adorable.

Coral is pretty rigid and Corsola likely isn't the ideal cuddle buddy, but that doesn't mean it doesn't deserve a trainer's love. It stands at around 2 feet tall and only weighs around 11 pounds. This tiny underwater bulbous cutie just wants to be loved.

If the designers of Barbaracle chose a different assortment of colors when creating it would it be any less ugly? The answer to that is almost certainly no, considering how odd its physical composition is.

This barnacle-like creature seemingly grew through and out of two separate rocks, which gave it it's Rock-typing and shape. It also happens to have a face that exists inside a head shaped like a hand. Each of its four hands also happens to have an eye in the palm of it, which makes this thing even more off-putting.

Cute as a descriptor for a creature usually comes with the caveat that the animal in question is likely furry, and/or a baby mammal of some sort. Dwebble breaks those traditional assumptions and showcases why kids always want to own a pet hermit crab.

It has such a tiny body, that when you pair it with wondrous eyes full of curiosity, you can't help but feel empathetic for the little thing. It doesn't hurt that its body is dwarfed in comparison to the rock-like shell it holds on its back. Dwebble is easily one of the cutest Rock-types out there.

When Pokmon first popped into the scene back in the late '90s, no one could have called that there'd be a Pokmon based on famous actor and comedian Groucho Marx. It shouldn't be too shocking though considering the iconic glasses attached to a nose and mustache have been a gag comedy gift for decades.

Probopass, which wasn't introduced until Generation IV a decade later, takes those glasses and brings them to life as a Rock-type Pokmon with a giant mustache. When its base form Nosepass was first introduced many considered it to be ugly, but its evolutionary form snatched that label almost immediately.

The Pokmon franchise was created to capture the interest of humans, so naturally, any Pokmon that happens to resemble a dog or a cat has the edge in terms of likability and broad interest.

Rockruff happens to be a Rock-type puppy that comes equipped with two large blue eyes that win the hearts of even the most notorious pessimists. Its fur grows in such a way that it looks like it has a natural collar, which pairs nicely with its large bushy tail that carries the same cream-colored fur.

The epitome of ugly is being hard to look at, or at the very least making people feel uncomfortable. When it comes to Rock-type Pokmon it seems that Omastar wins the award for being the ugliest of the bunch.

This prehistoric creature has a face, not even its mother could love. The bi-sectioned mouth and wiggly tentacles that act as whiskers in a way make it come across less like an ancient snail, but instead like a face-hugger from the Alien franchise. Kids likely have nightmares in which this thing jumps onto their faces when they're out swimming in the ocean.

Jerrad Wyche is a writer, designer, and producer hailing from Albuquerque, New Mexico. His favorite video games include Mass Effect 2, Inside, Pokmon Soul Silver, Spelunky, and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. He hosts his own weekly video game podcast at Controlled Interests and is a dedicated writer for TheGamer.

top 25 best rock-type pokmon from all games, ranked fandomspot

top 25 best rock-type pokmon from all games, ranked fandomspot

What kind of vicious world made it evolve such a deadly weapon? To make it even more disturbing, Game Freak made sure to describe how it rips its prey apart to consume their bodily fluids in its Pokdex entry.

Once a year, on a very specific date, Stonjourner from all over the Galar region gather in circles in a sort of communion that used to have deep religious significance for the regions primitive cultures.

Known as the Big Rock Pokmon, Stonjourner is the sentient, pocket monster equivalent of Stonehenge, a megalithic structure found in Wiltshire, England which dates back to somewhere between 2000 BC and 3000 BC.

In battle this culturally significant pile of rocks can deal some serious damage with super-powerful kicks thanks to its great Attack stat, and a solid Defense stat, will allow it to stoically endure anything thrown at it.

Its the evolution of Amaura, called the Tundra Pokmon because it was first discovered in a cold region, perfectly preserved in a block of ice, and because of its ability to create beautiful auroras in the sky.

Other than that, Aurorus is pretty valuable in a team both as a solid Rock/Ice-type fighter and a weather setter thanks to its Snow Warning ability, which causes a hailstorm upon entering the battlefield.

If stuck in a difficult situation rather than run away very slowly this Pokmon may choose to blow itself up with the Explosion move, which wont help it survive but will at least take the aggressor with it.

Although its headbutts are indeed very strong, so many blows to the head inevitably leave Rampardos a bit intellectually challenged, and considering its brain was already small to begin with well, the fact it manages to walk on two legs is a miracle.

