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roll of quarters

how many coins are in a standard roll of u.s. coins?

how many coins are in a standard roll of u.s. coins?

Coins enter circulation in the United States via the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States. The Federal Reserve Bank gets its coins in bulk from the United States Mint in large "ballistic bags" that hold several thousand pounds of coins. In order to facilitate the handling and distribution of these coins to local banks, they are stacked into standard sizes according to denomination.

Large banks also process a large number of coins. Some of these coins are brought in by customers wanting to deposit them while a large volume of coins is deposited from commercial institutions such as stores. These coins also must be processed and stacked and rolled for easier inventory and accounting purposes.

The table below lists each common type of circulating U.S. coin, as well as how many coins are in the standard roll, or shotguncoin roll.Any other quantity per roll is considered a partial roll and is not distributed by the Federal Reserve Bank.

Coins are rolled to simplify distribution and inventory.The United States Mintproduces coins first and foremost to facilitate commerce throughout the United States. After they are struck in the coining press they are placed into large bags (some as large as 4' x 4') that can weigh over 1,000 pounds. These bags are then shipped to rolling and distribution centers in order to standardize the distribution of coins.

The rolls are then packed into boxes, for example, 50 rolls of pennies with a face value of $25 are distributed to the banks. This makes counting the coins in inventory extremely fast and efficient. Additionally, when commercial customers request coins for their business, the teller does not have to count out individual coins in order to fulfill the customer's request.

When a bank receives a bulk shipment from the Federal Reserve Bank or another commercial bank, the coins are delivered in standard boxes. All boxes contain fifty roles of the same denomination. The following chart lists the face value of a standard box of coins.

You may encounter rolls of coins that differ from the table above. These are created by private individuals or companies that vary from the standard roll sizes listed above. These include "half rolls" (half as many coins as a standard roll) and "double rolls" (twice as many coins as a standard roll). Coins distributed in these nonstandard roles do not carry any additional value.

Some television marketing companies will take ordinary coins and package them into nonstandard rolls. The coin rolls are then placed into fancy boxes or packaging to make them look expensive. This was a common practice with the Presidential Dollar coins. They may even include a "Bank Vaults Certificate" to prove that they are authentic. This is nothing more than a marketing scheme to bilk people out of their money.

The Canadian banking system follows the same standard roll sizes as the banking system in the United States. However, foreign countries standardize the roll sizes based upon the requirements of their baking system. This can vary from country to country.

You can purchase standard rolls of the coin from your local bank with little or no problem. However, some banks have a policy that only customers can exchange paper money for rolls of coins. Additionally, some banks may put a limit or charge you for exchanging rolls of coins. Keep in mind, banks are not a government-owned institution and are in business in order to make a profit. They must employ people to operate the coin rolling machines and pay them a living wage. All this adds to the cost of preparing coin rolls.

The easiest way to obtain rolls of coins from your bank is to create a relationship with your bank. Get to know your bank tellers and the manager. If you have your accounts and banking services spread across several different banks, this will make it harder for you to obtain rolls of coin on a regular basis. The bank may actually insist that you open up a "commercial bank account" in order to obtain a large number of coin rolls.

how many quarters in a roll? coin roll melt value coin helpu

how many quarters in a roll? coin roll melt value coin helpu

Paper coin wrappers where the first material used for wrapping rolls of coins and often paper rolls would be torn or get wet, and fall apart with age. In turn, the coins would get wet, and this causes damage to the coins being subjected to such environmental elements. Plus, the chemicals used in making the paper wrappers will react with the coin causing it to tone or tarnish. Sometimes the toning is pleasing while other instances its not.

Chemicals, plus water, are disastrous for most coin metals especially copper and steel. So better methods of storing coins was in order. This method of storing rolls of coin involves a plastic cylinder container with a lid, sized for the the particular denomination in question. These plastic coin tubes became popular with collectors due to better protection of their coins, better to stack and store, and because the original paper wrapper may have became damaged or deteriorated, and the coins needed a safer home.

However, some of the earlier plastic coin holders where made of inferior material, and would shrink around the coins making their removal difficult without first damaging the coins. I have, on several occasions, acquired coins stuck in these plastic holders, and it takes much time, patients and TLC to remove the coins without damaging them.

Plus, some coin rolls where made of PVC and most collectors know about PVC film on a coins surface. It looks green and is sticky. It will damage a coin if not removed in time, and only an experienced and well informed collector should attempt to remove this film.

However, thanks to modern technology and chemistry, coin collectors no longer have to worry about their coins suffering damage inside their holders. Manufacturers now make coin holders that are non-plasticized and made of mylar that do not react with the coin metal or cause them damage.

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