The advent of our Lord and Savior Omastar happened during Twitch Plays Pokmon, a Pokmon Red stream on popular site Twitch where viewers could all democratically input commands, discuss strategies, and worship fossil idols.

This Rock/Dragon-type has gargantuan jaws that could easily tear apart a car like a low-quality dog toy, and despite having comically tiny arms, both people and Pokmon cant help but respect the big guy out of fear.

This Rock/Flying-type beast used to be shrouded in a degree of mysticism similar to a Legendary back when the first games came out. And its overall strength in battle supported the notion that it wasnt your regular run-of-the-mill pocket monster.

Nelson Chitty is a Venezuelan expat living in Argentina. Hes a writer and translator passionate about history and foreign cultures. His ideal weekend is spent between leisurely playing games of Civilization VI and looking for the next seinen anime to marathon.

pokmon: the 10 toughest rock pokmon, ranked | game rant

pokmon: the 10 toughest rock pokmon, ranked | game rant

When it comes to Pokmon everyone will likely bring up a fire, water, or dragon-type as their favorite as these typings tend to have the flashiest members. Well, if Brock from Pokmon Red & Blue taught us anything it's that it's hard to find pokmon tougher than those of the rock variety.

Rock-type pokmon come in varying shapes and sizes, but most seem to share a fortitude that matches their natural abilities. Let's take a moment to look at the 10 toughest rock-type pokmon and rank them from worst to first.

It's unclear if they have soft bodies underneath the rock-like exterior or if the top layer is an extremely dense skin layer and all of their organs are inside the round rock-like shape. It also happens to have a lower center of gravity which gives it the upper hand against foes looking to topple it over and use its weight and body shape against it.

Considering its name is Crustle it makes sense that its body resembles the Earth's crust and its many layers of varying sediment. Crustle is not much different than Golem in terms of being a piece of Earth with limbs poking out, but since its previous evolution is a play on hermit crabs, it can likely change to a different boulder, unlike Golem.

On the surface, Gigalith simply looks like a mass of rocks with bright red crystals and geodes protruding from its body. It turns out that those red crystals absorb solar energy and that's how Gigalith can shoot out beams of energy from its body.

The energy can be compressed so tightly with so much pressure that the attack fired off afterward is capable of blowing entire mountains to smithereens. It also has the drawback of causing an incalculable amount of fissures in its own body.

With Pokmon Sword & Shield on the horizon, people have been making fun of the legendary pokmon called Zamazenta for having a shield on its face. Well, longtime pokmon fans would know that Bastiodon was actually the first face-shield design and luckily for him, toughness has nothing to do with being aesthetically pleasing.

They're a pretty docile pokmon that will spend its free time eating grass and berries. The creature lived or died 100 million years ago based on how effective it was at keeping threats in front of it.

Rhyperior takes what many people love about Rhydon and simply coats it in what seems to be rock armor plating. It can be found with an ability called solid rock that reduces super effective attack damage by 25% showcasing just how formidable it can be.

Rhyperior also has holes in its palms that it will fill with rocks and shoot out at enemies or threats. Geodude have been casualties of this and have been shot from its palms. The previously mentioned rock-like plating is said to be able to withstand volcanic eruptions.

Sporting a large bulbous blue spot on the top of their head, Rampardos us it to engage in battles for varying types of reasons. The spikes surrounding that spot make it even more dangerous for those looking to challenge it. Funny enough Rampardos is a rock-type pokmon that maybe a rock's greatest enemy.

Tyrantrum happens to be one of the coolest and toughest pokmon in existence regardless of typing. It isn't the first design based on the world-famous t-rex, but the design and color palette make it come to life.

Tyrantrum's jaw is said to be powerful enough to destroy thick metal plates as if they were cardboard. The toughest thing about them is finding a female as the gender rates are largely in favor of males at an astounding 87.5% to just 12.5% for females. Be on the lookout for that rare t-rex queen.

Anyone who grew up watching the Pokmon anime or played through the original Pokmon Red & Blue are familiar with the rock snake pokmon known as Onix. In both mediums, Onix was the signature partner of Brock and showed fans how physically imposing certain pokmon could be.

Onix on average is over 28 feet in length and weighs well over 450 pounds. Its body is composed of rock-like segments that come in varying shapes and sizes. It also sports a large piercing horn on the center of its head.

When Aggron was first revealed many thought that he was just a ripoff of Rhydon from the first generation of games. Upon further review, people began to understand that he was meant to be an armored tank.

Though Rhydon looks like his body is formed of metal, Aggron carries the steel-typing confirming that his armor-plating is composed of metal. Both of the abilities an Aggron can end up having related to a formidable nature as he could either endure one-hit knockouts or receive no recoil damage from attacks.

Tyranitar is more than just a nod to Godzilla. The 6-foot tall cave-dwelling monster is tough as nails and it's pretty evident simply by looking at it. It's known as the armor pokmon likely due to the green scales covering its body looking thick and impenetrable.

Fighting it as a trainer isn't only difficult because of how Tyranitar is built, but also because it's known to kick up a sandstorm or two. This will cause it to get an upgrade in damage and make the conditions around the battle tougher to overcome.

top 5 rock pokemon of all time

top 5 rock pokemon of all time

They don't get by on cuteness and looks like some other Pokemon. They are hard-hitting, unmovable monsters that can crush opponents in an instant. However, there have been a fair few of these Pokemon to pop up over the years, making a top five list a tad tricky to put together.

Onix is one of the original Rock type Pokemon. Everyone that has ever played the games or watched the series has fond or horrifying memories of Onix. It was brutal to battle as Brock's partner for the player and Ash alike. While in later generations it evolves into an even tankier Steelix, Onix holds a special place on the list of Rock Pokemon.

Gigalith is widely considered to be on the list of ugly Pokemon mentioned before. What it lacks in appearance, however, it makes up for in sheer power. Like many Rock type Pokemon, it has great attack and defense stats. Its speed is lacking, but that should be expected. With a variety of Rock moves learned in its early evolution phases, Gigalith can be a powerhouse teammate almost immediately.

Aggron is a Steel/Rock type with a mean streak. There are many Pokemon that can rival Aggron, but they had better hope they don't miss. It has some of the highest defensive stats of any Pokemon and if it lands a supereffective attack, it will be the last one standing. A mega evolved Aggron is one of the scariest Pokemon to have to battle against.

Rhydon was actually the first Pokemon ever created, but it and its base evolution of Rhyhorn never really appealed to players. Generation 4 is where they began to matter. Rhyperior became a third evolution of Rhyhorn and immediately shot up the Rock Pokemon leaderboard. It has great stats all around and is a nightmare in a Trick Room battling scenario. Rhyperior even has the ability Solid Rock, which makes supereffective moves less harmful.

Much like its status as the best Dark Pokemon, Tyranitar is hands down the best Rock type. It is a staple of competitive battling and one of the most intimidating Pokemon ever created. It resembles Godzilla, which should tell players all they need to know. There is no wonder why Tyranitar is so powerful. With the ability to mega evolve and now Dynamax, Tyranitar is near unstoppable.

10 best dual-type rock pokmon | screenrant

10 best dual-type rock pokmon | screenrant

When looking atPokmon types, it is apparent that there are a plethora of great ones that come from the Rock-type classification. Most of the best are actually dual Rock-types, though, as they have anotherset of skills that helps them out. What is so intriguing about this is that some of these dual Rock-types actually make up a big chunk ofthe most powerful ofPokmon from the entire series. This is largely due to the fact that many are not just huge in size, but also smart in battle with their defensive skills.

Therefore, when playingPokmon games, it is always a necessity to catch them. This is actually even the case if it is just their pre-evolved forms, too. At the end of the day, though, there are a select few that truly rank among the elite of the franchise. With all of this being said, it makes a lot of sense that thesePokmon are often sought out immensely, as they can provide such a helping hand to gamers.

Ever since the beginning of thePokmonseries, Onix has been a massive force to be reckoned with. This monstrous beast is known for overpowering its opponents because of its overall strength and array of attacks.

What is even more intriguing about this specificPokmon is that it is still so dominant before its evolved form. Thus, it warrants a lot of praise at the end of the day, as it is among the best before it hits its complete potential.

This Generation VIPokmon is one of the most powerful of its class, which is understandable given its huge size. What also is important to remember is that it can become truly lethal when using its Head Smash attack, as it is not only effective but quite accurate too.

It is intriguing that Rhyperior even exists, as its pre-evolved form, Rhydon, is already strong enough on its own. However, Rhyperior takes this description to an entirely new level, as it is a 7'10", 624-pound monster.

With it being so large, it understandably possesses a ton of power when it comes to its attacks. This is especially the case when it uses Rock Wrecker and Mud-Slap in battle, as it will take down opponents at very rapid rates.

From a stylistic standpoint alone, Coalossal is nothing short of elite. It is fantastic that the series has made aPokmon from coal and fire that is still so large in size. It is also great to see that it is a Rock/Fire-type, as it is not necessarily the most common of mixes.

It is anotherPokmon that not only can find great success with its attacks, but also its defensive skills. In fact, the latter is what allows it to win so often, as Coalossal often will be able to withstand all it faces.

When looking at Anorith, it may be easy to assume that it does not turn into much because of its small stature. However, this could not be further from the truth, as its evolved form is Armaldo. ThisPokmon, of course, can be a very valuable asset to possess.

With this being a Rock/Bug-type, it also enhances in value because of its raw originality. Furthermore, it is an excellent selection when facing off against Grass-types, as it will finish them off every time.

When looking at Omastar, it may be hard to recognize that it is a Rock/Water-type. However, even if it may be difficult to believe, it works in its favor immensely. In fact, it secretly can be considered one of the bestPokmon from the strong Generation I.

With it being these two types, Omastar becomes a fantastic choice to use when facing Fire-typePokmon, which makes it a quality find. Also, it is a must-use when facing the ever so powerful Lapras, as it will take it down quickly with ease.

When looking at Geodude, it is kind of remarkable that it evolves into the absolute powerhouse that is Golem. Geodude certainly is not a weakPokmon, but it is crazy that it develops into such a beast.

Golem is certainly aPokmon that can win a lot of battles, especially when it uses Mud-Slap and Earthquake. This is what allows it to have the potential to beat most opponents in its path, so it is worth catching every single time.

When playing games likePokmon Go, gamers are extremely active when it comes to catching Larvitar. Although Larvitar is a coolPokmon in its own right, this desire to catch them is due to its evolved form, Tyranitar.

This Rock/DarkPokmon is immensely successful when it comes to battle, as it can handle attacks thrown its way. While this is the case,it also needs to be noted that Larvitar is quite effective when it comes to its attacks on opponents, too.

Aerodactyl is aPokmon from Generation I that just does not get the praise it truly warrants. A massive reason behind this fact is that there are just so many iconicPokmon from the Kanto region, with many of them also being Flying-types.

However, Aerodactyl is certainly not aPokmon to take lightly, as it can keep up with the best of them. Yet, this should not be too surprising, as it certainly is an imposing figure with its large size and quick speeds.

Stakataka is from Generation VIII, so gamers are still getting to know this beast of aPokmon. It is unlike any other creature of its kind, as it is 18'1" in height while weighing in at just over 1,800 lbs. Thus, it is immensely intimidating.

It also is a Rock/Steel-type, so it will find success in battle against a great deal ofPokmon. It also receives a lot of praise for its defensive attributes, as it is able to face a ton of attacks and not experience much damage.

Michael DeRosa is a freelance writer currently based in the Boston area. Since obtaining his Bachelors Degree in English from Regis College back in 2017, he has been a contributor to a plethora of different sites. These include TheSportster, The Hockey Writers, TheThings and many more. He is now starting his journey with ScreenRant, where he is thoroughly enjoying covering topics in television, film and video games. In the near future, he also aims to teach the craft to aspiring writers, too.

top 5 rock pokemon in sword and shield

top 5 rock pokemon in sword and shield

Rock Pokemon are typically pretty sturdy and reliable, focusing on great defense with solid attack. They say defense is the best offense, and this is one of the most defensive types. Here are the best Rock Pokemon in Sword and Shield.

The new addition to the Pokedex, Coalossal, is a Fire/Rock Pokemon that has an interesting new ability. Its ability, Steam Engine, activates whenever it's hit by a Water or Fire attack and maxes its speed. Using moves like Aqua Jet or Surf can make this Pokemon incredibly strong.

It also has a Gigantamax form that has proven to be a huge threat. Its signature attack deals damage every single turn to the opponents. It managed to win the Player's Cup I and II back-to-back with different players.

It learns the new move Meteor Beam, that gives it a boost in special attack but takes a turn to charge. Using the held-item Power Herb, the player can skip the charging turn. This has proven to be an amazing new strategy.

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